John Mark Karr Arrested

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    That site will allow any head shots to be used, so the possibilities are endless! I'm thinking, I'm thinking........

    And NO Greenie, I only steal from Candy. Period. :sunny:
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    For real!

    Update - not a joke!

    "It's not easy dating a notorious man. When 22-year-old Brooke Simmons took her new boyfriend, John Mark Karr, to services at her church recently, she received a chilling e-mail the next day from her pastor: "You can come back, but don't bring him (Karr) again," she said it read.

    Karr, 42, attracted global attention last August after he claimed to have been with 6-year-old beauty queen JonBenet Ramsey on the day she was killed. The child's death remains unsolved more than 10 years later.

    Karr was later cleared of the crime by DNA testing. He was, according to his father and girlfriend, trying to lead an unassuming life before re-entering the spotlight early Saturday morning when police received a 911 call from the Sandy Springs home of his father.

    Wexford Karr, 86, said he made the call to quiet an argument between his son and Simmons. Police arrived and found sufficient evidence to book John Mark Karr with battery against his father and obstruction of a 911 call, said Lt. Keith Zgonc, a Sandy Springs police spokesman.

    His father said the fight was minor and doesn't believe his son should be in custody.

    "Nah, he didn't hurt me," Karr said. "I'm too tough for a little whippersnapper kid to hurt me."

    There were small cuts and abrasions visible on the elder Karr's arms and hands, but he said they were a byproduct of yardwork."

    Simmons said her boyfriend is no stranger to harassment. Trips to restaurants, shops or nearby Chastain Park often prove adventurous, as the couple is routinely greeted by dirty looks or curse words, she said.

    Wexford Karr and Simmons first made contact after she mailed a Bible verse supporting the family to their Sandy Springs home. That led to e-mails between the younger Karr and Simmons, who was in the process of divorcing her first husband.

    Simmons, Wexford Karr said, might well have saved his son's life. :curses:

    "He would not get out of bed all day, just lay in his room under the sheets," he said. "She got him out of bed, got him to start living a life again."

    Karr is resigned to never teaching again, Simmons said. He was teaching at private schools in Bangkok, Thailand, before being taken into custody last August.

    Wexford Karr said his son assumes he won't be able to find a job, due to his name. But at least now he has a purpose, he said, thanks to Simmons.

    Simmons said her boyfriend is misunderstood.

    Simmons said she has been disowned by her family for coupling with Karr. Most of her friends have also abandoned her.

    Simmons said they discuss the Ramsey case, but she insists she doesn't want to know whether he had any involvement in the killing.

    "I want to separate our relationship from that," she said. "I tell him I don't want to hear anything about it. But no, I don't believe he's a violent person."

    Karr is scheduled to face a judge Sunday morning on the charges.
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    Good. Maybe he will take his sorry self back there!
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    I'd like to see Patsy in that one with the slinky outfit with pink hair, please. Spanking good!
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    RiverRat thank you so much! Honestly, this is just the comic relief we all needed.

    Here's a story that actually nails what Tracey/Lacy/Smit somehow thought no one would notice. Someone finally stated the obvious flaw in the Tracey, Lacy, Smit master plan to frame Karr!!

    But after Karr, a sometime teacher obsessed with the little girl’s slaying, was brought back to the U.S., he was freed for lack of corroboration for his claims — or even any solid indication he’d been near Boulder at the time of the killing.

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    I thought that John had some pretty smooth moves going on! LOL!
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    LOL...I have been trying to figure that one out too...He is SUCH a weirdo, and such a wuss. If he tried to hit me...I would whoop his butt. Break his skinny butt into, and flush it down the toilet.
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    Thank God Lizard Tongue wasn't in that pink number with the bulge. I still don't have an appetite anyway.
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    You all are cracking me up.
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    hahaha LOVED the Tracey/Lacy video, RR! Tracey was my fav. Woooo, he's got the moves!

    Oops. Just saw the others. The Karr one--totally believable. If Karr ever sees that, he'll cry, because that's EXACTLY how he wants to be....

    When I saw the thread headline, I thought Karr finally got caught with a child. No? Wonder what the "argument" was about? What did Karr do, hit his Daddy on the head with his purse?

    Chest pains? hahaha Yeah, I bet he had chest pains. And REAR END pains, too...after a night in jail in Atlanta.... :cheerup:
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    I, for one, think that pastor was EXACTLY RIGHT when he banned Karr from the church. That's where KIDS are, families, and Karr JUST went on TV AGAIN trying to convince people HE MURDERED JONBENET. What kind of FOOL is this woman dating Karr? Is she the one WHO HAS A LITTLE GIRL?

    Oh, I think there is NO MISUNDERSTANDING that KARR STILL WANTS EVERYONE TO THINK HE MURDERED JONBENET. As per his RECENT appearance on Greta Van Susteran. Did Karr really think that people would LIKE HIM MORE and HIRE HIM TO TEACH CHILDREN when he went around telling the world HE MURDERED A CHILD and told UNSPEAKABLE TALES of molesting children, however much they were LIES?

    Is this woman RETARDED? Sounds like she is, as she obviously has no ability to figure out that her NOTORIOUS BOYFRIEND KARR is STILL claiming TO THE WORLD ON TV that HE MURDERED JONBENET RAMSEY, by refusing to DENY he did--STILL.

    I hope her family has taken steps to keep Karr away from the little girl. Obviously, the mother isn't competent to care for her, either. What a sad, sad situation. The MOTHER doesn't even want to know if the MAN SHE'S DATING is a CHILD KILLER? It's amazing how pathetic some people are, isn't it?
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