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Discussion in 'Justice for JonBenet Discussion - Public Forum' started by koldkase, Nov 21, 2006.

  1. Paradox

    Paradox Banned for Stupidity by RiverRat

    Pimps and whores look the same after a while, I guess.
  2. Paradox

    Paradox Banned for Stupidity by RiverRat

    The real reason JonBenet was "allowed to pursue" pageants was because Patsy had cancer and might not be alive when JonBenet was 16.

    Translation; the real reason Patsy used JonBenet was Patsy was psychotic and feared death.
  3. Elle

    Elle Member

    Thank you WY. So it's on Saturday's 48 hours?
  4. koldkase

    koldkase FFJ Senior Member


    First, thanks so much, Why Nut. What would we do without your immense skill and patience in bringing us the videos you do.

    I can't believe that Erin is so without objectivity that she makes the stupid statements she does. Obviously, she drank the coolaide.

    And you are right, Why Nut. This puts the entire lie to Patsy's claims she thought she was cured of cancer. I always find it so pathetic that they are such obvious liars, and people just ignore that fact, proven repeatedly IN THEIR OWN WORDS, and declare them innocent because they just COULDN'T have done such a thing!

    Well, the Ramseys sure know how to play a room, don't they? Or a PR stunt, anyway.

    And how weird is it that this video of JonBenet dancing and singing at the mall is so badly shot? I'm not talking about quality, I'm talking about SHE'S NOT EVEN CENTERED IN THE FRAME! She almost dances out of it at one point. Was the camera person even looking at her?

    Makes me wonder who shot it and if they're really trying to get the men in the background into the frame as well. Or the person shooting the video wasn't paying attention. Or maybe was a leeeedle tipsy? Who knows.

    And how can John Ramsey feel sorry for the man who said HE WANTED TO HAVE SEX WITH JONBENET, who says HE DID HAVE SEX WITH JONBENET, who said HE MURDERED HER? Who described his fantasies of BOTH in GREAT DETAIL? Who, Erin points out, MIGHT HAVE BEEN THE REAL KILLER--if the Ramseys' claims were true, of course.

    Most men, and women for that matter, that I know would be ready to personally put John Karr in his own coffin if they thought for one minute he was the person who murdered their child.

    Not Ramsey. He felt SORRY FOR HIM. Because Karr was "so villified by the press"? WHAT?! Karr himself did EVERYTHING HE COULD to make himself out to be a child molester and murderer. What was the press supposed to do? Talk about what an upstanding MAN he is? THE RST are the ones who put Karr INTO the MEDIA! Yet there sits John, feeling SORRY for Karr? HA! Maybe because Ramsey KNEW John Karr was innocent of actually doing those things?

    Like I said, let them all talk. Everytime they open their mouths, they tell the truth...by revealing their own twisted characters.
  5. Brooklyn6510

    Brooklyn6510 Member

    Thx Paradox...

    ...your posts always challenge my mind beyond this case.

    I am about 3/4 through "the sociopath next door" by martha strout, ph.d (small letters not mine)...on the fly leaf of the hard cover is as the follows... She exposes people who are not criminals but people in our everyday life. "The person feels no shame, guilt, or remorse. Their chief characterics are (editing here), charisma, spontaneity, an intenseness, and they feel sexier than anyone else. Making them tricky to identify and others are
    easily seduced".

    Does this sound like anyone we :devil: :laughup: :laughup: have come to know?

    Thoughts all...
  6. Amber

    Amber Member

    Didn't JR once say something to the effect that the whole pageant thing was no big deal and people made to much of it?

    NOW he is saying that far from being 'no big deal', it was almost the last wish of a dying woman...that's pretty profound to me, and very important..
  7. The Punisher

    The Punisher Member

    Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me.

    Somehow, I get the feeling that John will start fessing up to a lot of things from here on.
  8. tylin

    tylin Banned

    Patsy and John both claimed the pagent thing was a 'weekend' thing. To most who've followed this case, it was clear that the Ram's put much time and $$ into their pagent obsession. IMO, no truer words were ever spoken Amber:
    You're the best. :gift: :scale: Thanks for the link and for the heads up about the interview.
  9. Jayelles

    Jayelles Alert Viewer in Scotland

    Thanks Why_Nut.

    Is it my imagination or does John Ramsey look different - younger? Has he had a little surgery? Perhaps around the eyes?
  10. wombat

    wombat Member

    And. he. sticks. out. his. tongue.

    You know, since the guy's so oral, I'm wondering if maybe Patsy had a nice sex life after her operation after all...............

    In Death of Innocence, Patsy tells us that she put JonBenet in the pageants because she didn't think she'd be alive for the Miss America campaign:

    Couple whoppers in there, of course: "I reasoned" "if this was what SHE liked to do", etc.

    Patsy thought she was going to die imminently from 1993 onward, with very good reason. Her survival for 13 years is a miracle of the big chemo drugs taxol and cisplatin. By christmas 1996 none of the women in her test group were alive, except her.
  11. RiverRat

    RiverRat FFJ Sr. Member Extraordinaire (Pictured at Lef

    Chemically Imbalanced.

  12. Texan

    Texan FFJ Senior Member


    JR says that he feels sorry for JMK because JR thinks that is what a good and honest man would say. I think he just doesn't know how he should feel so he tries to imitate someone who does. This is just my take on it. I could be wrong - or not.
  13. heymom

    heymom Member

    One word - Botox.
  14. Aurora

    Aurora Member

    John Ramsey

    Did anyone notice it looked like John had a face lift? His face was fuller and his eyes alot tighter. Guess he had to get some work done to attract females?? Anyway...his interview was same old...same old.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all~
  15. heymom

    heymom Member

    We had a whole long conversation bout this not very long ago. I do think JR is a qualifier for this category.
  16. heymom

    heymom Member

    You know, if I knew I had limited time left on the planet, I sure wouldn't want to spend what is left with my children in contests of some shallow sort. Like, "Oh, boys, I love you so, I'm going to miss you, now go out there and win that debate for Mom!" Now, if they were into the activity, like sports or whatever, fine, I'd be there, cheering for them, but to take a 6-year-old kid and dress her up, put make-up on her, and bleach her hair, and then take her around and display her like a living doll? Nope. That's just insane. It's like JonBenet wasn't even a reality to them, only what she could do for Mommy's state of mind. I guess they convinced themselves she liked it. Maybe dog shows would have been a better venue. At least the dogs don't really understand what's going on.
  17. Why_Nut

    Why_Nut FFJ Senior Member

    I thought Botox, as well, then saw his forehead wrinkle, which makes that not so likely. Still, on the left, his recent interview, and on the right, how he looked at Patsy's funeral:

  18. sboyd

    sboyd Member

    He had his eyes done.

    I had the misfortune of seeing Dolly Parton on tv last night, but not for long, because I had to turn the channel. THE WOMAN IS DOWNRIGHT FRIGHTENING. She had EVERYTHING DONE, and I mean everything, right down to the very very pointed chin. My son called me in and said "you have to see this, it is worth it". I actually gasped. I kid you not.

    Do you ever notice all these women look the same - they have that same very strange quality to their faces. Dolly Parton now has the most pointed face in the history of cinema barring the wicked witch in the Wizard of Oz. Antonio Bandaras said it best "you see these beautiful looking women in Hollywood (from the back) and then they turn around and it is whoaaaaa". No one seems to know how to age gracefully. They all look freakingly alike.
  19. heymom

    heymom Member

    Wow, that's a big difference! However, the lighting is much better for the show...daylight isn't kind to us as we age! And, he has probably been crying because Patsy had passed...I look about 100 when I've been bawling! Or, more like, a 100-year-old dragon. U-G-L-Y~ :unreal:

    But you are right, he can wrinkle his forehead so maybe the Botox is wearing off? :)

    No, I think you may be right and he may well have had a face lift. Maybe that's why he's been undercover lately - hiding the bruises.
  20. heymom

    heymom Member

    Dolly Parton is also too thin. She looks awful now. I lost respect for her when she started having lots of "cosmetic" surgery. (I still like to call it "plastic surgery!" because they end up with plasticized faces!)
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