1. Shadow

    Shadow FFJ Senior Content Moderator

    I think you and I pretty much have the same opinion of the Boulder DA's Office BobC. My FBI sources back before, during and after the GJ told me that the FBI supporting the BPD felt that the DA's Office wasn't interested in their "input." And, as ST mentioned in his book, some FBI felt the DA's Office was actually obstructing justice. My feeling back then and now is they were and are in ABR mode - Anyone But Ramseys.

    I'm not sure how to intrepret Candy's recent posts at CS about FW and ST. As you said, if she's just repeating rumors about FW being investigated (read harrassed) by the Boulder DA's Office, I think that's just another ABR.
  2. Spade

    Spade Member


    has posted on CS that she contacted Lin Wood re: "Spade's posts on FFJ". If Lin Wood has any problem with me or anything that I post he certainly should feel free to contact me directly (He can get my number from a number of mutual acquaintences).

    I will be happy to share all the information I have about Darnay Hoffman's attempt to sell Ramsey case evidence to the tabloids.
  3. BobC

    BobC Poster of the EON - Fabulous Inimitable Transcript

    Yeah Shadow--the day I heard Trip DeMuth saying "parents would never do this to their child" I knew something was SERIOUSLY wrong. I could see a naive housewife thinking that, but a prosecutor? I'm just a dummy off the street and I'm not THAT dumb.
  4. RiverRat

    RiverRat FFJ Sr. Member Extraordinaire (Pictured at Lef

    Steinberg DENIED parole

    Despite Candy's insistance that Joel's parole was written in stone - he has been denied as worthy.

    Convicted child killer denied parole for fifth time

    Associated Press Writer

    ALBANY, N.Y. --
    Joel Steinberg, the disbarred lawyer imprisoned for the 1987 beating death of his illegally adopted daughter, was denied parole Thursday for the fifth time.

    A parole board decision said Steinberg continues to fail to understand his actions when he delayed calling for medical help after beating 6-year-old Lisa.

    "We find quite compelling your inexplicable disregard for your victim, that little girl, that evening," the decision by the three-member panel said.

  5. Watching You

    Watching You Superior Bee Admin


    this deserves it's own thread, honey. Do you want to do the honors, or should I?
  6. AK

    AK Member

    Grand jury secrecy

    There seems to be this need on the part of Hoffman and Wood to unseal grand jury testimony, something that is never appropriate in an ongoing murder investigation. If this material were opened, the eventual defendants would have a powerful argument that there was bias against them and they'd seek to have their arrests or convictions overturned. After all, no CRIMINAL ATTORNEY is leading them into these waters.

    From Lin Wood's POV, releasing the material would prove to the world that the Ramseys have nothing to hide and have been lied about by people who testified to the grand jury (they did not testify). I think it's a safe bet they already know what those individuals have said, so it's not to find out for their own benefit, though they likely haven't read the exact comments. So it's for public spin.

    Darnay Hoffman lost his bid to make public Linda Hoffmann-Pugh's testimony -- for what reason? Because of compelling social interest? To win a legal battle that will set an important precedent in many cases to come? Because he's a First Amendment scholar who has an astute argument? No. None of those things are remotely true. As the U.S. Supreme Court clerks who shredded his case no doubt thought, while they laughed themselves silly.

    So, why is Hoffman making this point? One must wonder --AGAIN-- if there is some collusion where he is doing the bidding of a Ramsey lawyer who wishes to maintain a lower profile and not be accused of making injudicious filings.

    Over and over Darnay's actions call into question his professional behavior. His judgment on many issues is desperate and puzzling. Are his blunders serving some other purpose?

    I don't know. I'm just asking.
  7. Adrian Monk

    Adrian Monk Member

    I think Darnay would need about ten Supreme Court victories to atone for his Chris Wolf disaster. Certainly one alone wouldn't undo the damage.
  8. Adrian Monk

    Adrian Monk Member

    I agree. Thomas himself may have done some damage, but I think a lot of that had to do with being the designated fall guy for an investigation that was engineered to fail from day one, by the same interests you mention. He just wasn't quite up to the task of "un-falling" himself. At least not in time to do himself any good.
  9. Adrian Monk

    Adrian Monk Member

    Re: Grand jury secrecy

    Ongoing WHERE? It's not headed anywhere but into the round file, as made obvious by Keenan's publicized agreement with the Judge Carnes ruling and launching Bennett like a catapult after every last one of Woodie's mythical Pineapple Ninjas, one by one by one. Add to this the erasure of the 911 tape, and what scintilla of a shred of an indication could you possibly have that Keenan is interested in anything so abstract as "justice"? She is quite simply Alex Hunter in drag, and uglier at that.
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