If you were running the JBR investigation

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    Hey Niner! So glad to see you posting. According to the guys at Vidocq, John Douglas presented the ransom note at one of their luncheons, that's all. They didn't consider it legit and refused to get involved. This was right after Douglas came out in support of the Rs with his cockamamy profile of the intruder. He blew Green River and Ramsey. Wonder if they'll expel him from the Society???? However, Vidocq would get involved if requested by BPD or BDA or the Ramseys, but of course, that hasn't happened....so much for fresh eyes and real effort to find that elusive intruder.
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    Re: Re: Charles Manson overcharged (?).

    Oh good grief, Niner. So glad you are here to tell the tale. Can't imagine how you must have felt, finding out this person murdered was someone you had recently met.(?). Glad you didn't run into Manson himself. His eyes ech! gave me the creeps.
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    I can only say what I can only say. You're welcome to ignore it. :) But there are ways to gain info without asking anyone to give up verboten material, which I would never do or encourage. One just needs to be in the right place with ears open.

    I would have no interest or standing to write the book I'd like to read. It must come from the inside, from someone who had the courage and patience to stick to the end. The author might want to interview me as I have a unique view, but if that doesn't happen I won't care.

    As far as Manson goes, he wasn't at the Tate home. He did plan it and participate in others, but if he had more aggressive counsel the results might have been different. As I said though, I don't think there's any burning "Free Charlie" lobbying going on, and certainly not by me. But I think society loses when there are bad or imperfect prosecutions.

    Tricia, actions speak louder than words. I think you hit exactly on why Keenan said what she did. Until we hear that nothing is happening or the case is closed, we should not expect the worst. Insert my "Patience is a Virtue" speech here------->! :)
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