Is John's website gone for good?

Discussion in 'Justice for JonBenet Discussion - Public Forum' started by Tricia, May 23, 2004.

  1. Tricia

    Tricia Administrator Staff Member

    It's Sunday May 23rd 2004. 2:36 pm and it appears that the website is gone.

    Does anyone know anything about this?

    Even if this site is gone for good we will still put up our website that will support Ramsey Truth...heh.
  2. ACandyRose

    ACandyRose Super Moderator

    Da webmaster

    LOL, maybe Patsy hired Susan Bennett to do the updates to the web site and she wiped it out ! :wtf:

  3. LurkerXIV

    LurkerXIV Moderator

    I noticed this, too.

    Has Old Rampants realized he has the chance of a snowball in hell in this primary?

    I guess those donations didn't come rolling in, as he expected.

    They are not emailing their supporters (real or otherwise), either.

    Perhaps the Ramumbrella people are afraid that Aurora and Co. will find them if they announce on the net where they are campaigning. :cool2:
  4. Jayelles

    Jayelles Alert Viewer in Scotland

    Weekly Update

    They are probably updating the website with the agenda for the forthcoming week.
  5. imon128

    imon128 Banned

    I predicted he'd pull out of the race, but not THIS soon!

    There was/is a purpose for this campaign, and it ain't the good folks of Michigan's best interest and opportunity for Johnny B to return some kindnesses, blah, blah, blah.
  6. Tricia

    Tricia Administrator Staff Member

    Yeah but would they need to take the whole website down? If they did wouldn't they do it late at night?

    ACR told me that they shouldn't have to take it off line. ACR is a Goddess you know when it comes to web sites.

    Imon I don't think he pulled out of the race. I could be wrong.
  7. Spade

    Spade Member


    IMO there could be a connection between Colorado Gov. Owens being the keynote speaker at the MI GOP convention and "" being down. One wonders if Owens and Uncle Johnny had a chance to exchange best wishes? Timing is everything in politics.
  8. imon128

    imon128 Banned

    Maybe they got some hatemail, or sumpthin'. Or, just like with the JonBenet site, they've allowed this one to bite the dust, too. No money, no honey...or no scrutiny, only public accolades that didn't happen?

    Whether the site is a goner or not, I still predict the dynamic duo will withdraw from the race. Just like the note, it's a public feeler as to how the public views them. Guilty conscience? We'll see..........
  9. Tricia

    Tricia Administrator Staff Member

    Great Observation Spade.

    With the Ramseys it's always something.
  10. LurkerXIV

    LurkerXIV Moderator

    Watch for this headline:

    "Patsy Ramsey at Death's Door".

    NOT. :lier:

    But that's John's most probable excuse to explain why, after all the hype by Couric, LKL, People, etc.--the campaign has been called off.
  11. ACandyRose

    ACandyRose Super Moderator

    Tricia, whether a webmaster updates a web page manually off line or using a web publishing program, they should never have to take their site off line to do that, they would just make the changes or additions to the web page then upload their revised page(s) and it replaces whatever was out there previously.

    Patsy's new business at is still up and running and one would think they might even use the same server for the Ramsey site but if it is a server problem then apparently they are on another host server or for some strange reason they removed the whole site. :violin:

  12. Aurora

    Aurora Member


    Someone must have tipped them off that I had a busload of umbrella people ready to ROLL....when he announced his next location. *LOL* Actually...did any of you guys sign up to get the news letter that tells up coming events?

    The Gov had to take note...that John and Pats were not hiding behind lawyers ...but usual. I had someone come to my door yesterday asking for support.... NO not Ramsey. He did say...he thought....Ramsey's knew what happened to their daughter thou.... so just goes to show you....others within the Republican party...think so...too.
  13. ravens_tears

    ravens_tears Member

    In my experience you don't need to take an entire site off-line for upgrades or maintenance.

    By the way, here's the information I found on the domain name

  14. ACandyRose

    ACandyRose Super Moderator

    Could be a server problem

    It looks like it could be a server problem.

    From Google:

    LaFeldt and Post, Inc.
    ... Michael LaFeldt For the past 20 years, Michael has been an active participant in the IT industry of West Michigan. ... - 7k - Cached - Similar pages

    This site above is also showing that it can't be found and with this Michael LaFeldt owning this site above ( AND the site that is not working I would say it is probably a server down.

    The link above was cached though and this came up:


    LaFeldt and Post, Inc. was founded in 2002 by Michael LaFeldt and John Post. Below are brief biographies of both owners.

    Michael LaFeldt
    "For the past 20 years, Michael has been an active participant in the IT industry of West Michigan. He received a BS in Computer Science from Central Michigan University and has done advanced study in the field of Artificial Intelligence. Mike advanced from an intern to consulting company President. One of his biggest web projects helped a national Charter School organization redefine how all schools should operate."

    "Michael designed and built the Stay Involved system using state-of-the-art Internet Development techniques, and estimates that every organization has saved approximately $70,000 in start-up development costs by using the system. While that number may seem incredible, the Stay Involved clients know it's the right amount. The features are amazing, the price is very inexpensive and the quality is superb."

    Another web page about LaFeldt:

    Mission Statement
    To provide a business-quality Intranet solution to community organizations.

    To strengthen the interpersonal relationships among group members and to increase their participation in the organization's activities.

    To assist local, regional, and national businesses in developing greater name and brand recognition.

    Stay Involved's founder, Michael LaFeldt, spent many years helping businesses become more efficient and informed through the use of information systems. Knowing how well people can work when promptly and accurately informed, he decided to assist membership groups that could not previously afford his services. Michael states, "Social and community groups need a vehicle to share information with their fellow members in real-time, 24 hours a day. Families are busy and more stretched than ever before; the Internet can help."

    Michael LaFeldt
    For the past 10 years, Michael has been an active participant in the IT industry of West Michigan. He received a BS in Computer Science from Central Michigan University and has done advanced study in the field of Artificial Intelligence. Mike advanced from an intern to consulting company President. One of his biggest web projects helped a Grand Rapids-based Charter School system redefine how all schools should operate.

    Michael designed and built the Stay Involved system using state-of-the-art Internet Development techniques, and estimates that every organization has saved approximately $70,000 in start-up development costs by using the system. While that number may seem incredible, the Stay Involved clients know it's the right amount. The group profile, editing, and updating features built right into the system are priceless.

    Stay Involved, Inc.
    940 Monroe Suite 140
    Grand Rapids, MI 49503
    Phone: (616) 632-2222

    Welcome to our website!

    We do some exciting things at Stay Involved, so please take a moment to look around. Our main product is a large, corporate-style Intranet that provides Fortune 50 functionality for a fraction what it would cost to build. We also consult with customers on Intranet and database related issues. In addition, we customize our Intranet to fit our customers specific need.

    LaFeldt and Post Inc. (LPI)
    Software for Apartment Communities
    940 Monroe Avenue NW #140
    Grand Rapids, MI 49503
    Phone: 616-632-2222
    Fax: 616-632-2225
    Contact Person: John Post


  15. ACandyRose

    ACandyRose Super Moderator

    Power outage

    I think there is a power out in Michigan so that is probably why the site is down. Here in Ohio we had a hell storm on Friday night and the electricty was out from 4pm until just before midnight.

  16. Watching You

    Watching You Superior Bee Admin

    That's what I thought, ACR. We have been getting these same storms - they have been hellacious with torrential downpours and power outages. I went out briefly yesterday, and the cops were standing in pouring rain at major intersections, directing traffic, because the traffic lights were out. My power, however, has only been out once for a very brief time after a very scarey lightning strike. Michigan has been getting these storms, too.
  17. Tricia

    Tricia Administrator Staff Member

    ALL IS GOOD IN THE LAND OF MICHIGAN. is back on line.

    I know, I know, the relief you all feel.
  18. ravens_tears

    ravens_tears Member

    I know the feeling... we had a blizzard here just over a week ago and then the past week we've had more snow, then rain, and it has been raining here off and on for our whole May long weekend.
  19. WhiteWolf

    WhiteWolf Member

  20. JustinCase

    JustinCase Member

    Ramsey website's May 25 update...

    Larry King LIVE from Bellaire
    John Ramsey's campaign for the 105th house seat attracts national attention
    By Nate Thompson
    ACN Staff Writer

    Normally, a candidate announcing his candidacy for Michigan's 105th House District would not be the focus of a national media frenzy and be explaining the reasons for the announcement via a live hook-up with famed CNN personality Larry King.

    But there is a first for everything.

    After his May 11 announcement that he is running for the 105th House District seat, which covers all of Antrim, Otsego and Charlevoix counties and most of Cheboygan County, Charlevoix resident John Ramsey made his campaign a little more known to those in Bellaire, and to an estimated eight million viewers across the country who tuned into Larry King Live on Wednesday night.

    CNN television crews made the trip to the Stone Waters Inn in Bellaire from Chicago, and a production team also took a flight to northern Michigan from Washington D.C. The broadcast featuring Ramsey and his wife Patsy was shot live on the outer porch of the inn.

    Stone Waters owner Joe Lange said he was thrilled at the opportunity for the interview and even managed to urge producers to not forget to remind King to give the business a little on-air attention.

    King didn't disappoint _ he mentioned Stone Waters Inn three times.
    "CNN contacted us around the middle of last week," Lange said. "They were looking for a good location and this was ideal being that we are in the county seat.

    "It is exciting CNN was here," he added. "I'm proud of this village and I'm glad we had the opportunity to promote anything for the purpose of Bellaire."
    Despite all the attention, Lange said he supports Bellaire resident Kevin Elsenheimer, one of six candidates in the race for the 105th house seat.

    The Ramseys fielded questions from King for about 30 minutes and, as in numerous interviews in the past, defended themselves in the tragedy surrounding their daughter JonBenet, who was murdered in 1996. JonBenet was found beaten and strangled in the basement of her Boulder, Colo., home on Dec. 26, 1996, and the case soon became a tabloid sensation. A cloud of suspicion surrounded John and Patsy Ramsey, who insisted the crime was committed by an intruder.

    Ramsey claimed Wednesday night that approximately one year ago, a federal judge and the district attorney stood up and stated strongly that there was no evidence anyone in the family was involved and there was a substantial amount of evidence that made it clear that an intruder did enter their home sometime during the evening on Dec. 26.

    Ramsey also entertained a number of questions concerning his decision to enter the race and his upcoming campaign. The 105th seat's representative is Ken Bradstreet (R-Gaylord), but he cannot run for re-election due to term limits. Others vying for the spot include Republican Kevin Elsenheimer of Bellaire, Republican Bonnie Nothoff of Kewadin, Republican Jeff Garfield of Gaylord, Democrat Dean Greg of Charlevoix and Democrat Jim McKimmy of Rapid City.

    In an interview with the Antrim County News on Friday, Ramsey said there were two factors in his decision to enter the race.

    "When our family lost our daughter in 1996, it really changed my life," Ramsey said. "The priorities in my life changed and the focus of what is important and what isn't in my life really became much more clear."

    Ramsey said the support he received from people all across the country also changed his outlook. It was from those encounters, he said, that influenced his priorities at helping others in any way possible.

    He was guided into politics by good friend and Charlevoix resident Susan Flanders, who was also considering running for the open position.

    "She changed her mind and encouraged me to run instead," Ramsey said.
    Speculation over his candidacy was brewing for months, and at a May 11 announcement rally, Ramsey made it official.

    Ramsey said two of his main priorities thus far center around education and bringing more jobs to northern Michigan. He says education is best dealt with at the local level and is discouraged when funds are taken away at the state level. He also has a plan to bring more jobs to the region and he says it begins with improving the opportunity for small businesses receiving "risk capital" to get them off and running.

    "We need a network to bring ideas and capital together," he said.
    To get his ideas out to the people and to learn more of what is concerning residents of northern Michigan, Ramsey said he is now hitting the campaign trail hard around northern Michigan.

    "My goal is to meet as many people as I can and listen a lot to what's on people's minds," he said. "That's the focus for the next two and a half months."

    Ramsey, who went to junior high, high school and college in Michigan, recently became a permanent resident again in Michigan last June. His family has always had a home in northern Michigan, however, and there hasn't been a year that has gone by when he hasn't spent at least a week or two in the state.

    His wife Patsy and son Burke have also adjusted well to the move, he said. Burke is a junior at Charlevoix High School, while Patsy has formed her own Internet business directory company.

    She is also doing well health wise, Ramsey said, despite her battle with ovarian cancer. The cancer reoccurred in 2002 after nine cancer-free years.
    In case Ramsey's bid at the state house is unsuccessful, he said he would look at other ways at making a difference in his community.

    "I would probably look for that next open door," he said. "I would try to ponder what other ways I can contribute to this area. But I wouldn't be doing this now I thought it wouldn't work out for the best.

    "I have the utmost confidence that I can be a candidate that can get things done."
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