Lee Hill's Arrest Warrant

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  1. Tricia

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    Lee Hill's Arrest Warrant w/ Pictures of the Weapons

    Here is the latest Lee Hill Arrest Warrant. I scanned it into a word file. I had to adjust a few things. Nothing was altered other than the deletion of a few minor entries having to do with signatures that wouldn't scan.
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    Your affiant, Linda R. Wickman, a duly sworn, commissioned investigator for the Boulder County District Attorney's Office, County of Boulder, State of Colorado, deposes and says: ,

    Your affiant has reason to believe that WALTER LEON mLL, AKA LEE HILL, date of birth 03-26-1959, described as a white male, 6'0" 160 pounds, brown eyes and brown hair, has connnitted the crimes of VIOLATION OF BAIL BOND CONDITIONS, two counts, both class 6 felonies, contrary to C.R.S. 18-8-212, and also Drove a Motor Vehicle When License Under Restraint contrary to 42-2-138, Failed to Obey Traffic Control Signal contrary to 42-4-603, and Failed to Present Evidence of Insurance contrary to 42-4-1409. The reasons your affiant believe this to be true are as follows:

    Walter Leon Hill currently has a criminal case pending in the Boulder County Courts, court case number 2002CR2019-4, in which Mr. Hill is charged with two counts of Violation of Bail Bond Conditions, both clas.s 6 felonies. fu part, these charges involve the allegation that Mr. Hill possessed weapons, i.e. firearms, in violation of his existing bond conditions. The preliminary hearing in this case has been held and all charges were bound over to the District Court for trial. The case is cUrrently set for a motions hearing on 07-24-2003 and for jury trial the week of 08-04-2003. Walter Leon Hill posted the ., bond in this case in the amount of $5000 via bondsperson Michael J. Hunt, Box 21213, Boulder, CO 80308 from the Boulder County Jail on 11-22-2002. Boulder County Sheriff dyputies Trujillo and Wicker witnessed this bond. One of the supplemental conditions expressly written on the face of this bond is that Walter Leon Hill is to have "no weapons." This bond is still in full force and effect. A review of the court file bearing case number 2002CR20 19, and of the court computer has revealed no change in this bond condition.

    It was brought to your affiant's attention that the Boulder Police Department had recently arrested Walter Leon Hill. This incident is documented under PO3-9309. Upon receiving these police reports, your affiant noted that they detailed the following events.

    On 06-25-2003 at approximately 8:43 p.m. Officer Patrick Compton and Officer Keith Steinman, in a 2-man marked patrol car, observed a silver car traveling at a high rate of speed west bound on Pearl Street approaching 30th Street. Officer Compton, the driver of the patrol car, was traveling south on 30th Street, had to slam on the brakes to avoid a collision with the silver car, which had entered the intersection against the light without slowing down or stopping. Officers Compton and Steinman stopped the silver vehicle in the 2900 block of Pearl Street.

  3. Tricia

    Tricia Administrator Staff Member

    Officer Compton's report relates that he approached the vehicle and spoke with the driver, advising the driver that he had run a red light. The driver, later identified by a Colorado Driver's license as Walter Leon Hill, looked at Officer Compton and said, "I
    am sorry, I. wasn't even paying attention." Hill then told Officer Compton that he had been on his cell phone. As Officer Compton asked for Hill's driver's license, registration and proof of insurance, he noticed that the vehicle was full of boxes, clothes and other items. Hill gave Officer Compton a Colorado dllver~s license and registration, but was unable to locate an insurance card.

    Officer Compton and Steinman then ran a routine computer check on Hill, which revealed a failure to appear warrant (warrant number 02WFO6341) out of the Westminster Municipal Court for an original charge of careless driving. The computer check also showed that Hill's Colorado driver's license was cancelled and denied. Officers confirmed both the warrant and the driver's license status. Officer Compton noted in his report that the computer check further revealed that Hill's concealed weapons permit had been cancelled.

    Officer Compton re-approached Mr. Hill aQd asked him ifhe had any weapons on him or in the vehicle. Mr. Hill reporte4ly responded that he did not. Officer Compton then asked Mr. Hill.tpexit the vehicle and placed him under arrest for the Westminster warrant. As Officer Compton was patting Mr. Hill down, as per officer safety procedure, Officer Steinman noticed a knife sticking out of Hill's left front jeans pocket. Officer Steinman took possession of this knife. Walter Leon Hill reportedly told Officer Steillman that. he did not think that a knife was a weapon and stated that it wasn't a weapon the way I use it. The officers asked Hill again if there were any weapons or knives in the car. Hill again responded, no.

    By this time Officer Smetzer was also present to handle the impound of Mr. Hill's vehicle. When Officer Smetzer looked under the driver's seat of Hill's car he noticed a metal object the size of a credit card halfway underneath the front of the seat. As Officer Smetzer continued his impound inventory search, he located several knives in the console between the two front seats. Several more knives were located in a bag that was sitting on the front passenger seat of the car. A number of other knives were then found throughout the vehicle, for a total of approximately 30. Also in the vehicle were car keys that had been filed into sharp knives and several handcuff keys. Centennial Towing impounded the vehicle.

    Mr. Hill was transported to the Boulder County Jail and booked in on the Westminster warrant. While inventorying Mr. Hill's property at the jail, Officer Compton found a square piece of metal with a sharp edge the size of a credit card among the other cards in Hill's wallet. This piece of metal was removed and placed into property and evidence with the other property and knives for safekeeping.

    Mr. Hill was issued a DMV proof of service fonn and his Colorado driver's license, number 95-067-3341, was seized.

    Your affiant reviewed the Boulder Police Department Property Report, which detailed the
    items placed into the property and evidence division in case number PO3-9309. These
    items were detailed as follows:
  4. Tricia

    Tricia Administrator Staff Member

    Item 1 Item 2 Item 3 Item 4
    Item 5

    1 Disc film
    23 Knives-with tape around the edges 6 Flares, knives, maze
    10 Misc. personal items
    1 Paper currency 1-$5,2-$1.

    The Boulder Police Department Custody Receipt reflects that items 2, 3, 4, and 5 were released to Walter Leon Hill on 07-01-2003 by property/evidence technician Karen Mullenix. Digital photographs were taken of these items prior to release. See Attachment "A".

    I spoke with Officer Keith Steinman concerning the above items. He told me that Officer Compton took the photos (Attachment "A"). The officers taped the edges of the knives for officer safety, and so that they wouldn't. injure the evidence technicians when the property was processed. The knife that was seized from Mr. Hill's pocket was one of the
    black folding knives. -

    Your affiant has verified via prior arrest records that WALTER LEON HILL,AKA LEE HILL, is described as a white male, date of birth 03-26-1959, and is 6'0" 160 pound, has brown hair and brown eyes.

    Your affiant believes that Walter Leon Hill has violated the conditions of the bond posted in Boulder County case number 2002CR2019 as set forth in this affidavit, and that sufficient probable cause has been presented to the court for issuance of an arrest warrant for the person known as WALTER LEON HILL, AKA LEE HILL, with the above physical description, charging him with two counts of VIOLATION OF BAIL BOND CONDITIONS, class 6 felonies, contrary to C.R.S. 18-8-212; Driving a Motor Vehicle When License Under Restraint contrary to 42-2-138, Failure to Obey Traffic Control Signal contrary to 42-4-603 and Failure to Present Evidence of Insurance contrary to 42- 4-1409. Your affiant respectfully requests the Court issue said warrant. .

    Linda R. Wickman, Chief Investigator Boulder County District Attorney's Office Boulder. Colorado

    Subscribed and sworn to before me this 16 day of July 2003
  5. Tricia

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    These pictures really don't due justice as to what Hill had with him at the time of his arrest.
  6. LurkerXIV

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    Lee Hill

    "He said he did not think that a knife was a weapon".

    Knives have been used as weapons by warriors from time immemorial.

    Next excuse, Mr. Hill?
  7. Watching You

    Watching You Superior Bee Admin

    I'll bet he'd change his tune

    if he got one of those non-weapons stuck between his rib cage, ya think, Lurker?
  8. WhiteWolf

    WhiteWolf Member

    Wow, that's quite a collection of knives! No wonder his wife has been scrambling to change her story about the domestic violence incident with Lee. I'd be a little worried about :(:(:(:(ing off a husband with that many weapons, too.
  9. Voyager

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    How Can We Find Out......

    why BPD gave this collection of knives (weapons!) back to Lee Hill when he was released?

    He had lost his permit to carry concealed weapons and he was in violation of his bond as well....seems to me that those weapons should have been confiscated and held at least until his legal difficulties were resolved.....isn't that proper police proceedure?

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