John Mark Karr - now a woman?

Discussion in 'Justice for JonBenet Discussion - Public Forum' started by Little, Mar 29, 2010.

  1. BobC

    BobC Poster of the EON - Fabulous Inimitable Transcript

    Thanks, Thor! The name totally fits her, too. It's as if you could open up her head and find a bunch of noodles! Thank God she's so cute because she doesn't have a brain in her head!
  2. Moab

    Moab Admin Staff Member

    I saw a flake or two on Otis's close up!

    Glad to see they are all healthy and happy, and that Noodles is sure a cutie...she is just on a different 'plain' from the rest of us Bob, LOL...thanks for the video!
  3. Harley

    Harley Member

    BobC!! So good to see you posting.
  4. zoomama

    zoomama Active Member

    Love to see the dogs

    Bobc. Noodles is so cute and I too, love the name. I love to see any videos about doggies. They are just so natural in life or on film. Thanks again.
  5. Elle

    Elle Member

    Nice dogs, Bob. Snow in Texas looks like powdered icing sugar. :) I lived in Corpus Christi in 1979 and I couldn't get over how freezing cold it was without any snow falling at all. It was weird! (?).
  6. Texan

    Texan FFJ Senior Member

    Hi BobC

    Me and Mr. Texan have relocated to the Dallas area. I thought you were in Houston but surely you didn't get snow there?
    We got a little here but not enough to make a snowman.
  7. Show Me

    Show Me FFJ Senior Member

    Cute puppers! You really need to check in more often, we miss you BobC.

    Digging up fossils sounds freaking awesome! I love digging in the dirt for hidden treasures, like rocks and things.

    Just don't let KK know I said I love digging in the dirt 'cause she'll think I'm being a uppity gutter girl promoting myself as a high class dirt digger.
  8. Moab

    Moab Admin Staff Member

    :floor: :floor: :floor: :floor: :floor:
  9. BobC

    BobC Poster of the EON - Fabulous Inimitable Transcript

    Thanks for the warm reception, everybody!

    Texan--I was in Houston for about six months in 2006 and got so tired of the crime that I moved back to Lewisville (30 minutes north of Dallas) to go back to work making the video game Ghostbusters with my old company Terminal Reality. After that, I got lured back to Austin and have been here ever since.

    Harley, Thor, Elle, Show, Zoomie, and all the rest of my dog-loving friends--thanks for the love. Otis, my most beloved dog of all time, has cancer. It seems like every time I pet him, I find a new lump. Only one lump so far has been cancerous, but Otis is 12 YO and that is old for a Lab. Otis is my best friend. The most intelligent, sensitive dog I've ever known. You all had better be here when he goes because I will be a complete disaster. I am going to enjoy every second with him until the end. I love all my dogs but Otis is my little Doggie best friend.

    Moab--trust me--I know that film shows "snow" in only the loosest possible meaning of the word! Texans have to take "snow" any way we can get it!

    IF you all want to see my videos, go on Youtube and do a search on Noodleydoo. You'll find videos of my fossil hunting, me with a 100 lb hamster named Capy Rous, and Noodles being attacked by a mama deer (don't worry, I saved her!)
  10. Elle

    Elle Member

    Sorry to hear about your beloved dog Otis, Bob. Let's hope he will be with you for a good long time yet. Cross that bridge when you come to it. Wishing you all the best in Austin with your work.

    Now there's a new word for all of us "Noodleydoo" I'll take a look. Those fossils are very interesting. I have had fun over the years with my grandchildren searching for fossils down at the Niagara River. Just a hop skip and a jump from where I live, but we naturally found teeny fossils compared to what you and John came across. Those were outstanding! I would think those would be valuable, Bob (?).

    That cave was fascinating!

    I never saw the hampster video Capy rous. Do I have to enter another search for that one?
  11. Thor

    Thor Active Member

    BobC, I also want to wish you well with Otis. I had a 16 year old cocker spaniel that had many lumps and was diagnosed with cancer well behind her 16 years and she lived quite a long time after said diagnosis. I'm here for you.
  12. heymom

    heymom Member

    This year, we had a veritable blizzard - it snowed for several hours ... close to Christmas. Didn't stick very long but it definitely snowed and hard.
  13. Texan

    Texan FFJ Senior Member

    oh yea HeyMom

    Our son lives in Katy and now that you mention it they did get some snow. That is really rare.
  14. BobC

    BobC Poster of the EON - Fabulous Inimitable Transcript

    Thanks for the well-wishes. I'm not putting Otis in an early grave, I'm just scared for him. He is my best friend.

    Elle--I would never sell my beloved fossils! I am having the time of my life fossil hunting!

    Here is the Noodles vid of the day:
  15. Thor

    Thor Active Member

    OMG lmao!!! That was hysterical! What a girl Noodles is. How long did it take for you to get her to "come alive"? HAHAHAHA I love that dog.
  16. BobC

    BobC Poster of the EON - Fabulous Inimitable Transcript

  17. heymom

    heymom Member

    Not as rare as it used to be. Thanks to global warming, we are getting snow every winter! Bless you Al Gore!
  18. RiverRat

    RiverRat FFJ Sr. Member Extraordinaire (Pictured at Lef

    ohhh, Bob...

    If only you could fill the hole where you found a Real Treasure with The Thing that is JMK...a real girl can dream, can't she?! Congrats on your find, DinoMan!

    I recall predicting that his sex change operation would be completed and paid for by the only people he is connected to that had the money to do so in exchange for his CONfession. Team Ram has really perfected the art of Spinning Reality...from the Ramseys not having anything at all to do with the murder of their daughter to turning this freak girlie-boy into a girl...yeah - get Tracey on the phone, we are running short on Lies for us to rip to shreds without batting an eye!

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