Lawyer Calls Woods’s Remarks Counterproductive

Discussion in 'Justice for JonBenet Discussion - Public Forum' started by Little, Feb 19, 2010.

  1. zoomama

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    You have a way with words. You have said all that I have been thinking about this mess. Tiger is a sports star and nothing more. He is moralless (is that a word) and he got caught. His press conference was laughable. His crocodile tears were laughable. He was scared to death and it showed because he finally had to admit to the public that he got caught. When his time for returning to the golf course comes and it will there will be some who will boo and hiss and shout when they aren't supposed to like when he is swinging or putting. That will be the publics reaction to the mess he made of what he thought was his secret life. He is in for a rough road and that too is laughable. If only he weren't so laughable. All the big names of "spin" can't undo what Tiger has done to himself and his family. He is just a sports star and nothing more. Not that there is anything wrong with that!!!!!!
  2. koldkase

    koldkase FFJ Senior Member

    I did go on, didn't I? To anyone who is a fan, I didn't mean to offend. Like there's some way of unringing that bell.... :unreal:

    Zoomama, it will be interesting to see how the public at the golf courses act. They usually can't even twitch or sneeze, so it would be quite a shocker if they boo him.
  3. Watching You

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    Tiger Woods, like many other men (and women), is a serial cheater. However, unless his actions somehow affect us in a personal manner, this sordid chapter in his life should have stayed between Tiger and his wife. I frankly couldn't care less who he's been dinging, and I hate that all his skanky paramours will get rich from it. I wouldn't blame his wife if she divorced him. It doesn't look as if she will, but time will tell. He's a public figure, so he's fair game, it seems.

    Whether his little I'm sorry speech was sincere or not, at least he went before the camera and took responsibility for his actions. A lot of people are not good public speakers - I'm one of them. He may be a poor public speaker as well. Perhaps that translated into insincerity?

    All I'm saying is - look, the guy got what he had coming. He was publically exposed and embarrassingly so. Who are we to decide what punishment is fit for him? Is it really necessary to draw blood on him? He has the right to make a living, and he's damn good at what he does. I don't really care one way or the other - I have no personal stake in what happens to him, but he's probably the best golfer ever to compete. He is no role model for anyone, or shouldn't be, the way he has behaved. But, he's apologized. Move on.

    Lin Wood - who asked him for his opinion, and why does he have such a case on himself that he thinks anyone cares what he thinks? I wonder how much digging into his personal affairs he could stand. It always seems the ones that sanctimoniously crow the loudest about someone else who's been exposed have as much trash or more in their own closets that they don't want found out.

    He should crawl back in his hole and stay there until the next parents kill their kid and hide her in their basement. Then he can crawl back out and preen in front of the cameras as he protects his newest killers from their just punishments, too.
  4. RiverRat

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    Not just your personal is ours together!

    If only he would have said those exact words to the Ramseys....guessing that he would have got the axe?!

    If Linn seriously wants to get involved in ANY case in Florida, I'd be shocked since we have the Grand Fortune of The SunShine Law :sunny: that not only informs the citizens of our State about the also keeps secrets and accountability to those elected by and paid by the public, unlike the ones in Boulder, from staying secret forever. Think of Yana, Caylee, Haleigh...catch my drift?

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