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Discussion in 'Justice for JonBenet Discussion - Public Forum' started by Tricia, May 29, 2004.

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    Right Tricia

    Ramsey sure had all his papers in order when he ran around extorting money out of television stations and book publishers--so now I want to know exactly what he's been doing to help victims of predators. I think he's a liar and a fraud.

    This guy has to be insane to be exposing himself to public scrutiny this way. I think his extortion suits have gotten him a bit cocky.
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    Bumping up to call attention to this letter from yesterday:

    Writer correct to question John Ramsey - Letter to the Editor

    To the Editor:

    I wish to thank you and your writer Laurie Lounsbury for the good article entitled "Caller Questions Ramseys on JonBenet Foundation." It just so happens that I know that caller as she is the owner of the Web site Her question seemed to unnerve John Ramsey a bit that night on Larry King Live. He didn't really answer it but did his usual thing of going off somewhere else. Yes, I've been following the murder of JonBenet for all of these seven years since it happened and I wish for nothing more than that her killer or killers be brought to justice.

    Laurie Lounsbury quoted Tricia Griffiths exactly which was excellent. I thank her for even writing the article or catching the whole thing in the first place. I sincerely hope that the voters in Michigan get a good and honest look at what John Ramsey has done or is doing. He has said many things but never followed through on most of them. Just read their book "Death of Innocence." What a sham. This foundation is a joke and the "check' that Patsy talks about was sent way after the program and not before. It was a cheap shot on their part. Folks should know about that, too.
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    JonBenet Ramsey Children's Foundation

    I have updated a web page to include as much documentation as many of you and others have contributed along with what I have search in my files for on the JonBenet Ramsey Children's Foundation so we will have it all in one place for future references.

    If anybody has additional documentation, just let me know and I will add it to the site.

    Why_nut, I would like to include your link for your videos if that is okay with you of the LKL segment. Also I recall that you had the 1998 full set of tax forms at one time. I only have the first page. Is there a way I could get the other pages for 1998?

    Tricia, I got the telephone call from your dog again at 7:20pm tonight. Unfortunately I was online and unavailable to answer since all he was doing was snorting and breathing (or was that you?) so please let him know I was thinking about him and that he could call back again at his convenience, of course. :)
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    Need help Why_Nut :)

    Why_Nut, I need your help to locate a full news article that you posted a "partial of" back on the Justice Watch Forum in November 1998.

    I have been looking for this article ever since I read the Atlanta 2000 interviews where Michael Kane was telling Lin Wood he had a news article whereas the Ramsey had provided an address where folks could mail in contributions to the JonBenet Ramsey Children's Fund. John Ramsey claimed the fund wasn't public and that they had not been asking for donations. WRONG. Kane said in the Atlanta 2000 interviews that it was in the Denver Post so that is where I had been searching but this article was in the Rocky Mountain News.

    I finally found a reference to that news article but I would like to have the full article. You originally located it in the Nexis database.

    Here is what you posted below. Do you have the full article?

    28. "JonBenet Foundation"
    Posted by WhyNut on 11:56:36 11/09/98
    Include Original
    Message on Reply

    Copyright 1997 Denver Publishing Company
    Denver Rocky Mountain News
    February 6, 1997
    Ramseys give address for fund contributions

    JonBenet Ramsey's family Wednesday announced the address to mail contributions for a children's advocacy group founded in the memory of their slain daughter.

    Donations may be sent to: The JonBenet Ramsey Children's Foundation, c / o the Colorado Business Bank of Boulder, 1900 15th St., Boulder 80302.

    In addition to adminstering a $ 100,000 reward for information leading to an arrest, money will be used for protecting against ''the victimization of children.''

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    From the Atlanta 2000 Interview

    This is where John Ramsey claims they never asked for donations from the public for the JonBenet Ramsey Children's Foundation.

    9 Q. You put out a press release that
    10 gave an address for contributions to be made
    11 to the foundation.
    12 A. I don't remember ever asking for
    13 contributions.

    2140 The Equitable Building, Atlanta Georgia
    August 29, 2000


    17 Q. (By Mr. Kane) Mr. Ramsey, at the
    18 present time, how much money is in the
    19 JonBenet Ramsey Foundation?
    20 A. I believe that is public record,
    21 but I think there is about $7,000 in there.
    22 Q. What is the highest balance that
    23 you know of that it has been?
    24 A. I don't know.
    25 Q. Have you done any fundraisers to


    1 fund it?
    2 A. No. It wasn't our intention to
    3 raise public money. I set up a foundation
    4 for my other daughter, which still exists, by
    5 the way. We were desperate to honor our
    6 daughter in some way, and that was our
    7 attempt to do it, and why we have been
    8 criticized for that, I don't know.
    9 Q. You put out a press release that
    10 gave an address for contributions to be made
    11 to the foundation.
    12 A. I don't remember ever asking for
    13 contributions.
    14 MR. WOOD: Do you have a copy of
    15 the press release?
    16 MR. KANE: Yes. As a matter of
    17 fact, I do.
    18 MR. WOOD: Why don't you let him
    19 see it.
    20 THE WITNESS: I would like to see
    21 it.
    22 MR. KANE: I have what the Denver
    23 Post has published as coming from your press
    24 release.
    25 MR. LEVIN: While he gets booted


    1 up on that just so that we don't waste time,
    2 how about if I ask him questions on another
    3 matter? Does that work for you procedurally?
    4 MR. WOOD: Sure.
    5 THE WITNESS: Can I respond to
    6 that though?
    7 MR. WOOD: Go ahead, John.
    8 THE WITNESS: I am offended, and
    9 I have been offended. I have been offended
    10 that you investigated that foundation during
    11 the grand jury. I have a mind to disband
    12 it and treat it just as a private -- we
    13 want to honor our daughter, and we have
    14 received nothing but grief from you folks,
    15 from the media over that attempt, and I am
    16 baffled by that.
    17 Q. (By Mr. Kane) I'll get it, but
    18 I want to follow up on that, you made an
    19 application for it to be a 503(C) charitable
    20 foundation, haven't you?
    21 A. Yes.
    22 MR. WOOD: I think it actually
    23 has been so designated.
    24 MR. KANE: Has it been? That
    25 was what I was going to ask you.


    1 THE WITNESS: Yes.
    2 MR. WOOD: There was a mistake in
    3 the book jacket cover that indicated an
    4 application had been made. An application
    5 for tax exempt status has been submitted, and
    6 I remember someone called it to the attention
    7 of the publisher that, in fact, it had been
    8 granted. I don't sit here and represent
    9 that I have seen it, but I do know that
    10 information.
    11 Q. (By Mr. Kane) Has any, to your
    12 knowledge, any of the money that ever has
    13 been in that foundation ever been given to
    14 any charitable --
    15 A. Yeah.
    16 Q. -- or social --
    17 A. Not to the level we would have
    18 hoped. I mean, our original plan was that we
    19 were going to sue the hell out of the
    20 tabloids and donate it all to the foundation
    21 and do some very significant things. That
    22 has been a tough process.
    23 So we have not been able to do
    24 with it what we hoped, but I hope some day
    25 we can.


    1 Q. You did get money from the
    2 public, though, that came in?
    3 A. Very, very little. I got -- the
    4 most significant donations I got were from
    5 two friends. One was the president of
    6 Lockheed-Martin, sent $1,000, and my boss
    7 sent $1,000. We probably received a few
    8 very small checks.


    16 MR. WOOD: Did we ever find it?
    17 MR. KANE: No. I can't put my
    18 finger on it. I will send it to you.
    19 THE WITNESS: Well, we have
    20 never, knowingly to me, ever solicited any
    21 funds from the public.
    22 It was not the intent and is not
    23 the intent. In fact, we may even not accept
    24 funds from the public because of the
    25 innuendoes that seem to be cast upon that.


    1 MR. WOOD: So that we are clear,
    2 too, and Mr. Kane, you do not have this
    3 alleged --
    4 MR. KANE: I have --
    5 MR. WOOD: Excuse me, let me
    6 finish.
    7 MR. KANE: Okay.
    8 MR. WOOD: You do not have as
    9 you represented or at least thought, you do
    10 not have here today this public relations ad
    11 or whatever you called it claiming that John
    12 and Patsy were soliciting public funds? You
    13 said you would look for it, and send it to
    14 me.
    15 MR. KANE: Yes. It is on my
    16 computer somewhere, and I can't find it.

  7. BobC

    BobC Poster of the EON - Fabulous Inimitable Transcript

    If we want this stuff to be effective, we need to simply each point with just a sentence or two. You know, like saying:

    Q. Was John Ramsey asking for money for the Jonbenet Ramsey Foundation?

    A. No.(use a sentence directly from the below transcript where he says no, with a footnote as to what official transcript it came from)

    Then, ask the same question again, answer yes, with another direct quote from him asking for money, and footnote it.

    And so on. We need to simply this stuff because people will not want to read tons of information. Little soundbites are better--they catch and keep peoples' attention. We should make a list like this and send it out to media people, and Ramsey's supports and enemies. Don't distort anything, don't put any spin on it, just let John Ramsey's own rope of lies hang him. This guy has more than enough evil in his background and has no business running for public office.

    We should have a list of questions--for instance:

    Q: Have John and Patsy Ramsey been cleared in their daughter's murder?

    A. " (quote from Keenan here where she says they haven't)"

    " (quote from Beckner about umbrella of suspicion)"

    "(quote from Beckner from deposition saying J and P were the only real suspects at this point)"

    See what I mean? We need to make this information easy to swallow. This would be an awesome project for forum members who have time to work on it. Keep the questions simple and direct.

    Q: Did the Ramseys try to implicate their closest friends in their daughters' murder?

    A: "(quotes from them trying to finger the Whites and LHP, ect)"

    And so on
  8. ACandyRose

    ACandyRose Super Moderator


    Good idea BobC !

    Can you have that on my desk first thing Monday morning? :hiya:

    Kidding aside, it's a good idea and another good link for Tricia's " site".

    In my opinion (and I am allowed to have an opinion), the Ramseys will play the "blame game" because, besides rallying on playing jokes on others, the "blame game" is the best game they play.

    The main reason, in my opinion, that John Ramsey should not be running for any public office anywhere is that he doesn't take responsibility for anything himself. He acts like he is CEO of the world and he lets others suggest or volunteer the actions and then when things don't turn out right he pulls the blame game of "it's not my fault."

    John Ramsey's idea of "stepping up to the plate" is to jump on a platform that was created as the result of the murder of his daughter. He can't even create his own platform because if he did then that would require being responsible for his own actions, then he would have nobody to blame.

    Blame Game Examples:

    John Ramsey didn't hire any lawyers. Mike Bynon did that.
    John Ramsey didn't hire a public relations people. His lawyers that he didn't even hire did that.
    John Ramsey didn't put wrong information on his web site. His lawyers that he didn't hire did that.
    John Ramsey didn't end his friendship with Fleet White. BPD and Susan Stine did that.
    John Ramsey didn't make the decision to go on CNN. Fleet White did that.
    John Ramsey didn't set up the JBR Foundation. Mike Bynon did that.
    John Ramsey didn't say profits from HIS sale of the house would go to the JBR Foundation. Mike Bynon said that about the house resale.
    John Ramsey didn't put the wrong tip number in his book. The publishers did that.
    John Ramsey didn't ditch his two year affair from his first marriage. Patsy did that.
    John Ramsey didn't run around on his first wife. The marriage had problems anyway.
    John Ramsey didn't throw snowballs at the media. His sales team that he was paying did that.
    John Ramsey didn't harass Tony Frosts wife. A friend "who shall remain nameless" did that.

    John Ramsey didn't write a book for profit. He needed the money to pay the lawyers he didn't even hire.

    John Ramsey didn't write a book for profit. And this is exactly why none of the money will ever see the Foundation. The Ramsey said "IF THERE WERE ANY PROFITS" that money would go to the JonBenet Ramsey Foundation.


    I could think of some more but I have to go let the dog out and I don't want him to blame me for him pi$$ing on the floor !

  9. Why_Nut

    Why_Nut FFJ Senior Member

    Feel free to include the video link. As so many people know, tone of voice, body language, and the eagerness with which a person jumps into a conversation are all things which a simple text transcript cannot convey, and since the tools to make the transcripts come alive have become so easy to use, we all might as well benefit from them.

    I will look for the 1998 Foundation tax forms. I also have some supplementary material you might include. When the Ramseys were filing their appeal to the IRS, asking to be granted tax-exempt status, they had to submit many pages of bylaws and articles of incorporation. I have that material, also, and will put up links you can get the files from.

    This, for example, was part of the package I got from the IRS. Apparently, it was meant as a letter introducing potential donors to the Foundation. Why such a letter exists, when John and Patsy have claimed they never intended to solicit donations from the public, is unclear. It cannot have been meant to convince the IRS to give them foundation status, because at no point does the IRS need a foundation to make up such a sacharine fake quote as "Making Daydreams Come True."
  10. ACandyRose

    ACandyRose Super Moderator

    Agree :)


    Thanks, I appreciate anything you are willing to share.

    I agree 100% on that body language statement. I don't have cable so I didn't get to see the LKL show so I would have missed that had you not captured that section of the video so thank you for that. :)

    By the way I tried to get a screen capture from your short LKL video and for some strange reason I couldn't do it from the media player. If you have time and can do that, could you be so kind as to include one screen capture of John and Patsy from that short video section when you put up the links for the other stuff?

    Hmm, that .gif link you provided sure does appear to be a letter introducing potential donors to the Foundation. I noticed it shows 9/97 at the bottom right corner of the letter which I would take as September 1997.

    And what a strange slogan, "Making Daydreams Come True." Daydreams?

  11. LurkerXIV

    LurkerXIV Moderator

    Thanks, ACR and all,

    For this very revealing thread. I see there have been over a thousand hits already! Let's hope that a substantial number of them are voters in Michigan's 105th disrict.
  12. Watching You

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    Where is the link to that LKL video? I've looked and looked, and I can't find it. Halp me, Why_Nut.
  13. Why_Nut

    Why_Nut FFJ Senior Member

  14. Watching You

    Watching You Superior Bee Admin

    Thank you, Why_Nut.

    Holy cow, this is the first time I've seen this, since I don't get LKL.

    First, Tricia, you are awesome.

    Second, Patty looks like she is constipated.

    Third, JR needs a hearing aid - I certainly had no problem hearing Tricia's second question.

    Fourth, dodgeball correctly sums it up.

    Fifth, I think JR looks like he's constipated, too, especially when Patsy started talking.
  15. Tricia

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    I haven't watched that since the night it aired.

    It really annoys me that he claimed he did not hear the second part of the question. B :bsflag:

    I am hoping someone will bring up the judges decision at one of his campaign stops.

    The Ramseys need to be called on this lie. They are using this judge's decision to say they are cleared when in reality it's a bunch of B.S.

    The judge's decision, saying an intruder killed JBR, MEANS NOTHING.

    If we have any Michigan people reading this thread please read the special forum we have set up explaining the judges decision.

    Don't all of you find it so frustrating. We have the answers. We have the proof the Ramseys lie. Yet they are like the Teflon criminals. Just go along with their lives. Leaving a trail of devastation where ever they go.

  16. Why_Nut

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    I have made the offer elsewhere, and shall make it here, too: I have many of the Ramsey appearances on tape, as well as most of the documentaries (even the ones which exist in multiple versions, like the British and American versions of the first Tracey show), and am in the process of turning them all into playable files just like this one. If you have any particular request for a snippet, please let me know and I will see what I can do.
  17. Tricia

    Tricia Administrator Staff Member

    Why Nut whatever you have available, and you are willing to put up, let's make a special forum here at FFJ for all of the clips you have.

    It seems like an awful lot of work on your part but if you want to do it consider FFJ your home base. We would love it.

    We can put the link in our press releases so everyone can see the Ramseys in action.

    Let me know you need anything from me. I would be glad to help you any way I can.

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