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Discussion in 'Justice for JonBenet Discussion - Public Forum' started by Aurora, Mar 26, 2002.

  1. Aurora

    Aurora Member

    Do any of you think that LHP or any other authors will think twice about excerising their opinion as to who murdered JBR in future books? If RAMS sued ST , would they not ...also go after LHP... if she named a suspect?
  2. Moab

    Moab Admin Staff Member


    In a New York minute, as John would say...but we also have to remember the main reason the Ramseys sued ST, and that was because John Ramsey felt cornered on LKL, and blurted out that ST was going to find himself spending a lot of time with Team Ramsey...the case had no merit when the Ramseys filed it because they never could have proven malice, and we all knew it wouldn’t go to court…ever. They absolutely wanted to harass ST and humiliate him, but they can’t take his integrity away from him.
  3. Dunvegan

    Dunvegan Guest

    I agree with Aurora...

    ...the "chilling effect" is alive and well...blowing it's cold breath over this case from Atlanta.

    Intimidation intimidates. If allowed, bullies usually rule the school-yard, politics, and the headlines.
  4. Freebird

    Freebird Active Member

    Anyone who wanted to write a book could just send the Rams a check for a couple hundred bucks........skip the lawyers and settle before the book hits the stands.

    I think it's obvious the Rams want royalities from the books......After all she was their daughter and if they hadn't of killed her then noone would be able to write about it.

    It's only fair that Patsy gets some credit for starting this,her 2nd basement business..........you know John got all the glory for the last one.
  5. Tricia

    Tricia Administrator Staff Member

    Freebird I never thought of that. You know I want credit for things I do. After all if Patsy hadn't murdered JonBenet, wrote the war and peace of ransom notes, then threw her friends like Fleet White, Pricilla White, LHP, Mervin, The Barnhills, Chris Wolfe, Santa Bill, among others under the bus, then tried to blame it on the one legged dna-less hair-less circus monkey pervert who liked to hide in people's houses where would all these book writers be??


    Of course JonBenet would still be alive.

    The words have not been written to describe my disgust for the Ramseys.
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  6. JR

    JR FFJ Senior Member

    New Books

    The next book I want to read in the Ramsey case will be entitled something such as <u>Justice Has Been Served for JonBenét Ramsey</u> Y'All can imagine the book cover any way you want to as long as the perp's picture is on the front but behind bars.
  7. fly

    fly Member


    I can't imagine LHP's supposed book will ever see the light of day, mostly because she has about 75 pages, tops, of material, rather than because of any fear of a libel suit.

    Sure, proof that somebody will actually sue makes people think twice - or at least be very careful in what they write.

    Let's not forget that the lawsuits, justified or not, have been filed from both sides, not just "the dark side." Shall we moan about the Ramsey's being subjected to lawsuits related to statements they have made? The claims (false or very misleading info regarding the plaintiff) are rather similar in all cases. Everybody doing the suing thinks they've been wronged/wants their pound of flesh/wants to punish or freeze, etc. and think they are right and justified, and apparently are able to find lawyers willing to make that argument.
  8. LurkerXIV

    LurkerXIV Moderator

    Not everyone is intimidated

    by Patsy Ramsey and Lin Woodless. Tom Miller is going full speed ahead with his book, which will be finished very soon. It will have much interesting information, not previously revealed, and will punch even more holes in the Pats 'n John Swiss Cheese tale of what happened on that fateful day in December of 1996.

    Good luck, Tom! Can't wait to read your book. It will send the RST into a tizzy!
  9. Tez

    Tez Member

    I agree Lurker!

    Also, I would not be surprised to see a book from John Eller either. I think that he will probably write one about the case and about how corrupt the Boulder County DAs office is. I don't agree with the way he handled the JBR case, but some of the things he might have to say could shed some light on things. I feel if he would have been more open to the FBI coming in on the investigation things would have never gotten this far. And FAT CAT and RATSY would be in jail right now.

    I also would not be shocked if Linda Arndt wrote a book. I am sure it would be spin for the Rammers, but you just never know.

    Good Luck with the book Tom!

  10. Pope

    Pope New Member

    New Book

    Has anyone ordered the new book that has just been
    published regarding the forensic language in the Ramsey
    ransom note? I was at Borders and just ordered it. You can
    also get the book on line at amazon.com.

    Advances in Forensic Stylistics
    by Gerald R. McMenamin
    ISBN 0849309662

    From what I have been able to learn about the book
    it is Pro-Ram in that the author does not believe Patsy
    wrote the ransom note.

    When I get the book I will report on it. Also because of the cost
    I would be happy to ship to Dun so she can send it to
    someone else on the forum who might be interested
    in reading it when I am finished with it.
  11. AK

    AK Member

    Thanks, Pope

    Really appreciate your buying that book and keeping us informed.
    I've heard of McMenamin but he's not in the same linguistics stratosphere as Foster. Fresno State is quite different from Vasser. Maybe he's bucking for the job as the Ramseys' expert, which I can't blame him for. Every defendant needs the best team possible.

    Here's an article on him -- I couldn't get it to open, but maybe you'll have better luck.

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