John Ramsey's New Book - The Other Side of Suffering

Discussion in 'Justice for JonBenet Discussion - Public Forum' started by Tricia, Jan 18, 2012.

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    Good one Cherokee! Thank you.
  2. Cherokee

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    Yes, I did, Elle. And may I say, those were some of the nicer names I came up with. :cheerful:
  3. Cherokee

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    Thanks, and you're welcome, Zoo! I couldn't help mahself! :D
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    You are a smart little cat, aren't you? I think my favourite one was

    MARY KEENAN LACY - played by Dummerthan Abaga Rocks

    I think creating these names must have given you some release.
    They are witty!
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    Ha ha, the name of Lacy's actress was the first one to come to me! :D With the lack of logic, intelligence and critical thinking skills that woman has, I seriously don't know how Lacy finished law school!

    And you're right, of course. It does make me feel better to have a go at those who thwarted justice in the Ramsey case. Every one of those named has prevented the truth of what really happened to JonBenet from coming out, and have instead, promoted absurdity.
  6. Cherokee

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    If you can believe it ...

    John Ramsey's book of crap and lies actually has 4 1/2 stars at Amazon!

    He must have gotten every friend, relative and IDI to submit favorable reviews. Of course, we know some publishers pay "review companies" to place favorable reviews on Amazon, B&N and other websites. I've read articles about how one guy wrote 50 reviews for a certain book, all under different names, and gave the book four and five starts. Maybe John's published contracted for the same service because there is no way THINKING PEOPLE WHO ACTUALLY READ THE BOOK would have given that load of self-serving, self-righteous, shite and shinola, four and five stars!

    If you would like to help combat this hideous PR ploy for sympathy and money from those who don't know any better by John Ramsey, please click on the link below and leave a review of John's book:

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    Just looking at his face makes me want to punch him.
  8. Cherokee

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    You and me both, sista. :mad:
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    Because a picture is worth a thousand words--or more depending on whose words they are--I'm attaching a photo of how the beginning of Psalm 35 looks in the NIV study bible (1985 edition). (You may have to scroll to the right to see it.) The initial lines of Psalm 35 are the inspiration, according to Don Foster, for "SBTC." This Bible was found open to the next page, containing the end of Psalm 35 and the beginning of Psalm 36.

    In the left-hand side of the photo, part of Psalm 34 is visible. This is the psalm that John Ramsey in TOSOS says he read to Patsy when she was dying. Psalm 34 is an irregular alphabetic acrostic, ie, the initial letter of the lines are different letters of the Hebrew alphabet.

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    How did Patsy light on Psalm 35? Was the third-floor NIV study Bible open there? That's the Bible SBTC comes from.

    I read part of Death of Innocence today. In it Patsy says that when she was undergoing cancer treatment she opened a Gideon Bible at random to Psalm 57. Her eyes fell on the line:

    I will take refuge in the shadow of your wings until the disaster has passed.

    Thereafter, according to DOI, Psalm 57 had special significance for her.

    Psalms 57 and 35 have some connections which her NIV Bible make explicit. Both talk about people in pursuit who are like ravenous lions, people who have dug a pit and laid a net over it to trap the narrator, but who will fall into it themselves.

    So Patsy may have come to Psalm 35 via Psalm 57.
  11. fr brown

    fr brown Member

    The version of the Psalm 57 verse given in DOI actually reads "In the shadow of Your Wings I will make my refuge, / Until these calamities have passed by."

    That's from The New King James Version of the Bible, which I think is also the translation (or one of them) used in Gideon Bibles.

    Essentially the same account is given by "John" in TOSOS, but with loving interaction between husband and wife. In DOI, Patsy is alone on the bed reading Psalm 57 and thinking. John is off making business calls.
  12. fr brown

    fr brown Member

    In Secrets of the Psalms by Godfrey Selig, Psalm 35 is the psalm invoked for the winning of court cases. Unless Patsy owned this book, it's undoubtedly a coincidence.
  13. fr brown

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    In TOSOS, John Ramsey writes:

    "I stood by Patsy's headstone with a heavy heart, when a lone sparrow emerged from the woods and flew right up to me. It flapped its wings and hovered inches from my chest for what seemed like minutes. I didn't do anything to brush it away; I just stood there. Was it trying to tell me something there in the silence of the cemetery? I thought, wouldn't it be just like the Lord to send a little sparrow to assure me He's taking good care of my girls?"

    I suspect the above is actually a blend of two scenes from a book on Ramsey's nightstand, When Good-bye is Forever, excerpted below:

    "Turning quickly I saw a small bird hovering against the glass. It had not collided with the window but instead was simply fluttering in midair wings sweeping softly against the windowpane. We were all taken aback by the unusual timing of the bird's appearance. The ministers discussed the apparent connection between the comment I had just made about the little bird that Christopher loved and the simultaneous arrival of the real bird at our window...."


    "As we stood there in silence, we suddenly heard an unusual sound. There was a soft fluttering followed by the appearance of a small sparrow. It flew between us at chest level, quickly disappearing into the darkness. We both thought of the bird at our window the day before the funeral....As we turned to go into the garage to pull out the car, Mairi went first and I followed, about two feet behind her. As if to make sure we understood, the sparrow returned and flew between us again--once more at chest height...."

    In '98 when John Ramsey was asked about When Good-bye is Forever, he was evasive (for whatever reason). He says that he probably never read it...that he probably wasn't reading it at the time of the murder...that he hated the title because he didn't want it to be forever...Patsy might have bought it...Patsy probably didn't buy it...someone gave it to him. He was all over the place about this book.

    But I think he probably did read it. It's a short well-written book by a Navy man and an engineer who was diagnosed with cancer three weeks before his 2yo son was killed by a garbage truck. Formerly irreligious, the man developed deep Christian beliefs after the death of his son. It would really be right up John Ramsey's alley.
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    Great Catch....

    Same Sad Sick Spinning Tactics, John. A hovering heaven sent sparrow fits right in there with every Sentence that Spews from this Man's Mouth...disgusting as ever. :lier: Just in time for One More December at that.

  15. fr brown

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    Thanks. I think it was Capricorn over on topix who told me about the sparrow incident in TOSOS.
  16. questfortrue

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    Hi, everyone. While I’ve been a member at WS I’ve read frequently at FFJ. Thank you for allowing my membership.

    This story of the sparrow tells a lot about JR’s objectives. Having beat the rap for his role in his daughter’s death, he still needs a few measures to make sure that his image is not soiled by that long drawn-out escape from justice. A new book (TOSOS), an “exoneration†and apology from ML, maybe some lawsuits hovering in the background by LW, and the explanations (makes one gag) of his spirit in touch with God. As long as others know how “good†he is, is the important thing. Forensic ‘shrinks’ know that those who can’t process internal shame, or guilt, very easily opt to blame others. **

    Something also illustrated by the story about the sparrow and that is what is required to carry off such a profound level of deceit. It unmasks a pathology of deception buried deep within, a pathology best described by KoldKase in her post regarding CSIEngland hoax. (Post 126, page 11): Appearances are everything. Even if it's just words typed for others to read, words are conveying the reality and they do tell a lot about the author; so "look" the part, act the part, back it up with all the tricks and veils you have at your disposal, and you can hide the truth of who you are and what you are really doing easier than most of us imagine.

    **One last thought about blame. You all probably know that LW (director of the choir refrain of “the DNA exonerates ‘emâ€) is frustrated with the internet posters who still believe the Rs responsible in JB’s death. LW blames us for not believing in the Rs’ exoneration. His words:
    Now you’ve got not only mainline newspapers that are on the internet but you’ve got just a world of individuals who blog, who post on forums where there’s anonymity allowed. It’s hard to track those individuals down and even when you successfully can identify them it’s very difficult to successfully sue them. Most of them don’t have any assets to compensate you with.

    I have posted my RDI thoughts on WS not to frustrate LW, which is only a side benefit. But only for JB. The more truth the better.​
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    QFT, great to see you here. :)
    :welcome: to the no troll, no :rst: zone.
  18. Cherokee

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    Excellent post, QFT! We are so glad to have you here at FFJ.


    As I was reading the Lin Wood quote you posted, one sentence stuck out (like John Ramsey's lying lizard tongue):

    "Most of them don’t have any assets to compensate you with."

    First thought - bwaahaahaa, you bottom-feeding, sociopathic, suing gun-for-hire ... you can't get blood from a stone

    Second thought - it's always about money with Lin Wood & the Ramseys; never about truth or justice

    Third thought
    - this is the allegedly smooth-talking lawyer, Lin Wood? I've heard two-year-olds put together better sentences.

    Most of them don't have any assets TO COMPENSATE YOU WITH?​

    If Lin Wood hadn't apparently cheated his way through college and actually ATTENDED his English classes, he'd have known you never end a sentence in that way, and he should have said, "Most of them don't have any assets with which to compensate you," although Lin Wood also shouldn't have used the second-person pronoun "you" and should have said, "Most of them don't have any assets with which to compensate anyone."

    Non-grammatical sentence structure is fine for conversational English, but when a person is supposed to be a high-powered lawyer, speaking on record for an interview, it leaves the impression of Lin Wood being nothing but a flap-mouthed hick. I certainly wouldn't hire a lawyer who talked that way.

    Maybe Lin Wood was interviewed after a three-martini lunch. Or maybe his brain is finally being scrambled by all the evil and corruption that has resided there for so long.
  19. cynic

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    I am shocked. :blush: :eek:

    That you went so easy on him. :wood:
  20. Cherokee

    Cherokee FFJ Senior Member

    Ha ha ... well, you better toughen up, cupcake, because NEXT TIME, I'm going to speak my mind!

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