JonBenet video links – Fall 2016

Discussion in 'Justice for JonBenet Discussion - Public Forum' started by cynic, Sep 8, 2016.

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    thank you!
  4. The Punisher

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    I thank you too.
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    Thanks Cynic!

    Will you do the last one too? Thanks. I thought it was 3 days in a row, but I see now that the last segment will be aired on Sept. 19th.

    There is a lot of filler material in both of the shows - that woman host of the FBI show gives a lot of wrong information, things like the knot on the cord around her neck being so "specialized" and "complicated," which it was not. And what did Dr. Phil think Burke was going to say, "Oh yes, I sure enough sexually molested my baby sister, and gee, it was FUN!" I mean seriously, what did this really achieve other than to show how awkward and inappropriate Burke seems to still be?
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  7. Tricia

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    Thank you Cynic for making the shows available to us.

    How anyone can think there was an intruder after the last two Dr. Phil interviews with Burke Ramsey I'll never know.

  8. heymom

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    They would be the fiercely loyal to the Ramseys no matter what group...even on Youtube that group seems to be dwindling. Of course a number of Burke defenders are saying he is just socially awkward and his smile/expressions should not be an indicator of his guilt...And some of that may be true, but nevertheless, so much evidence points to him...
  9. cynic

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    Heymom, I plan on posting all of the shows related to the case. It's keeping me busy. :)
    Dr. Phil did air an unscheduled show because the first two shows were clearly not having the desired effect.​
  10. cynic

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    This definitely qualifies as “ugly.â€
    Lin Wood, Mary Lacy and plenty of shameless damage control
    Dr. Phil – “bonus†episode, September 15, 2016
  11. questfortrue

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    Thank you for all the work with these videos.
    On this “bonus†show I don’t expect I need to warn anyone that it should be labeled The End Word According to JR and LW. (It felt like LW was behind a curtain feeding DP the points to cover.) It’s not even entertaining, more like a lecture. Also below contemptible when DP doesn’t know the case to slam the BPD and only present the Rs’ version.

    And I thought you said it was only going to be a 'Weekend at Smits.' :yow: They dug him up again!
  12. BOESP

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    There's something that gets my goat so if I am wrong about this, please, someone tell me I'm wrong.

    It was my understanding that the DA hired Smit to investigate for loopholes in the RDI theory, just in case this went to court. In other words, he was hired to find potential IDI evidence only. Smit was to act as a counter-argument gatherer.

    And Cynic thank you for all you have done and are doing as the official librarian of this case.

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    Dr. Phil

    I think Dr. Phil's interview with Burke is meant to act as a pre-emptive strike to counter the effect of the CBS show. Probably John put Burke up to this - told him that he had to do the interview to help the case. Dr. Phil asked Burke some supposedly tough questions but had no follow-up - this was not a detective interrogation but really a game of softball with a serious demeanor coated on it. Also, why was this a JR show as well? I thought it was just supposed to be Burke.

    I am hoping for a good end result for tonight's CBS show.
  15. questfortrue

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    For all who appreciate Alan Prendergast, here’s the discussion of the Dr. P and Case of with Peter Boyles - Sept. 21, Hr 3
  16. heymom

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    Thanks, questfortrue! Listening now.

    Sigh...there they go with the "complicated knot" thing again. Yes, Burke could have done that, it was NOT a complicated knot, it was a mess! He could have had hours to fiddle with JonBenet before he either went to bed or went past his mom and she asked him what he was doing, etc.
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    Listening now and could not be more excited!
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