John Ramsey's New Book - The Other Side of Suffering

Discussion in 'Justice for JonBenet Discussion - Public Forum' started by Tricia, Jan 18, 2012.

  1. Elle

    Elle Member

    Wishing KK and DeeDee all the best on Tricia's Websleuth Radio Show tomorrow! :yay: ((((((Hugs))))) Elle
  2. DeeDee

    DeeDee Member

    I don't know if I will be there. I haven't read the book, so I really can't discuss it. But aside from that, I babysit most weekends. If I can get the kids in bed early, I might try.
  3. Tricia

    Tricia Administrator Staff Member

    Dr. Lillian Glass and KK have agreed to be on the show. Also trying to get Marc Klaas but have yet to hear back from him.

    No matter what it is going to be a great show. I have a bit more information I can pass on to you about the truth coming out this year. :)
  4. Carol

    Carol Member

    John Ramsey was on The View the other day and this evening he was on Huckabee on Fox News. I was really disappointed that Huckabee had him on his show. I didn't watch. The show is repeated throughout the night, though.
  5. Jayelles

    Jayelles Alert Viewer in Scotland

    When we had a murder locally, family members were not allowed near the house for many weeks. They didn't even get to keep what they stood up in and weren't allowed to remove anything from the house (clothes, money, food..). They depended very much on friends for everything.

    (Just sayin'. )

    What age is John Ramsey now? Could he be getting a little dotty?

    Why_Nut - have you gleaned anything worthwhile from this book or is it just a load of piffle?
  6. Jayelles

    Jayelles Alert Viewer in Scotland

    I must listen to the podcast tomorrow!

    Go KK! (You minx ;-))
  7. Cherokee

    Cherokee FFJ Senior Member

    John Ramsey was born 7 Dec 1943, so he is 68 years old. John's not dotty, he's dishonest. When you invent "what happened" in the first place, it's easy to change "what happened" in subsequent tellings. You make the truth whatever you want it to be and bend it to suit your needs.

    John feels he can get away with any discrepancies in his stories because THE RAMSEYS HAVE ALWAYS GOTTEN AWAY WITH DISCREPANCIES IN THEIR STORIES! They have always felt they were above the law that applies to the rest of us.

    As you pointed out, the Ramseys didn't have to abide by the normal rules of investigation and were given a free pass to cooperate whenever, and however, they felt like it. Why should John act differently now? John expects us to take his changed version of "the facts" and graciously accept them because he feels the general public and mainstream media will not question the garbage that falls from his mouth.

    If John were dotty, he wouldn't have been allowed on so many talk shows. He obviously had full control over what was printed in the book. It wasn't important to John to keep his facts straight because he felt a gullible public wouldn't know, or care about, the difference. John's motive for the book was to make money, not disseminate facts.
  8. Jayelles

    Jayelles Alert Viewer in Scotland

    I read an iarticle yesterday about the difference between a "memoir" and an "autobiography". Interestingly, memoirs have less requirement to be factual because they are merely the author's recollections.

    I wonder if this is the same in the US and if Ramsey's book is classed as a "memoir" to get around any factual standards?

    How is it being received generally? I haven't seen it here yet (and I am in the bookshop every week).
  9. Elle

    Elle Member


    Can you please post another link for me to listen to Tricia's radio broadcast. Just like the last time, I couldn't open Tricia's link.
    TIA. I'm wondering how it all went (?).
  10. koldkase

    koldkase FFJ Senior Member

    It went well as far as my point of view, Elle. Mark Klaas did make it, which was such a privilege for me to be on a show with him. Dr. Glass was awesome, as well.

    The mother-in-law of a missing young woman and mother of two was first, Cindy Fox, and she broke my heart, begging for someone to call her at home, gave out her number, truly doing anything she can to find her D-I-L. So sad.

    Also, Kimster, Tricia's sidekick, did a great "Cold Case" segment. No, not about me; about actual cold cases. She done good!

    But DEEDEE! Missed you! Maybe you can catch the next one. :bee:

    Thanks, Tricia! You were, as always, brilliant.

    And you better be praying for my good health, girl.... :winko:

    Elle, I only have the link you have, so sorry I can't help with that. :cry:

    Hey, Jayelles! Hey Cherokee! Tired, so I'll be back to hear your eval. ;)
  11. Elle

    Elle Member

    Thank you so much KK for taking the time to post and let me know how everything went for you. Congratulations! I look forward to hearing your Southern accent tomorrow if Cynic posts a link.

    It must have been sad listening to Cindy Fox. Let's hope her daughter-in-law is still alive. It's good you had the courage to do this. Not everyone has it! Oh my goodness, being on the same show as Mark Klaas. Excitement has to come into play here KK, although the actual cause of the show itself is a sad one which brought you all together.
    Hopefully I'll hear it tomorrow.

    I managed to download it after signing off, KK. Listening to it right now!:)
  12. Elle

    Elle Member

    WOW! What a broadcast. I'm still listening. Had a few problems where I lost it and had a lot of noisy interference! Normally I can see the control line moving along and you know where you are. I hate Windows 7, forgive me! Being a Senior Senior is no freakin' fun!

    Tricia you sure are a pro! You are definitely in control. My hat is off to you! More power to you girl! :)

    KK I love your Southern accent and you did a wonderful job contributing to the radio show in your usual expertise manner. I agreed with all you had to say! You were so relaxed! Congratulations!

    It was so good for me to hear Dr. Glass say John Ramsey was callous
    when it came to relating to forgiveness of the death of his daughter. I felt exactly the same having been through the same ordeal with the loss of my youngest son. What a stupid man John Ramsey is.

    Thank you Tricia for the news on the new revelations relating to the JonBenét case will soon be known. I can hardly wait to hear what the new revelations are all about (?).

    It was nice hearing Mark Klaas. He seems like a very nice man. I am so sorry about the loss of his daughter Polly. Why does life have to try us with such sad events, Tricia?
  13. koldkase

    koldkase FFJ Senior Member

    Looking back for posts I missed, I noticed a TYPO in mine, and being the anal retentive I am (I caught this from Cherokee) MUST correct my double negative. I'm firing my secretary! And my proof-reader! And my editor! (All me.)

    Also, I should probably apologize to Tricia for not adding the now ever-present media caveat to my last statement on her podcast: ALLEGEDLY. Or even "in my opinion." If she keeps having me on, I'll have to take a journalism class before I get her into trouble. ;)
  14. koldkase

    koldkase FFJ Senior Member

    Excellent points, Why Nut. You're brave for reading and commenting on this. I'd have several broken objects in my house if I were to attempt it. :scream:

    But I do have one question: Did JR actually say he's living on a BOAT now? With his NEW WIFE? I'm confused, because I thought she lived in Las Vegas where she has/had a clothing/costuming business or some such. That must be a crowded boat. In the desert.
  15. koldkase

    koldkase FFJ Senior Member

    lol It's unbelievable that we're being subjected to yet another Ramsey BS Tour, isn't it?

    On the upside, maybe some one is also tired of it who can finally challenge this disinformation, as Tricia tells us.

    JonBenet still awaits a measure of justice.:cand:
  16. koldkase

    koldkase FFJ Senior Member

    Hey, Carol. Don't blame you for not watching. I've been avoiding JR like the plague he is. So disappointed in Anderson Cooper, as I had so much respect for him as a journalist. Now...not so much.

    Nobody in journalism does investigative work any more...well, almost no one. Media corps won't pay for it. It's been so long, and few hosts/reporters know much about this case at this point. So they take whatever their producers hand them and regurgitate it on air, soon as their lighting, hair, and makeup are perfect.

    We saw the pro-Ramsey direction the media was taking long ago, once Wood started suing everyone who uttered the truth vs disinformation/lies. Only Team Ramsey were supplying sound bytes to the press after Lacy manufactured the final blow to the case with her stupid "exoneration letter." Reporters, producers, and interviewers are just working for a paycheck, so they're not going to stick their necks out, even if they had time to figure out they're nothing more than rubes for the Ramseys.

    The Ramsey's "God card" also has a lot to do with how these interviews are treated. Patsy knew that and played it to the hilt. JR learned that lesson, as well, IMO.
  17. koldkase

    koldkase FFJ Senior Member

    I'd say you have a 99% chance of being right about this, except for a few things with which I take issue:

    1. I don't believe JR actually wrote the book, but had a ghost writer--as they had for DOI, in spite of Patsy LYING about that when the book first came out.

    2. I don't believe JR actually READ the book. Pfft! The case is dead to him, he says, so the rest is just him talking to the ghost writer, with the ghost filling in the unimportant stuff--you know, like facts of evidence about the murder of JonBenet, etc. Why would JR waste his time? :rolleyes:

    The rest I agree 100%! :bee:
  18. koldkase

    koldkase FFJ Senior Member

    You're kind, Elle. That Southern I used to work at minimizing it, but that was a long time ago.

    I was more relaxed this time because I had an idea of what to expect, unlike the first time: when I heard Dr. Wecht speaking after I called in--that's some serious fire power there. :eek:

    Of course, so are Mark Klaas and Dr. Glass. It's all a bit intimidating, but Tricia is so good at this, she makes it easier. Though I imagine I can hear her "thought bubbles" when I say something she's not expecting.

    Tricia "thought bubbles": "WHAT did you just say?!" "Oh crap!" "Why did she say that?!" "Hello?! That's dead air whistling in our ears, Koldkase!"

    Here's what's happening on MY END: Hubs forgets I'm on the phone/podcast and, seeing a singer on TV he likes, TURNS THE VOLUME WAY frantically making hand signals to CUT IT DOWN, then running from the room as Tricia says "Uh oh...." That man, that man.... :tsktsk:
  19. Elle

    Elle Member

    Ah! So...this was your second time on, KK? Still, it has to be a bit intimidating being on at the same time as Dr. Wecht. Just being on is intimidating in itself! Tricia, the pro has everything under control and is very natural about it all.

    I was up until after 1:00 am listening to this broadcast I couldn't leave it until this morning. I too was disappointed in Anderson Cooper having John Ramsey on. I was stunned to see JR on the Barbara Walters show which I don't watch. Came across it by accident. Puke city is all I can come up with here! I also agree with you about JR having a ghost writer.

    So, is it your husband I have to thank for the loud noise? [​IMG] You spoke very clearly KK. I could hear every word and you didn't talk like a bullet being fired from a gun, as many of the guests on a few of the TV shows I have watched. I can't handle talk shows. I don't watch TV during the day. At night time, I prefer DVD's of some TV shows. One of them being Simon Baker in "The Mentalist." [​IMG] One smile from him and I feel younger!

    Once again I loved your accent. Go find a job talking on TV.[​IMG]
  20. Why_Nut

    Why_Nut FFJ Senior Member

    John does say in the book that he was living on his boat in Charlevoix, and I see here in skipping ahead that as of chapter 23, he leaves the reader with the impression that it is in fact his current house. But of course he is deceptive on that front.

    (For context, keep in mind that when you parse things he writes in the book, he was writing it up until early in 2011. In that context, his new wife does not appear at all, not even as a girlfriend he had already had for a couple of years.)

    John goes on to mention having lived in and then sold three houses in Charlevoix, though he leaves out the fact of moving to Little Rock, Arkansas as early as March of 2009. He writes "June 2009. I've traveled back to Michigan. I've just sold our home in Charlevoix, as the real estate market is in the midst of collapse. ... I still had my boat, though, a Matthews cabin cruiser, named TenOClock. ...I told a friend I had sold my house and was staying on my boat for the summer. He thought a minute and then laughed and said, 'Hey, you're homeless!' 'No,' I said, 'just houseless.'"

    But that is a blatant falsehood, as an Associated Press article from March 18, 2009 stated, "An Arkansas legislative committee endorsed a bill Tuesday that would require police to collect DNA samples following certain felony arrests, after hearing from JonBenet Ramsey's father that the measure will stop criminals. John Ramsey, who now lives in Little Rock, told the House Judiciary Committee that he became interested in DNA databases after the 1996 slaying in Boulder, Colo., of his 6-year-old daughter, JonBenet."

    So John was perfectly capable of living in a house in Arkansas he had by June 2009, but he *chose* to live on a boat in Michigan, and then makes the readers of his book think he had no choice of where to live. "Houseless", hmph.

    Oh, and tangentially, re: Jan and the Las Vegas business. In addition to the Charlevoix house John and Jan have been seen renovating in video footage broadcast during the Pity Party tour this past week, they also have a *second* house out in Las Vegas, out of which they run a company called Yellowkat Marketing.

    As you can see at the link below, they now sell promotional materials, the kinds of personalized items companies can purchase to give out, like customized pencils with the company name on it.

    It is the kind of business that has next to no overhead, since all John and Jan do is get in a bunch of catalogs from promo item manufacturers, and order from the catalogs if by some chance a customer happens to call with a request for five thousand Fenster Gap Inc. novelty t-shirts.
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