John Ramsey to appear on Oprah

Discussion in 'Justice for JonBenet Discussion - Public Forum' started by S.F., Aug 18, 2008.

  1. Cherokee

    Cherokee FFJ Senior Member

    Yeah, but there are people who don't know what we know, and they take what John says at face value. He waves his exhoneration around, and the general public is ignorant of his lies and efforts to pin JBR's death on innocent people.

    Just give me five minutes. Five minutes on Oprah, and I'll tear a hole in the Ramsey media crap so big you could drive Lin Wood's fat-ego head straight through it. (And neighbor, that's a big hole.)
  2. koldkase

    koldkase FFJ Senior Member

    Okay, then! Call Agent Zotto and tell her to BOOK YOU ON OPRAH!

  3. Zotto

    Zotto FFJ Senior Member

    I think I'm too scared to book Chero.....flamin' heck....

    (Memo to self...ease up on supplying Chero with the 'roids"..from now on..PLACEBO'S ONLY)
  4. Cherokee

    Cherokee FFJ Senior Member

    Ha! There's no 'roids here, just righteous and justifiable anger! 12 years worth, to be exact. :steamed:
  5. sboyd

    sboyd Member

    I'll watch for sure. Never saw it.
  6. Greenleaf

    Greenleaf FFJ Senior Member

    Buckle up for the bumpy ride ahead...

    I came from a large family, and, prior to the advent of email, we were always writing one another. I knew immediately everyone’s handwriting; didn’t even need to look at the return address or signature. In fact, we each could easily distinguish the individuality and/or uniqueness of the written word among family and friends.
    I have never been able to understand how so many so called “experts†refused to tie Patsy to the ransom note; making me suspicious of their motives. There was never any question in my mind that she was the author. There were just too many similarities to ignore; not only in the hand-writing itself, but in the phraseology used. Maybe, this second go-around, credible experts will be called in; sans any connection to the Ramsey’s. Whereas I do realize that much of handwriting analysis is subjective, there are obvious matches that even an amateur can detect; especially since the lengthy note provides numerous clues.
    Members of a jury usually use their common sense in analysing evidence. If the presentation of the ransom note is presented to the jury, along side Patsy’s known handwriting, it should be enough to implicate her and J.R.
    Another thing for the jury to consider is the unethical and/or illegal behavior of such unscrupulous people as J.D.; an example of how profilers, detectives, hand-writing experts, lawyers, D.A.’S and judges can be bought.
    Oh, what a story, heretofore hidden, is awaiting to be told! Buckle up folks, for the bumpy ride ahead.
  7. Karen

    Karen Member

    I don't like Oprah and I never watch her but I will watch this. I will say that I think Oprah is in danger is making a fool of herself by seemingly to support JR. I just hope as the evidence comes to light and the truth is finally told publicly she will do the right thing and say she was wrong to support these people. She had that incident with James (?) Fry when his book I think it's called A Million Little Pieces came out and it was her book of the month and then it came to light that he had fabricated some of it and intially she still supported him but then backtracked and said her friend had told her that , that means then that "the truth doesn't matter" and so she had him on her show and gave it to him with both barrels. Maybe someone should remind Oprah at the proper time about this. The truth DOES matter and she needs to acknowlege it as she did with that other author.
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