"Here's another fine mess you got me into Olly!!"

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    Ollie Gray and San Augustine = Laurel and Hardy?? I saw these two doing an interview last night on CNN - I didn't have the sound up so I don't know what they were asked or what they said, but I'm sure I didn't miss much.

    Here's a refresher on Stan and Olly ... I mean San and Ollie ....


    And these excerpts from an article in the National Enquirer by Don Gentile:

    "The tape recorder piqued Gray's interest. "It's right near Helgoth's body," said Gray. "What was on it - a deathbed confession?"

    The Boulder County Sheriff's Department was the agency that investigated Helgoth's death but Gray said they never paid attention to the tape recorder.

    "They didn't take it into evidence or even push the play button," said Gray. "Now to me that's Criminal Investigation 101. Where is that tape recorder?"

    As they reviewed case files of the JonBenet case, Smit found mention of John Kenady, the Helgoth friend who'd been interviewed by Boulder police in 1997.

    "I got a call from Lou Smit asking me about the boots and the stun gun and the tape recorder," Kenady told the ENQUIRER. "They were never taken into evidence and Lou said he wished he had those things."

    Kenady decided to help.

    The boots were still in the possession of a Helgoth family member, so Kenady asked if he could have them. Through a lawyer, he got them to Ollie Gray.

    Then he went one step further. He risked arrest by breaking into Helgoth's home which was about to be demolished to make room for a park."
    "Ollie Gray, however, was able to get the Boulder police interested in testing Helgoth's Hi-Tec boots.

    "(Police Chief Mark) Beckner said the logo on the bottom didn't match the imprint left near JonBenet's body," Gray told the ENQUIRER.

    But the investigator said he couldn't get an answer out of Beckner as to whether the boots were tested for other evidence, including mold like the kind found on the basement floor of the Ramsey home.

    "All Beckner kept saying was, 'No match, no match,'" said Gray.

    Beckner has said that DNA taken from Helgoth in 1997 following his suicide does not match that from the JonBenet crime scene."
    "Atlanta U.S. District Judge Julie Carnes, who threw out a lawsuit brought by Chris Wolf, a Boulder man named as a possible suspect in the Ramsey book, mentioned Helgoth in her decision.

    Carnes noted that Helgoth was "a man who commited suicide two months after the murder and one day after District Attorney Alex Hunter issued a statement that the authorities were narrowing their search for the murderer of JonBenét Ramsey." She noted that a stun gun and Hi-Tec boots were found near Helgoth's body."
    "The Boulder DA's office did not return phone calls seeking information on Helgoth's possible involvement in JonBenét's murder. Police Chief Beckner has said in the past police don't believe he is involved.

    The current Boulder DA, Mary Keenan, however, has removed the case from police jurisdiction. She believes and intruder killed JonBenét and hired Arvada, Colo. Detective Tom Bennett to reexamine the murder. Lou Smit has returned to help Bennett.

    Gray is off the Ramsey payroll but works the case on his own as best he can.

    He recently turned over information to Bennett that places Helgoth in the Ramsey home on one occasion before JonBenét's murder."


    Laurel and Hardy? Or does the addition of Mary Keenan make them the Three Stooges? I find it interesting the three + Smit go all the way back to the war room break-in.
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    That particular part of the article showed me just how unobservant and unknowledgeable in the area of consumer electronics Gray is, since the so-called "tape recorder" in the picture is, in fact, a sealed blank tape stilll in its factory wrapper. I have owned hundreds of them over the years, still have one or two in the sealed wrapping, and know one when I see it.
  3. VP

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    You forget why_nut

    The Ramseys and their minions think we are all stupid - and those of us who are not should keep quiet and act stupid. I equate the tape wrapped in plastic to believing a former beauty queen wears the same thing two days in a row - or that a Christian believes their loved one is still in their grave, rather than heaven, and HENCE will not authorize an exhumation.

    And you know, it's not even that the general public, collectively, are stupid, they are just going by what the media tells them and most would never notice the tape the way you did. I can't count the number of people, when told of my interest in this case, say, "oh yeah, that dead guy killed her, right?" Or, "I saw that detective on the Today show, wow, those poor parents, how they must have suffered all these years when the public didn't believe them...and there is an intruder out there that could kill again."

    We, in general, are not stupid, just misinformed. Monday night Larry King will have Lin Wood and Michael Tracey on - Tuesday a butt load of people will be feeling sorry for the poor, vilified Ramseys once again.

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