John Ramsey Remarries - July 21, 2011

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    It's really stupid - somehow some women think they can fix even the most sick and twisted men...Or they think that is all they deserve...they don't love themselves enough to want better than an evil freak who hurts them. Very very sad.

    Narcissists can be very charming at first, and lots of women fall for that, and then once they are trapped, the true nature of the narcissist emerges. The woman may have even ignored people who tried to warn her, like members of his family, ex-girlfriends or spouses, ex-friends, and now she realizes that they were right.
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    John's new wife, Jan Ramsey, in Charlevoix church newsletter

    Taken from the monthly mail newsletter of the Christ Episcopal Church in Charlevoix, MI -


    Our grounds look outstanding thanks to the efforts of the CEC Green Thumbs (from left), Linda Southby, Susan Flanders, Barb Wilson and Jan Ramsey. Nancy Porter also helped Check out the planter by the front steps. Thanks, ladies!

    (Jan Ramsey, John's wife of one year, is in the hot pink hoodie.)

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    I think Jan from Moab, Utah (where she and John currently reside) was put in John's path/life for a purpose.

    According to the biblical account, Moab and Ammon were born to Lot and Lot's elder and younger daughters, respectively, in the aftermath of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. The Bible refers to both the Moabites and Ammonites as Lot's sons, born of incest with his daughters (Genesis 19:37-38).
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  5. icedtea4me

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    So, nothing about John living in a town named after the son who was the result of father-daughter incest?
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    Thank you for the Moab reference, Tea. Pulling up an old quote from KK - I don't really believe in coincidences, but we've had A LOT of coincidences in this case that are staggering: the McReynolds' daughter being kidnapped on the same date decades before; the yearbook writing of Karr including a flourished "...Shall Be The Conquerer" (that was so choice for the RST, I thought their heads would burst); yet the oft ignored sign off for John Ramsey's sailing competitions--Signed By The Captain; how many people linked to this case have very similar names--Paugh/Pugh, D.A. lawyer Pete Hofstrom/maid Hoffmann-Pugh/lawyer Darnay Hoffman (no relations, but by this case), Burke Ramsey/Patsy's lawyer Burke, Lacy/Tracey, and the coup de gras of JonBenet/named after John Bennett Ramsey/Susan Bennett/Tom Bennett--the latter two allegedly not related to the Bennett Ramseys.
  7. questfortrue

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    :) Yeah, the ‘hood’ is different now. But the Moab surrounding area is still beautiful. IIRC lawyer MB drew JR to Moab to handle marketing of his uranium mine venture. And then it was convenient to fly into Moab and jump over to visit his wife to be in Vegas. Pasta Jay has a location in Moab. It’s like a reunion. (I think cynic might have termed such a gathering as a pentagramsey eddy. :D)
  8. Cherokee

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    I need to correct the information here. Jan's maiden name was Vick, not Rousseau. Rousseau was the surname of her first husband and the father of her children. Jan did add a 'x' to the name. The Rousseau "family" that was listed with Jan was actually her in-laws and her husband's siblings.

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