Keith Ablow, Forensic Psychiatrist

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  1. Ginja

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    Sorry if this topic's come up before, but Keith Ablow is on LKL now and I've seen him on the show before. This guy is fanfreakintastic. Besides being a forensic psychiatrist (which is EXACTLY the type of expert the BDA should be looking for), he's written a series of books (fiction) whose main character is based on himself (forensic psychiatrist) who is always called upon to solve these hi-profile murders. This guy knows what goes on in the dysfunctional psche!

    He's got a new show that airs on 9/11. I don't know the format or what network. Anyway...

    He's said from the get-go that Karr's a fraud. But better than that, he always points to the evidence as pointing more or less to an inside job, e.g., pedophiles don't leave ransom notes!

    Unfortunately, we all know, Larry never follows-up!

    Oh well, just thought I'd point out that you should keep your eyes (and ears) on Keith Ablow. If anyone knows how parents could kill their own children, it's him. Like I said, he knows what goes on in the dysfunctional psche.
  2. koldkase

    koldkase FFJ Senior Member

    I saw this, and it was a really sad thing to see Karr's first wife's father break down and say Karr is the intruder.

    They said two days ago that Karr wrote their daugher letters signed "SBTC."

    But I think Ablow explained this well. In the context of how her parents are just now realizing Karr abused her and they weren't able to protect her, for whatever reason, they're having a difficult time with all this.

    I agree. I don't believe Karr signed letters to her SBTC. I think this father is angry at Karr...and rightly so. But I think he sees this as a chance to pay Karr back. When he says Karr is "the intruder," it's clear to me he meant Karr's "the intruder" who came into their lives and kidnapped their child.

    I agree with that, as well. It makes me sick to see how Karr was able to manipulate very young females and abuse them so easily. I ask as well, where were their parents? Were they so ignorant they didn't know how to stop Karr? Or were they just anguished parents who found themselves being outsmarted by a determined manipulator, much as we all are now seeing Karr do again...only this time, on a huge scale.

    I do not like this Karr and I have no problem with him getting his butt kicked anyway it gets kicked. I'd kick it myself if I could.

    But again, he's victimizing people for his own sickness, his own family included, and JonBenet's family as well. Whatever we think the Ramseys did or did not do, JonBenet does have innocent relatives who have no guilty part in any of these crimes, but partake of the hurt just the same. For them, I feel compassion.
  3. babyboomer

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    First came to my attention for his book about Scott Peterson, speaking of dysfunctional psyches.
  4. LurkerXIV

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    When I heard this first ex-wife, Quintana, giving lurid and intimate details of her sex life with Karr, in front of her parents, to the entire world on TV....I thought, "John Karr is not the only loony in Alabama."

    Some people will do anything to make a buck.
  5. Mandarin

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    Agree Lurker

    I too have a problem with the ex, Quintana & the lurid, intimate details of her sex life (25 years ago, mind you) .... Something about her & her family gives me the creeps & as you put it "Karr seems not to be the only loony in Alabama.

    Was wondering if (as a teenager) dating Karr (who was also a teenager at the time, though older - 18 I think) .... that maybe she was a tad ashamed of the relationship with Karr & had quarrels with her parents over it, etc.

    Maybe, she didn't want them to think that she was willingly, in any way, having sexual intimacy, etc. with Karr or anyone for that matter and you know, now that the family has their 15 minutes of fame (shame) on TV, they want everyone to think their daughter HAD to be drugged.

    Wonder how many more loonies and bizarros are going to be paraded on CNN and Nancy Grace, etc. for the next few months, years???

    I also noticed that Quintana had her arms tightly and firmly gripping herself, as she looked at her Dad when he was playing out his "distraught drama scene". If Q's looks could kill, I think her Dad would have exploded right there on the set.

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