Georgetown Sheriff John Maspero in a heap 'o trouble.

Discussion in 'The Search for Rachel Cooke' started by Tricia, Oct 18, 2003.

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    New evidence to be used against Maspero in removal hearing

    06:38 PM CST on Friday, November 21, 2003
    By Amanda Lawson / KVUE News

    Williamson County Sheriff John Maspero testified in his own defense Friday in an effort to keep his job.

    A hearing began in which a judge will decide if Maspero will keep his job or be forced to temporarily step down - pending the outcome of a trial.

    Friday morning Sheriff Maspero was called to the stand to explain just how intoxicated he was on the night in question.

    While not giving a clear answer, Maspero did admit he was drinking margaritas on the night in question.

    When he was asked to describe his intoxication level with a number betwenn one and ten, Maspero said he was unable to do so.

    Friday morning another videotape was submitted into evidence that the county attorney says shows Maspero leaving a Round Rock restaurant intoxicated.

    Mounds of witness statements were be presented as evidence as well. They contain allegations of drinking on the job, sexual harassment other instances of urinating in public.

    The judge will hear more witnesses and make a decision on Monday.

    It will ultimately be up to a jury to decide if Maspero will permanently keep his job.

    A trial date has been set for Jan. 12.

    On Thursday, KVUE News obtained some new evidence that will be used against the sheriff.

    The evidence is a recently recorded phone conversation between Maspero and acting sheriff Richard Elliott. Taylor alleged Maspero threatened to fire employees who didn't publicly support him.

    The county attorney's office will also present a home video taken in April of what it says was an all-day drinking binge at the Terra Vista Country Club and continued throughout the evening at a local restaurant.

    According to Taylor's lawsuit, the sheriff was "seen having trouble walking in the parking lot."

    After the initial allegations arose, Maspero entered an alcohol treatment center. He could not be reached for comment on this story but is required to be in court today to answer Taylor's accusations.
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    Re: New evidence to be used against Maspero in removal hearing

    Public official + public drunkenness + "dry" county

    Want to take a WAG at the verdict?

    Some of the other charges concern me far more however and Maspero needs to take responsibility for <b>all</b> of his actions (and non-actions.)
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    Reader's Digest

    Not exactly the right thread, I suppose, but it's here, so I'll use it

    December's issue of the Reader's Digest has an excellent story about Kristen Modafferi, a young woman who disappeared on June 23, 1997, "Without a Trace," the name of the article. If Kristen had disappeared 23 days earlier than she did, she would have been treated as a minor and things may have been different for her family. The article talks about Kristen's Law, "which provided $1.8 million to the Phoenix-based Center for Missing Adults, which, among other things, is putting together a national registry of missing adults that will serve as a central repository of information accessible to the public, advocacy groups and law enforcement" (p. 94, Matt Birkbeck story).

    Kristen's family felt the same frustration with the apathy of law enforcement toward missing young adults that RC and his family have felt since Rachel disappeared "without a trace."

    It's a story well worth reading and it brings further understanding of what RC has been through.
  4. RC

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    Bob and Debbie Modaferri worked hard to get the law passed to have a missing adult database funded. It's still sad that it's less than 1/5 of what is given to the NCMEC. Of course these are both peanuts compared to what we are spending in Iraq.
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    more on ex-sheriff maspero

    Maspero testifies in lawsuit to remove him from office
    Williamson County sheriff responds to witness statements

    By Sarah Coppola


    Saturday, November 22, 2003

    GEORGETOWN -- Williamson County Sheriff John Maspero testified at a hearing Friday that he either couldn't recall being drunk in public or couldn't recall how many drinks he'd had in the dozen occasions in which witnesses reported him being intoxicated since taking office.

    However, Maspero acknowledged drinking to excess on occasion, and said that some of the incidents were true "with mitigating circumstances," but that others were not true.

    The hearing was to determine whether Maspero should temporarily be removed from office before a jury decides whether he's fit to serve out his elected term. Testimony in the lawsuit will resume Monday before visiting District Judge James Clawson from Bell County.

    The lawsuit is the result of a three-week investigation launched by County Attorney Gene Taylor that found that Maspero was drunk in public 12 times in the past three years. Maspero, 59, will complete a five-week alcohol treatment program next week and plans to return to the department Dec. 1. Chief Deputy Richard Elliott has been running the department in his absence.

    In court Friday, Taylor argued that the sheriff should be removed immediately because his conduct has ruined the county's image and the morale of his deputies, some of whom fear reprisals. Maspero's lawyer, Ed Walsh, said it's not necessary to remove Maspero because the facts will show Taylor has exaggerated the allegations of misconduct.

    Taylor said that more than 90 of the sheriff's department employees signed a petition this week asking Maspero to step down. Officer Kelli Bomer testified that the sheriff's conduct has brought shame and embarrassment to the department.
  6. RC

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    Maspero is out

    Sheriff John Maspero suspended
    Updated: 11/24/2003 9:33 PM
    By: News 8 Austin Staff

    Visiting Williamson County Judge James Clawson wasted no time in suspending Sheriff John Maspero. The sheriff's chief deputy, Richard Elliott, is now in charge.

    Acting Sheriff Richard Elliott testified Monday department morale was low. Maspero will now have to wait for a civil trial in hopes of getting his job back.

    After a two-day hearing, the reigns of the Williamson County Sheriff's Office went to Elliott. Clawson issued Maspero a restraining order. He can no longer contact anyone in the sheriff's department.

    County Attorney Eugene Taylor wants to remove Maspero from office permanently, saying the sheriff was intoxicated in public numerous times.
  7. Tricia

    Tricia Administrator Staff Member

    Finally this jerk is gone. I doubt if he will be able to get his job back.

    RC what happens now? A new election or does the temp. sheriff stay in until election time rolls around.

    I guess I can unload all my "Sheriff John Maspero" domain names.LOL.

    I hope Maspero gets some help.

    More so I hope the new Sheriff will do the right thing by Rachel.
  8. "J_R"

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    Doubt Maspero knows how to use the Net or you could sell them to him to use for his campaign since he swears he is re-running but I would hang onto them for now Tricia. Unfortunately, this kind of person thinks they can pick up and move to another county or LE agency and their history won't follow them. The problem is, they don't change their behavior so their history catches up with them eventually.

    Maspero doesn't realize it but is his career in LE is over. The publicity he's made for himself on this along with the ability to check news articles on the Net will stop any future attempts to hide his behavior in this county.
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    Williamson County Sheriff Suspended

    Nov 25, 2003 8:05 pm US/Central

    A judge has suspended Williamson County Sheriff John Maspero in the wake of a lawsuit accusing him of public drunkenness and sexual harassment. Under the terms of the suspension order from visiting state Judge James Clawson, Maspero will continue to be paid pending trial. <b>Maspero recently completed a rehab program for alcohol and says he'll seek re-election.</b> Chief Deputy Richard Elliot will serve as Maspero's interim replacement. The decision by visiting state District Judge James Clawson comes two days after he heard testimony from sheriff's employees including high-ranking deputies. All testified that the department would suffer if Maspero remained on the job under the lawsuit's shadow. County Attorney Gene Taylor filed the lawsuit seeking to remove Maspero from office. According to the terms of his suspension, <b>Maspero will continue to be paid by the county until his trial.</b> (emphasis mine)

    If any other citizen in this county had done the things the sheriff has done, they would have been arrested and done jail time, yet he not only gets a walk on his crimes, he gets paid for not being at work now - not that he was actually working before from the testimony coming out.

    Maspero needs to step down and walk away and not put this county through any more embarrassment than he already has. To run for re-election would only split the Republican party though I doubt he will get any votes other than his own. JMH&CPO.
  10. RC

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    Time to meet

    The interim sheriff will stay in office until Jan. 2005 if Mastero is kicked out for good in Jan. 2004. The election is in Nov. 2004.

    I plan to meet with Sheirff Elliott to discuss a number of issues I have.
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    Williamson County Gets New Sheriff

    There's a new sheriff in town, and it's official. Williamson County Sheriff Jim Wilson was sworn into office this morning and even though Wilson can now officially begin his job, that in no way means the controversy has ended.

    Reorganization comes at the expense of these recently fired sheriff's department employees.

    Joining them outside -- Former Sheriff John Maspero -- ousted from office after an incident that led him to an alcohol rehabilitation program and started what's turning into a nasty race for sheriff.

    Candidate Keith Kinnard wants to make a speech, but sheriff's deputies have to make sure he's 100 feet out from the courthouse, where early voting is taking place -- and where they happen to be swearing in Jim Wilson. It doesn't stop there -- upstairs Wilson supporters are told they can't wear their "Friends of Jim" stickers.

    But Wilson says he was within the limits of the law.

    Most of the sheriff's deputies who still have a job simply want to get back to doing it and put the politics behind them.

    In addition to Jim Wilson and Keith Kinnard, Rick Faught, Howell Williams and James Wilson are also running in the Republican primary for sheriff. No Democrats filed to run.
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    Re: Williamson County Gets New Sheriff

    Rumor has it that Maspero was off the wagon this morning - unfortunately. Kind of early in the day but we can hope it's just simply a rumor.
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    New Sheriff Sparks Controversy

    New Sheriff Sparks Controversy

    Jan 9, 2004 3:01 pm US/Central
    The new sheriff in Williamson County is causing protest and pandemonium in Georgetown.

    Even before he was sworn into office Friday, Interim Sheriff Jim Wilson cleaned house, leaving close to two-dozen law officers, some with longtime service to the county, jobless.

    The embattled sheriff, who was forced to step down, says his temporary replacement is dividing the community.

    “This man has taken what was acknowledged as one of the best police agencies in state of Texas and totally demolished it. This has been a disaster for the citizens of Williamson County,†says former Sheriff John Maspero.

    Protestors gather outside the Williamson County Courthouse as Jim Wilson is sworn in as sheriff.(KVUE)
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  15. Voyager

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    Is there any way that RC could sue the county for the ineffective police/sheriff representation during the investigation of Rachel's abduction and get current funding to beef up current investigation into her case, ei. dragging the lake that was never done and other elements of this investigation that were declared unaffordable but which we all know might have assisted in the solving of this crime?.....

    I do hope that RC has approached his attorney to determine if any of this legal maneorvering is possible....I think that Rachel's friends and family must insist that even at this late date, that correct proceedures and investigation be completed which were left undone by an incompetant and drunken sheriff/investigator for your county....This was never a realistic investigation, and we know that Rachel deserved, as an innocent and decent citizen of your county, a REAL investigation into her disappearance.....Nothing worthy of her has ever been completed in the investigation of the disappearance of a wonderful young woman at the threshold of her life.....

    I hope that RC, Janet and all of their friends and family will support a lawsuit against the county in hopes of finally initiating an investigation of the quality that Rachel deserves....

    All fortune and blessings be given to Rachel and to her family in this case,
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