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    This part of the ’98 LE interview with John Ramsey was NOT included in the package Jameson sold to the National Enquirer. I wonder if she edited it out.

    LE Q. How about Jameson?

    John A. She called me (Laughter) I mean, I’ve heard of her and I’ve heard she is a supporter. And forth. But I have never went to her website. And..she called me once in Atlanta. And..we..oh, this was maybe a month ago……..she said: “Well, I’d really like to talk to you.†And I said..well we..we didn’t want her to come to our house, because we didn’t want her to be might be hard to get rid of her....(Laughter)

    LE Q. Did she seem normal?

    John A. Mostly

    LE Q. In what regard was she not?

    John A. Well anybody that would sit on a computer for a 100 hours a day or whatever she does is…..I’m rambling..(Laughter) Sorry ….Maybe she’s..I mean..obviousl she’s obsessed with it.â€
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    John lies to Smit

    11 LOU SMIT: Do you remember either of you going
    12 to Burke's room at that time?
    13 JOHN RAMSEY: I think we did. I think I did.
    14 I remember going to his room. I don't remember if
    15 it was directly from there to his room or if I
    16 went downstairs and back up. But we checked his
    17 room pretty shortly thereafter.
    18 LOU SMIT: Was this before the police were
    19 called or after?
    20 JOHN RAMSEY: I think before or at least
    21 -- I'm not sure.
    22 LOU SMIT: When you checked --
    23 JOHN RAMSEY: Cause we called the police
    24 pretty quick.
    25 LOU SMIT: Okay. When you checked his room,
    1 what did you see and how did you --
    2 JOHN RAMSEY: I just looked in and he was
    3 in bed and he was asleep. I mean I knew he was
    4 there and he was okay.
    5 LOU SMIT: Was the light on in his room?
    6 JOHN RAMSEY: I can't remember.
    7 LOU SMIT: Was the door closed or did he leave
    8 it open? Do you remember that?
    9 JOHN RAMSEY: No, not specifically, I don't.
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    John lies to Kane

    7 MIKE KANE: Okay. You mentioned
    8 yesterday that when she was on the phone, 911
    9 call, that she was having a hard time
    10 communicating the seriousness of it or something
    11 like that, I can't remember?
    12 JOHN RAMSEY: I just remember her
    13 saying that. I mean I didn't hear the other
    14 side of the conversation, so I remember her
    15 saying, you know, she felt like it took forever
    16 to --
    17 MIKE KANE: Okay, was this after,
    18 right after she got off the phone or later on or
    19 what?
    20 JOHN RAMSEY: Later on, yeah.
    21 I don't remember.
    22 MIKE KANE: Were you listening, I
    23 mean, do you remember hearing her on the phone?
    25 JOHN RAMSEY: I remember her
    1 screaming into the phone, but I don't remember
    2 really what she was saying or anything.
    3 MIKE KANE: And you know these are
    4 recorded, 911 calls are always recorded. Have
    5 you heard the recording?
    6 JOHN RAMSEY: No.
    7 MIKE KANE: All right. Do you know
    8 whether she hung up right away, after she
    9 stopped talking?
    10 JOHN RAMSEY: I am sure she did,
    11 but I don't -- I don't remember specifically
    12 that.
    13 MIKE KANE: Do you remember what
    14 conversation you had immediately after she
    15 stopped talking on the phone?
    16 JOHN RAMSEY: No.
    17 MIKE KANE: Could anybody else have
    18 been there?
    19 JOHN RAMSEY: No.
    20 MIKE KANE: Okay.
    21 JOHN RAMSEY: Just Patsy and I.
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    YOU are good...very good. Thank you for the info you've been posting.

    FWIW-One thing can be garnered from your above post...
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    Note that John admits getting a script for Prozac from Burke's shrink.

    1 LOU SMIT: Today's date is Tuesday the
    2 23rd of June 1998. The time is right at 9 o'clock.
    3 What I'd like to have done, and there's a lot of
    4 people that aren't on the camera, and for voice
    5 identification and everything, I'd like everyone
    6 to identify themselves and I'll start with myself
    7 and we'll just go clockwise. I'm Lou Smit. I'm an
    8 investigator for the Boulder County District
    9 Attorney's office. I've been working on this case
    10 since March of 1996 -- 1997, I'm Sorry. So John?
    11 JOHN RAMSEY: John Ramsey.
    12 BRYAN MORGAN: I'm Bryan Morgan, and I'm
    13 John's Lawyer.
    14 DAVID WILLIAMS: David Williams, and I'm
    15 an investigator for Bryan Morgan.
    16 MIKE KANE: Michael Kane, and I'm Deputy
    17 District Attorney in Boulder County.
    18 LOU SMIT: Okay. First of all, as you all
    19 know, this is being audio and video recorded. And
    20 that's a -- I think a real good thing to do. The
    21 video is in black and white and we do have real
    22 good facilities for audio recording.
    23 I'd like to just start out and ask, first of all,
    24 I'm so used to calling you Mr. Ramsey. Is it okay
    25 to call you John?
    1 JOHN RAMSEY: Yes.
    2 LOU SMIT: John, at this particular time,
    3 do you have any medical problems at all that you
    4 know of?
    5 JOHN RAMSEY: No.
    6 LOU SMIT: Okay. Are you under, taking any
    7 medication?
    8 JOHN RAMSEY: Taking Prozac.
    9 LOU SMIT: Okay.
    10 JOHN RAMSEY: Twenty milligrams in the
    11 morning, ten milligrams at night.
    12 LOU SMIT: Okay. And who is the doctor?
    13 JOHN RAMSEY: Well, Dr. Sheevy, Catherine
    14 Sheevy, is who I saw in Boulder. Well I haven't
    15 seen her in a while. Steven Jaffee, Dr. Steven
    16 Jaffee in Atlanta, prescribed the Prozac for me.
    17 LOU SMIT: Okay.
    18 JOHN RAMSEY: He's actually Burke's
    19 psychiatrist.
    20 LOU SMIT: When was the last time you took
    21 a pill?
    22 JOHN RAMSEY: This morning.
    23 LOU SMIT: This morning. About what time?
    24 JOHN RAMSEY: Probably about 7:30.
    25 LOU SMIT: And what is the dosage of that?
    1 JOHN RAMSEY: 20 milligrams.
    2 LOU SMIT: And how do you actually feel,
    3 mentally, right now?
    4 JOHN RAMSEY: Well, I woke up on Eastern
    5 Time, so I feel like I've been up for a while. But
    6 I'm fine.

    It is beyond me how Smit can defend someone who lied to him.
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    I think you can be sure jameson edited the part about herself out.

    25 LOU SMIT: Okay. When you checked his room,
    1 what did you see and how did you --
    2 JOHN RAMSEY: I just looked in and he was
    3 in bed and he was asleep. I mean I knew he was
    4 there and he was okay.

    There must have been another bed in Burke's bedroom because the bed in the picture is undisturbed.
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    When we lawyered up

    The fact that Haddon's PI's were on the street the morning of 12/27/96 and Fleet White was told by Bynum that Haddon and Morgan were "handling things" at 5PM on 12/26/96 (3 3/4 hours after JonBenet's body was "found") makes this testimony a lie also.

    15 JOHN RAMSEY: Well, on the 27th, they said,
    16 (Well, we want you to come to the police station.˜
    17 We said, (We're mentally not capable.˜ Our family
    18 doctor was there. He said Patsy was in no
    19 condition to leave this house. They said, (Well,
    20 we've got to have you come to the police station.˜
    21 I said why, he said, (Well we have records there
    22 we want to pull out and look at.˜
    23 And we said, (We can't. If you come here we'll
    24 spend as much time as you want. But we physically
    25 cannot be there.˜ And that's when Mike Bynum
    1 stepped in and said, wait a minute, time out. And
    2 he was there delivering food; he's a friend of
    3 mine and he happened to be an attorney and he
    4 smelled a rat, frankly.
    5 LOU SMIT: Now this was while you were at
    6 Fernie's?
    7 JOHN RAMSEY: Um hmm.
    8 LOU SMIT: Is that the first time that you
    9 contacted the lawyer, that they contacted you?
    10 JOHN RAMSEY: He was there. He was bringing
    11 food over from Pasta Jay's, and just happened to
    12 be there when the police were trying to haul us
    13 down to the police station, and he said time out.
    14 He took me inside and he said, (John, there's some
    15 things going here. Would you allow me to do what I
    16 think is necessary?˜ and I said, (Of course.˜
    17 LOU SMIT: And what did he do, John?
    18 JOHN RAMSEY: I don't remember, but you'd
    19 have to ask him, I guess. But I suspect what he
    20 did is take the police aside and say, stop. You
    21 cannot do what you're doing to these people. And
    22 he arranged to bring Bryan in and Pat and were
    23 just kind of on autopilot there. And frankly,
    24 skeptical, why did we need to do this.
    25 But as time went on we became more and more
    1 confused of what the police trying to do. They
    2 were trying to put a square peg in a round hole,
    3 and we're the square peg. And, you know, it was an
    4 extremely frustrating time for us. It still is.
    5 Cause we know we didn't do it; there's a killer
    6 out there.
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    You know what? The more I read from what the Ramseys have said over the years, the more befuddled I become. None of what they say really makes any sense at all, and I guess that would be because they are either hiding the truth or actively lying most of the time. They are not giving real answers to most of the questions. John Ramsey was always trying to point suspicion at other people, including some of his supposedly nearest and dearest friends, just to save his own hide and the hide of his wife.

    If they had ever been on the stand, a good prosecuter could have ripped them to shreds.

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    John and OJ

    8 LOU SMIT: Why do you say (they˜ John?
    9 JOHN RAMSEY: (It.˜ I don't feel I have
    10 (INAUDIBLE). I mean, I don't know. I mean, I in my
    11 mind think that there's one person; one creature.
    12 LOU SMIT: Do you have a mental picture of
    13 this person?
    14 JOHN RAMSEY: I don't. I thought about that.
    15 Again, that's too hard to think about.
    16 LOU SMIT: Okay. And I know, John, that it
    17 really hurts to talk about this guy, but that's
    18 probably all you've thought about since day one.
    19 You must have a mental picture of the type of
    20 person this is. I mean, in your mind. I know I
    21 have a mental picture of various people that I
    22 would look at. But I'm sure you think about this
    23 all the time.
    24 JOHN RAMSEY: Oh, absolutely, everyday. You
    25 know. Of course, my first instinct is, it was a
    1 man. Because of some of the similarities,
    2 apparently in Patsy's handwriting, I wondered if
    3 it was a woman. The ransom note seemed childish,
    4 in terms of a young person. I think this person
    5 was very sick or trying to be very clever.
    6 You know, if they really wanted to do this, hurt
    7 us and walk away, why did they go to the trouble
    8 of leaving a ransom note? When Mike Bynum said,
    9 (Thank God they left a ransom note.˜ You know, why
    10 is that? And it finally dawned on me what he
    11 meant. They left us a piece of evidence. They were
    12 clever enough not to leave much else, apparently.
    13 I think it's say somebody that's very sick, thinks
    14 they're very clever, is playing games. You know,
    15 we heard about the two Bible verses, Psalms, that
    16 were circled in some book. I don't know, some
    17 book or not. I was not told that directly. We
    18 heard it through the backdoor.
    19 LOU SMIT: You didn't circle Bible passages?
    20 JOHN RAMSEY: (INAUDIBLE). They were leaving
    21 little clues to analyze this. I think entry was
    22 gained through the basement window.
    23 LOU SMIT: Why do you think that?
    24 JOHN RAMSEY: Because the window was cracked
    25 open. There was this large suitcase under it, as
    1 if it was used to climb out. That suitcase didn't
    2 belong there. I think the person was in the house,
    3 if not when we got home, shortly after. I think
    4 she was killed that night, versus in the morning.
    5 LOU SMIT: What makes you think that?
    6 JOHN RAMSEY: Well the note talked about
    7 (I'm going to call you tomorrow.˜ And we debated,
    8 it was like tomorrow tomorrow, or tomorrow today.
    9 And, of course, we hoped it was today, you know,
    10 the 26th. When I found her, she was -- her body
    11 was cooled. Her arms were stiff. And that was it.
    12 (INAUDIBLE) that morning.
    13 Yet it was ironic that we were home that night. We
    14 were leaving the next day for a second Christmas
    15 with our older children and then we were coming
    16 back from there. And we had bought and paid for
    17 tickets on the (Big Red Boat.˜ It was to be our
    18 first family cruise, first time we'd ever taken a
    19 cruise. The kids were looking forward to that. And
    20 it was just our misfortune that we were home that
    21 night, or somebody knew our schedule. I don't
    22 know.
    23 LOU SMIT: See, John, we're going to get
    24 into a lot of that, in specifics. That's why I'm
    25 glad you're bringing it up a little bit now,
    1 because it's in your mind. And later on we'll take
    2 all of those specific items and we'll kind of go
    3 over it. And then we're going to look at what was
    4 said, and then we may go over them again, because
    5 I that may prompt more questions as we go.
    6 That's why I wanted to kind of just test you
    7 recall and just see how you felt about that.
    8 There's been a lot of speculation by a lot of
    9 people that maybe you didn't know anything about
    10 the murder, but maybe Patsy did. I know that's a
    11 hard question. It's one of the hard ones I have to
    12 ask you. But what do you fell about that?
    13 JOHN RAMSEY: Monstrous. I mean, Patsy loves
    14 both her children dearly. But frankly, she and
    15 JonBenet were extremely close and Patsy fought
    16 back from Stage Four ovarian cancer, which
    17 probably, she had it five years ago, would have
    18 been fatal in a few months. She fought back to
    19 live so she could be with the children. And I knew
    20 that. And she said that later, she said that she
    21 was too young to leave those children. That kept
    22 her going and it gave her the will to fight to
    23 beat it. And she beat it.
    24 Plus she's probably the kindest, least
    25 mean-spirited person I know. There's not a mean
    1 bone in Patsy's body against anyone, let alone her
    2 children. So, it's just, I mean it's absolutely
    3 out of the question.
    4 LOU SMIT: See, John, I know these are really
    5 tough. And that's why we have to go into them,
    6 because the defense attorney is going to do all of
    7 this in spades and, not only that, but we have to
    8 know the answers to questions which people
    9 perceive. They have their own perception on a
    10 question. And it's a lot better to have it come
    11 out of your mouth, and we'll bring up these things
    12 again.
    13 And that's why, you know, Patsy's demeanor,
    14 we're going to really go into that. We need to
    15 have answers to all of that so that people don't
    16 perceive it in a different way. And, again, all of
    17 this is information that we're collecting. What
    18 better place, than from you? That's what I said
    19 since the beginning. You are our best source of
    20 information. And here we haven't been able to
    21 contact you or do that.
    22 So, what do you want to happen to the person who
    23 did this?
    24 JOHN RAMSEY: I thought about that everyday.
    25 And there's certainly the Christian side of me
    1 that says, you know, forgive others' trespasses.
    2 But what I've concluded is, that, you know, that
    3 there is forgiveness, but there is accountability.
    4 And this person must be held accountable.
    5 Now, okay, what's accountability? I've gone from,
    6 you know, hang him by the neck until dead in the
    7 public square to put a tattoo on his forehead that
    8 said, (I killed JonBenet,˜ and let him go through
    9 life that way. But that's the rage within me.
    10 Sometimes it's just is there, frankly. But, you've
    11 got to try to put in the Christian perspective as
    12 to what -- how should I really feel.
    13 Fundamentally, I would want the harshest, cruelest
    14 treatment that our society can put on an
    15 individual for doing this.
    16 LOU SMIT: Including?
    17 JOHN RAMSEY: I think, to me, the worst
    18 thing that you can do is put a tattoo on his
    19 forehead that said, (I'm a child killer,˜ and let
    20 him go out in the street. We've had to live with
    21 this for 18 months. We'll have to live with this
    22 for the rest of our lives.
    23 My family, my children, this has affected a lot of
    24 lives. Plus, JonBenet's life has been lost. She
    25 could have been a significant contributor to the
    1 world and that opportunity is gone. And whoever
    2 did this needs to suffer.
    3 LOU SMIT: You know, you mentioned religion
    4 before. I think even in our past, we briefly
    5 discussed that. Tell us a little bit about your
    6 religious beliefs? And I know this is a personal
    7 thing; I know it is personal to me. If you don't
    8 mind, just kind of --
    9 JOHN RAMSEY: Well, I mean, I as an occasional
    10 Sunday Christian, I guess, for years. My mother
    11 dragged me to church and I went regretfully and
    12 reluctantly. And what you find, I think, is that
    13 your spiritual foundation is that. It's a
    14 foundation that you fall upon periodically in your
    15 life. And it's there and it's helpful. And if it's
    16 not, you're lacking. Because you're not on all the
    17 time.
    18 So my spiritual foundation has really grown over
    19 the years. I think first, the first blocks were
    20 made by my mother who dragged me to church every
    21 Sunday. And then when I was divorced, I went back
    22 to church and that foundation was there. It was
    23 helpful.
    24 And then we lost Beth, my oldest daughter, in a
    25 car accident, my religious foundations were
    1 shaken, big time. You know, how could that happen?
    2 How could be allowed to happen? This wonderful
    3 child, this person who had so much to give; who
    4 was kind and loving. To be killed in a car
    5 accident, where is this God, this caring loving
    6 God?
    7 But I did a lot of reading, a lot of thinking and,
    8 frankly, my foundations were strengthened
    9 ultimately by that. And when we lost JonBenet, I
    10 think the foundation was there and helped
    11 immensely and was further strengthened for me.
    12 So it's been a spiritual growth. It's exactly
    13 that. It's a growing process. You're exposed to
    14 people that are ahead of you in that journey and
    15 you learn from them, and hopefully help people
    16 that are behind you on that journey. It's only on
    17 one path; I'm not there yet. But I'm glad to say
    18 that I've been growing and that's helped me deal
    19 with this a lot.
    20 LOU SMIT: You think your religious beliefs
    21 are stronger now than what they were before?
    22 JOHN RAMSEY: Absolutely. Yes, they are.
    23 LOU SMIT: what's in your prayers at night?
    24 JOHN RAMSEY: I pray that God will bring the
    25 killer to the attention of the police. That He
    1 will be remorseful and come forward and confess. I
    2 always try to be thankful for the blessings I
    3 have. I have three wonderful children that are
    4 still there and need me and support me. And try to
    5 keep that perspective. And praying about it helps.
    6 But I asked a good friend of mind, who's much
    7 further along in the spiritual journey than I am.
    8 I said, (Do I need to keep asking God to find this
    9 killer or is one request enough?˜ And he said keep
    10 knocking. So I keep knocking.
    11 LOU SMIT: Okay. That's pretty emotional.
    12 Have you put any thought into what our respective
    13 roles should be from this day forward? If you
    14 thought about that, what are your thoughts about
    15 that?
    16 JOHN RAMSEY: Well, what we want to participate
    17 in is an open, ongoing dialog with the sole
    18 objective of finding the killer. And if it means
    19 that Patsy and I come out here and rent an
    20 apartment so we're nearby, we'll do it. I mean,
    21 it's that complete of a focus on our part.
    22 What I'm anxious for is that this open dialog
    23 starts now as it should have 18 months ago. And
    24 that we work through the process that we have to
    25 work through to get where we all want to get to.
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    What a crock!

    This is why the phone records are "sealed". I'm sure they could tell a very different story! :lier: :wind:
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    Depending on when this LE interview took place in 1998, Spade (?) The Ramseys did meet Susan Bennet in Atlanta around the Spring of 1998 according to what John Ramsey is saying in his book.

    Tricia requested a few posts back that we use Jameson's proper name, Susan Bennett, so that everyone will know who Jameson really is. I think she is very smart asking this to be done, because Susan Bennett is not backward at coming forward when she's throwing Tricia Griffith's name around.

    Did John and Patsy meet Susan Bennett after this interview, or before it?

    Hope someone can help here. I have to leave.
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    These are funny ways to discuss your own children. Especially the one you have just "lost." Like she died just in her sleep or something. Lots of psychological distancing going on here. Whenever someone uses "you" instead of "I," as in when JR is talking about his religion, it's a way of distancing the self from what is being said.

    I think Lou Smit comes across as a very sympathetic reporter here, not as a detective who was questioning a suspect. Ridiculous, the kind of questions he asks JR!

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    The open window

    8 LOU SMIT: Okay. Let's back up just a little
    19 bit?
    20 JOHN RAMSEY: Okay.
    21 LOU SMIT: You said that you went through
    22 the house at another period of time?
    23 JOHN RAMSEY: Um hmm.
    24 LOU SMIT: I remember in your report. Did you
    25 ever go down to the basement?
    1 JOHN RAMSEY: Um hmm. I went.
    2 LOU SMIT: Who was with you at that time?
    3 JOHN RAMSEY: I was by myself. I was. I had
    4 gone down the basement. I went in the --
    5 LOU SMIT: You're going to have to back up a
    6 little so that the camera (INAUDIBLE)?
    7 JOHN RAMSEY: I came down the stairs. I went
    8 in this room here. This door was kind of blocked.
    9 We had a bunch of junk down here and there was a
    10 chair that was in front of the door. Some old
    11 things. I moved the chair, went into this room,
    12 went back in here. This window was open, maybe
    13 that far.
    14 LOU SMIT: Okay. You said -- or how far
    15 were
    16 you? An inch?
    17 JOHN RAMSEY: An inch, maybe, or less. It
    18 was cracked open.
    19 LOU SMIT: Which window?
    20 JOHN RAMSEY: I think it was the little one.
    21 There's three windows across here, as I recall. I
    22 think it was the middle one. It was that was
    23 broken. There was pane class broken out of it,
    24 which I attributed to breaking myself.
    25 LOU SMIT: People go into that basement?
    1 JOHN RAMSEY: But it was open and there
    2 was
    3 a suitcase under it. This hard Samsonite suitcase.
    4 LOU SMIT: Describe how the suitcase was
    5 positioned?
    6 JOHN RAMSEY: It was against the wall. I think
    7 the handle was on top. It was directly under the
    8 window, as I recall. And I closed the window, I
    9 don't know why, but I closed it. And then --
    10 LOU SMIT: When you closed it, did you lock
    11 it or close it?
    12 JOHN RAMSEY: I latched it. There's a little
    13 latch on it.
    14 LOU SMIT: And you're sure of that?
    15 JOHN RAMSEY: Pretty sure, yeah. Yeah, I am
    16 sure. I don't think I looked anywhere else. I
    17 think at that point I still was trying to figure
    18 out how they'd get in the house.
    19 LOU SMIT: Well wouldn't that trigger your
    20 (INAUDIBLE).
    21 JOHN RAMSEY: Yeah. Yeah.
    22 LOU SMIT: Did you tell anybody about that?
    23 JOHN RAMSEY: I don't really remember. I mean,
    24 part of what is going on you're in such a state of
    25 disbelief this can even happen. And the, you know,
    1 the window had been broken out. And you say hah,
    2 that's it. But it was a window that I had used to
    3 get into the house before. It was cracked and open
    4 a little bit. It wasn't terribly unusual for me.
    5 Sometimes it would get opened to let cool air in
    6 because that basement could get real hot in
    7 winter. So it was like, you know, after I thought
    8 about it, I thought it was more of an alarming
    9 situation how it struck me at the time. It was
    10 still sort of explainable to me that it could have
    11 been left open.
    12 And the suitcase was unusual. That shouldn't have
    13 been there. I took that suitcase downstairs, I
    14 remember. But I sure wouldn't have taken it all
    15 the way back there and put it against the window.
    16 LOU SMIT: Okay. Let's talk about suitcases a
    17 little bit as long as your talking about it now.
    18 It was right up against the wall?
    19 JOHN RAMSEY: Yeah.
    20 LOU SMIT: And you said you had taken that
    21 down. When did you?
    22 JOHN RAMSEY: Months before, probably, months
    23 before, two months before. It was one of these big
    24 Samsonite suitcases that, I don't know, the kids
    25 used it to bring some clothes home, the older
    1 kids. Sometimes it ended up at our house. I don't
    2 think it was our suitcase. It seemed to belong to
    3 Cindy Johnson, my ex-wife.
    4 But it was here for a while. It was up in the
    5 laundry room. I remember taking it downstairs to
    6 clean up. And I think I just kind of sat it in
    7 this room here.
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    I think when John and Patsy dubbed internet forum posters all together as beer can collectors years ago, it was their Susan Bennett encounters that inspired it.

    "13 JOHN RAMSEY: Well, Dr. Sheevy, Catherine
    14 Sheevy, is who I saw in Boulder. Well I haven't
    15 seen her in a while. Steven Jaffee, Dr. Steven
    16 Jaffee in Atlanta, prescribed the Prozac for me.
    17 LOU SMIT: Okay.
    18 JOHN RAMSEY: He's actually Burke's
    19 psychiatrist."

    Here we have Burke's shrink prescribing medication for John and, we learned, it was Dr. Boef in Boulder who was prescribing medication for Patsy. We FFJ'ers love to experiment--go ask your kid's doctor for a script for a class one drug and see what he/she says.

    What's with these doctors? It is a violation of AMA ethics rules to prescribe medications to anyone other than patients that these doctors are treating. Either John's lying, is a patient of this shrink's or the shrink could very well have his license yanked for this. If I were these docs, I'd be telling the Ramseys to shut the :(:(:(:( up! :404:
  15. Cherokee

    Cherokee FFJ Senior Member

    Years ago, when at the pediatrician for Baby's strep throat/ear infection, I knew I had it, too. I had a raging headache, sore throat, the whole nine yards. Baby had been screaming half the night and most of the morning with the pain. I was beside myself. I didn't want to drag Baby home, try to get an appointment for myself and then drag Baby BACK out. We were both miserable. Not knowing the AMA ethics rule at that time, I asked the pediatrician if he could prescribe an antibiotic for me (like he had done for Baby). He told me he couldn't. He looked at my throat and told me it looked like I definitely NEEDED an antibiotic, but he could not prescribe it for me. He could only treat baby. That's when I found out about the rule.

    I have asked the same question, Deja. How could JonBenet's pediatrician prescribe tranquilizers for Patsy, and Burke's psychiatrist prescribe antidepressants for John? If Burke's shrink was also John's, why didn't John just say, "my shrink" instead of "Burke's shrink"?

    Why are the Ramseys always able to circumvent the laws we have in this country? What made them so special? Was it just the money? Or do they seek out those who will bend the rules for them.
  16. Gaiabetsy

    Gaiabetsy Member

    Don't know, Cherokee, but I think the key is your AMA ETHICS RULE. It's probably technically not against the law for physicians to prescribe to non-patients, but ETHICALLY, it is! It never ceases to amaze me how the "rich" get special consideration...AUTOMATICALLY!!! Now, I'm not rich...not by any stretch of the imagination, but I went in a nice jewelry store to have a link taken out of my watchband. While waiting, I was approached by the owner of the store with my watch in his hand. He was gushing all over me...couldn't do enough. Someone walked in the store who turned out to be a prominent person in the town. He introduced me as if I were his new best friend and I didn't know him at all! After leaving, I talked it over with my husband and we decided it was because of my watch - a Rolex! Know what I mean? How crazy!

    Yep, when I go to my own Drs., it's sometimes hard enough to get the meds I need without jumping through the hoops of various tests, etc., so there's no way my daughter's doc would prescribe a bean to me! While that's very inconvenient sometimes, I have to say I'm happy ETHICS is observed. My brother is very close friends with a prominent surgeon and he's never asked his friend for a prescription, free drugs, or anything of the sort. If he did, I'd be really shocked if his friend would agree to comply. ;)
  17. heymom

    heymom Member

    I worked for a doctor who was also high up in one political party's structure - he would do favors for other doctors or special friends. Just But if it were a contributer to the party...yes. It happens. Yes, it's the money.

  18. Elle

    Elle Member

    Moderator please!

    Can any of the moderators help me out with this one, please? I posted a reply to Spade's #1 post relating to John Ramsey and Susan Bennet. It was post #5 but I see my post has ended up as post #11. I don't understand what's happening here (?). I thought when we posted, oiur post remained in the position at time of posting (?). Can someone explain this to me, Please, and thank you.
  19. YumYum012

    YumYum012 Member

    Elle ... I can only suggest (from my own experience) that your post takes it's place in line only AFTER you hit the 'submit' button. If others post at about the same time but hit the"SUBMIT" button before you, their post is posted before yours. I'm long-winded, and that happens to moi alll the time.

  20. sue

    sue Member

    I'm a moderator on a totally different type of board (way different subject) and that's exactly what happens.
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