Debbie Regimenti BACK with Michael Tracey/ Karr Case (Tricia started thread. Not WY)

Discussion in 'Justice for JonBenet Discussion - Public Forum' started by Watching You, Sep 4, 2006.

  1. Freebird

    Freebird Active Member

    How surprising,.... not. How do these same bunch of witches get away with scamming the press and the public accusing innocent people of horrendous acts and never be held accountable?
  2. koldkase

    koldkase FFJ Senior Member







    I guess the only question that remains is:

    Do they have child sex rings in outer space?
  3. Sabrina

    Sabrina Member

    Most definately. People who claim to be abducted by aliens often claim they were sexually abused by them. It's all connected. Google it and you'll see!
  4. Tricia

    Tricia Administrator Staff Member

    Wait until we put together the following;

    Michael Tracey with Barrie Hartman, former newspaper editor


    Debbie Regimente Justice of the Peace in Maryland and Mary Suma (unemployed unless she is saying, "Would you like fries with that?")


    Alex Hunter former Boulder D.A. and friend of Team Ramsey and NANCY KREBS.

    All of these people TOGETHER made a real effort to destory Fleet White. Why? Because he is the one who can nail John Ramsey.

    A reminder. When Nancy Kreb's interviews were posted we found out that not only did she accuse the Whites of the sex crap she also said John Ramsey was involved too. Seems that Barry Hartman, Michael Tracey, Debbie Regimente, Mary Suma and Alex Hunter FORGOT TO MENTION THAT TO THE PRESS. HMMM. They just left in the Fleet White stuff.

    Yes, we have documentation and absolute proof of all of this. As soon as I repost the attachments that were lost the world will see that wherever Michael Tracey goes...innocent people get destroyed.

    Honest to God there is a prize winning investigative report here. We have done all the work. We need a credible news source to print it. Work is all done. Easiest piece ever to be written.
  5. Tricia

    Tricia Administrator Staff Member

    I use to think Justice Watch was the coolest place in the world.

    Chris Wheeler, Mary Suma, Debbie Regimenti, and the rest of them should be ashamed of themselves.

    I often wonder if anyone one of the coven will ever apologize for the hell they caused an innocent person and for destroying a great forum.
  6. amster

    amster Member

    Was Justice Watch still up and running when Laci Peterson vanished and when Amber Frey made her debut?
  7. Tricia

    Tricia Administrator Staff Member

    No my friend, it was not.

    It melted down in Sept/Oct. 2001. God, it was a great forum.

    I own the domains of Justice Watch dot com and Justice Watch dot org.

    I do have big plans for these domains. They cost me a pretty penny but it was well worth it.

    I meant to have the "Justice Watch Community" set up by 2005 but time has gone so fast and there is so much to do. Anyway, plans are right here, on my desk, waiting for me to do something.

    The reason why Justice Watch melted down was because of the Nancy Krebs lies and the owner of Justice Watch (Chris Wheeler) believing her and believing people like Michael Tracey, Barrie Hartman, and Mary Suma.

    There were two camps on the forum. Those who chose to believe the words of a nutwad brought into the case by Suma, Wheeler, Tracey, Hartman and others, and those who saw through this crap and tried to stop it.

    Krebs claimed that Fleet White was part of some big pedophile ring and blah blah blah. It was all a lie orchestrated to destroy the Whites. It involed then Boulder D.A. Alex Hunter. God, what a mess.

    I have posted a link in this thread somewhere where you can read all about it.

    I will include Tracey's involvment in the Krebs scam in my soon to be added information to the Tracey forum.

    So many Tracey lies, so many forums, so little time.
  8. ACandyRose

    ACandyRose Super Moderator

    Did you get the link I sent to you on my Tracy site? Lots of good reference material there. Check out the link on it to the "yellow brick road."
  9. koldkase

    koldkase FFJ Senior Member

    No, Justice Watch was locked up by its owner Chris Wheeler even as she'd already sold it to the woman who started FFJ a few months later, who posts under the hat here Dunvegan.

    You wouldn't believe the story of Justice Watch. At one time a truly awesome forum, it went down in flames because the women called the Queens decided to crucify Fleet White. The best I can figure is White was the target because White made enemies of all those in Boulder working to protect the Ramseys. These people were the power players in the case, and White was just another example to what lengths they'd go to protect the Ramseys: law firm Haddon, Morgan and Foreman; Hunter and his office; Tracey, whose irresponsible "journalism" White wrote about to U of Co. when the first croc came out; and all the people working with and for the very people who wielded all the power in the legal and political system of Colorado.

    It was truly ugly. The Queens ended up really just being a bunch of gullible shills, sucked in by their ego-driven, name-dropping leader, Mary Suma/Mame, who lived in Boulder and had a few inside sources in the local press flunkies who worship...hahaha...none other than their favorite journalism PROFESSOR SHAGWELL...or Michael Tracey!

    I swear, metaphorically speaking, they are the most incestuous group I have ever seen in law, journalism, and politics. Nobody ever asks the hard questions when they can get a "scoop" apparently, no matter who they have to run over to print it. It's really ironic that they criticize the tabs and media reportage in this case, it really is. I guess they'd have preferred it if nobody ever knew about their little child murder cover up.

    So it seemed that was the spirit in which the Queens came back from a little summer get together with their Chinese whispers about something big that was going to break in the case, something they were so excited about, but they couldn't tell us what, nor any details, nor share any actual evidence they knew about, nor explain who the sources were...

    But they had one name they "let slip" and some awful accusations "insinuated" that never ended. For years they shoved this gossip and lies down everyone's throats and libeled about 20 people in two families. This is six years later, and even after the woman making these accusations was revealed to have had no evidence, was delusional, couldn't tell a straight story to LE for fifteen minutes in her interviews, and had a decades long history of mental illness, they still are on the forums repeating the same sick and totally unfounded accusations TO THIS DAY.

    And of course, those who questioned them, not being from the Colorado BELIEVE ANYTHING ALLEGEDLY IMPORTANT PEOPLE TELL ME TO BELIEVE community, were then also attacked. Called awful names, like baby raper. I am not making this up...nope, I only wish I were.

    Oh, it was truly the sickest piece of gossip and libel I have ever seen. John Karr asked for it, but this family only made the mistake of being friends of the Ramseys and being called to their home on the day of the murder. This poor family simply saw the truth, was there, and ended up in the sites of the RST, of course. Their names have been dragged through the mud by some of the sorriest, most irresponsible people I have ever seen in my life.

    So Justice Watch eventually erupted in a huge war, with people who asked questions before accepting gossip as worthy of condemning an innocent man of child murder on one side, and those loyal to the Queens with their exciting "insider info" and ugly, unfounded and unsupported accusations on the other. The forum went down. We ended up here. The Queens went hither and yon.

    Then one day, the police interviews with that demented woman were released, and we all saw the facts: she was crazier than a bedbug; there was NO EVIDENCE to support ANYTHING she said, and not only that, what she said wasn't even possible in many instances; and her story changed even as she tried to tell it.

    Many people who had followed the Queens because they once were the leaders of a great forum about this now historical case found themselves realizing that they'd been led down the wrong path.

    The Queens, however, either disappeared altogether, or returned in new hats on other forums to continue the knowingly malicious libel of innocent people. Seems some people cannot admit they were wrong. In this case, I expect there's a reason for that, the wrong they have heaped on this man and his family being so considerable, admitting it will be a task they don't have the character to undertake.

    However, you can find the periodic return of Mame at the swamp, where the harm they did still thrives in the ignorance of those who will blame anyone and everyone but the Ramseys. Mame is still without remorse for the harm she caused to so very many, but none more than the White family. She still denies much of what she did, but IF SHE DID DO IT, she denies that it was wrong. hahaha Silly, stupid woman.
  10. amster

    amster Member

    Thanks Tricia.....

    After asking my question, I went and read the link. WOW

    What a mess....and how awful for the Whites! I've never seen a case where so many tried so hard to protect the obvious suspects. But why? And it started immediately. I keep hearing and reading how the poor, pitiful Ramseys were treated so badly. I must have missed it.....from my recollection, they were coddled and protected. The Smarts, VanDams and the Lundsford family were trashed unmercifully!!

    I must have mixed up JW with WS.....I recall reading, not posting, somewhere besides CTV during Peterson.
  11. amster

    amster Member

    ooops....forgot to add....this is a very nice site. You've done a great job, here. I'm certainly no expert, but for what my opinion is worth, it is professionally done and very "user friendly". I sure look forward to what you have planned in the future!

  12. Kangatruth

    Kangatruth Member

    what and where is this smelly swamp you speak of ?? lol..

    and was the mad as a bedbug nutter ever sued..or brought up on defamation or such??
  13. koldkase

    koldkase FFJ Senior Member

    I have a theory about this, Sparks. Because I only came online in May 2000, I saw JW and the forums and posters with "fresh eyes."

    What I saw was a huge power struggle going on that still continues today: to be FIRST.

    In the world of reporters, that's the holy grail. As has been observed with Karr's media debacle, being first is more important than being right.

    I believe that Suma and Tracey and Plaskett and Hartman...they were all so hot to be first and BREAK THE CASE!! that they truly were stone cold blinded from having objectivity or concern for journalistic ethics and reponsibilities.

    Can you believe Mary Suma has the sheer gall to try to discuss ethics and professionalism at the swamp over Tracey's "objectivity" with the Karr correspondence? Mame has never ONCE bothered her pretty little head about how unethical and just plain wrong she and Plaskett and Hartman were to do what they did to the Whites. NOT ONCE.

    Krebs may be someone who makes Mary Suma go all warm and fuzzy in her "charitable Mame" mirror, but how stupid would you have to be not to read the interview transcripts of Krebs and LE and not KNOW that Krebs is NOT CREDIBLE?

    And where were the accusations Krebs made about John Ramsey being "Uncle Johnny," molesting Krebs as a child while he also filmed it and kept the books on all the dough the sex ring made selling the child porn? No, Mame and her buddies never once insinuated John Ramsey was in on this, although Mame claims she was the one who showed Krebs the pictures of John Ramsey, when Krebs then said he WAS Uncle Johnny! Although it was JOHN RAMSEY who had a dead child in his basement, murdered apparently IN THE SAME WAY Nancy Krebs swore up and down she was molested and strangled! No, that was NEVER mentioned by the Krebs' supporters, because...why?

    Two reasons I can think of: because to mention THAT story in conjunction with the other wild stories truly would bring unwanted questions about Krebs' allegations that might result in people realizing THE WOMAN IS FRICKING CRAZY. And because those who orchestrated this pack of lies wanted WHITE discredited, not John Ramsey!

    Remember the Miller trial? Remember how Tom Miller analyzed the ransom note, could testify in court about it as an expert...and determined Patsy wrote it? The Tom Miller who was ARRESTED AND TRIED FOR CRIMINAL LIBEL FOR TRYING TO BUY A COPY OF THE RANSOM NOTE, THOUGH EVEN THE MAN MAKING THE ACCUSATION STATED IT WAS CRAIG LEWIS FROM THE GLOBE WHO MADE THE OFFER? Tom Miller who spent $150K defending himself, finally getting a NOT GUILTY verdict, after a Colorado DA SUCCUMBED TO THE HADDON LAW FIRM'S LETTER TO PROSECUTE MILLER, even though the investigator initially had determined NO CRIME HAD BEEN COMMITTED?

    Think about it. Now we have Fleet White...a man who fell out with the Ramseys the day of the funeral, a close friend who was in that basement when John Ramsey found the body, who implored Ramsey to cooperate with LE instead of refusing to do so...a man who wrote and wrote to the press, to the governor, to the U of Co about the injustices he saw in the murder of a little child he and his family fed her last dinner, a man who knows things he has never, ever told to the press.... THAT MAN has been driven into the ground by a woman who came from nowhere, filled with the WORST kind of false accusations, all paraded around in a very public article written from a meeting with Alex Hunter present for a NEWSPAPER REPORT...repeated day in and day out TO THIS DAY, by the same who used the hat "MORGAN" (Haddon, MORGAN and Foreman?), one who uses the hat "HoraceMILLS" (wasn't Tracey's English buddy on his crocs named "Mills"?)

    This was no accident. This is RST MO. If you read the Miller trial transcript, you will see that it was all a setup, and that DA Dave Thomas was as obliging in the persecution of Tom Miller for the Ramsey law firm as Hunter was for the persecution of White for the same.

    And how lucky did they get? All they had to do was feed the egos of small-minded, reporter wannabes, let them think they were onto something big, something that would put THEM in the BIG TIME of reporting! TV appearances! Job offers! Book deals! Promotions!

    Shallow people are easy to spot, and easy to use. Fools.
  14. RiverRat

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  15. tylin

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    OMG! Just when I think I can't be shocked again by the goings on in this case, I read something else at FFJ and am shocked beyond belief.
    Honest to Pete, I know you don't need me saying this, lol, but you have to recompile all of the above info and send it to....someflippinbody. What about Anderson Cooper? Would he be willing to do a story about this case? I mean would he be willing to do a story about the lies, deceit, etc?
    I will never understand why those mentioned above wanted to protect JR so badly. Gawd, did he have that much money??? Did none of the people involved in the conspiracy think justice for a little girl was worth more than money?!?#?@?
    You say have proof of Hunter's involvement? Why have these facts been ignored all these years?
    Last edited: Sep 5, 2006
  16. RiverRat

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    Here is a glimpse of Mary Suma in all her glory for all of you Lucky Ones that missed out on her moment in the spotlight.......

    mame (TESS44)
    7:42 pm
    SCRABBLER unread
    (41 of 43)

    499.41 in reply to 499.40
    oh silly unwashed flea infested brain
    dead middle school goose...YOU DON'T SEEM TO
    you liked me i'd ask to be SHOT at sundown for
    stepford conversion!!! the worst possible sin for a
    thinking woman! knowing your little band of
    brainless trolls dislike me solace
    that there is good in the world. let me tell you a
    little secret, your little "mame needs help thread"
    hangs on the wall in my office as a TROPHY to my
    work in the ramsey case!!! it is EVERY reporters
    hope that people like you ACT LIKE THIS in response
    to their work! if i were so insignificant...why would
    so much time be spent hating me? YOU are proof
    the pot of poison was stirred. scrabbler, you don't
    seem to understand that vile venomous villans like
    you are my REWARD!


    :sucks: :wave: :mame: :bee: :WY:
  17. tylin

    tylin Banned

    :moron: :nono:
    She is a freak!
  18. RiverRat

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  19. tylin

    tylin Banned

    I'm reading it now. :O :censored:
  20. koldkase

    koldkase FFJ Senior Member

    Tylin...Hunter was NAMED as in attendance in a very long article where Nancy Krebs was "interviewed" by the Boulder Daily Camera editor/reporter Hartman who then proceeded to put all the crazy woman's accusations in publication for all the world to see.

    It's no secret. Hasn't been for years.

    Tell someone? Who do you think could possibly have the kind of TV air time it would take to tell this sordid and sorry tale? And how do you suppose they do that without alerting those who also would rather crawl across hot coals than believe the Ramseys are anything but saints? All you do is make it worse for White.

    The real sickos at the swamp love to sneer, why didn't White sue Nancy Krebs, implying he didn't so he MUST be guilty! I am not making this up, they repeated that even last week during all this Karr crap. Try to explain to them that when you sue someone in a high profile case like this, all you do is fan the flames. What on earth would White gain taking Krebs to court? It would only cost him a few hundred thousand dollars to have experts testify that the woman is in fact insane, therefore, not responsible. In the meantime, how many times would the media repeat the sick and perverted things this woman accused just about every person she ever met and a few million she didn't of doing to children? And whose name would be at the top of that list? And how many times would it be reported that Krebs was ruled mentally incompetent, and therefore her claims not true? And just what good would this do Mr. White? Except make it even worse, because then he'd just have to spend even more time proving HE DIDN'T DO WHAT THE KREBIES HAVE LIBELED HIM WITH FOR YEARS? Get it? How do you prove a negative?

    It makes me ill thinking about it. It made a lot of people sick to see it. Not Mame. She's proud. How's that for journalistic ethics?

    Mame is a journalist like jams is an investigator: legends in their own minds.
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