Child of Rage

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  1. BobC

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    Hey Cherokee

    Interesting. I've heard similar things but when getting this stuff through third parties it's hard to know if these anger issues are typical kid stuff, or if they are indicative of a bigger problem. I have a feeling that Kolar knows more about Burke's issues than he is legally able to talk about.

    Did you all notice that in Child of Rage that the girl liked poking her brother and pets with needles and things? Made me think of the train tracks.
  2. heymom

    heymom Member

    Cherokee, that is what I meant when I asked if Burke had had therapy PRIOR to JonBenet's death. I thought I had read something like that, was it Chief Kolar's book, or here? I understand the impatience and frustration of Asperger's - part of it is that many of them are highly gifted intellectually but also very rigid in their mental structures, so that the "stupid" inhabitants of the world around them can strike a match to their anger. People skills are absent and they vent their anger on whomever is closest.

    But you're right about the other things present in the Ramsey home the night JonBenet died. Those aspects are not part of the autism spectrum.

    I do wonder about parents who KNOW their child has an anger problem yet keep all sorts of ready weapons open and available in the home. When our son was going through the worst of his rebellion, I used to lock up the knives, out of concern that he would harm himself. We have for years had a locked closet where medications are kept. It is just part of parenting a difficult child.

    I think Patsy had few tools to be an involved mother, and then she got sick...and had to face her own death and fight for her very survival, alone. And John was basically an absentee husband and father. Who knows how many times the kids were just left with the housekeeper while both parents did their own thing?
  3. heymom

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    No, if people say a child that young has real anger problems, it's not typical. Children can have temper tantrums, etc. but true anger - not usually. Most kids don't have those kinds of adult-sized emotions. They might get mad and slug their brother or sister, but then that's the end of it and they are remorseful and have a conscience about it.

    I do wonder about that mark on JonBenet's cheek. Since it's only one spot, I wonder if Burke may have poked her with some other object - the paintbrush maybe?
  4. Elle

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    For sure John Ramsey was a first class executive in his business, and this came first.These execs just don't have the time to be family oriented. This is how they become first class execs.
  5. zoomama

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    So very true Elle. John was a provider. He provided all the toys for both himself and them...boat, airplane, golf clubs, movies and TVs. didn't they have a large retractable movie screen in their bedroom? How many folks had that back then. Now of course there are the large and very large flat screen TVs.
  6. icedtea4me

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    Kolar has the need to psychologically distance himself from John Bennett Ramsey. If clean-cut, mild-mannered, successful businessman, and loving family man John Bennett Ramsey could be capable of committing incest with and then feeling he had no choice but to murder his daughter (provided the circumstances), then Kolar would have to face the dark realization that he, too, could be capable of the same with his own daughter.
  7. icedtea4me

    icedtea4me Member

    Why would you think that a poke would result in an abrasion?
  8. icedtea4me

    icedtea4me Member

    I dare you to produce a link to a forensic report which states that Burke's fecal matter was found to be on a wall.

    I dare you to produce a link to a forensic report which states that Burke's fecal matter was found to be on a candy box.
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