John Ramsey files a new lawsuit

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    Per Michigan court records JR filed a lawsuit against CBS on September 14th.

    Since there’s been very little press on this, we don’t know the amount of his lawsuit against CBS or why he’s waited until the last minute to file. In Michigan defamation lawsuits have a one year statute of limitations. Interestingly, attorney LW has neither tweeted nor given interviews about it.

    I’ll leave it to others to ponder whether there are motivations beyond the obvious. JR will be using the same attorney as BR.

    For a refresher: On behalf of BR, JR and PR have initiated lawsuits against the publishers of the Star, Time Warner, NY Post, Globe, and Windsor House. JR and PR have also sued Fox for suggesting there was no evidence pointing to an intruder and Court TV for naming their family (BR, JR, PR) and an intruder as suspects.
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    I am guessing...wash...rinse...repeat regarding all the lawsuits they have filed. I do not believe JR will put himself or any of his remaining family members under oath regarding JB's death.
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    Did the program contend that John participated in murdering Jonbenet? From the filing it sounds like it did. That surprises me because Kolar said on Tricia's radio program that he believed John slept through the night. The book just didn't talk about it.

    All very odd.​
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    Links to Some Legal Material

    Recently a question was raised about the opinions on the Boyles show discussing the litigation launched by JR. Boyles and his guests Alan Prendergast and Michael Roberts do not seem to have a clear opinion about why JR has initiated his lawsuit against CBS. As case sleuths know, all charges contained within the 1999 True Bills expired in 2004.

    Rather than discussing JR’s motivations to file suit and how this will proceed, here's a link which will provide some information about the lawsuit’s current status. BR’s lawsuit status can be found at the same link:

    There are a couple of attorneys who have provided some insight into these cases. Craig Silverman invited entertainment and defamation attorney James Sammataro to provide some legal observations. The meat of his analysis begins at the 20 minute mark:

    Another site discussing these lawsuits, including Sammataro’s opinions, can be found at:

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    I listened to Silverman's show. His guest talked about the liability involved when one makes statements one knows to be false or that one might reasonably suspect to be false.

    In Foreign Faction Kolar's case against Burke rests on three things: Burke smearing feces on his bathroom wall three years before the murder; feces-smeared "pajama bottoms thought to belong to Burke" on JonBenet's floor the night of the murder; a candy box smeared with feces in JonBenet's room.

    I asked Kolar via his AMA about the "pajama bottoms" and candy box. Were they collected? Had he located them in crime scene photos? Iirc, Kolar replied that he didn't think that either item had been collected. He didn't answer my question about crime scene photos. He said that he was relying on an off-hand comment by crime scene investigators. From this I inferred that he hadn't done anything to investigate these items further despite being in a unique position to do just that. Kolar spends a lot of time in FF talking about sexual behavior problems in adolescents, a discussion propelled by a supposed obsession with feces on Burke's part, but what did it really amount to?

    So when the CBS program came out, I was interested to learn more about the "pajama bottoms" and the candy box. I haven't watched the whole show so correct me if I'm wrong: the pajama bottoms weren't mentioned. Was it that they turned out to be poopy pants belonging to JonBenet? We know that those exist. If so, that puts the candy box in play. If there's poop on it, it likely belongs to JonBenet, perhaps put there by JonBenet herself or even by an angry Patsy.

    As far as John's culpability goes, elsewhere in his AMA Kolar says that John became an accessory after he failed to report finding the body at 11am. And he said on Trish's radio program that John slept through the night. But (again to the best of my recollection), in the CBS program Kolar agrees that both parents wrote the ransom note. When did he change his mind? Why did he originally think John slept through the night?

    On a side note, listening to Silverman's program, I detected an ominous low rumble which nevertheless sounded like music when Burke's pineapple interview was being played. I'm sure I've listened to this interview before, but not when I was wearing my headphones. If CBS added that almost subliminal background, that's really not playing fair.
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