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Discussion in 'Mystery Woman/Lee Hill/Alex Hunter' started by Tricia, Aug 20, 2003.

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    You sure called that one mouse!
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    Oh Moab.......Eight years later, there are more questions for Nancy to answer and from what I hear........LOL.......she will answer to anything even if she has no clue what it is that she is being asked about!
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    Suma's Seven Year Spin

    Nancy Drew
    Chicago, IL

    I'm trying to find the breaking stories on the "mystery witness" from Feb. 2000 in my archives. Until I review them again I'll share what I remember.

    From my perspective Ramsey was never left out of any discussions regarding Krebs. I was not involved with or in contact with Lee Hill, Hartman or Singular when their meetings with Hunter or Krebs initially took place.

    While I followed the mystery witness well as any Ramsey story...BJ Plasket and I first discussed the story briefly via phone with Hill and then in depth in Hill's law office. At no time was the POSSIBLE Ramsey connection left out of our discussions. While we didn’t go into huge detail, I was clearly told that in no way did her story exculpate John Ramsey.

    I know for certain any reporter who met with Hill or Krebs during that time was given that info. If a reporter left it out it wasn’t because they weren’t informed.

    Please remember, her information was massive. It involved a huge number of people, places, incidents, etc. From a news perspective the White connection was most prominent due to the verified family connection AND uncanny similarities of abuse...specifically the garroting.

    Even though I had not personally ruled out the Ramsey's when I met Nancy...I was more than a little suspect of the Ramsey connection in what she had to say. It just seemed too damn hard to believe this connection existed. I stayed open and honest in personal discussions with Nancy. She described "Uncle Johnny" to me...gave me details, etc. She described him as thin with a beard. And yes, afterwards we saw his picture looking just as she’d described in a book from my Ramsey library.
    Personally, I do not believe “Uncle Johnny†was John Ramsey. However, many do…and investigations by several back then indicated Ramsey was in California during the right years and times…and that this connection was possible.

    I believe that any information given to Nancy by her nutcase mother Gwen..should be taken with a grain of salt. While I believe much of it is true….if you research this kind of familial, generational abuse you also know that controlling through fear and trying to impress run rampant with those controlling their victims. So a mother like Gwen would use symbols or even pieces of real evidence to reinforce her control. There are MANY documented connections to criminal activity that HAVE been confirmed in the years since Nancy came forward….so we know some of what Gwen said was true. However, I personally believe Uncle Johnny was a real person who was trumped up by Gwen to be John Ramsey. That’s my opinion.

    I’ve said this a zillion times…the information Nancy gave to the BPD was given as pieces of information to help a larger investigation. SHE NEVER EVER EVEN ONCE said she had all the answers. She gave the information she had…and everyone begged for an in depth full investigation into what she shared. That never happened with the BPD. Nancy gave the BPD detailed info on where to find evidence, people who could confirm incidents, people, etc.…where to find the films (porn) on her family property, neighbors who witnessed the comings and goings of “Uncle Johnny†from her mother’s apartment….it goes on and on. Instead of investigating the BPD clued in her family as to what she had said…allowing them time to clean up or remove any possible evidence.

    How sad.
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