Lacy lied in documents to Supreme Court & we can now request Ramsey Grand Jury files!

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    And thank you, Elle, ever vigilant in the search for the truth in this case, so buried by myth and lies it may never all be uncovered.

    Oct. 11th is the first court date for Charlie Brennan and Stan Garnett on this issue.

    It's time for the truth of the life and death of JonBenet Ramsey to be witnessed in full.

    God speed, gentlemen.

    [I'm editing to correct court date.]
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    It's interesting to look back at things from the past with today's knowledge about the actual results of the GJ. Notice in the following exchange between Michael Kane and Lin Wood that Kane refuses to violate the secrecy of what he knows about the GJ's true bill -- despite the taunts from Wood. I have no doubt that Wood and Team Ramsey knew the GJ result, but knew also that Kane could/would not violate that secrecy.

    From Larry King Live, August 30, 2000 (

    KING: Lin Wood, you released that tape to us (a portion of the Ramsey interview), and Michael says you can release all of it; will you?
    WOOD: Well, if Michael has authorized me.
    KING: He just did.
    WOOD: Well, then, Michael... KANE: I'm saying I have no objection.
    WOOD: I will absolutely accept you request that I release those records, and release those tapes, and we'll release the June of 1998 tapes.
    And I would challenge you, in return, to tell us now why the grand jury that you were in charge of, after 13 months, refused to issue an indictment in this case. Would you tell us that, please, Mr. Kane?
    KING: But you will still release them, right, Lin? He has agreed to let you release.
    WOOD: Let me say one thing too, Larry, about the interviews, if you don't mind, because it is important to know...
    KANE: Mr. Wood, let me ask you...
    KING: Let him answer that first. Go ahead.
    WOOD: Let me finish. During the interviews, John and Patsy Ramsey did, in fact, answer every question, even the questions that I thought were basically a waste of time about whether or not they had adequate protection for their son Burke, then 10 years old, when he returned to school in Boulder in 1997.
    They did not answer a handful of questions about the forensic tests, but I offered, if they would simply show me the results so that we could verify that they were telling us accurate that we would answer those.
    But what Mr. Kane does not know is that when he had already left, the other members of the interrogation squad were there, and we didn't have any problems with those six individuals. My clients gave to Chief Beckner, the Boulder Police Department, their direct private telephone numbers, and they told Chief Beckner: We want to have a dialogue with you. We want to work with you. If you think there is something that we can give you, in terms of additional information, pick up the phone and call us, don't even call our lawyer, call us directly. That is cooperation.
    KING: I have got a time problem here, Lin. But you will release them, and Michael has given you permission.
    And now, Michael, he asked you, why -- to explain why the grand jury did not indict.
    KANE: Larry, Mr. Wood, if he has ever practiced criminal law, which I don't know that he ever has, but I assume that he knows, because it is criminal law 101 that no prosecutor can talk about what went on in the grand jury.
    WOOD: Sure you can.
    KANE: I can absolutely not talk about what went on in the grand jury, and you know it, and you know it, Lin.
    WOOD: Mr. Kane, why don't you just tell us why the grand jury didn't take any action. It is a fair question. The public is entitled to know. This is not...
    KANE: No, I'm not -- I'll tell you what, Mr. Wood, I'll tell you what: If you will go to court with me, and ask the president judge to authorize a release of that information, I will release it.
    WOOD: I will walk into that courtroom with you, I may not...
    KANE: I will sign that petition with you, Mr. Wood, I will sign.

    WOOD: Let's get this case...
    KING: Wait a minute.
    WOOD: Let's get this case out fully and fairly before the public.
    KING: We have made some progress here tonight. Lin Wood will release all the tapes he has got. And Michael and Lin will go to court together; Lin will ask for the release of the grand jury, Michael will say is OK.
    WOOD: I look forward to seeing you in court, Michael.
    KANE: I will tell the judge I have no objection. If you say that you will waive rule 6 and allow us to release that information, I will tell the court I have no objection.
    WOOD: Let's the truth come out, Mr. Kane.

    KANE: All right, very well.
    KING: We're going to have you both back for an hour when all of it comes out, and I appreciate you being with us, Lin Wood and Michael Kane, and the dilemma goes on.

    On a side-note... I've often wondered since I read the name of the 911 operator in Kolar's book, if there is any relation between Mike Archuleta (pilot) and Kimberly Archuleta (911). Not that it would be important either way -- just a curiosity thing.
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    Speaking of Pam Archuleta, here is a review of her stunning account of her friends, the Ramseys:

    [To see how far the disinformation has evolved in this case, not even challenged by the slobbering "reporter" who simply repeats it, you may want to read the whole article if you haven't already. Have barf bag nearby. :puke:]

    I do feel for Mrs. Archuleta. I can only imagine why her husband was avoiding her as she hosted the Ramseys, who clearly intimidated her on many levels, I feel, from the parts of the article I snipped.

    At the time of the murder, Pam A. was no stranger to the Ramseys; she knew Burke and JonBenet, as well. Pam was involved with coordinating the Boy Scout Troop march in the 1996 Boulder Christmas Parade the first week of Dec., to which Burke and her own son belonged, if memory serves. That was also the one with JonBenet's "pageant car" ride from which we have a photo, wasn't it? You may remember Patsy and John were in N.Y. with the Stines during that week, while Patsy's parents took care of the children in Boulder. (This all followed Patsy's and JonBenet's Thanksgiving activities in Atlanta, including some shopping for pageant dresses, one of which may be the one the child was buried in...? If I have these details wrong please feel free to correct me or add anything I've forgotten or mixed up.)

    But the responsibilities of coordinating activities for active children is a far cry from having the rich Ramseys as long term guests while dodging the press and praying for no indictment--after one of their children was murdered in their own home, for which they were the prime suspects, no less. Mr. Archuleta worked for John, as well, and eventually bought a plane from him, as I remember it.

    It must have been devastating for those friends and parents who knew JonBenet, walking on eggshells in confusion and fear after she was murdered. We know how others among the inner circle of the Ramsey's fared after this murder.

    I tell you, there is no limit to the wealth of subtext in this entire article. It's rich with every kind of deceit and propaganda vomited by Team Ramsey for so long. To be written by a "Pulitzer Prize-winning" journalist simply destroys the credibility of the press even further. Good job, JOB Ramsey; you did change the way we get our news. Now we have to go to court to wrest it out of the hands of corruption and politics.

    There's a discussion thread on this article somewhere around here on FFJ, but while googling the link for this article I found an oldie but goody at topix which has me simultaneously laughing and pulling my hair out:
  4. heymom

    heymom Member

    "At age 64, Ramsey still has the gloss of wealth about him. He greets me in a wine-colored cashmere sweater and yellow-checked shirt, his wavy hair the color of cornstalks in winter; he is smooth and genial, even debonair."

    Oh God, barf bag necessary indeed! Surprised the reporter didn't report on the condition of John's lower bowel since she seems to have crawled up there! :rolling:

    Did Ramsey write this himself and just hand it to the reporter? Hair "the color of cornstalks in winter?" Dear Lord, help me, the guy thinks he's being poetic.
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  5. Thor

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  6. heymom

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    "Four years before he lost JonBenet, Ramsey’s daughter Beth from his first marriage was killed in a car crash. Shortly afterwards, Patsy was told she had Stage Four ovarian cancer, but delayed telling John so as not to add to his grief. She was hospitalized for a year while she endured intense but successful chemotherapy. Then, on the morning after Christmas in 1996, John found JonBenet crumpled in the wine cellar with a garrote sunk round her neck."

    Now here's a new one. Did anyone here know that Patsy had been hospitalized for an entire YEAR?? Yeah, I thought so.

    Such a flood of tragedy defies any normal reaction, and John Ramsey's responses have been often judged abnormal. It was his bizarre poise on the morning of the murder that first raised police suspicions about him. "They wanted me to wail and cry in front of them,” he says. “It somehow escaped them that how people really feel is not always apparent."

    No, John, the fact that your child was found dead in your basement with a ransom note written by your wife is what raised police suspicions.

    John was also criticized for immediately getting a lawyer. "I got a call from someone in the law enforcement system on the second day. They told me I better do it, because the police were already considering me the prime suspect."

    And you had a lawyer waiting the DAY of the murder.

    "It started when our frantic call brought a single rookie cop who was so inexperienced she didn't seal off the house or collect evidence. She even had to send out for a book on kidnapping," John says. "Then, later, they took 200 DNA samples and one by one they purportedly eliminated our friends and acquaintances so they could investigate the only people they really thought had done it—us. And our DNA wasn't even found on our child's body!"

    Your dear wife called your friends over to make sure to contaminate the scene as quickly as possible, but yes, the BPD was incompetent, especially for letting your family leave that afternoon with the body of your child lying like a broken doll underneath the Christmas tree. You should have been held in the Boulder jail without bond.

    P.S. - John, your DNA would normally have been found on your child's clothing or body, just from routine contact. The assertion that it supposedly wasn't found would be more incriminating, actually, since it would mean that the killer(s) or assistants had wiped the body clean trying to destroy any evidence.

    What a smooch-fest this article is! The reporter obviously just took down whatever Ramsey said and didn't do any of her own research. :lame:
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    “The last hope I have,†he says, is that “one day I will get a call from somewhere in the country and a voice will say, 'We know who killed your daughter.'"

    Well, John Ramsey, today is your lucky day...


    Chief Kolar has been trying to reach you.
  8. Elle

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    Woo Hoo! Methinks girls, Lucinda Franks has a crush on John Ramsey making a statement like this!
  9. Jayelles

    Jayelles Alert Viewer in Scotland

    I just read in the news that there had been a development re GJ.

    Will be watching with interest!
  10. koldkase

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    OH, looky who's slumming in the Guttah today!

    Nice of you to drop by. So lovely to see you remember us down here and come to gloat down your highfalutin nose. Too bad you couldn't bring Zotto, a certain former Aussie agent who also deserted us.

    Yeah, it's a hard job waiting on justice in Boulder, I have to admit. Not for the faint of heart...or anyone who has a real life.

    So thanks for giving us a thrill, Dearie. Next time bring old Zotto and some haggis, if you please.

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  11. Cherokee

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    :floor: Too true!
  12. Cherokee

    Cherokee FFJ Senior Member

    I couldn't agree more with EVERY WORD you said!

    Lying, pompous, self-righteous, John Ramsey makes me want to wretch ... and that's even BEFORE he starts with the lizard tongue.

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    Ha ha, I could make that phone call!

    "WE know who killed your daughter ...."
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    You're all right, of course. This is yet another whiny Ramsey puff piece contributed by the useless media who long ago forgot their responsibilities as the Fourth Estate in this country. That happened when the government regulation of ownership of media in our country was dissolved at the beginning of this century; so now we have a handful of rich and powerful owners running it into the ground beneath which they serve themselves.

    What's actually funny about this article is that Miss Franks somehow managed to insert a very damning piece of information from a source no one has used before, Mrs. Archuleta. That she confirmed that Patsy was worried about JonBenet "flirting" is directly linked to the prior vaginal injuries, IMO. MORE evidence that the child was being abused and that's the motive behind the vaginal injuries that were inflicted the night she was killed.

    Miss Franks, who clearly doesn't know the case evidence and couldn't be bothered to find out for herself who she was really interviewing, probably had no idea; otherwise, why would she be praising John Ramsey as if he is some benevolent saint awaiting elusive justice for such a horrible crime when in fact he knows exactly what happened to his child that night, IMO.

    It's truly astonishing the amount of corruption, incompetence, and carelessness which has been uncovered in this case.

    But don't get me started....

    I have another thread to put some links to reports of what's going on in Boulder in the Charlie Brennan lawsuit. He's one of the few remaining old school journalists. God speed, Charlie, god speed.
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