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  1. koldkase

    koldkase FFJ Senior Member

    How'd I miss this? It's quite FABULOUS!

    Apparently Dr. Wecht was interviewed by a man named Joe Cochran, who is joined by a co-host, a police officer and author named Jeff Scott Hansen, about this case. I'm still trying to figure out the timeline from the "event" references--they say Lacy is out of office. The host does mention JR ran for office two years before "right here in Michigan", so I guess the show was done there.

    I was originally thinking this had to have been done this year, as they mention at the outset that the case is being "re-opened", but then something else they said made me think, no--some details regarding the various timelines are confused, obviously. And the reference to JR "now" running for office has me puzzled. What am I missing? :help:

    This video [in three parts] was posted May 19, 2009.

    Here is part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jybGWR3A1rg&NR=1

    Here is part 3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nKTrJUOVOeg&feature=related

    Each segment is less than 10 minutes.

    And Dr. Wecht and these hosts really nail so much about this case, it's quite refreshing:

    --The absurdity of an "intruder" spending so much time in the home and then forgetting the body.

    --The details of the ransom note.

    --The unacceptable exploitation of JonBenet in pageants.

    --The parents wanting to leave the body and town immediately.

    --Fleet White turning on John Ramsey.

    --The autopsy.

    --The cover up: including Lacy's absurd exhoneration based on "touch" DNA, which Wecht addresses.

    --Steve Thomas' courage for being a whistleblower.

    --John Mark Karr...and more.

    I'm telling you, it's hard not to jump up and down while listening to Wecht's outrage!
  2. koldkase

    koldkase FFJ Senior Member

    Okay, now the interview on JonBenet's murder continues with Dr. Wecht in another segment, which they're calling part 2. It begins with the autopsy in more detail, as discussed by Dr. Wecht:


    And Dr. Wecht goes on at length about the amount of blood which was leaked after the head blow, which has lately become a point I cannot find sufficient refutal to disagree with the theory that JonBenet was at least being strangled when she was struck in the head. (And this is why I have gone back to wondering about Burke.)

    JEZUZ! HOW DID WE MISS THIS!!! At long last!! Dr. Wecht is talking about the chronic vaginal injuries:

    I left out the "uh" and "ah" common to Dr. Wecht's extemporaneous speech pattern, but this is the detail of what he said. He continues going through his determinations.

    Then the next two segments of this interview:


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  3. koldkase

    koldkase FFJ Senior Member

    Oh my god. I'm about to croak!

    After going on about the pineapple found in the body, Dr. Wecht says, "You're dealing with hard forensic scientific facts here, my god, and for people like Alex Hunter, and the other apologists out there, and all the Ramsey sycophants and apologists, and now former DA, it's disgraceful, absolutely disgraceful!"


    [I transcribed this minus the "uh" and "ah" and repeat "and and" kind of verbal tics common to Dr. Wecht's speech, but it's very close otherwise to his exact words.]


    I :heart: Dr. Wecht.

    So, Mr. Garnett and Police Chief Beckner, you want to REALLY re-open this case? IT'S ABOUT DAMN TIME YOU LOOKED AT THIS MOST CRITICAL EVIDENCE RIGHT UNDER YOUR NOSES!! THIS NARROWS THE SUSPECT POOL CONSIDERABLY! Start HERE and you'll at long last have some ACTUAL questions to ask that have NEVER been answered: WHO HAD ACCESS TO JONBENET AND DID THIS TO HER BEFORE THAT NIGHT?

    That's how to find HER KILLER!
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  4. koldkase

    koldkase FFJ Senior Member

    Now they're talking about the bedwetting theory in this part:


    Dr. Wecht doesn't believe this was bedwetting-related.

    Asked if he believes this will ever be "any closure" on this case, Dr. Wecht says he regrets to say that he does "...not think that anything is going to happen...keep in mind that Patsy Ramsey is dead...John Ramsey, that's all he has to do is stick with the story that he has told before, and that's it. The evidence is there and they did not choose to run with it then, or in subsequent years, and so on. So I doubt very much that anything is ever going to happen. I'll tell you this, they're never going to find any intruder, because there was no intruder, okay?" Then he talks some about the "new investigation", but continues, "The evidence is there. If they did not act on it then, why should we believe they're going to act upon it now?"

    They get back to Thomas and one host says he has "...talked to police officers who worked with [Thomas], former bosses of his, they give him an A+ as a police officer, fabulous detective, and he was really drug through the mud." Wecht says he knows Thomas, and that "it is a disgrace what they did to him...they tried to destroy him...."

    Damn right. If they'd gone after their old intruder with a HUNDRETH of the hatred they used on Thomas, they'd have found him...except, of course, they had no hatred toward the intruder, because he doesn't exist.

    You have to hear what Wecht has to say about the possibility of a successful prosecution now, with John Ramsey not having to worry about what Patsy is going to say: "They've got to live with Patsy Ramsey's statements from before, and all of that which went unchallenged. You know, what are they going to do? Now posthumously challenge it and dig her up from the grave and accuse her of lying? You see what I mean? It's over and done with."

    I vote for digging her up and accusing her of lying. :yes:
  5. koldkase

    koldkase FFJ Senior Member

    Thank you, Dr. Wecht. I've waited a very long time for that. 12+ years, in fact.
  6. Cherokee

    Cherokee FFJ Senior Member

    Thanks, KK, for bringing the information from Wecht's interview to FFJ! Wecht tells it like it is, and he's absolutely right about EVERYTHING.

    Boulder let the Ramseys get away with what happened to JonBenet. They also let the Ramseys crucify Thomas, smear Fleet White and accuse innocent people whose only crime was to be a friend or acquaintance of the Ramseys.

    Wecht's interview should be required reading for Beckner's new Ramsey task force!
  7. RiverRat

    RiverRat FFJ Sr. Member Extraordinaire (Pictured at Lef

    Pardon me for enjoying your enthusiasm over this exciting find! I have only made it this far in thread, but just had to let you know about the Big Smile on my face...now that I have to rearrange my time so that I can watch these clips, I am really appreciating your re-caps!
  8. koldkase

    koldkase FFJ Senior Member


    I absolutely agree!

    Why don't you sent this to Mark Beckner and Stan Garnett? Tell 'em the COMPLIMENTS OF THE GUTTAH! :yes:
  9. koldkase

    koldkase FFJ Senior Member

    Just be sure to wear your depends, because I almost pizzed my pants, I got so excited. We've been waiting so long to hear this!

    Oh, we MUST write and thank the guys who did this, and Dr. Wecht, too.
  10. Elle

    Elle Member

    Anyone else having trouble opening these?

    I'm having trouble opening the videos KK. Will try later. Anyone else having any problems?[​IMG]
  11. whitewitch1

    whitewitch1 Senior Member

    I'm curious to know, what, if anything, did Wecht have to say about the "DNA" evidence? I don't have time to watch the videos right now so hoping you (KK) can answer my question.
  12. Greenleaf

    Greenleaf FFJ Senior Member


    Ah, Koldkase, this only confirms what I have believed all along. All the work you put into bringing this to us is very much appreciated. You are a great sleuth and a great poster; ever striving to put the facts before us.

    I have said all along that J.R. was more fearful of being found guilty of child abuse than of murder. His responses, in TV interviews, in ref. to this subject, have been ambiguous and disingenuous. I don’t believe that he even acknowledged that JBR had been sexually abused. Ditto for Patsy.

    Most folks simply cannot wrap their minds around something as vile and abnormal as incest. It is against every form of human decency. The fact that most folks would rather shy away from hearing or reading about it, allows too many creeps to slip through the cracks.

    In my opinion, incest is the epitome of evil. Only cowards, intent upon satisfying their primitive desires,would stoop so low as to abuse a child; especially their own child. Such people obviously have no regard for the sanctity of human life and possess a form of evil that is so despicable we fail mightily in our attempts to describe it. I believe that pedophiles are well aware of our abhorrence of incest and depend upon that to keep their evil behavior silenced. Their fear is of being exposed, but an even greater fear is having to spend time in jail or prison. They are well aware of what the most hardened criminal will do to them, and it ain’t pretty. Also, there is a strong comradely that exists between pedophiles, and, from what I understand, there’s a nation wide fellowship; transcending morals, laws or accepted modes of behavior.

    I do not find it odd that all those elements of “protection†in the Ram case remain intact, as I have my suspicions’, as to a certain “fellowship†existing between those involved in the cover-up.

    Again, thank you Koldkase, for bringing this most important subject to the forefront again. Thank God for Dr.Wecht!
  13. Elle

    Elle Member

    Excellent post, Greenleaf. I haven't seen the videos yet. I'll try again tomorrow. I don't want to get involved in trying to fix anything now, it's too late now for me to start checking them out.
  14. koldkase

    koldkase FFJ Senior Member

    Ah, yes, Greenleaf, exactly what I think about the incest issues involved in this case.

    I believe this had some influence on Hunter's many decisions to help cover up this crime, as well. I don't think he, being the complete wuss that he is, had the stomach to bring the truth of what actually happened to JonBenet before a jury, in a public trial. Unless he's just completely corrupt from the word "go", I think Hunter was easy for the powerful defense law firm to sway on this.

    This crime began with child molestation and ended in the death of the child and the cover up, with incest at its core, IMO. As is almost always true with incest, EVERYONE conspires to cover it up, re-victimizing the survivor for the rest of his/her life. In JonBenet's case, she didn't even get to have a life.

    All to protect her molester and her family's reputation, IMO.
  15. koldkase

    koldkase FFJ Senior Member

    Elle, maybe you just need to download an upgrade for whatever program you use to play youtube.com videos? Sometimes I get messages that I need to download "flashplayer" or some such when I go to a website that plays a video. This is often hard on computers as they get older, too, because these programs require more and more memory and newer processors, etc. If not for that, I'd still have my first computer from 1994, a Dell which I'm sure would crank up if I plugged it in and turned it on today!
  16. koldkase

    koldkase FFJ Senior Member

    Hm. Now you've stumped me! Coffee hasn't kicked in yet, and I can't remember exactly what he said, other than that it is absurd to think an intruder came in, spent hours doing all that was done in the commission of this crime, and left only a few DNA cells, etc.

    Dr. Wecht is a medical examiner and pathologist at his core, so he spent the most time discussing the autopsy results. I don't remember if he got into too much detail about the DNA, but I remember Dr. Lee's work on this case was brought into the topic, I think when the DNA was mentioned, during the DNA discussion.

    Sorry. Until I listen to it again, I'm drawing a blank! I am going to listen to it again, as an article was mentioned I want to look up, as well. More coffee might help.... :coffee:
  17. Moab

    Moab Admin Staff Member

    This was a GREAT find you old pirate! I am proud of you and thank you so much for bringing it to the forum! Hopefully I can listen to them this evening or tomorrow.
  18. koldkase

    koldkase FFJ Senior Member

    Well, in all honesty, I have to credit Why Nut for my own little "discovery". I was looking for a specific photo and went to Why Nut's websites. Why Nut is always up on the latest web thingie and has lots of stuff stored we can access, plus LINKS to various compilations of things JBR. That's what I was searching when I found this on youtube.com.

    I just can't figure out how we MISSED IT before now! It's only the single most honest and professional discussion of this CRUCIAL case evidence...EVER.

    Good old Dr. Wecht. I'm ready to testify on his behalf. :yes:
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  19. Elle

    Elle Member

    KK, It may have been a net problem here. I just watched the first video five minutes ago. Dr. Wecht definitely thinks it was incest. You gave a good account of what he said in your post. It was a great find KK. Thank you for posting them. I shall watch the rest.

    This Dell I have is just a year old. For some reason yesterday I couldn't open a few of the videos listed, but I opened the following video on the same page: Tricia Griffith on John Mark Karr and JonBenet I did see this one of Tricia shortly after it was produced. She was very professional up there before the camera, and she sure knew what she was talking about when it came to the scenario of John Mark Carr.

    Thanks again KK for all the good research you come up with. I know something like this takes time.
  20. Elle

    Elle Member

    Three cheers for WhyNut! I must buy Dr. Wecht's book. I see he mentions in Episode 7 Part 3 that he had spoken to Steve Thomas. Of course Steve thinks bed wetting or whatever was the reason as many of us do, myself included, but maybe we are wrong(?). Dr. Wecht was right, no one took up this incest ball and ran with it. He does make you think, doesn't he?
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