Lacy leaves no trace - the Whites' Open Records request

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    Lacy leaves no trace - as revealed by the Whites' Open Records request

    Late last year, Fleet and Priscilla White tried to obtain correspondence between the DA’s office and certain individuals.
    This is a course of action available to citizens of the State of Colorado through the Colorado Open Records Act and the Colorado Criminal Justice Records Act.
    Interestingly, although not necessarily surprisingly, it would seem that Mary Lacy left office without leaving a trace. I wouldn’t wish to leave a trace either if I had her abysmal record and a legacy showcasing bias, bumbling, and shameless pandering to the rich.

    As outlined in one of the exchanges between the Whites and the DA’s office, Lacy’s eight years as DA should have led to a considerable quantity of records.
    It should also be noted that Stan Garnett’s record-keeping skills are only marginally better.
    Some of the records sought included:
    All records of correspondence and communications between former Boulder District Attorney Mary (Keenan) Lacy and the following persons during the period of 2001 through 2008:

    John Ramsey and Patricia Ramsey, parents of JonBenet Ramsey;
    Stanley L. Garnett ;
    L. Lin Wood, Esq. ;
    Bill Ritter, former Denver District Attorney and Governor of Colorado;
    Jean Dubofsky, a former Colorado Supreme Court Justice;
    Ryan Brackley;
    Lucinda Franks, an author and journalist.
    Any member of the Haddon Morgan & Foreman law firm including but not limited to Harold Haddon and G, Bryan Morgan ;
    Patrick J. Burke, Esq. ;
    H. Patrick Furman, Esq. ;

    Chief Trial Deputy, Sean Finn, appears to claim that all records of correspondence and communications of Mary Lacy, are not in the custody and control of the District Attorney of the Twentieth Judicial District.

    Three documents are attached which detail the efforts of the Whites.
    They include responses from the DA, the AG, and the Governor.​

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  2. cynic

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    After a comment by another poster, Questfortrue, who suggested that Fleet had pulled back the (hair) curtains on this latest subterfuge by Lacy, I felt inspired to illustrate the point.

  3. questfortrue

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    2015 Golden Padlock Award

    Nice graphic, cynic! :laffbig:

    Nominated as a finalist for the 2015 Golden Padlock Award – Presenting the Colorado Judicial Branch.

    From an announcement by the Investigative Reporters and Editors organization. (IRE) "IRE is proud to announce the finalists for its 2015 Golden Padlock Award celebrating the most secretive government agency or individual in the United States. The Golden Padlock award is handed out to various institutional entities in the US for excelling “in the art of institutional secrecy on matters of vital public interest – from the conduct of police and judges to border safety and the details behind war crimes in Afghanistan. They carry forward a rich tradition of undermining open records laws with ingenuity, commitment and condescension deserving of our acknowledgement."

    Per the June 6, 2015 announcement, Colorado Judicial Branch didn’t win the top award, but here’s the ‘flowery’ intro as to why they were nominated:"The Colorado Judicial Branch was named a finalist for shrouding in secrecy the conduct of some of the state’s most powerful and well-paid civil servants. Since 2012, Colorado ’s Judicial Branch has been exempt from the state’s open records laws. That has given court administrators authority to decide what records – from budgets to internal memos – the half-billion-dollar-a-year agency will and won't release."
  4. Moab

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    Awesome graphic cynic...shows her to be the clown she is.
  5. cynic

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    Hey Moab,

    Here she is doing what she does best. :D

  6. cynic

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    Thanks QFT,

    Perhaps Schiller should consider amending his book title to: "Perfect Murder, Perfect State, Perfect Town."
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    Some of you may remember David Harsanyi. He wrote for the Denver Post and received a number of abusive comments, all because he called out ML over the tDNA 'exoneration.' The recent media productions apparently compelled him to write another piece:

    An excerpt:

    Then there was the Boulder DA’s constant dithering and an activist detective who joined the investigation and became an advocate on the Ramsey’s behalf after bonding with John over religion. The police investigated everyone who had come into contact with the Ramseys. They traveled around the country chasing down leads. They spoke to countless experts. They interviewed all friends and family. They always ended up in the same place.*
    *I guess that’s not exactly true. In 2008, Mary Lacy, then the extraordinarily incompetent district attorney of Boulder, had made it her mission to exonerate the Ramseys. She wrote a cloying open letter clearing the couple of any wrongdoing and then generated a lot of excitement around the country by arresting John Mark Karr, a weird man who was living in Thailand for conspicuous reasons. Karr had confessed to killing JonBenét. My newspaper—and every other major media outlet—rushed to send reporters to Bangkok to learn more. Lacy, and others, used the self-generated story to attack those who had been critical of the Ramseys. Yet all rational people quickly discerned that Karr was unwell, and that he couldn’t have possibly had anything to do with the case. Karr was soon released.

    Harsanyi hasn't forgotten this Colorado story . . .or ML. :D
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  11. BobC

    BobC Poster of the EON - Fabulous Inimitable Transcript

    Lacy lying

    I cannot believe this idiot woman called the carpet in front of JBR's bedroom "pristine" except for a butt print. Now how can that carpet possibly be pristine? I thought Patsy and John were running all over the place--Burke even said so. What were they doing, levitating? There was a lot of levitating going on in that house. Remember the ransom note that no one bothered to pick up and read suddenly materialized in the kitchen. Unbelievable. Nobody even knows where lacy got the butt print story from.
  12. questfortrue

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    I always appreciate your perspective, BobC. :)

    Hmm - lyin’ n levitatin’ in the Land of Lawbegone. :beammeup:

    Well, ML did go on to say that she stands by her decision because there was no psychopathy or history in the family. She just thought people would understand her ‘special use’ of DNA to explain why she ‘exonerated’ them. And the butt print apparently was “Silence-of- the- Lambs†scarwy.

    Then :wood: pontificates that he has absolute confidence in ML’s integrity and judgment. Note he never mentioned how many of her neurons were synapsing.
    And now some RST are pointing to the need to reinvestigate all those who were cleared by DNA (and other investigatory means). It caused me to remember BobC's comment about the slacker investigators not yet investigating everyone in Namibia! :laffbig:

    Though I don’t expect anything to happen, it’s a breath of fresh air to hear someone like Prendergast weigh in : The lack of transparency — and, at times, deliberate misrepresentation of the facts by elected officials — in the Ramsey case has left a stink over Boulder that simply won't go away. Garnett could possibly make an effort to repair the reputation of his office by seeking the release of the rest of the eighteen pages he turned over to the court — something he claims he can't do on his own because of Lowenbach's order. There may not be any earthshaking revelations there, but when it comes to this dismal, failed investigation, how can we know what else has been hidden away under a veil of official secrecy?
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