ID - Investigation Discovery Channel "JonBenet: An American Murder Mystery"

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    Just found this in my National Enquirer and didn't see a thread for this - so thought I'd bring it up!

    ID-Investigation Discovery Channel will have a show JonBenet: An American Murder Mystery" on
    Night 1 - Monday, Sept. 12th at 10pm EST/9pm Central
    Night 2 - Tuesday, Sept. 13th at 10pm EST/9pm Central
    Night 3 - Wednesday, Sept. 14th at 10pm EST/9pm Central

    I guess that means 7pm Pacific?? Check your local listing, I guess! :D

    Excerpt from article:
    Enquirer Cracks JonBenet Killing!
    We team with ID for an unprecedented examination of the murder that still haunts millions

    It was the crime that gripped the nation - the mysterious murder of JonBenet Ramsey...
    Now 20 years later, The Enquirer has opened its extensive archives to shed new light on the compelling, three-night Investigation Discovery series...
    The series will reexamine the evidence to challenge long-held beliefs surrounding the bizarre circumstances of her death. It will feature never-before-seen police interrogation tapes, unsealed documents and more than 500 family photos...
    ... never-before-seen police evidence...

    Wonder if they consulted with our Tricia - if not? Hmmmm.... on "what" they will show! or will it be :rst:

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