JonBenet's Mom Beats Cancer Again!

Discussion in 'Justice for JonBenet Discussion - Public Forum' started by Aurora, Jan 19, 2006.

  1. Aurora

    Aurora Member

    New article in latest Enquirer...written by David Wright

    The mother of murdered six-year old JonBenet has fought back from the brink of death from cancer for a fifth time....thanks to a powerful experimental drug therapy.

    Patsy Ramsey, 49, defied medical experts who thought she wouldn't live to see the ninth anniversary of her daughter's brutal Christmas slaying.

    Said a family friend: "Patsy's not out of the woods ..but she's a lot better than anybody could have dared hope."

    "She truly believes God has saved her again-and it's given her a renewed will to live. She told friends, "I'm here by the grace of God-I'm convinced He's saving me for something important down the road."

    Last March a routine MRI scan found that the ovarian cancer Patsy had beaten four time in 12 years was back and this time had spread to her adrenal glands and brain.

    Doctors credit a combination of chemotherapy and a new experimental drug with aiding her latest recovery, says the friend.

    JonBenet's killer is still being sought. The child beauty queen was taken from her bed on Christmas night in 1996 to the basement of her home in Boulder, Col., where she was sexually abused, strangled and battered over the head before being dumped in a storage room.

    The End...'d think Patsy would be out of Unreal how she ...keeps beating the odds. Maybe God did save her to allow her to live and be held acccountable for what happened to her daughter.... Just my opinion....Aurora
  2. Jayelles

    Jayelles Alert Viewer in Scotland

    Seriously - Patsy must be something of a medical miracle. I genuinely wonder if the stress of the murder and subsequent investigation caused some chemical cancer-beating process to take place in her body.

    One of the Moors murder victims' mothers had cancer and was in ill health for a very long time. This lady had a very strong will to live as she was determined to see justice done for her daughter. It does seem to me that Patsy has a very strong will to live, but I don't see her using her time to find justice for her daughter.
  3. Watching You

    Watching You Superior Bee Admin

    Jayelles, it's my belief that John Ramsey has powerful friends. He even admitted he got Patsy into the experimental treatment that saved her life when she first was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, with the help of someone in high places. Other people aren't as quickly accepted into those programs - some never are, but Patsy was immediately accepted just by John's making a phone call. That has always told me a lot about what may have gone on behind the scenes in the murder case.

    I suspect John is still tapping his sources to get continued treatment for Patsy. It doesn't matter - eventually Patsy will succumb to her cancer. You have to read between the lines in all these reports - Patsy's cancer was supposedly in her brain. They can keep putting patches on all these cancer sites in her body, but the end result will be the same. She will die from cancer, if something else doesn't get her first, like an opportunistic virus or bacteria attacking her weakened immune system.

    I don't wish death on Patsy, but I really don't give a crap whether she lives or dies, anymore. I know of nothing they have done to help other people since their daughter died, except give a few compensated, self-serving talks to a few church groups. While Mark Klaas and Mark Lunsford and Steve Thomas are out there making a difference, the Ramseys have done nothing but wallow in their own waste.
  4. Moab

    Moab Admin Staff Member

    You has been 9 years since JBR was murdered. Patsy had already had Cancer once. It would have to be 25 years to be called a "survivor" of this awful disease five times. You get it, you are treated, if you are clear after 5 years, you are considered a survivor. There hasn't been enough time for Patsy to have been a survivor 5 times.

    She first had Cancer in 1993, the recurrance was in 2002, eight years later. Patsy could technically be called a Cancer survivor ONCE, and it was 5 years after JBR was murdered, and eight years after she was originally diagnosed. A Cancer survivor means survival WITHOUT recurrence for 5 years to life. (Hmmm...that has a nice ring to it!)

    Betweeen 2002 (the second episode) and today ( early 2006) she has had a total of 4 additional recurrences, but she has NOT survived Cancer 5 times. She more accurately has been a woman who has been fighting Cancer since 1993...but she always was the drama queen wasn't she?
  5. Watching You

    Watching You Superior Bee Admin

    Well, since the cancer has continued to progress through her body, she certainly has not beat cancer. They seem to be managing the cancer as it pops up in different sites in her body, but the truth is, she has cancer.
  6. Greenleaf

    Greenleaf FFJ Senior Member

    Reemerging from “death’s door†again, for the umpteenth time, Patsy just keeps on reinventing herself.

    Does she really believe that she is so special that “God has some special plan†for her down the road?

    Get real, sister! The God I believe in has special plans for each of us. We are all “God’s children.†And, you knocked yourself out of competition when you did something that He has warned us about, in no uncertain terms: “Take special care not to harm the little ones.†(Paraphrasing)

    I do NOT believe that the God I believe in would use the likes of Patsy Ramsey for any “special godly world mission,†as her silly words imply. She is, as always, delusional; a guilty, delusional shallow woman, with no conception of spiritual law.

    There are a million lessons for her to learn, and a million ways she could have tried to redeem herself. To date, she has not exhibited one iota of desire for redemption. Instead, she has continuously used her clout to knock down innocent people, while adamantly denying the role she played in the death of her daughter.

    Spiritual redemption is predicated upon one’s admission of guilt and acceptance of punishment.

    Remember the “good thief†on the cross? He confessed his sin, exhibited great sorrow, and asked for forgiveness.

    “Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.â€

    Patsy is a fool.

    I break out in hives everytime I think of her.

  7. The Punisher

    The Punisher Member

    She brings out my dark side. That said, it is only a matter of time; no matter how many moles you whack, there's always another.
  8. JC

    JC Superior Cool Member

    Well said, Punisher.
  9. Freespirit

    Freespirit Member

    If it is true that the cancer has spread to her adrenal glands and brain, my feeling is that it is only a matter of time for Patsy or anyone in the same situation.

    Personally, I hope that she survives as long as possible so that more information may be gotten via interviews, etc The more she talks, the more we learn. Even through what isn't said and what is withheld. . .

    Just my opinion.
  10. BobC

    BobC Poster of the EON - Fabulous Inimitable Transcript

    Patsy is going to outlive us all
  11. koldkase

    koldkase FFJ Senior Member

    I'm with BobC.

    See, Patsy fears what's on "the other side." She knows all her lies will fall like ashes there. She's fighting like hell to keep from facing the truth she can't avoid in eternity.

    Remember the completely WEIRD statement Patsy made when once asked what she'd say to JonBenet on "the other side"? Patsy said she'd ask JonBenet Can we talk?

    That says it all, doesn't it? She claims the last time she saw JonBenet alive, she was sleeping in her own bed, safe and unharmed. So just what does Patsy need to "discuss" with JonBenet that's so pressing that would be the first thing she'd say to her? This statement reveals Patsy is clearly intimidated by the thought of seeing JonBenet again. She has a lot of explaining to do, apparently.

    God's saving Patsy for something important? Maybe god is giving Patsy time to save her soul before it's too late. As long as the RST continues to brand innocent people for a child murder they didn't commmit, the actual killer/accomplice has that on her soul, as well. Surely a Christian can't believe that ongoing and deliberate participation in lies and deception which continue to hurt others is not sinful. Even if Patsy has "been forgiven" for what she did to JonBenet, what she continues to perpetuate to cover up that crime is no less than sin.

    No, Patsy does not want to take that final breath into eternity with the blackness of what she carries in her soul.
  12. Show Me

    Show Me FFJ Senior Member

    It's like some kind of perverse form of repeat self promotion. Ever so often Patsy has to have cancer and be miraculously cleared.

    I'm thinking of all the other celebrities who we suddenly hear died of cancer. Can you think of any other celebrity who has had cancer 5 times and miraculously survived?

    Can you think of any celebrity who has had cancer 5 times with full tabloid coverage?

    It's like a career disease.
  13. Elle

    Elle Member

    There's a lot of truth in what you say here, Moab. You're right about the five years part, and in between as WY said, through John's connections, Patsy has had the privilege of being treated as a very special patient. This is never offered to those with low incomes, short of some of them having special connections, like John.
  14. LurkerXIV

    LurkerXIV Moderator


    I have often wondered who John Ramsey's connections are. And if the murder of JonBenet might have resulted from John's returning favors to these highly-connected men.
  15. Freebird

    Freebird Active Member

    Looks like he called in some favors to keep their butts outta jail too.
  16. Aurora

    Aurora Member

    Magic Pill

    There is no cure for cancer..... Patsy is just getting more specialized treatments....but com'on eventually she will subcomb to it. Cancer is like cut it....but it still GROWS!

    I don't think she is cured. She has another chance to live awhile longer is all. She/John bought some time.
  17. Greenleaf

    Greenleaf FFJ Senior Member


    Lurker, you wrote:
    "I have often wondered who John Ramsey's connections are. And if the murder of JonBenet might have resulted from John's returning favors to these highly-connected men."

    Well, just think of the most secret, creepy organization of males in the world and you will probably have your answer.

  18. Niner

    Niner Active Member

    EXACTLY what I was going to say, Aurora! PR has to face truth HERE first!!
  19. Niner

    Niner Active Member

    WOW Greenie!! Tell us how your REALLY feel!! LOL! That was great! :floor: :yay:
  20. The Punisher

    The Punisher Member

    You can't put a Band-Aid on a bullet hole forever.
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