From John Ramsey's '98 interview

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  1. Here's a real whopper of a lie from John...

    22 LOU SMIT: What else do you remember right
    23 at that time?
    24 JOHN RAMSEY: I just remember just talking
    25 and, (Come on baby.̃~ And I tried to untie her
    1 arms; they were tied up behind her head.
    2 LOU SMIT: Were they tied tight?
    3 JOHN RAMSEY: Yeah, very tight.
    4 LOU SMIT: They were very tight?
    5 JOHN RAMSEY: I noticed a spot in her coat,
    6 below the surface.
    7 LOU SMIT: How do you know they were tied
    8 tight?
    9 JOHN RAMSEY: Because they were -- you know,
    10 her skin was swollen around. And they were not
    11 easy to get off.
    I tried to untie them quickly and
    12 I just picked her up carried her upstairs. I was
    13 screaming. In fact, I couldn't even scream.
    14 And then I brought her upstairs into the
    15 living room and later there, at one point, tried
    16 to untie the not further, and Linda Arndt stopped
    17 me from doing it.
    18 LOU SMIT: The knot?
    19 JOHN RAMSEY: Right.
    20 LOU SMIT: Where?
    21 JOHN RAMSEY: Up on her arms. And I didn't
    22 notice the -- as I noticed the blood below the
    23 surface, but I didn't notice this core around the
    24 neck.

    What in the world is he talking about? There were no marks on her wrists or arms from being tied tightly because she WASN'T tied tightly. The cord around the one wrist slipped right off.
  2. The bit about Jams from the '98 interview at acandyrose...

    2 LOU SMIT: I got a couple of
    3 things. How about Jamison?
    4 JOHN RAMSEY: She called me. I
    5 mean I have heard of her, I heard she is a
    6 supporter and so forth, but I have never looked
    7 at her Web site. And she called me once in
    8 Atlanta, and we -- this was maybe a month or two
    9 ago, and I told her, I said I have always kind
    10 of wanted to write you and thank you for being a
    11 supporter, but I am sorry.
    12 She said well, I would like to talk
    13 to you, and I said well, hope you want her to
    14 come to our house, because we didn't want her to
    15 be there, it might be hard to (INAUDIBLE) we met
    16 her for a cup of coffee and just little things
    17 familiar with. (INAUDIBLE). That was I don't
    18 know, a month or two ago.
    19 LOU SMIT: Her name is Sue
    20 Bennett, your name is Bennett?
    21 JOHN RAMSEY: Right.
    22 LOU SMIT: Is there any
    23 relationship?
    24 JOHN RAMSEY: I don't think so, I
    25 had a cousin named, I was thinking what was her
    1 name, I haven't seen her in years and years and
    2 years, but her name was, at least her maiden
    3 name was, they call her Susie Bennett or, it was
    4 close enough to think I wonder if it could be my
    5 cousin, but it wasn't.
    6 LOU SMIT: So when you met
    7 with her there was no relationship
    8 established like cousins or --
    9 JOHN RAMSEY: No.
    I just
    10 mentioned that my middle name was Bennett,
    11 JonBenet was named after me.
    12 LOU SMIT: And you never had
    13 contact with her before personally or on
    14 the Internet or anything like that or can
    15 you --
    16 JOHN RAMSEY: No, no, I
    17 never did. She had written us a letter
    18 once, I remember a letter because it said
    19 Jamison, a/k/a Sue Bennett. That was
    20 maybe a year ago.
    21 LOU SMIT: So you have put
    22 nothing on the Internet through her name
    23 or anything like that?
    24 JOHN RAMSEY: No. She said I
    25 could if I wanted to, but that was one of the
    1 things she offered, if you want to get --
    2 LOU SMIT: Just recently?
    3 JOHN RAMSEY: Well, a month or so
    4 ago, yeah. In fact, she called the other day
    5 and along with Steven or whatever his name,
    6 Jeffrey Shapiro, so we changed our phone number.
    7 I mean she is a nice person, and --
    8 BRYAN MORGAN: I missed that, she
    9 called with Jeffrey?
    10 JOHN RAMSEY: No, they had both
    11 called. Somehow -- I was more concerned about
    12 the fact that Jeffrey Shapiro had our phone
    13 number. But we changed the number anyway so.
    14 MIKE KANE: Let me follow up on
    15 this. How did you know about her?
    16 JOHN RAMSEY: I guess I started to
    17 hear about her from friends that, Susan Stine, I
    18 don't remember, Susan checked some of that
    19 stuff, the Internet stuff. I think it just kind
    20 of started coming out that she was is a
    21 supporter. And we just started hearing about
    22 her.
    23 MIKE KANE: You said you didn't
    24 have any direct contact. How about indirect,
    25 through others?
    1 JOHN RAMSEY: No.
    2 MIKE KANE: No?
    3 JOHN RAMSEY: No. We had gotten a
    4 couple of messages from her through my brother's
    5 sister-in-law who apparently had communicated
    6 with her a few times.
    8 JOHN RAMSEY: Yeah.
    9 MIKE KANE: When you met her for
    10 coffee, where was that?
    11 JOHN RAMSEY: It was at a coffee
    12 shop in the neighborhood, Moonbeam Coffee Shop.
    13 MIKE KANE: She came down?
    14 JOHN RAMSEY: Uh-hum. She was
    15 in Atlanta with her family to go to Six Flags.

    16 MIKE KANE: Is she from that area?
    17 JOHN RAMSEY: She is from North
    18 Carolina, I think.
    19 MIKE KANE: What did she want to
    20 talk about?
    21 JOHN RAMSEY: I really don't know.
    22 I mean she seemed to be more concerned about
    23 what the tabloids were saying about us. And she
    24 said I know what they are going to attack you
    25 on, you know. You know, we don't care, I mean
    1 the tabloids are -- makes us angry, but it's
    2 not of concern to us, in terms of I mean if it
    3 had been The New York Times, I guess, if they
    4 had come out with some big story, it might be
    5 more concerning, but I think she was just --
    6 just felt genuine concern for us, and our
    7 polite.
    8 MIKE KANE: Do you know why?
    9 JOHN RAMSEY: I don't. No.
    10 MIKE KANE: Did she seem --
    11 JOHN RAMSEY: Mostly.
    13 JOHN RAMSEY: Well, anybody that
    14 could sit on a computer for a hundred hours a
    15 day or whatever she does, no way I am going to
    16 -- sorry.
    17 VOICE: Remember you still do those
    18 things.
    20 JOHN RAMSEY: I mean she obviously
    21 she is obsessed with it, but she mostly seemed
    22 pretty normal. She had a child and she home
    23 schooled, she mentioned that.

    24 MIKE KANE: Have you ever given her
    25 anything of value, besides the --
    1 JOHN RAMSEY: No. Money-wise, no.
    2 MIKE KANE: Or anything besides
    3 money that's of value?
    4 JOHN RAMSEY: No, I mean, I wanted
    5 to write her and just thank her for being one of
    6 our few supporters, and just kind of an
    7 opportunity to -- I didn't want to blow her
    8 off, you know, I just didn't feel that was
    9 appropriate.
    10 MIKE KANE: Why didn't you write
    11 her?
    12 JOHN RAMSEY: I didn't know where
    13 to write her for starters. I had a letter from
    14 her, there were hundreds and hundreds that we
    15 kept, you know. Just something I was always
    16 going to do tomorrow.
    17 LOU SMIT: I can't think of
    18 more --
    19 MIKE KANE: Okay. I don't know if
    20 this is any particular -- I tried to keep this
    21 in order, but it's now totally out of order, but
    22 I will just jump as I go through a page here.
    23 On that morning I think before last April, when
    24 you gave a statement about this, you were
    25 describing, I mean there were some disagreement

    Some very well-placed "--", "(INAUDIBLE)" and "(MULTIPLE VOICE)" tags. There's also some things that look like Jams wrote them herself... just made them up.
  3. Elle

    Elle Member

    I saw my post on the page YY long before the others appeared (?). I thought mine had vanished. Lost in the shuffle :-( How could that happen?

    Okay, okay, I have my answer. I'm a pain this morning. Up too damn early at 4:00 am. just checked the time of that post, and although I saw mine as the first post on there, my time was 19:21 and the others must have slipped into place because their time was before that. The End. I hate feeling this crabit!
    :pcguru: Is it any wonder? Some of the youtubes are not opening. :banghead:
  4. Barbara

    Barbara FFJ Senior Member

    Thanks again Spade,

    Looks like the Ramseys tried to blow off Susan Bennett but were too polite. Interesting though, that she tracked down his "brother's sister in law" and

    wouldntcha know Susan Stine's name popped up connected to Bennett
  5. Barbara

    Barbara FFJ Senior Member

    Police Files paperback page 119

    ST: Okay, And then you moved your daughter. Did Fleet accompany you into that room?

    JR: I don't remember him being there. But I remember later thinking I DIDN'T HEAR FLEET SCREAM OUT OR CALL FOR HELP OR SAY ANYTHING AT ALL, AND THAT FRANKLY SEEMED ODD, but I might have just been out of my mind, I don't know. I don't remember, I don't remember him, I mean once I went to that door....and when I took those stairs, I don't remember where Fleet was.

    Now a few minutes later on page 120

    TT: John, again I'm not sure if I got the sequence right. You talked about YOU SCREAMED OUT ALSO, AND PATSY TALKED ABOUT THAT too. Does that mean when you first went in through the door?

    JR: No, this was when I was carrying her upstairs, as I came out of the door. I JUST REMEMBER HIM (FLEET WHITE) SCREAMING.

    TT: Did he say anything, or was he just....?


    Soooo, which was it? Odd that Fleet wouldn't scream or that he ONLY remembers Fleet screaming?
    Last edited: Sep 10, 2006
  6. RiverRat

    RiverRat FFJ Sr. Member Extraordinaire (Pictured at Lef

    Whichever one makes Fleet look more suspicious? That would be John's honest :rotfl: answer.

    Personally - I'm sure that FW's jaw hit the floor when it was discovered that the empty room had a new addition since he looked in in it last....
  7. Barbara

    Barbara FFJ Senior Member

    I'm sure Fleet's jaw is permanently damaged with the amount of times it has hit the floor over the last ten years :2cents:
  8. RiverRat

    RiverRat FFJ Sr. Member Extraordinaire (Pictured at Lef

    Damaged? Maybe.......MAYBE NOT! Fleet and Prisicilla White are equally as brilliant as TeamRamSpin. Fleet knows when to pick his jaw up off the floor and take pen to hand to they scream loud and clear to all the whole world to ignore - except for us with pre-grown brains.
  9. Barbara

    Barbara FFJ Senior Member

    With any luck, his jaw will be just fine if he ever has to speak about the murder of JonBenet Ramsey :pray:

    He will be a hero, but he's already a hero. BTW, whatever happened to the rest of the Ramsey "circle"? Have they spoken out recently?

    What say they these days?
  10. RiverRat

    RiverRat FFJ Sr. Member Extraordinaire (Pictured at Lef

    "We won't cooperate until changes are made," said White. "We want an outside prosecutor."

    :deal: :gavel: :bow: :sadie:
  11. Texan

    Texan FFJ Senior Member

    body cold

    John mentions in this interview that when he found her that her body was cold and her arms were stiff. He knew she was dead. Period. He knew he should leave her there for a proper investigation. I will never believe that he still thought she was alive.
    If you didn't really know what had happened to your baby, but you thought she was still alive, you would not pick her up and risk hurting her more. You would send Fleet to get help.
  12. Spade

    Spade Member


    "John mentions in this interview that when he found her that her body was cold and her arms were stiff. He knew she was dead. Period. He knew he should leave her there for a proper investigation. I will never believe that he still thought she was alive.
    If you didn't really know what had happened to your baby, but you thought she was still alive, you would not pick her up and risk hurting her more. You would send Fleet to get help."

    Excellent point Texan!
  13. Spade

    Spade Member

    The Big Red Boat

    It is my opinion that the big Red Boat trip was the threashold event that triggered JonBenet's death. However, I am way short of factual details. PLEASE post or PM me with any information you have about reservations, etc.

    20 MIKE KANE: Yesterday in the room we had
    21 some confusion about when you were leaving. Well
    22 we know it was the 26th that you were leaving for
    23 Charlevoix. And we found out, I guess, that was a
    24 Thursday, when you were going on the Big Red Boat.
    25 Did you have an opportunity to talk about that?
    1 JOHN RAMSEY: Well we talked a little bit
    2 about it last night, because I was amazed of how
    3 poorly our memory of things like that. Patsy
    4 didn't remember it either, but it's easy to figure
    5 out, because we lot purchased the tickets through
    6 our travel agent and so forth.
    7 BRYAN MORGAN: I may be able to shorten
    8 that because I know that I have seen the
    9 reservations. So I would be glad to send you
    10 copies.
    11 MIKE KANE: Okay. That would clear that
    12 right up. Great. Where did the idea of going on
    13 the Big Red Boat, how did that come about?
    14 JOHN RAMSEY: Well, we actually that was
    15 fairly well in advance. We had never been on a
    16 cruise. Christmas is a tough time for us because I
    17 think we lost Beth in January, and we liked to
    18 kind of have things to do and planned.
    19 So we thought, that would be fun thing to do, a
    20 family thing. And we had never been on a cruise,
    21 and going to the Big Red Boat and have fun with
    22 the kids. So we just planned it and it was kind of
    23 a first. Because I'd never done something like
    24 that. And it was planned well in advance and we
    25 got a package deal and it was TWA that was going
    1 through St. Louis, or something like that. Which I
    2 was kind of nervous about, because I could see us
    3 changing planes and missing planes. But it was a
    4 cheap airfare.
    5 MIKE KANE: You would rather have flown
    6 yourself?
    7 JOHN RAMSEY: Or rather flown nonstop to
    8 Orlando or something from Denver. I just get very
    9 nervous changing planes. But yeah, it was a trip
    10 together. We had a very full, a very fun season
    11 planned out.
    12 MIKE KANE: Who made those arrangements?
    13 JOHN RAMSEY: Patsy made the reservations?
    14 MIKE KANE: Was it through the travel agent?
    15 JOHN RAMSEY: The travel agent. Actually
    16 I think I remember calling Walt Disney directly. I
    17 think I might have gotten the number out of a
    18 magazine or something. Because I think I remember
    19 joining the Disney or somebody like that directly.
    20 Because we had the option of going to Disney World
    21 for a day or two, and we no, because Patsy didn't
    22 want to. I Remember.
  14. RiverRat

    RiverRat FFJ Sr. Member Extraordinaire (Pictured at Lef

    arms; they were tied up behind her head.
    2 LOU SMIT: Were they tied tight?
    3 JOHN RAMSEY: Yeah, very tight.
    4 LOU SMIT: They were very tight?
    5 JOHN RAMSEY: I noticed a spot in her coat,
    6 below the surface.

    Soooooo, now she had a coat on too?! Maybe that is why her mommy covered her face with one as she left the murder, I wouldn't have been able to walk much less be concerned with my concealing myself.
  15. The Punisher

    The Punisher Member

    He's lying. The wrist ties were so loose they just slipped off.
  16. Freebird

    Freebird Active Member

    True dat RR,
    I know they say we don't know how we'll react to a situation until we are in it but I know for sure, no doubt about it, I would have been brought out of that house on a stretcher fully medicated into oblivion.

    Just like the scene in The deep end of the ocean, you'll reach a point of breaking down and have to be put to sleep. I know I would.
  17. Little

    Little Member

    One thing I thought stood out was how extremely tired Patsy had to have been with everything that she had to do. Here's a mention of The Big Red Boat from the NE book.

  18. icedtea4me

    icedtea4me Member

    The transcriber erroneously misheard "throat" as "coat". This needs to be amended.

    It was in early Jan '97 when Patsy was seen with a coat over her head as she left her parents' house in Marietta. I don't believe there was any media around to film Ramseys leaving their home on 12/26.

  19. tylin

    tylin Banned

    I agree and in Steve Thomas's book he stated that John carried little JonBenet upstairs--not as a father would normally carry a child. He carried her by holding her out in front of him with her arms over her head.
  20. tylin

    tylin Banned

    If I remember correctly, there was film footage of Patsy and John leaving the house on 12/26. Why_nutt has the footage at youtubes. Let me see if I can find the link. is the link.
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