Judge Who Dismissed JonBenet Ramsey Grand Jury To Retire

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    Judge Who Dismissed JonBenet Ramsey Grand Jury To Retire
    Posted on 04 August 2009 By Don Knox, LAW WEEK COLORADO
    A longtime judge who ruled in matters as disparate as the JonBenet Ramsey grand jury and the Boulder “land grab†case is retiring.

    20th District Judge Morris W. Sandstead Jr. will retire effective Sept. 30, the Colorado Judicial Branch announced Tuesday. The district’s nominating commission will meet Aug. 31 to select Sandstead’s successor.

    Sandstead, a graduate of Duke University and the University of Colorado School of Law, has spent more than a quarter century on Boulder’s bench. His current workload involves mainly civil and domestic cases but during his over twenty years on the bench has handled criminal and juvenile cases as well.

    Sandstead famously discharged the grand jury investigating the December 1996 homicide of child beauty queen JonBenet Ramsey. After 13 months of secret testimony and an investigation that lasted 34 months and cost more than $2 million, the grand jury determined that no charges would be filed.
    Years later, Sandstead ordered a restraining order stopping the construction of a residential fence in Boulder’s well-known “land-grab†case. In the case, a former Boulder judge and his wife claimed they had cared for the property for many years and were entitled to enjoy it – even though they weren’t the original owners.

    The case prompted numerous revisions to Colorado’s eminent domain rules.

    read entire article here: http://www.statebillnews.com/?p=1479
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    I'm not sure just how much a judge would know of the workings of a Grand Jury session but if he knows enough from this case i hope he cans rest in peace with his conscience while in retirement. I would guess that he knows plenty about the JBR case. But just in case he doesn't....:gavel:
  3. Little

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    I wish whoever writes these things would get their facts straight. Unless I'm wrong it was Alex Hunter (and his team, so he said) who decided no charges would be filed at that time.

  4. koldkase

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    Exactly, Little! When I read this, I thought the same thing: where do these people GET their journalism degrees? OH, LET ME GUESS: UNDER THE TUTELAGE OF MICHAEL "JOHN PERV KARR" TRACEY!

    Hunter ALONE decided not to indict. PERIOD. Therefore, the following statement from the article is patently FALSE:

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