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Discussion in 'Justice for JonBenet Discussion - Public Forum' started by VP, Jan 2, 2005.

  1. LurkerXIV

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    Were they copying from the Illes Forum? I could definitely see where Inmate# FS5769 at Albion State Pen might want hard copies of the trial reports. He still has a couple of girlfriends on the outside who would do the copying for him. I don't think newbies at the Pen get to use the computers--it takes a couple of years to become a trustie. :pcguru:

    #FS5769 is an author, you know, and he may be researching his next penny-dreadful. :cool2:
  2. Tricia

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    Yes LurkerXIV, this person did copy everything on the Illes forum. Spent a lot of time on the Illes forum.

    Perhaps it is the up and coming writer..LOL.
  3. VP

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    Does anyone remember

    the John Knowlman character? At some point early on and email was sent out to a couple of posters stating that Jameson was actually John Knowlman - a hearing impaired individual who used some sort of special equipment to type on the computer. OK, I know that makes little to no sense - what has hearing impaired to do with your reading and typing skills? Maybe he was poor and had to hold the ear-piece in so he couldn't type?

    Anyway, this John Knowlman was rumored to have been giving Jameson information on what to type in her early posts. was the email address this Knowlman person used. This is the same email address used by Jeff Shapiro at one point.

    Jeanine Ham worked with the hearing impaired.

    Jeff Shapiro would have befriended the devil himself to garner information on the case early on.

    Just throwing some information out to see if anyone remembers anything else about Knowlman or if he even exisited. I don't think the name is correct, if this character feeding info to Jameson did exist, I think his real name was different....Ham or Hayes maybe Shapiro? :reporter:
  4. RiverRat

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    Experts Report.....

    Who is John Knowlman?

    Wiltonjr (Internet poster) asks that question on a thread of the Boulder News Forum titled, "Who is John Knowlman?"


    Who is John Knowlman?

    wiltonjr - 01:25pm Nov 14, 1998 MST

    Goethe2/Seal posts anon threads and denies it

    (This could be worse than Atlas Shrugged)

    Many months ago I received an email from a that stated something along the lines of this:

    "Jameson is a man by the name of Knowlman who lives in our around Morganton which is close to XXXXXXX. He uses equipment for the deaf to communicate. He tells XXX XXXXXXX what to post. He is the brains behind the operation."

    I was intrigued with this bit of information and shared it with several in chat one night. I considered posting it on the forums but decided against that and forwarded it to Jameson instead. This was actually the catalyst that began many hours of conversation between the two of us. During the time that Jameson and I were conversing, she told me that same screen name from AOL had sent her a death threat and she had that account cancelled. Not true. That account still existed (even though it dissapeared for a short time) when I left AOL.

    A short time after the mmm, break down in communication betweeen Jameson and I, I was reminded of that tidbit of information and emailed Jameson to ask her once again if there was any truth to the matter. Jameson emailed me back with something along the lines of

    "I told you I wouldn't discuss John when we were friends and I won't now."

    That struck me as odd because the name John was never mentioned. So I assume this person in question is named John Knowlman. Are these two people in cahoots to hinder discussion of the Ramsey's possible guilt? Are they being paid to do so? I'm wondering more now than ever what the story is to John Knowlman and his connection with Jameson.


    lazarus - 01:42pm Nov 14, 1998 MST (#3 of 9)

    I have a SPACE heater. It blows hot air day and night.

    Wilton, this is very interesting. Do you remember any other details? I am confused what you meant about taking the aol site down. Could you explain that a little more?


    wiltonjr - 01:46pm Nov 14, 1998 MST (#7 of 9)

    Goethe2/Seal posts anon threads and denies it

    Lazarus, It wasn't a site, it was the AOL screen name. I said account and should have worded it differently. On AOL you can have as many as five screen names to your account and you have the ability to delete these extra screen names and then reinstate them later. So you could have AOL and have a multiple of screen names (sic email addresses). This particular name had a profile that was something like

    Name: Justice for JonBenet Ramsey

    Location: Boulder County Justice Center

  5. VP

    VP Member

    "He uses equipment for the deaf to communicate."

    Ah, I stand corrected. I've done quite a bit of research on the location of anyone named John Knowlman - it is, surprisingly, not an uncommon name.

    There has to be a connection to Shapiro in there somewhere. I have a hard copy somewhere of an email from Shapiro that he sent a couple of years ago and I am almost positive that is the return email address.
  6. RiverRat

    RiverRat FFJ Sr. Member Extraordinaire (Pictured at Lef


    So does this mean that Jameson was the and the ???


    From Wilton on the ACR-1 Archive Threads:
    "I have a little personal interest in this myself. After I broke off communications with Susan back in Augusts of 98, I received several emails from a, asking all sorts of questions about jameson. The odd part was that "Thearing" always signed off the emails as "John." Later on, a little bell went off in my head and the John Knowlman name came to mind. A connection? Who knows. I wish Murphy would finish the story."



    From: WILTONJR_ May-17-1999 12:30 am
    To: ACANDYROSE 9 of 26

    1328.9 in reply to 1328.8
    I received an email from an AOL address that said something along the lines that jameson was really a man by the name of John Knowlman who lived in a town on the outskirts of Hickory. Supposedly he was the brains behind the jameson persona who told Susan what to post. He was also supposed to have been using equipment for the deaf to communicate?

    I held on to the email for a couple of weeks, told a few people about it in chat one night and then finally decided to just forward it to jameson to get a reaction. Not more than five minutes later, I had an IM from jameson245, ranting and raising hell. "I'll be whoever you want me to be", blah blah blah. The rest is history.

    For the life of me I can't remember just what the AOL addy was the the email came from, but a few months later jameson told me that she had received an email from that addy that contained a death threat and she had in turn had that account canceled by AOL. Sure enough, the profile for that name dissappeared, but several months later, it showed up again.

    For all I know, it was hir playing games to begin with. Shortly after I broke off communications with hir I received a few emails from a person claiming to be a friend of hirs, asking questions about the angels at the cemetery.

  7. LurkerXIV

    LurkerXIV Moderator

    Tricia--About the Copying

    48 Hours is airing its Illes story on Sat., Jan.8, at 10 pm Eastern.

    It is possible that their researchers were copying threads.

    Did they ever contact you to get permission to use material from FFJ?

    Court_TV acknowledged FFJ in the credits on its Illes program.
  8. messiecake

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    What a can of worms has been opened!!!

    Although I still consider myself a newbie to the JBR internet "subculture" :imonline: and have never set foot in the swamp this is VERY interesting stuff!

    I wouldnt be surprised if "Jameson" was a creation concocted by more than one person ,one or more of whom are "insiders" or paid "help".

    I just find this fascinating and agree with Tricia that theres SOMETHING here and everyone is getting closer to finding it!!!!!!! KEEP SLEUTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Elle

    Elle Member

    Great sleuthing VP! You've done a great job of putting all the pieces together.
    You're hired! :star:
  10. WiltonJr

    WiltonJr Member

    The email addy that Shapiro used was if memory serves me correctly. was the email address that the John Knowlman crap came from.

    No one EVER said that someone named John Knowlman was using that email address.
  11. VP

    VP Member

    I said the email was "rumored" to have belonged to him/her, and I was not referring to your posts on Knowlman in my post. What RR posted were not the only posts or emails ever written discussing who knowlman may have been or what email he used.

    Two profiles for

    Name: Michael Stanton
    Location: Boulder, Colorado, USA
    Marital Status: Married
    Occupation: Self-Employed
    Personal Quote: JfJB
    Name: Chebrock
    Hobbies & Interests: JonBenet Ramsey case
    Personal Quote: JfJBR
  12. Niner

    Niner Active Member

    Excellent post Jayelles!! You 'could' be right - I don't go with the theory of Bill McR though!
  13. Niner

    Niner Active Member

    Can't you trace it? I'm sure someone here can do that!! me... I wouldn't have a clue! :cheerful:

    WOW! You must have a LOT on me!! I print everything and then read at night or weekends when I have the time - like last night and this morning. Then I make notes where I want to comment and post it - when I have time to get on the computer or sneak in at work! :imonline: :rolleyes:
  14. Niner

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    Messiecake - I only go to the swamp (only with hip boots and gas mask-mind you!) if anything is mentioned here - and then I have to check it out! You haven't missed much!! :borgsmile :borgsmile too much of the BORG stuff for me!
  15. Elle

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    So, it's not illegal for them to copy all of your information here, except all the posts with a copyright signature? Tricia, as long as they don't turn it into a book? Is this how it goes? Or, can they still copy the copyright material too, but not reproduce it elsewhere?
  16. RiverRat

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    Someone was copying all of our forum?

    I wonder why.........

    Don't you?
  17. Niner

    Niner Active Member

    yes, interesting, eh?

    Did nothing come about of that 48 hours on January 8th regarding the Iles case? Did they use anything from FFJ? or acknowledge this forum?

    Lurker? or anyone?
  18. Niner

    Niner Active Member

    maybe that's in her book? or whatever hir is writing.... :wtf:
  19. Niner

    Niner Active Member

    So... VP? Anymore infor on this John Knowlton? :cool:
  20. Niner

    Niner Active Member

    so a few in the "Boulder" society must of known this! Good catch BobC!
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