Debbie Regimenti BACK with Michael Tracey/ Karr Case (Tricia started thread. Not WY)

Discussion in 'Justice for JonBenet Discussion - Public Forum' started by Watching You, Sep 4, 2006.

  1. LurkerXIV

    LurkerXIV Moderator

    Reading Comprehension

    Mame still needs help...

    Maybe Mel Gibson can give her some tips...

    Or Kevin Costner--he's still alive, you know. :unreal:
  2. Tricia

    Tricia Administrator Staff Member

    Mary Suma screws up the truth again.

    Mary Suma, Debbie Regimenti, Michael Tracey, Barrie Hartman, Lee Hill, Boulder D.A.,are involved in the MYSTERY WOMAN SCAM...AKA NANCY KREBS SCAM

    Michael Tracey, Boulder D.A's office, Barrie Hartman, and (because of emails between the two) Debbie Regimenti are involved in the KARR SCAM.

    Common denominators in both stories:

    Michael Tracey
    Debbie Regimenti
    Barrie Hartman
    Boulder D.A.

    God, Mary Suma is SUCH AN IDIOT.
  3. Jayelles

    Jayelles Alert Viewer in Scotland

    Typical Ashley. She posts vile attacks and she agrees with vile attacks without even verifying that they are remotely justified. Now she's looking for a fight - for what? Is she annoyed at being quoted? Good grief, these are her own words!

    I have an abundance of Ashley posts saved (which clearly illustrate her changing allegiances!)
  4. Jayelles

    Jayelles Alert Viewer in Scotland

    Thank you Tricia. How will Mame wriggle out of this one now? Silly question - more personal attacks will follow.
  5. ACandyRose

    ACandyRose Super Moderator

    She also said, and I quote, "I had NOTHING to do with Tracey and Regimenti in the Karr case! What little information I had prior to the arrest came from a former case related friend who heard all the gory details from one of the above!!!" unquote.

    So besides Michael Tracy chewing the fat with Debbie Regimenti (aka Holly) on his secret under cover work for the Boulder DA regarding John Karr, there was yet another unknown, but mutual friend of either Tracy's or Regimenti's, but former case friend to Mame who was in on the details of the plot also.

    This sounds like it was a real secret undercover operation.
  6. Watching You

    Watching You Superior Bee Admin

    Omygawd, my sides are aching from laughing. Neener, neener, I'm really up for it. She ought to talk to mame about making threats she can't keep, especially since we all have copies of the posts she's written attacking us. Go ahead, Sumac, tell Ashley how many times you and your mystery woman threatened to sue FFJ. Heh heh, when someone has chit in their own backyard, they best be careful who they threaten. The problem with the swamp dwellers is that they can dish it out, but they can't take it.
  7. Freeway

    Freeway Member

    I've wondered what happened

    with MW, and have finally made my way through all the threads and am still sick regarding the destruction. I left the forums a few years ago due to not wanting to get involved the ever deepening divide, as I couldn't see any "there" there with MW beyond a very sad woman who was being used and "interviewed" like a hostile witness: she was being led to the answers in the questions. Listening to the first tape recording gave me questions I never expected, as up to that point, all I knew of Mame was that she was periodically reporting in from Boulder, bolstering Panico and there seemed to be no reason to doubt her (there was a history).

    I never saw FW as a "white knight" or a hero, but I never saw him a villain either. By not condemning him, it became difficult in the forums, it's true.

    I was extremely concerned about the "therapist" that had allowed this person to be in either in jeopardy or used, about the child she described that was currently being abused yet nothing was being done (?) and the basic drama of the interviews alarmed me. Too many things to list, but things just didn't add up.

    Once we saw the police interviews, saw that John Ramsey was also named yet that had not been revealed, I started to withdraw. I think there were good people led astray, and I think there were people out for malicious intent: there was a very unique community that formed and I believe it is hard for some to understand how this crept in.

    Make no mistake, I harbor no good will to Mame, Holly, Morgan, Mary 99 who went after MW and clung to her like a life boat, throwing any common sense to the wind. Motive I never will understand.

    One more note, reading some of those old threads (thank you Tricia, ACR and Ma) is something else...Lurker...good memory on Kevin, and does anyone else remember Betsy and the mystery movie blond movie star? Ok, back to drilling through some of these old threads and catching up.
  8. Pearlsim

    Pearlsim FFJ Senior Member


    oh yes...I remember Betsy. Quite the character, that one.
  9. Jayelles

    Jayelles Alert Viewer in Scotland

    The Nancy Krebs stuff was thankfully before my time and I've never been interested in it. I know that not all of the RST believe Nancy Krebs but what turns me off this kind of stuff is the fact that they support everything Nancy says - except for the bit where she accuses John Ramsey - they think she is mistaken about that little detail. It's fine to accuse Fleet White, but not the sainted John Ramsey.

    When people start picking and choosing the bits that suit their agenda, I smell rodents.
  10. Cherokee

    Cherokee FFJ Senior Member

    I smell more than rodents.

    The only reason Nancy Krebs chose Fleet White and John Ramsey to be perps in her child sex ring is because they were the ones who found JonBenet's body. Next to John Ramsey, Fleet got the most press in the early days because he was the one named searching the basement with John, and who also said he didn't see her when he checked in the room before John "found" her later.

    If John Fernie had been the one down there with John Ramsey, JOHN FERNIE would have been named by Nancy Krebs instead of FLEET WHITE.

    If GLEN STINE had been the one in the basement with John Ramsey, GLEN STINE would have been named by Nancy Krebs instead of FLEET WHITE.

    But they weren't, and they didn't get the press ... so Fleet (and John Ramsey) are the ones Nancy wrapped her fantasy around just like Karr wrapped his around "Patricia" and JonBenet.

    Nancy Krebs may have been abused by two men, but she does not want those men to have their real identities because it's painful or not as fascinating. Karr latched onto the Ramsey story as part of his own. Nancy Krebs also took part of the Ramsey story for HER own. She substituted Fleet White and John Ramsey for figures in her own drama.

    Nancy Krebs was, and is, clearly as delusional as John Mark Karr. The problem is ... she became available to people who wanted to damage Fleet White. They used her to push their own vendetta. However, to do that, they had to leave OUT Kreb's inclusion of John Ramsey as one of her abusers in the sex ring.

    You cannot separate the two. Nancy says Fleet and John were there. If Fleet is guilty, then John is guilty. If John is innocent, then Fleet is innocent. But the people who wanted to destroy Fleet have tried to leave out that all important detail. Why? Because they wanted to hurt Fleet and exhonerate John ... not because they really wanted, or had, the truth.

    I repeat. Nancy Krebs and John Mark Karr are both extremely disturbed individuals, and their stories come from the same place ... a mind twisted with delusions and psychosis.

    It is absolutely heinous that those with ulterior motives have used these two mentally ill people to further their own agendas in the Ramsey case.
  11. Jayelles

    Jayelles Alert Viewer in Scotland

    I know you speak the truth. Then all it took was for an incompetent or crooked journlist to take up the story.
  12. Cherokee

    Cherokee FFJ Senior Member

  13. Watching You

    Watching You Superior Bee Admin

    Don't forget Alex Hunter's role in all this. He was bent on getting revenge against Fleet White for daring to speak up against him. He knew this woman was a nutcase, but he used her to dirty White's reputation. Scumball.
  14. 1000 Sparks

    1000 Sparks Active Member


    mame said her children were in great danger because of the people out looking for Krebs..and the police wouldn't help.

    Good mom, huh? Yeh, put your kids in danger to crack the case....

    and the followers, oh my...

    just who WAS the leader?
  15. Watching You

    Watching You Superior Bee Admin

    Yeah, like this woman is in danger from the sex ring pedophile hit squad, plus she has several STD's that haven't been taken care of (ever hear of antibiotics?), she's 37 years old and the pedophiles are still raping her; yet, mame sees no problem with bringing this poor, deluded woman around her children? I don't know who the leader was, but maimed has to be one of the most gullible, stupidest people I've ever heard of.
  16. LurkerXIV

    LurkerXIV Moderator


    Good to see you here.

    Of course, I remember Betsy. She was a hoot! I never did know if she was for real, or just some tease putting us on. Her theory that it was all a big Masonic plot was intriguing. She was always able to make her theories sound plausible with all kinds of background material. She said the triangular mark on JonBenet's neck was the imprint of a Masonic ring.

    Betsy, are you out there? Really really far out there?
  17. RiverRat

    RiverRat FFJ Sr. Member Extraordinaire (Pictured at Lef

    Aha - that is why she crawled out from her hole a few weeks before Karr crawled out of his! I knew I smelled Agenda all over her again and it had nothing to do with Patsy dying........or her little "just dropped in to see what condition my condition was in" song and dance she performs when testing the water to see if it is safe to enter. Thank you, ACR - as always - you're the best!

    DAMNNNNN - this is going to be soooo much better than if they had stayed away!! Get in line.....Mary Suma is going down for the last time. :sucks:
  18. RiverRat

    RiverRat FFJ Sr. Member Extraordinaire (Pictured at Lef

    You Bad, Bad Bees.....

    Member since 8-20-06
    09-07-06, 02:47 PM (EST)

    25. "RE: Responding to BORG 2"
    In response to message #24

    I have to laugh at their "documented truth" conspiracy theories. Hunter, Lee Hill, Nancy, Barrie Hartman, Michael Tracey, Mame, et al...
    While that makes for great tab hack style headlines. It's just not true.

    If we were of that ilk, we could also provide documentation of conspiritorial connections with many of their posters and connections. Spade? Who if I'm not mistaken has funded and fueled many of their little "truth" projects. Steve Thomas? And many others who have been documented over the years.

    There are some hinky connections in their little poisonous echo chamber.

    Tricia is in a tough spot. She has to welcome in the "press" and new readers...BUT, how does she keep the place clean and respectable at the same time? I'm not sure they know how to do it in an ethical readable fashion.

    Frankly, just seeing the "Bloomies" experiment and photos is sickening. What the hell is the point? And where is the joke? Jonbenet Ramsey died a horrible vicious death. To, in any way, make fun of that scene, and the clothing she was found in is an example of just how far their compassion goes."

    Look Out, Spade - you know what she is capable of....... :devil:
  19. Watching You

    Watching You Superior Bee Admin

    Okay, Mouth, produce the documentation of conspiratorial connections with our posters and connections.


    As usual, mame misses the point of Jayelles' experiment, but I won't bother to enlighten her. It would just be over her head, anyway.

    Learn how to spell, Ms. Grassroots Reporter.
    Last edited: Sep 8, 2006
  20. ACandyRose

    ACandyRose Super Moderator

    Flashback to the ole former DA Alex Hunter's telephone Logs:

    2000-02-16 (T) Alex Hunter Telephone Log (Page 1 of 10)

    02/16/00 09:33 pm call from Linda Wickman (Ready for interview 2/16)
    02/18/00 11:11 am call from Lee Hill (Has information for Alex)
    02/18/00 12:21 pm call from Steve Singular (Concerned about getting rolling)
    02/19/00 05:46 pm call from Barrie Hartman (Witness on flight LA to Denver)
    02/19/00 06:21 pm call from Lee Hill (Witness arives tonight LA to Denver)

    2000-02-25 (T) Alex Hunter Telephone Log (Page 2 of 10)

    02/25/00 12:00 -- call from Tom Trujillo (Update, talked w/Kane/Pitt/Stewart)
    02/25/00 07:37 am call from Mark Beckner (Upset re: news quotes by Alex)

    2000-02-25 (T) Alex Hunter Telephone Log (Page 3 of 10)

    02/25/00 04:13 pm call from "male" caller (Call Robert Allen Newton for Info)
    02/25/00 09:02 am call from B.J.Plasket (Regarding Camera article)
    02/25/00 09:26 am call from Carol McKinley (Is this a bunch of 'crap?')
    02/25/00 09:36 am call from Jean Gribben ('the witness' shelter concerns)
    02/25/00 10:18 am call from Mike Kane (Alex said 'witness' was 'a goof ball')
    02/25/00 11:26 am call from Lee Hill (He has medical info on abuse)
    02/25/00 11:55 am call from Steve Ainsworth (Has info re: Camera article)

    2000-02-26 (T) Mike Osborn e-mail to Dan Glick re:White w/cc/jameson

    2000-02-28 (T) Alex Hunter Telephone Log (Page 4 of 10)

    02/28/00 09:03 pm call from Chris Anderson (Has info on uncle who raped)
    02/25/00 09:28 pm call from Chris Anderson (Macky Boikin 10-11-33 #11995)
    02/29/00 03:07 pm call from Chris Anderson (Hush on Info given to Beckner)
    02/29/00 03:54 pm call from Lee Hill (Has new information for Alex)

    2000-03-08 (T) Alex Hunter Telephone Log (Page 5 of 10)

    03/08/00 03:56 am call from Mark Beckner (Family says she's 'wacko')
    03/08/00 05:49 pm call from B.J.Plaskett (Has info 'that's not crap')
    03/13/00 09:35 am call from B.J.Plaskett (Concerns on victim 'due process')
    03/13/00 09:49 am call from Lee Hill (Calling to give Alex update)

    2000-03-10 (T) Mame (Mary Suma) Interview with "The Witness"

    2000-03-13 (T) Alex Hunter Telephone Log (Page 6 of 10)

    03/13/00 03:00 pm B.J.Plaskett told Alex Hunter the "witness" is bleeding out on the streets. He's going to write a story how nobody is helping this woman.
    03/13/00 00:00 pm Alex called Lee Hill. Hill says 'witness' not on the street but was removed from Denver Safehouse. 'Witness' has STD and needs medical attention. Alex offered victim assistance referrals. Hill says Truijillo and Harmer told 'victim' Aunt in California this was staged by Hill and Singular for a book deal. Hill threatens lawsuit. Hill says FBI didn't return his calls. Alex tells Hill to call B.J. Plaskett with whole story. Alex doesn't want to talk to Plaskett.
    03/13/00 04:16 pm call from Lee Hill ('Witness' in Hospital as Jane Doe)

    2000-03-13 (T) Alex Hunter Telephone Log (Page 7 of 10)

    03/13/00 02:54 pm call from B.J.Plaskett (DA, BPD,Co not helping 'witness')
    03/14/00 12:41 pm call from Lee Hill (Regarding Longmont Safehouse)
    03/14/00 02:33 pm call from Lee Hill (Giving info to 'witness')
    03/15/00 09:18 am call from B.J.Plaskett (Says 'Nobody gives a :(:(:(:(')
    03/27/00 03:12 pm call from Jann Scott (Hartman/Hill told him the story)
    04/25/00 05:15 pm call from Mark Beckner (Pitt paid$ but NO 'Witness' show)

    2000-03-16 (T) Alex Hunter Telephone Log (Page 8 of 10)

    03/16/00 00:00 pm call from Lee Hill. Hill said he, "witness' and Mary Suma had meeting yesterday. Hill said Mary Kopeman from Longmont Safehouse told "The Witness" Hill has 'deep pockets' and he should provide assistance. Hill thanks Alex for hotel offer for "The Witness" but Hill says other options are being considered for "The Witness" to stay that won't cost as much if anything. Hill wants reinbursed for 4 nights at Hotel 8 when "The Witness" had to leave the Denver Safehouse. Hill said "The Witness" WILL choose other options to get her story out if BPD doesn't pan out.

    2000-05-08 (T) Alex Hunter Telephone Log (Page 9 of 10)

    05/08/00 10:49 am call from Lee Hill (Checking in for debriefing)
    05/09/00 00:00 pm (Handwritten notes at bottom of log mention a meeting that took place and submit to polygraph and psychiatric exam.)

    2000-05-10 (T) Boulder Police Interview with "The Witness" (Part 1)
    2000-05-10 (T) Boulder Police Interview with "The Witness" (Part 2)

    2000-05-11 (T) Alex Hunter Telephone Log (Page 10 of 10)

    05/11/00 09:08 am call from "The Witness" (Wants copies of videos from interviews. Says two woman victim advocates for ritual abuse victims wants to talk to Alex. Leave message with Mary Suma)
    05/11/00 09:19 am call from "Mary Suma" (Says two victim advocates want to meet with Mary Keenan. Wants Alex to give heads up)
    05/11/00 02:19 pm call from B.J. Plaskett (He's working another story on the California witness. He says, 'This is very disturbing.')
    05/15/00 01:32 pm call from Mark Sabastian (Re: BPD press release)
    05/15/00 01:40 pm call from Rog Chojan (Re: BPD press release on 'witness')
    05/15/00 01:54 pm call from Kevin McCullen (Is Alex investigating story?")
    05/16/00 04:46 pm call from Michigan woman" (Says Alex out to get Whites)

    2000-05-19 (T) Mame (Mary Suma) Interview with "The Witness"



    2003-02-03 (T) Colorado vs Daily Camera (Declining to pusue criminal charges)

    II. Ms Krebs saw Mr Hill on television roughly in early February of 2000.
    II. Mr Hill volunteered to represent her. He contacted Mr Hartman.
    II. Mr Hartman recalls that he paid for Mr Hill's airplane ticket to CA.
    II. On February 16, 2000, a meeting was held for Mr Hunter.
    III. Sunday, February 20, 2000, Ms Krebs traveled to Boulder from CA
    III. She and Mr Hill met with Mr Hartman.
    III. Mr Hartman decided that her story should be made public.
    III. Boyles' broadcast of March 6, 2000, Ms McKinley expressed that Ms Krebs accused Mr White Jr sexual abuse.
    III. Ms McKinley recall Ms Krebs' stating the accusation during a interview.
    III. "The Daily Camera article, and further dissemination of the story by the media, also triggered a long chain of postings on certain Internet websites. The websites, some apparently still in existence, had names such as Cybersleuths, Webbsleuths and Justice Watch."
    IV. "A grand jury, they suggest, may confirm many of their suspicions, e.g. that the timing and publication of the CA woman's story - shortly before the airing of the CBS min-sieries -- was not mere coincidence, but was orchestrated to promote the min-series."

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