"DNA Clears Parents"

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    People Magazine

    JonBenet Mystery Unsolved After 8 Years

    Friday Dec 17, 2004 8:00am EST
    By Stephen M. Silverman

    This Christmas will mark the eighth anniversary of the death of 6-year-old JonBenet Ramsey in her parents' Boulder, Colo., home, in a case that captured the nation's curiosity and has yet to be solved.

    And the story is far from over. On Saturday, CBS's 48 Hourswill focus a report on Colorado University at Boulder professor Michael Tracey, who's tracked the case for two years and believes that, even though some trails may have gone cold... (snip)


    No wonder no one trusts the mainstream media anymore. They lie like rugs.
    One borrows falsehoods from the next, and they spread their shoddy wares out all over the airwaves and newsstands. They never bother to check facts--they'd rather repeat an easy lie.

    Yes, Virginia, JonBenet was killed by an intruder. It must be true--People Magazine and CNN say it is so.
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    we all think the rams are guilty,but no matter who is I hope the killer is found out. It is time to put this case to bed. JBR deserves that. If it is someone else and DNA can prove that let the long arm of the law smack the sh$t out of them. Death?
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    Well I'll bet the non-Ramsey DNA under JBR's nails and the DNA from the other case don't match...anyone want to take that bet?
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    I hope it does to end the case . Altho the Rams will then be open to sue everyone and thier mother, Isn't that thier emo?
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    Moab, we all know it's not going to match. I guess if People Magazine says so, we should believe it though, right? I think I'll take the National Enquirer or The Globe any day over People and CNN at this point.
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    It just makes me madder than a wet hen!
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    Sabreena and I were talking last night.

    Isn't this interesting that all of this "The parents are innocent" crap is coming out right before the judge in the Fox suit decides summary judgement?

    Think about it.
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    Well, the Rs are nothing if not well-connected, well-organized, and well-funded. Not just another pretty face, eh?

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    Of course all this media attention and the "sudden" revelations brought by Tracey's "final" documentary are being aired right before the hearing on Fox's motion to dismiss (Monday, 12/20). But what it tells us is that Lin Wood needs all this extra hoopla because his argument against that motion is extremely weak at best and he knows it. If he had viable claims (the original and amended complaints list them), he would have the confidence in their merit to proceed. It amazes me that LW, the RST and Tracey all complain loudly when the media is against them, but they have never had any qualms about using the media to spin this kind of chit intentionally to create influence when it suits their purposes. Two-faced hypocrits doesn't begin to describe them.

    Once again, as in 2000, Lin Wood attempts to make this case all about the mystery DNA:

    From CBS website:

    "An investigator at Denver's police crime lab for forensics says DNA found at the Ramsey murder scene came from a male who was not associated with the case, thus ruling out family members as well as a convicted sex offender in Boulder who had been mentioned as a suspect.

    What we found was that there were specific DNA samples that pointed to somebody other than the Ramseys.

    48 Hours reports that Greg LaBerge, of Denver's police crime lab for forensics, says he was 'able to develop a genetic profile that came from a male that was not associated with the case.'"

    Notice how they conveniently forget to include the remainder of Greg LaBerge's comments:

    From Documentary Transcript as Posted at FFJ:

    Narrator: "When the DA’s office took over, they gave priority to enhancing the DNA until it identified the killer. His DNA has now been put into CODIS, America’s combined DNA index. It is the first big breakthrough in the case but it has not yet thrown up a match and the forensic scientist responsible urges caution."

    Greg Laberge: "I think it would be wrong for them to focus just solely on the DNA because the DNA (as important an aspect as it is), it is not the sum total of the investigation. You may never get a hit. Because the suspect may never have committed a crime that qualified him to be in the database or he’s just not been caught yet."

    The truth is that CODIS not only contains DNA samples for matching with adjudicated criminals, it also contains DNA samples from many other crime scenes all over the country that haven't been closed as solved or with arrests. Yet, the mystery DNA from the Ramsey case matches none of those millions of samples.

    "This guy called her by name, so they think he targeted her," Moriarty said Friday on The Early Show. "Also, he hid out in the house. He didn't steal anything. He was there to molest her and that's exactly what the Ramseys say happened in their case."

    The Ramseys have never admitted that their daughter was sexually assaulted until they got ahold of the autopsy report and read Meyers' findings. It was only then that Lou Smit began explaining away the forensic evidence as committed by a wandering homicidal pedophile whose name and ID have changed more often than his underwear. How convenient now to be associating their daughter's murder with this case to divert suspicion.

    They also never acknowledge that the TWO favorite perps being promoted by the Hole-in-the-Head gang lead by Gray, i.e., Helgoth and Gigax, have solid alibis that more than clear them in both cases. Helgoth's DNA was indeed tested for use in the Ramsey case and it did not match. He was already dead and gone for at least a year when Amy was assaulted. Gigax wasn't even in the state of Colorado when both cases occurred and has a solid firsthand witness alibi to corroborate that truth.

    And what's with the "boot prints?" First it was a sole pair of Hi-Tecs that the gang tried to convince us belonged to Helgoth because they were supposedly found at Helgoth's death scene. Now there are TWO sets of boot prints??? And if these perps dress up in black like Ninjas as you claim, what's with completing the ensemble with Hi-Tecs? Why not black tennies or something more suitable for sneaking, running and not leaving ANY prints? Ninjas in hiking boots, yeah right! Sure hope Jet Li is reading here; he could use a few pointers from Smit.

    Yet LW continues to spin this story naming innocent and even dead people, or unidentified wandering burglars (who don't "burgle" if their objective is molestation) with also morphing agendas as if it's true. So which are they Smit, burglars or molesters or both? But how could they be burglars if they don't steal anything?

    Let's just forget that fibers matching Patsy's sweater jacket were identified as littered all over her dead child's body and John's sweater fibers were found in those same panties. Are we to believe that this wandering homicidal pedophile sometimes burglar sometimes just molester who left his mystery DNA on those panties waited until both John and Patsy had removed those articles of clothing that night and fell asleep, then dressed up in John's sweater with Patsy's jacket to commit his or their dastardly deeds? And that he or they just used a housekey copy to gain access too because "some" of these perps allegedly worked at the Ramsey house previously (shades of Elizabeth Smart case)?

    Just how far are our imaginations supposed to stretch to exhonerate two parents who remain the only primary suspects in this case?

    And never mind that Mary Keenan herself spoke publicly defaming this "new" evidence and "big break" in the case as old news that the BDA aren't even actively working. And never mind that Tom Bennett gave a direct statement to Tricia of FFJ that the BDA is not "looking for" Mr. Gigax or even interested in him as a possible lead in the Ramsey case.

    How utterly irresponsible for these media folks to run with this kind of half-truth and lies. I do hope Fox attorneys and Mr. Gigax are documenting all of this carefully for future use.
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    Looks like the only "burglar" Smit can identify is Kenady, who is clearly on the Ramsey payroll.

    Suspect facing burglary charges

    By Christopher Anderson
    Daily Camera Staff Writer, Boulder
    October 25, 2000

    A Lafayette man charged with burglary and theft of a Boulder County home told sheriff's deputies he was investigating the unsolved 1996 JonBenét Ramsey homicide.

    The suspect in the case is John Edward Kenady, 47, the same person who this summer handed over a pair of Hi-Tec boots to private investigators working for John and Patsy Ramsey.

    Boulder police are testing the boots at the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, but do not think they are related to the case. [The DNA didn't match, and neither did the boots. Yet both are still up the Ramsey flagpole to slander/libel innocent people while the RST continues to claim all evidence presented in the Helgoth case was "ignored" by the BPD.]

    The source of a partial Hi-Tec bootprint inside the couple's home is one of many unanswered questions in the investigation into the Dec. 1996 homicide of 6-year-old JonBenét Ramsey.

    And while the boots Kenady gave investigators belonged to a former resident of the house he allegedly broke into, Boulder Police Chief Mark Beckner said Monday the boots are not among the items Kenady is accused of stealing.

    Kenady was arrested in Longmont Oct. 10 in connection with breaking into a home in the 4900 block of Valmont Road in July.

    He told sheriff's deputies that Boulder Police Detectives Cmdr. Joe Pelle gave him permission to enter the home in the name of investigating the Ramsey case. Pelle said he never gave Kenady permission to break into the home. Kenady also said he feared evidence would be lost because the house was supposed to be demolished.

    Police suspect Kenady of kicking in a rear door to the home and taking with him three "drafting quality drawings," a $54,000 check and legal papers including a deed of trust.

    Diamond jewelry, several watches and money in one bedroom were untouched, according to police reports.

    The home is owned by the family of a deceased man the Ramseys' investigators have said may have been involved with the beating and strangulation death of their daughter.

    The deceased man shot himself in the chest Feb. 14, 1997, the day after Boulder County District Attorney Alex Hunter held a national press conference in which he said the field of suspects had narrowed and vowed to bring the little girl's killer to justice.

    The man also may have owned a stun gun, which the Ramseys' suspect may have been used in their daughter's death, according to public records. [Yet they refused to grant exhumation to test this theory to qualify it officially one way or the other.]

    The Ramseys remain under police suspicion in their daughter's death, but have repeatedly said they did not kill their daughter and that police should be looking for an intruder. They have moved from their 755 15th St. home and now reside in Atlanta.

    Kenady, who was friends with the deceased man, said he suspected him of having some involvement in the killing, but did not say why, according to police reports.

    The documents stolen from the home were found in Kenady's possession. The drawings belonged to the deceased man.

    Officers at the Boulder Police Department and the Boulder County Sheriff's Office said Kenady may be mentally impaired from a car accident.

    Kenady's attorney, Karin Dostal, said her client is mentally competent.

    She said she would not comment on the case other than to say, "There are certain things that will come out later." [What came out later, and is still coming out, is that Kenady was acting in behalf of Smit and Gray who are using Kenady to promote yet another intruder theory upon which Tracey made his crock that is now being further spun by Lin Wood.]

    Kenady was charged Oct. 13 and is scheduled for a preliminary hearing Nov. 8, which will likely to be rescheduled.

    Ollie Gray, an investigator for the Ramseys, said a family member gave Kenady the boots. Kenady gave Gray the boots through an attorney. Gray turned them over to police in August and answered police questions about them during an interview with the Ramseys in Atlanta at the end of August.

    Contact Christopher Anderson at (303) 473-1355 or andersonc@thedailycamera.com.

    October 25, 2000
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    Excerpt from Judge Julie Carnes' order:

    "Defendants' Book names five people, including plaintiff, whom defendants contend should be further investigated. (SMF 328; PSMF 328.) For example, one lead mentioned is Michael Helgoth, a man who committed suicide two months after the murder and one day after District Attorney Hunter issued a statement that the authorities were narrowing their search for the murderer of JonBenet Ramsey. (SMF 281; PSMF 281.)

    Indeed, a stun gun was found near Mr. Helgoth's body, as well as boots with a "HI-TEC logo like that left on the basement floor of defendants' home. (SMF 281: PSMF 281.) See discussion supra at 15, 18."

    Notice the "perps" used to form the basis of this "new" and "startling" evidence per Tracey's croc originated in the Ramseys' book Death of Innocence, not a recent investigative find by the Hole-in-the-Head gang.

    Notice also that at the time of the Wolf case wherein this order was published there was only ONE set of Hi-Tec boot prints claimed at the Helgoth death scene. That has now morphed into TWO sets of prints.
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    From Patsy Ramsey Atlanta Police Interview 8/28/00:
    14 MR. LEVIN: Mrs. Ramsey, I think
    15 the question, and let me see if I can make
    16 it very simple, that the chief was getting
    17 at was Mr. Helgoth's name, was that a name
    18 that was prior to the murder of your
    19 daughter? I know since then you've became
    20 familiar with it, but prior to the murder of
    21 your daughter, was that a name you were
    22 familiar with?
    23 THE WITNESS: No.

    At all times, PR claimed to have never heard of Helgoth but now, in the latest spin on him, he allegedly worked at the Ramsey home prior to JB’s murder.


    Excerpts from John Ramsey Deposition (Wolf v. Ramsey) 12/12/01:
    Q. Now I want to ask you, in the statement, there is a reference to an early lead. What kind of lead was it? Was it – you know, specifically. Since you weren’t shown any files.
    MR. WOOD: Do you mean how was he imparted, the information imparted to him by Helgoth?
    MR. HOFFMAN: Yes. I had asked him earlier if he ever had an opportunity to review any of the investigative files on any of the murder suspects.
    A. I have not seen any of the evidence the police have.
    Q. Any evidence that your investigators have?
    A. I have seen a few things relating to your client [Chris Wolf]. I don’t know that I have seen anything relating to Helgoth.
    A. The investigators were retained by our attorneys, and they stated to me that the principal purpose of those investigators was to prepare a defense in the case that the police might bring a charge against me. I hoped that they would also follow up on leads that came to us, but I was frequently reminded by our attorneys that their principal role was to prepare a defense should that be necessary.
    Excpert from RMN article:

    CU prof pushes idea that intruder killed 6-year-old in Boulder
    By Charlie Brennan, Rocky Mountain News
    June 15, 2004

    "We did investigate Helgoth," said Boulder Police Chief Mark Beckner. "And all I can tell you is that there was no DNA match.

    "And we looked at a pair of (Helgoth's) boots that had been turned in by the Ramseys' private detectives, and they were compared and didn't match. We didn't have anything further to go on."
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    Evidently the Peterson's private investigator isn't convinced that there's a definite link between Amy's assault and JonBenet's murder. But the spin keeps promoting that there is:

    Transcript of Geraldo show 8/2/00



    Mr. JOHN RAMSEY (Father of JonBenet Ramsey): (From May 24) You need to realize there's a killer of children that walks among us. It's not Patsy, and it's not I. Let's get on with finding the killer. That is our single and only objective in doing any of this.

    John Ramsey made that emotional statement back in May, again vigorously repeating the consistent denial that he and his wife, Patty, had absolutely nothing to do with their daughter, JonBenet's, horrific death.
    Now, for the first time in three and a half years, there is a real new development that could conceivably--maybe that's a stretch, but I think, you know, conceivably support the couple's claim of innocence. Police in Boulder, Colorado, are testing evidence from an attempted assault on a teen-age girl who attended the same dance studio as JonBenet. NBC's Leanne Gregg says authorities are looking for any connection between the two crimes.

    LEANNE GREGG reporting:
    The crime scene: a basement of the Ramsey home where JonBenet's body was found. Police in Boulder are running more tests on evidence found here. They're checking to see if palm prints at the Ramsey crime scene match prints found at the scene of a sexual assault of a 14-year-old girl that happened after JonBenet's murder.
    Chief MARK BECKNER (Boulder Police): There is a killer walking the streets in this country. We just have to figure out who that is.
    GREGG: Comments from Boulder police Chief Mark Beckner months ago. This week Beckner says he doubts there's a link between the two crimes, but admits it's worth a second look.
    Police reports say the 14-year-old girl went to JonBenet's dance academy. She was attacked in her bed. Her mother interrupted the assault, and the attacker got away.
    Attorneys for John and Patsy Ramsey say by dismissing a possible link, Boulder police demonstrated a lack of objectivity that's been evident from the beginning of the investigation. JonBenet's parents consistently deny involvement in the case, but remain under suspicion. During an earlier interview, the Ramseys said an intruder killed their daughter, and they won't give up on finding the person responsible.
    Mr. RAMSEY: (From WSMV-TV): Well, what we've wanted and what we continue to want is that the investigation continue.
    GREGG: A grand jury disbanded last fall after examining the case for 13 months. No charges have been filed.
    RIVERA: Yesterday John Ramsey called the development 'hugely significant.' Just hours ago he spoke by phone with an Atlanta TV station.
    Mr. RAMSEY: (Courtesy WXIA) My belief is that this killer probably has killed before and will act again. So to know that it happened within two miles of the house, potentially, within nine months of JonBenet's murder was--was shocking. As I say, on--on the one hand, it's tragic that it had to happen, but it--to me, it's encouraging that what we believed would happen, we have a record of it and--and some knowledge and some more information that can be put into the piece of the puzzle.
    RIVERA: NBC's chief legal correspondent, Dan Abrams, joins us now from New York City. First of all, Dan, is this indeed a significant development, and why the hell didn't we hear about it before?
    DAN ABRAMS (NBC News): Well, look, I don't know why we didn't hear about it before. This is the sort of incident that the police should have been looking into long ago. Now I--I spoke with the police chief, Mark Beckner, yesterday at length about this, and his position is, 'We did know about it. We investigated this. I personally'--I, Beckner--'knew about this as soon as I became briefed on the details of the Ramsey case. And the fact that the press didn't know about it until now isn't our
    The problem is, though, that the DAs didn't know about it. The prosecutors who brought...
    RIVERA: Ouch!
    ABRAMS: ...who brought this case to the grand jury didn't know about this other incident. And that is problematic, regardless of what you think about the Ramseys' guilt or innocence. And it boils down to this--and this is sort of the same idea Beckner was--was saying to me--is if you believe that the Ramseys did it, then this is really irrelevant. I--if you're convinced that the Ramseys did it, who cares if there was an intruder in someone else's house? But if you leave open the possibility that the Ramseys didn't do it or you believe the Ramseys didn't do it, then this is extremely significant. Nine months later, another girl attacked sexually, went to the same dance studio, same sort of lying-in-wait kind of attack. All relevant factors.
    RIVERA: Right back. Hugely Significant, said Mr. Ramsey. Is it?
    RIVERA: A significant development in the JonBenet Ramsey case. I really do think it is significant, a kind of a--a look-alike case nine months later. Dan Abrams and--and I have been pretty close to this case, and neither of us, through our various sources heard it. Maybe because the cops didn't want to tell us, Dan.
    ABRAMS: Well, you know, y--that--that's--that's the interesting part is: Why didn't we know about this? This is a 33-page police report of facts that sure do sound similar to the Ramsey case. And as I made this point to Mark Beckner, the police chief, when I spoke with him, you know--and that is this doesn't happen in Boulder. The notion that some...
    RIVERA: Right.
    ABRAMS: ...someone would be in someone's house, an intruder would be in a little girl's house while the mother is home, sexually assaulting the girl, that in and of itself even happening once seems extremely unlikely in Boulder. And the fact that the Ramseys have always maintained that that's exactly what happened in their house in the JonBenet Ramsey case is something at the very least worth looking into.
    RIVERA: In Denver tonight, the city's former chief deputy district attorney, our pal Craig Silverman, joins us. He's now a civil and criminal trial lawyer.
    Craig, what the hell happened here?
    Mr. CRAIG SILVERMAN (Civil and Criminal Attorney; Former Prosecutor): Well, I think it's another interesting sideshow in this tragic circus of a case. It's hard to believe that the DAs did n--did not know about it. I mean, what's the source of that information? And...
    ABRAMS: I--my--my sources--my sources are good on that, and I can tell you...
    Mr. SILVERMAN: Right.
    ABRAMS: ...the DAs did not know about it.
    Mr. SILVERMAN: Right, but the--you know...
    RIVERA: Alex Hunter refused comment today, I must say.
    Mr. SILVERMAN: Well, Alex Hunter has surrogates, and Alex Hunter benefits by putting out this story; so do--so do the Ramseys. And, you know, Mark Beckner is going along with it and he is saying the right things because they have a meeting scheduled toward the end of the month. And there's really only one way this case is going to be solved at this point, and that's a confession by whoever did it. It's time that the key witnesses cooperated, and you can bet there's more than one Boulder cop who's fantasized about getting the confession of a lifetime from one or more Ramseys.
    RIVERA: OK. In San Diego, we welcome Pete Peterson, a private investigator whose firm also has branches in Denver and LA; Mr. Peterson hired by the family of the 14-year-old to look into the girl's assault.
    What do they think, Pete?
    Mr. R.W. PETERSON (Private Investigator): Well, how do you mean 'What do they think?' I mean, obviously...
    RIVERA: Do they--do they think there's a link?
    Mr. PETERSON: Well, let's put it this way. We think there's--there's a possibility of that. I don't know that I'm directly convinced. There is--we investigated it for about a year and a half, as well as the Ramsey case. We got involved in that because of it. There are d--some--some definite parallels with regard also to handwriting, and some of the people...
    RIVERA: How come you didn't tell anybody, Pete?
    Mr. PETERSON: I did. You know, the only reason--this is a new development--it's not a new development; this has been there for three years. And somebody by the name of Charlie Brennan, a reporter, picked it up. I mean, we were out there with it--we were out there with it. We talked to the DA; we talked to Lou Smit.
    RIVERA: So you did--did you talk to the DA?
    Mr. SILVERMAN: Right. So--so the Ramseys have known about this for a long time. Let's...
    ABRAMS: No, if--if--but wait...
    Mr. SILVERMAN: Let's put the cards out that we know. Ellis Armistead, a private investigator, quit the case. I'm sure he had knowledge of this situation.
    ABRAMS: If the Ramseys knew about this, it would have been in their book.
    Mr. PETERSON: No, I don't think he had knowledge of it.
    ABRAMS: If the Ramseys knew about this...
    RIVERA: I agree with Dan.
    ABRAMS: ...I guarantee you it would have been in their book. This would be a bombshell for the Ramseys.
    Mr. SILVERMAN: You know...
    ABRAMS: Why wouldn't they want to make it public if they'd known about it?
    Mr. SILVERMAN: Dan--Dan, you make a good point about this being somewhat rare in Boulder. But here, a few miles away in Denver, I prosecuted a lot of rapists who sneak into the house and wait for their prey.
    ABRAMS: Yeah, but--and, Craig...
    Mr. SILVERMAN: That happens.
    ABRAMS: Yeah, but--but that--that--that's not what I'm talking about. The reality--no--no, it's not...
    Mr. SILVERMAN: But there are so many innocent people nowadays, Dan.
    Mr. PETERSON: But, gentlemen, it's not rare in Boulder.
    ABRAMS: It is rare in Boulder.
    Mr. PETERSON: It's not rare in Boulder.
    ABRAMS: It is rare.
    RIVERA: Wait, what do you mean--what do you mean by that, Pete? What do you mean by that?
    Mr. PETERSON: It's not rare in Boulder.
    ABRAMS: He's wrong.
    Mr. PETERSON: Hold up, hold up, the talking heads there, please. It's not rare in Boulder. This happened on three different occasions during a one-month period close to this case. There was another lady we talked to who had a gentleman hiding in her apartment. Now you can go back...
    ABRAMS: Right, but we're talking about children.
    Mr. PETERSON: ...go back and--go back and check the police reports.
    ABRAMS: Yeah, but wait...
    Mr. PETERSON: There were three other incidents just like this, like the case we investigated, and we talked to at least two of these people.
    RIVERA: All unsolved, Pete?
    Mr. PETERSON: Right. And these were people that were secreted in their house for a period of hours until they came home or while they were home.
    ABRAMS: But--but what makes this--but what makes this different...
    RIVERA: Let me just explain to the folks...
    Mr. PETERSON: Now this is common. This is fairly common in Boulder.
    RIVERA: All right. Dan, I'm going to let you finish. I just--if the g--the intruder theory is that the guy was in--was--was there when they all went to bed. I mean, in this--in this other case, Pete--Pete's case, the intruder had to be there because there was an alarm system on the house
    Mr. PETERSON: He was there. They set the alarm at 11 PM.
    RIVERA: ...and the alarm only triggered when the mother and the--and the child fled the house to go to the cops.
    Mr. SILVERMAN: Yeah, but, Geraldo, what if the Ramseys--what if the Ramseys...
    ABRAMS: Right, but--but here we're talking about attacking a child, Geraldo.
    RIVERA: Dan, go ahead.
    ABRAMS: That's the--that's the difference. In Boulder, it has happened that people have come into people's houses, particularly college students. It's happened fairly often that intruders end up in women's homes.
    Mr. SILVERMAN: Right.
    ABRAMS: The difference is here you have a child who is being attacked, a female child, while the parent is in the house.
    Mr. SILVERMAN: Right. But what has happened after that, Dan...
    ABRAMS: That is the comparison that makes it particularly unique.
    Mr. SILVERMAN: Dan, what has happened after that at the Ramsey house...
    RIVERA: OK, listen, we're going to do more on this. And, Dan, certainly when you're in this seat on--on Monday, you're going to--you're going to follow it up, on--I'm positive.
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    Clearly, the "evidence" claimed in Tracey's crock by Gray et al has been around for at least 4 years now and is not new as Mary Keenan publicly announced. The Ramseys, all their investigators, the police, the DA's office have all known about this old evidence for years. All of it's either been tested and ruled no match or analyzed by competent professionals and found to be no link. The only value it continues to have is for the sake of sensationalistic journalism and the load of money it brings in.

    It completely exhonerates at least Helgoth. It is my understanding that Mr. Gigax contacted the BDA and freely offered DNA swabs for testing so that he could clear his name, and that the BDA declined his offer. That speaks volumes.

    And clearly, the only reason this crap was ever created and has continued to morph, spin and grow to such sensational proportions is solely to create a defense in behalf of the Ramseys in whatever potential cases necessary. That alone should reveal that the RST's efforts have never been focused on finding the truth, or finding any real killer, but merely to get and keep the Ramsey asses off the hook, a whole other ball game.

    While I wish Fox the best in the upcoming hearing, I am hoping that the case will not be dismissed so that a full trial and therefore testing of ALL the evidence, prosecution and defense alike, can be finally put to the test and rest.
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    I can't believe Henry Lee forgot to put in his book that the DNA cleared the Ramseys. He is like so incompetent.
  17. Deja Nu

    Deja Nu Banned

    Yeah, and Cyril Wecht.... :tipsy: Isn't it amazing how nobody knows anything in this case and has no credibility but the Ramseys and their hired hands? :stupid1:
  18. Elle

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    Have you ever been busy, Deja! I will try and find the time to read all of them.
    Your posts are always very unique.. Thank you for taking the time to post them.
  19. JC

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    It makes me think they want this case tried in the media. Previously I thought that was what Lawyer Wood just plain didn't like.

    And press sec jameson is over there saying the dna in the panties matches the dna under the fingernail: "Bennett was not saying the DNA was in the panties because someone used the panties as a handkerchief - he was just pointing out that there was a small amount of DNA in the panties. It is highly unlikely that anyone sneezed in her underwear - and that the same DNA ended up under her nails - - and not anywhere else."

    If a goof wasn't made, another morning of getting to see the dynamic duo, Wood & Ramsey, in action. :coffeeup:
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    "This guy called her by name, so they think he targeted her," Moriarty said Friday on The Early Show.

    Oh yeah? When did "this guy" call JB by name? Just more BS.

    They are lying through their teeth when they say the DNA under her fingernails matched the DNA in her panties. Jameson herself said there were only 2 or 3 identifiable markers in the crappy DNA under her fingernails. If she now claims she didn't say that, then I'll call her a bald-faced liar to her face, because I saw it. That kind of material is NOT going to get anyone a match on DNA. CODIS criteria demands a certain number of clear markers for admission to the database. They say they submitted it to CODIS. I have never seen official verification from CODIS saying they accepted the DNA. But, for argument's purposes, say they did accept it. There was a big question on the last marker - it wasn't clear enough to meet CODIS criteria. Then, all of a sudden, it was.

    I don't like being lied to. I don't like someone trying to pull a fast one on me. And, I don't believe anything these liars say. If they lie about some things, they will lie about others, including the DNA. I'd like verification the DNA is actually in the CODIS database, and that doesn't mean jameson's or Lin Wood's word. Their word has no credibility with me.
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