Judge has ruled Ramsey Grand Jury indictment must be released

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    The DNA was not available to the grand jury in 1999," said Lin Wood, the Ramseys' attorney. "What we have here is a release of a sliver of the evidence that the grand jury looked at and reviewed. It's just based on incomplete evidence. "

    Wood said he is concerned that the indictment's release will appear to some to be confirmation that the Ramseys killed their daughter, when they have been cleared.

    "It's subject to the impression that criminal charges were warranted against the Ramseys. A full examination of the evidence unquestionably exonerates the Ramseys," Wood said. "This is inflicting a terrible miscarriage of justice."

  2. ACandyRose

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    :eek:fftopic: Hello Ella, I hope you're doing okay too. It's nice to see you're still around and fighting for justice for JonBenet. :)

  3. madeleine_ws

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  4. heymom

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    Is this all we're ever gonna get?

    Hey KK or Cherokee or anyone,

    Is this release of the 18 pages from the GJ all we're ever going to see of the GJ's findings? Or could more of the case documents be released over time?
  5. Tez

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  6. heymom

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    I see that this morning, Tez, thank you very much. I thought we were going to get more than that, but what we got was pretty damning....they were actually considering first degree murder charges, but Patsy and John were charged with aiding and abetting the cover up, and placing JonBenet at risk.

    I think we all know what that means.
  7. Tez

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    I am bringing over the post I wrote on WS. This kind of describes what I am feeling.

    What a bittersweet day. JonBenet had a chance at justice in the legal system, but because of Alex Hunter and his desire not to move forward, it was lost.

    Count VII really tells me everything I need to know. While the John and Patsy may not have killed JonBenet, they covered it all up. Gee, John, we now see you for WHO you really are. Nevermind the touch DNA, it doesn't even come into play here. YOU and YOUR WIFE helped whoever killed your daughter get away with it. Gee, aren't you so proud of yourself? Now, the world knows...Instead of "manning up," you threw countless people under the bus, even though you knew the truth. And if it was Burke who did this, you failed him also.

    John, we know...We know the truth now...Why don't you try writing a book about THAT?

    You, along with your wife, ruined an honorable man's career. Yes, I am speaking of Steve Thomas. Yeah, you had help, Alex Hunter and his minions helped, but in the end, you and Patsy bear responsibility.

    The only thing anyone can do is pray for you. Because apparently (even for all my short-comings, I have never covered up a murder), you need prayers worse than I ever could.

  8. Tez

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    Yes, we do.
  9. heymom

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    :clap: No more Job the Martyr act for John Ramsey! I'll bet he's one sick man this morning.
  10. Nickii

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    If Mr. Wood refers now to the DNA means to me, that Patsy and John did cover up for A NON FAMILY MEMBER!!! How crazy is that!!!!!
  11. heymom

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    Yeah, most people who can think to dress themselves in the morning would put 2 + 2 together on that one. And that leaves out most of Colorado, because of the pot haze they seem to be under...
  12. Elle

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    Being a Senior is a pain, ACR, but I'm still here, but I don't do the research these younger ones are doing. You were the top star with your web site when I first arrived here. You contributed greatly to the JonBenét case. So nice to be in touch again. Don't see Peggy ( Little) here yet! :(
  13. otg

    otg Member

    ACR is STILL a top star! I don't know if she counts hits to her site, but I know nearly everyone who follows this case still go there for research and information. It has certainly always been my first go-to when I'm looking for something.

    I really want to give you a very big THANK YOU, ACandyRose.
  14. Karen

    Karen Member

    Hello all! I haven't been posting lately but I have been reading here constantly. Just haven't had anything new to say lately.
    Until now, of course.
    I think what these documents are saying is the GJ thought one of the parents killed her and the other helped cover it up. They didn't know which one did the killing and which one helped cover it up, or they were split in the jury room over who did what. SO they instead indicted each of them for placing Jonbenet in a "situation which posed a threat of injury..which reuslted in death.." They were both indicted for that same thing. So obviously the GJ decided one of the parents killed her and the other one helped cover it up. Sorry, I'm being redundant. I don't see Burke as the accused murderer or having any involvement considered by the GJ anywhere here. I think the GJ is only pointing at the parents. The GJ indicted Patsy for placing Jonbenet in Johns care knowing she could get hurt or killed. The GJ indicted John for placing Jonbenet in Patsys care knowing she could get hurt or killed. The GJ indicted BOTH of them for covering up after she was hurt or killed, not knowing which one of them actually did it, or split over it, but convinced one of them did, so in other words, they covered all the bases. Do you all think I have this right?
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  15. Elle

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    You and all the other faithful posters here deserve a gold star otg for all the wonderful technical research these last few years.
  16. Thor

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    Hi Elle and everyone!
  17. Thor

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    By the way, I was listening to Fox News this a.m. and Greg Jarrett had Craig Silverman on. I didn't see this gem on any of the threads here, but he said Hunter saved this indictment IN HIS SAFE for years. In his safe. He said the statute of limitations on what the Ramseys were charged with was 3 years. Jarrett asked him if Hunter get get anything like disbarred or anything else done to him after this and he said it was doubtful. Sounds like Lizard Tongue is safe, but looks very bad right now. Also, he has never seen anything like this before where a grand jury indicts someone and a prosecutor doesn't bring charges. I'm listening again now and yet another attorney is saying the same thing. He said he's never, ever heard of this happening before.
  18. koldkase

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    Thanks, Thor, for alerting us to this.

    The major news media are NEVER going to tell the truth. They're leading and finishing with Poor Ramseys are EXONERATED!

    All we can hope for now is someone cracks. Either someone who knows the truth or who saw or heard something, whether it was about the murder or about the cover up which Hunter clearly was in on and dammit also got away with, SOMEBODY NEEDS TO COUGH UP THE TRUTH FOR A CHANGE IN BOULDER.
  19. wombat

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    By the way I love how the upper left-hand corners of the indictment pages show that the paper has been stapled, unstapled, and restapled quite a few times. Copies to Woody, Hal Haddon.... I wonder who else?
  20. koldkase

    koldkase FFJ Senior Member

    Oh, GOSH, Woody!


    But then what do I know? I'm not a rich child killer with lawyers hanging out my azz, so silly me.
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