Heads Up! Burke interviewed by Police!

Discussion in 'Justice for JonBenet Discussion - Public Forum' started by BobC, Sep 22, 2010.

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    It is very significant and gives weight to the theory that JBR was assaulted in the bathroom and then placed in the bed for at least a while. Maybe this is one reason why ST theorized about the bathroom assault?
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    Yeah, now THERE'S a thought!! Bet you are right about that.
  3. AMES

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  4. RiverRat

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    Jussssssssst Great...

    Thanks, Ames! We still have no clue WHO to believe! LOL! Excluding ourselves, that is...but if any of you are starving for activity as I have been, this is our moment to do what we do best! Ask Professor Tracey (for 1) for our References :)

    BobC is correct in saying that the leaks should remain plugged right now...it sure would be nice though of Colorado enacted The SunShine Law as we have in Florida...Casey A would receive an B+ from Patsy if she were still here...IMO...but for as long as this group had fought for JFJBR, I believe that we also deserve answers/confirmation that our efforts to ensure that Justice is delivered to the Murdered that has kidnapped only our heart & souls - I am Proud to Bee one of you honorable people that know the difference between Right & Wrong that can't let a little girl's murder go without Question.

    JFJBR -
    RR 2010
  5. fr brown

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    Interesting analysis. Sometimes it's good to read someone's words without the distraction of the visual.

    "CABELL: Mrs. Ramsey -- you found the note. Was it a handwritten note, three pages?

    RAMSEY, P: I didn't -- I couldn't read the whole thing I -- I just gotten up. We were on our -- it was the day after Christmas, and we were going to go visiting, and it was quite early in the morning, and I had got dressed and was on my way to the kitchen to make some coffee, and we have a back staircase from the bedroom areas, and I always come down that staircase, and I am usually the first one down."

    Apart from the fact that she doesn't actually say that she came down the staircase that morning, only that she typically does, why does she feel the need to tell us that she got dressed? She would've found the note even if she'd been in her pajamas. And she doesn't fully answer the reporter's question because she's so busy explaining why she walked down a staircase in her own house.

    John said that having read the note he was out of his mind and ran through the house "a bit." As the analyst notes, wouldn't you have a pretty good look around? Inside and outside the house? Instead he takes a cursory look around at best and goes upstairs and puts on pants and a shirt.

    Re: police talking to Burke. I'm wondering if a friend of Burke's reported something Burke said. I know I really had a lot of stuff to get off my chest about my family when I was his age.
  6. AMES

    AMES Member

    Yes, John spent a whopping 30 sec. outside looking for clues. Very good point that Patsy skirted around the question that was actually being asked, and went on and on about it being Christmas, and her getting dressed. I am sorry, but, if my child had of been kidnapped...and a RN was left...and it was REAL....I would have read the whole thing!!! Geez...the RN may have held clues.
  7. RiverRat

    RiverRat FFJ Sr. Member Extraordinaire (Pictured at Lef

    Just thinking outloud...

    April 3, 2001
    The National Enquirer - Ramseys change their story about murder night
    By David Wright & Don Gentile

    "John and Patsy Ramsey have changed the story they told cops about their daughter JonBenet's murder -- they now admit their son Burke was awake during that Christmas 1996 nightmare!

    In an exclusive ENQUIRER interview, the nation's most infamous murder suspects say Burke was jolted awake by screams in their Boulder, Colo. home.

    "Burke knew something horrible had happened. He heard us screaming. He heard Patsy ...a woman in terror," John confessed. "We thought he was asleep but he wasn't. Burke was awake.

    "Burke was frightened. He had tears in his eyes. He knew something very, very wrong was going on."

    Until being questioned by The ENQUIRER, the Ramseys had always insisted that Burke was still sleeping when police arrived at their home after Patsy's 911 call.

    But now John has admitted to The ENQUIRER that Burke woke up before the 911 call was placed at 5:52 a.m. to summon police."

  8. Elle

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    Thanks to ACR and you for posting this National Enquirer information again RR. One needs to be reminded! Maybe Burke being questioned is Steve's "arrow of history" being fired! (?).

    From your signature:

  9. Cherokee

    Cherokee FFJ Senior Member

    How did John KNOW Burke "had tears in his eyes" if John originally thought Burke was asleep but only later found out from Burke that he wasn't?

    John is describing the scene like he PERSONALLY saw Burke frightened "with tears in his eyes," but that's impossible if Burke was still in his bed pretending to be asleep and John only discovered the pretense at a later date. If John was merely relating what Burke told him, John would have said something like "Burke told us he was frightened and crying." John wouldn't have used the phrase "he had tears in his eyes."

    According to statement analysis, this is a BIG red flag and further proof that John lied when he originally told police that Burke was asleep during the phone call. It's no wonder John and Patsy changed their tune when it was discovered Burke's voice was on the 911 phone call tape. Their original lie was exposed for what it was, and John's statement about Burke having tears in his eyes confirms that.
  10. fr brown

    fr brown Member

    Gavin de Becker talks about how liars give too many details because what they're saying doesn't sound convincing to them. Do we really need a long explanation about why Patsy would walk down the stairs? We wouldn't expect her to jump out the window to get to the ground floor.

    I watched the interview a long time ago when I had little interest in the case and no opinion about who did it. I remember thinking that John Ramsey seemed afraid of what Patsy might say. My recollection is that he turned toward her and made tiny "goldfish mouths." I haven't been able to find the video to check my memory.
  11. AMES

    AMES Member

    Yes, just like the RN rambled on and on and on....The War and Peace of RN. Yes, your memory is correct, John did used to to that...he was very on edge when she spoke. I bet that he sort of breathed a sigh of relief when she died...because she couldn't spill her guts then.
  12. rashomon

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    If memory serves, ST in his book does not mention blood on the pillow case, but that JB was placed on the bed after a bathroom assault (maybe bleeding from the nose after the headblow) would certainly fit with his theory.
    The investigators made the mistake of not immediately collecting JonBenet's bedsheet to have it tested for freshly shed urine. :banghead:

    There were also fibers found on JonBenet's bed, which came from the hemp rope that was (I think) kept in Andrew's adjacent room.
    Maybe the stager of the scene first attempted to tie the neck knot with this coarse rope but found it too cumbersome to handle?
  13. DeeDee

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    It was Patsy who mentioned the blood when she was in JB's bedroom with LE. She piped up with "I don't see any blood, do you?" She hadn't even been asked about blood.
  14. Karen

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    ST already said he didn't reveal all of the evidence he knows. I wonder what other little gems he has stored away. Just like the doll(s) Tricia told us about, (finally! lol). I've always thought there is something he knows that made him completely positive Patsy did this. Not that what we know is evidence enough, but he knows more. I'd love to go through his evidence boxes, probably stored in his attic or on CD.
  15. DeeDee

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    I am sure ST was not allowed to keep any evidence in this case. He quit the BPD years ago, and he'd be charged himself if he was hiding/keeping evidence. All the evidence in this case (and in ANY criminal case) is stored by LE in an official evidence locker, NOT at their homes or any private location.
  16. Karen

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    But he went and made all those copies if I am remembering correctly. I always thought he might have made a copy for himself and that's where he got the info for his book since he had dates and times so exact. I doubt he'd admit to such a thing.
  17. Carol

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    I just saw a very short report on Fox News which said that several people are being interviewed in connection with the JonBenet Ramsay murder, per an advisory council.
  18. BobC

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    Yup. Miss Jameson is going to be very unhappy soon. And I am not talking about running out of conditioner.
  19. Elle

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    Why Bob, do you think she will be interviewed too?
  20. Karen

    Karen Member

    :wave:C'mon Bob. Whatcha know?:poke:
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