Debbie Regimenti BACK with Michael Tracey/ Karr Case (Tricia started thread. Not WY)

Discussion in 'Justice for JonBenet Discussion - Public Forum' started by Watching You, Sep 4, 2006.

  1. RiverRat

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    Still waiting for more answers on this situation. Why won't Holly make an appearance on-line now since she stole the star of the showscam from mame. How priceless when you remember that Holly was the one the rest wanted to axe from the Coven!

    I wonder if this means that she is admitting that she was DEAD FLIPPING WRONG about Fleet........Lurker - it may be time to mark our territory again! That will always be the funniest on-line moment for me when you shared your travel tales!!
  2. Tricia

    Tricia Administrator Staff Member

    OMG...What in the hell is going on here?

    Greenleaf? The sweetest, kindest, human on this planet is being "watched" by Debby Regimenti?

  3. Spade

    Spade Member


    Is it possible that Greenleaf continues to survive only because he receives photosynthesis from rays that originate in a UFO that Debbie and her group monitor regularly?
  4. tylin

    tylin Banned

    :banghead: :viking: Oh for Pete's sake! They better leave Greenleaf alone.
    Is there no end to those people's stupidity???? :404:
  5. koldkase

    koldkase FFJ Senior Member U2 also on Smit's 50+ page suspect list?

    Gulp. U2 may get really mad at me about that. I only asked ACR to put that song up because I had the movie album that song is on and thought the music was appropriate to how forlorn and just plain wrong a murdered child's grave is.

    Oh, I sooooo hope those dumbazzes spent just hours and days and weeks trying to link the phantom intruder to that song and those pictures. It might have saved some unfortunate interplanetary alien from being arrested. hahaha How can anyone be so....


    Y'all do realize, don't you, that we can have the perfect movie script here.

    Think "Scary Movie" meets the Queens.

    OK, it goes like this:

    A group of women, amazingly silly airheads, join rabbit toothed Professor Shagwell and retired Detective Oldman in a European resort to find a killer. They start working their suspect list, beginning with "A" in the phone book.

    Cut to: Years later, still wearing the same now worn clothes, hair matted, take out garbage neck high, with Detective Oldman's corpse sitting in a corner chair, cobwebs reaching from his nose to a curtain, they have reached the letter "B".

    I swear, somebody call the Wayans brothers.
  6. Jayelles

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    I can't begin to imagine how Greenleaf would come under anyone's radar. However, I found this little statement greatly interesting:-

    In reading through the e-mails, I have found areas which appear disjointed - as though a portion were missing (I've indicated this in my hardcopy for sicussion). The above statement seems to confirm that what was released was not the entire collection!

    One wonders what they would hold back? Perhaps another question for Dan Caplis?
  7. ACandyRose

    ACandyRose Super Moderator


    I also thought the music and lyrics were appropriate for the page and never quibbled on your selection. But I had a nice chuckle when I read that in Holly's e-mail to Tracey.

    Gee, I wonder what the "more stuff" was that she had to send to Tracey and how come WE, the public, didn't get to see the rest of the "stuff" in the "collection." Maybe she connected the dots to include crop circles or the Roswell UFO crash site to the foreign faction. :laffbig:

    When I think of the Tracey's private Ramsey detective stars in his documentaries I think of the song, "Alice's Restaurant" by Arlo Guthrie. I'm just not sure which one of them is Officer Obie with the twenty-seven 8x10 color glossys of the crime scene.

    But now this stuff about Holly tracking Greenleaf has got me puzzled. I mean what did Greenleaf do, make too many jokes, too many funny stories, what? What could Greenleaf possibly do that would make anybody suspicious of her? LOL

    I remember how the "Google Girls" (Holly, Mary99 and Darby) got so paranoid when I tried to be helpful and set up an archive of the threads at Justice Watch back in 2000 and they thought I was secretly collecting their threads to send to Fleet White. Darby couldn't understand how her postings on the Justice Watch forum were on the Internet and that they could be found in a simple google search !! I guess she thought that Justice Watch wasn't on the Internet or that Fleet White couldn't go and read all the threads himself on the forum.
  8. Elle

    Elle Member

    I missed this one, Jay. Thank you for posting this. Got the chance to see Tricia again.

    Horrible thought thinking JMK was on the board and we may have posted with him (?). However, I'm sure most of the Ramseys have been on the boards too including the Professor. No doubt Jammy Susan Bennett will claim they all posted on her board.

    So, where's Candy going to go, now that she is out the door?
  9. Elle

    Elle Member

    Geez, Loueeze, I'll never catch up on all this latest news, BJ. I'm trying to catchup on Why_Nut's youtubes, Jayelle's transcript, and now we have this news about Brian Scott. Huh? How lucky for Brian Scott, he wasn't hauled back to the U.S. like JMK. Now Greenleaf is added. Any chance of an updated bulletin thread here? HELP! :rant:
  10. Freebird

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    What a joke....everyone in the free world is a suspect except for the only three people in the house with Jonbenet when she was murdered.
  11. Elle

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    I'm getting worried about you and the undercover Russian project. I think eet iz time 007 Bond, James Bond was sent over to investigate this matter. Eet iz time you had a rest.

  12. Greenleaf

    Greenleaf FFJ Senior Member

    Thank you, dear friends

    I really do not understand what this is all about, but I sincerely thank each of you who have given me a vote of confidence. I especially thank dear Tricia for her very kind words. (Undeserving, but nontheless very much appreciated.)

    Now, I have a response (of sorts) for those interested, at Greenleaf's Corner:

    edited to add my URL:

    edited again to thank River Rat for alerting me to this...whatever it is. LOL.
  13. Elle

    Elle Member

    I don't understand what's happening either, Greenleaf, This makes two of us. :)
  14. Jayelles

    Jayelles Alert Viewer in Scotland

    I've had a look at the Holly e-mails. Deary me!! Absolutely appalling!

    Searching for Brian Scott the gardener, they find a Brian Scott in the UK who has a connection to a girl's school (woah!) and the address for him is near Elstree studios -- film connection-- (double woah!).

    They've even published this guy's address and phone number in these e-mails. How awful is that?

    I wonder if we should warn this Brian Scott that he might be Tracey's next suspect?
  15. Jayelles

    Jayelles Alert Viewer in Scotland

    Holly saying that they tried phoning the guy's telephone number and got no reply. If he worked at a boarding school, it was quite possibly a school house and the schools in England are on holiday July/August - staff are not necessarily there.
  16. koldkase

    koldkase FFJ Senior Member

    I theenk eet iz the Priest in the basement with a candlesteek....

    Though Svetlana looks veeery suspicious in hir black net midrift tourist guide outfeet....

    I tell you, these Tracey people must be smoking their socks or something. But you have your Krebs/Tracey connection, don't you?
  17. heymom

    heymom Member

    I can't believe anyone could be this stupid. They assume that anyone would give them the time of day?? No one is just going to answer that type of question out of the blue, not for some person from the U.S. just on a whim. I think the schools in England are back in session this week (nephew in Bristol) but still...procedures are much stricter there.

    What are they smoking? For God's sake.

  18. ACandyRose

    ACandyRose Super Moderator

    Tracey and the Rocky Mountain News

    Michael Tracey and the Rocky Mountain News......

    Gee, ever wonder why the Rocky Mountain News got first dibs on the Tracy/Karr e-mails to be published in their paper in August 2006?

    I know we read that Ollie Gray gave the e-mails to the Rocky Mountain News right after Karr was arrested but Michael Tracey, himself was going to contact both CBS and the RMN back in the beginning of May 2006 with this "fellas, got a great story for you" as he is quoted below.

    Pg27: "If nothing happens then I think i'm going to call my various contacts in the media, beginning with CBS and Todd Hartmann at the Rocky and say "fellas, got a great story for you." And you know as well as i do they will be all over it "

    So I doubt very much Michael Tracey was mad at Ollie Gray for giving the e-mails to the Rocky Mountain News as he was quoted in the media after the whole Karr accident. My guess is that Tracey was mad because Ollie Gray jumped the gun before Tracey could contact CBS and either give or share the scoop with them.

    This e-mail below is from pages 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, and 31 written from Michael Tracey to both Lou Smit and Ollie Gray dated May 7, 2006. With this, was attached an undated e-mail from Karr to Tracey passed on by Tracey for Lou Smit and Ollie Gray to read.

    After reading the e-mail from Karr to Tracy below, tell me that Michael Tracey wasn't thinking of turning all of the e-mails at that point to CBS and/or the RMN just as he was suggesting in his e-mail to Smit and Gray. I have it highlighted in red below. Tracey was playing games and feeling Karr out to see if he would go for the idea but Karr wouldn't go for it.

    Side Note: I never could understand why some people don't use paragraphs when they write and obviously Michael Tracey is one of them. So this is not the way I copied it, this is the way he wrote it. Also, IMO, it's quite obvious that John Karr, first grade teacher has better language skills than college professor, Michael Tracy.


    Bennett. Tom
    From: []
    Sent: Sunday. May 07, 200612:50 PM
    To: Andrew Smit;

    Lou and Ollie, this one is fascinating for numerous reasons: 1) he says again that he wants to take the "girl," previously referred to as the "female," out of any investigation and out of any suggestion that she was involved in the killing, for which he once more confesses to, saying that he takes "full responsibility," as opposed to, for example, partial responsibility. 2) and this is the bit that REALLY got my attention, he writes: "Sandrock knows something but not much. I do not think he should ever know that he met Daxis in Paris. We must also remove Sandrock from the equation." You will recall that it was Mike who met Daxis at the Shakespeare book store in Paris, that led to DecemberMan/Daxis' correspondence with me. One thing I said to D about Mike is that he had a photo of him. He got very nervous about this and I thought it wise to back track so I said something to the effect that Mike had told me that he might have a photo, but i wasn't sure. I've been trying to think this through logically - recognizing that I'm dealing with someone here who is several apples short of a picnic. Over the past several weeks, when his writing has become more detailed and frenetic, and when he has after all confessed to killing JonBenet, it seemed to me that he wanted this to end, that he wants to be found. One thing in particular was when he suddenly starts talking about the twelve year old girls he is clearly saying he killed and adds that I shouldn't try and investigate them because that might "identify" him. I took that to be saying, investigate and identify. Now he is saying that Sandrock should be taken out of the "equation," which I am interpreting to mean go to Sandrock and get the photo. Someone has to do that because it is a totally reasonable assumption to assume that Mike has a photo of Daxis, who has confessed and who may well be the real killer - I qualify here because I realize that he may be playing me, which is a deep source of frustration, even if at some kind of intuitive level I've thought from the get go, ie. four years ago, that this is him. I can arrange a meeting with Mike, who is eager to keep his name out of this. But someone HAS to talk to him, other than me because in the end I have no authority. There's something else which I don't think I've mentioned to either of you before. several years back one of my students told me a really interesting story. Susan Rajabi was Miss Colorado in 1996. She was also a student in the School of Journalism. She was in a class where one of the assignments was to write a profile of someone. She asked if she could do one about me. When Miss Colorado who was also a contestant in the Miss America contest asks if she can talk to you one does tend to say yes. So we talked, and much of it was about my having done the first documentary etc etc. She told me a really interesting story. She had been a judge at one of the pageants that Jonbenet was involved in in 1996. After the judging, which JonBenet won, Susan noticed a guy with whom JonBenet seemed to be very friendly. She assumed that it was JonBenet's father and went over, shook hands and said "you must be very proud of your daughter." He replies "yes I am." After the murder, Susan was at home watching the news with her dad. John Ramsey's photo came up on the screen, identified as JonBenet's father. She turns to her dad and says, "that's not the guy i met at the pageant with JonBenet." I pressed her on it and she was adamant that it wasn't even close. So here is an obvious possibility: Sandrock has a photo, it is shown to Susan, it is or is not the guy ~u~u the pageant. What is also intriguing here is that DecemberMan/ Daxis has consistently - throught the four years of correspondence - let it be known that the Rasmeys know him. So any photo could be shown to them. There's also his confidence - as indicated in a recent e-mail - that if the name : "Daxis," is mentioned they will recognize it. The obvious question is why would he want me to pass on the name if John and Patsy would say, never heard of him. That would undermine everything he has been trying to persuade me of in endless e-mails. tn fact, if that does happen ithink that's it for me. I realize that Ie are dealing with a very strange personality here and that there may be another way of thinking about this. If there is it's beyond my humble abilities to fathom.

    One more point. Bryan and Pat have decided that they are going to take two approaches: Pat is going to the CBI and Bryan is going to Lacy. I believe that this might happen this week. This was prompted by their reading all the recent e-mails. If nothing happens then I think i'm going to call my various contacts in the media, beginning with CBS and Todd Hartmann at the Rocky and say "fellas, got a great story for you." And you know as well as ido they will be all over it - look at the reaction of Bryan and pat, hardly two ingenues. Problem with that is that Daxis or whoever the hell this guy is, will disappear totally and will have - quite possibly - gotten away with it. And that would be sad.


    I was sorry to see my mailbox empty today after sending four mails to you yesterday. I hope you received them and will respond soon. Today, my head has been roaring with JonBenet and that night along with the thought of talking to the Ramseys and all you and I have talked about. There is so much I need to say to you and so little time given to me each day - a lousy hour. That might change soon.

    > the duct tape, the rope, the stun gun and leave behind the weapon
    > that caused the blow to the head? Doesn't make sense. Too much
    > intelligence and preparation in play to make such a basic error.

    I want to ask you a question about this whole taiser issue. Did the medical examiner determine and report that a taiser was used on her? If not, who determined this? If it was law enforcement, it could open itself up to a lot of reasons why they determined it. It would be a key piece in exonerating the Ramseys as they would have no reason for taising their own daughter to remove her from her bed. There was also no reason for taising JonBenet if it was NOT her parents. I know it was NOT her parents. I know and you know who it was and a taiser was not used, at least not at that time. I still ask you to describe those marks on JonBenet.

    > How can i know. of course I flirted with the idea that she was an
    > alter ego, but I also flirted with the idea that she was real. >

    A true alter ego is viewed as a third person by the person experiencing said alter ego. True multiple personalities are separate entities within one physical body. One is only aware of the other but does not consider it to be hisself or herself. I am not saying it was an alter ego. I am not saying, at this time, that it was a real person. I am going to leave this for now.

    > One thing about the ransom note, however brilliant a distraction >

    > was, is that it is written as if more than one person is involved.
    > So when you rpreviously raised the issue of the female it made
    > sense.

    And now I am confusing you which is the last thing I wanted to do. 1 will say that I was part if not the whole part of that note.

    In conclusion, I wish to take full responsibility for all the events that occured that night. You might well think I am protecting a girl and I might be. If I can think of a way to protect her and continue to interject and reveal that she was with me that night, I will. Otherwise, I just have to leave it for now until I can figure out how to handle it.

    "Please do not allow it to discredit my intimate accounts of that night."

    > How does this put the issue of the Tazer to rest. What is the "it"
    > that might discredit your account.
    > I was not talking about the taiser. I was talking about the flashlight found in the house.
    > The basic point is, all the photographic evidence is that a stun
    > gun
    >was used.

    Michael, nothing is basic about the events of that night. I am a very complex person. Again, who says it is photographic evidence. What is photographic evidence anyway? Did the medical examiner note trauma to that area photographed caused by high voltage electricity? If so, was it in his report? I want you to find out for me because I will not dabble in anything to do with "the case". I. am not here to discuss "the case". I am here to tell you what happened.

    > The assumption is that it was short and savage. Your
    > argument is that it was drawn out, slow and intended to be so
    > because of the desire to arouse her and be aroused. As you can
    > tell
    > by now, I'm convinced.

    You cannot know what that means to me, Michael - that you are convinced. Thank you so much for believing me and standing by me. You have taken my part and revealed me to the Ramseys. You have not revealed me to anyone else. Sandrock knows something but not much. I do not think he should ever know that he met Daxis in Paris. We must also remove Sandrock from the equation. If this book is published and is a success, and it will be, the world will pressure you and anyone who might know of me or my whereabouts, to such a degree that it will become unbearable. Only you and the Ramseys should have contact with me. Are you prepared for this pressure because it is sure that the world will call for the head of Daxis.

    I already know what it feels like and know I can handle it.

    > You have a good memory. A group of us used t met at the Trident.
    > Did you ever go there when you were in Boulder.

    I don't recall ever going to that place. I am not a coffee drinker.

    > Interesting. We talked a lot about the case, with most people
    > disagreeing with me when I said that the parents didn't do it.
    > What I didn't know was just how interesting the truth would prove
    > to be.

    Again, you use the term "truth". I thank you. I talked about this situation only briefly with a few close friends and family in America before I left. I never told anyone I killed JonBenet. My father was really concerned about the fact that I visited her grave often. He would say, "Daxis, they might have cameras at the gravesite. What if someone sees you there." It was strange thing that he would single me out from the hundreds of others who visited her grave. He sensed something. I am sure it was based on my conversations with him about JonBenet. He was also aware that I was sexually attracted to little girls. That was something I told several close contacts. Well, there must not have been a camera because I talked out loud to JonBenet at her grave about that night ....

    > Thanks for the description. I wonder why he said that you had
    > light hair, or perhaps I misheard.

    Maybe you recalled it that way because of the photo I sent to you that you thought was me as a child. I was a blonde child. That is what I looked like but that was not me. I told you the little girl's identity but you seemed to miss the whole issue.

    > Guys after all don't send too much time on discussing what other
    > guys
    > Look like.

    Good .... Again, we need to remove him from the equation. There is no telling what he might do if pressured and he would be pressured if this is released to the world.

    > Thank you for your frankness. It is of course very erotic.

    I am glad you think my encounters with the 8 year old was erotic. It was unreally erotic at the time.

    > It made me think of how many eight year olds I have known socially
    > who had desires about which I hadn't a clue.

    Many, but just know that little girls are not permiscuous. They have a taste in men and will only act this way with men they are attracted to.

    > The fact the news media carry stories does seem to get you
    > agitated.
    >Why is that.

    lt was an intimate love affair for me. It was my secret and JonBenet's secret. They have no right to expose her and me. It hurts. There are so many lies. I don't want to share her with the media. I hate them and how they sell my darling little girl like a commodity.

    > I am sure you know that JonBenet was the biggest story of any
    > kind ..

    But she was NOT a big story to me. She was my Little Princess. I was so in love with her. She is not a story. She was a little girl. I loved that little girl.

    > Her name is globally recognized, a bit like Diana. Did you ever
    > think
    >that would happen and, more importantly, how do you feel about it.

    I did not think about it at all until it DID happen. I did not go to my Goddess for media attention. I went to her because the desire in me was unreal. I feel horrible that the world says her name like it is a brand name. Her name was so unique and special. It has been traded by the media like a cheap commodity. Damn them to Hell. I am also very possessive still of JonBenet. I would get upset when her grave was changed. I know that sounds odd, but I still have an inexplicable connection to her - even to her body that is now out of my reach which kills me. To me, from that night forward, she is forever mine. I share her only with her mother and father. When things would change about her grave, I would always say, this had better be the work of her parents and not someone else. I so miss that grave. I needed to be close to her body. I should have taken her that night ..

    > But I do want to help you to reveal what really happened. Talking
    > to
    > the Ramseys is one way,

    Thank you. I need to connect with JonBenet's mother especially. When you told me that her sweet father cried for her, I was touched. Poor Daddy. I have an enormous desire to love and embrace them both if they will let me.

    > the book is another
    > The book is a must.
    > publishing a version of our correspondence would be another.

    No. Only a book.

    > As our correspondence unfolds on a basically daily basis I know that
    > the key for you is to talk to Patsy. However, is there any other way
    > I can help you while that contact is being arranged? M

    Thank you so much for that. Yes, you can help me by responding to me. You can help me by reading messages from me to the Ramseys via phone. Please consider this. I will make the messages short. I think it will take something like this to reach their hearts. It will be filled with respect. Another issue you might tell them is that I am not a monster type with long shaggy hair and a beard. I am a polished, handsome, sophisticated person. I am a first grade teacher. I am also very very caring and wish to care for them during all their grief. I wish to grieve with them and to grant them peace. I can do this and more if given a safe chance. I want their home contact number for safe keeping. I want to begin our correspondence with e-mail that they verify. This is the only way I can do it for now.

    There is so much more to say. Oh how I love that child, JonBenet. I am so glad she was a part of my life and continues to be with me in spirit. I am so glad that I have finally found a person like you who listens to me talk of my love and sexual lust for her and that you believe me and never judge me. I love you for that, Michael.

  19. tylin

    tylin Banned

    This psychobastage wants to comfort the Ramsey's even though he falsely admitted to killing their daughter? :loser: :sick: And Tracey thought this was normal??? whatever. :moron:
  20. Jayelles

    Jayelles Alert Viewer in Scotland

    Yes, I posted about this last week on the Tracey e-mails thread when it jumped out at me. There appears to have been a media threat i.e. if Lacy & Bennett hadn't acted, they were going to go to the media with it. It does sound a little as if Lacy and Bennett were stuck between a rock and a hard place here. They admitted that they felt it was at most only a 50/50 chance he was the killer. But they had Tracey threatening to go to the media with a "great story" if they didn't do something. Quite possibly that story would have included the fact that the Boulder DA wasn't interested.
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