Limpy is suing Fox

Discussion in 'Justice for JonBenet Discussion - Public Forum' started by Thor, Dec 23, 2003.

  1. Thor

    Thor Active Member

    Apparently, Limp Wood and his Merry Band of Scumbags sued Fox News today over that short Fox segment last year that Carol McKinley did. I've heard around the net that Carol stands by her report. The report was right after the Wolf suit was dismissed. I believe she was alleging that there still was no intruder evidence after all this time. Not sure exactly what she said.
  2. Watching You

    Watching You Superior Bee Admin

    Perhaps Carol

    should have said there is no "absolute" intruder evidence. What Limpwood and the Ramseys are doing is saying every stray piece of unidentified material belongs to an intruder, and there is absolutely no evidence of THAT. I can't believe this lawsuit will fly, but if it does, I am going to have to believe that our judges are all turning into a bunch of ignorant fools.

    There is no way anyone can say through scientific analysis (or even common sense, for that matter) when this so-called "evidence" was left there. No one can say how or when the footprint got there, no one can say when an underbelly hair got on a blanket, or how, no one can prove any alleged, incomplete and very questionable foreign DNA under JBR's fingernails or in her underpants came from an intruder nor can they say when it got there or how it got there. Every single piece of alleged intruder evidence can be blown away in court, and I hope FOX News doesn't lay down for this bully Wood and allow him to continue to convolute this case any more than it's been convoluted already.

    Like I said, I can't believe a judge won't throw this lawsuit out, but we've already seen the inmates are running the asylum in this case. FOX can win this suit. I hope they stay the course. Maybe they could even turn around and sue the pants off Wood for harassment and false accusations against them. It's going to happen some day, may as well be FOX. Wood would want to hope he doesn't get someone like me on the jury if this suit goes through. His assertions against McKinley are ludicrious, and his ego and greed know no bounds.
  3. purr

    purr Active Member

    Tricia, can we do this? a few questions for you as our forum leader........

    can we as the forum send Carol
    an email of support???

    for several reasons:
    to let her know we really do support her.
    to inform her of our web site.
    to educate her on the case.
    to give her resources to fight her case.
    to further our cause to get our petition signed.
    to shed light on the truth.
    to bring attention to all of Lin Wood's lies.
    to have her contact Geraldo to get his
    old talk show tape.

    and many, many more reasons.
    that you may all add to my list.

    this may be the way WE, our forum, THE TRUTH,
    can finally be brought forward.

    this case may be a blessing in disquise.

    does our forum have a lawyer?

    Tricia, while you were gone.......i came up with an idea.
    did you read it?

    i wanted to publish a full page ad in the Boulder
    paper to support our cause of signing our petition......
    and to let the people of Boulder know that
    their government, lawyers, rules have failed them
    and that we are here for the long run to find
    justice for JonBenet......???

    and now we could add to that full page letter
    to the people of Boulder that we support
    Fox News and Carol and The Truth. that we are going to
    post a reward....that could be in the published
    letter to the people and goverment of
    Boulder too.

    another thing to say to the people of Boulder...
    i love how Easy Rider says it......
    either all the evidence points to an intruder.
    or it doesnt.........duh??????

    this case CAN be solved!!!

    i would be willing to donate money to
    publish that "ad", "letter" in the Boulder newspaper,
    and i am sure there are others on here who would too.

    also, Tricia, because of all the latest happenings......
    your name is in the you
    have a lawyer? just in case? are you ready
    for the all the publicity???

    i am praying that you are interviewed on the Today show!!!!
    i am praying THE REAL TRUTH gets out there.
    i a believe it will.......someday.....somehow.....
    and this may be IT!

    let me know,
  4. purr

    purr Active Member

    another question Tricia.......

    can we single posters........
    as members of this forum........
    email Carol and identify ourselves as such......
    forum let her know we
    support her and Fox News.........?????

    or do we just need to send emails.....that
    are just from ourselves.......without
    reference to this forum?

    i just dont want to get the forum in trouble?

    thanks. let me know..........because
    i do feel compelled to email Carol of Fox News.

    or will you email her for all of us.

    so glad you are back from vacation.
    we all missed you.

    where did you go? can you share.....without
    giving away specifics.....???

    do you have a tan?


    our forum should become a LOUD BARKING DOG
    that wont go away!!!
  5. Jayelles

    Jayelles Alert Viewer in Scotland

    I think

    that any intelligent judge is going to approach this by looking at the "actual malice" accusation. As it stands, her words are open to interpretation and could arguably be intended to mean "a (specific) intruder". I think her other reports will be taken into account.

    I have doubts that it will even be allowed to proceed. If it gets thrown out, Ramsey and Wood critics will have a field day.
  6. Elle

    Elle Member

    Purr, did you mean Easy Writer as in Delmar England, when you mentioned "Easy Rider?"::eek:

    another thing to say to the people of Boulder...
    i love how Easy Rider says it......
    either all the evidence points to an intruder.
    or it doesnt.........duh??????
  7. LurkerXIV

    LurkerXIV Moderator

    Beefy Boy Strikes Again


    "Ah will--ah say --ah will sue Rupert and get enough money to buy a year's worth of hay and oats!"
  8. BobC

    BobC Poster of the EON - Fabulous Inimitable Transcript

    Linn has morning puffy-face in that picture. I hope an especially hostile pony trots right up and nips him.

    Yours in ANGER,


    PS: At least he's not allowed to interfere in a criminal investigation anymore.
  9. AK

    AK Member

    Too much Botox?

    Or maybe just an allergic reaction to horse manure.

    Woody's banking on Fox and McKinley not being able to get corroborating evidence from people within the investigation, but a team can still be assembled of forensic experts, journalists and other power players.
  10. Ginja

    Ginja Member

    How 'bout....

    Is it possible we could "join" the suit? That is, file an amicus curiae brief on behalf of FOX (and/or Carol) on the basis that Lin Wood has pulled this crap before in an Atlanta federal court (that is, using bogus evidence).

    Amicus curiae, fyi, is a memorandum filed to support a party. It means, "friend of the court".

    I think we're all a pretty friendly bunch, don't you?
  11. Ilene-Sue

    Ilene-Sue Member

    Oh my! It does appear he has had some botox shots or eye bag surgery, and it's not very becoming.
  12. Sabrina

    Sabrina Member

    I just saw elsewhere that a lawyer wanna be or paralegal wannabe, I don't know which, but she is neither, stated that it is a scam that the Ramseys filed in GA and they should have filed in MI.

    I do not not know very much about civil law but I do know about criminal, and many of the same principles apply, at least in my state. Since the alledged "crime" of libel took place WHEN the Ramseys lived in GA, that would be the correct place to file the suit. They were alledgedly libeled in GA as I believe the date of the broadcast was prior to their move to MI. It does not matter where they live now.
  13. Deja Nu

    Deja Nu Banned

    McKinley's alleged libelous comments were made in April, 2000 according to the suit. The Ramseys' state of residence at that time was GA (at least as far as Patsy and Burke), so suit is properly filed there.

    The only way to get a change of venue is if someone can determine IF the Ramseys had dual residency in another state such as MI. They've moved so many times and made the news about potential moves so many times, I've lost track of where they've actually "resided." There have historically been a number of times in their past as well where Patsy and the children lived in one state and John actually had residency in another for employment purposes. We should see if we can trace this sort of activity as well.

    BTW, residency is legally defined by certain normal activities such as starting a child in school, applying for a driver's license, actually moving into a new home, commencing employment, etc. I will try to do some legal research in the federal statutes and cases over the next few days to determine what, if any, wiggle room there could be in getting this case out of GA since both Thrash (the judge assigned to the Fox case) and Carnes have faithfully dismissed all suits AGAINST the Ramseys. Such judicial prejudices may make a good foundation for legal argument to remove the Fox case from the GA district court. There could also be an issue of prejudice in favor of the Ramseys since the Carnes ruling forms the very foundation of the Fox suit.

    As far as an amicus curaie brief goes, we saw what reception public sentiment received in the Kobe Bryant case when the judge started receiving mountains of mail. Considering the history of Ramsey support demonstrated by this particular GA court, I would guess that anything submitted by "the public" without legal representation would fall under the prejudice bus and be disregarded. An official amicus curaie brief may only be submitted by a court-appointed or privately retained attorney. I would suggest we continue to try to find a media outlet instead to air our concerns and challenge the Woodmeister to an evidence dual.
  14. Tricia

    Tricia Administrator Staff Member

    DejaNu when you say "privately retained attorney" do you mean if FFJ retained an attorney we might have a voice in court concerning this matter?
  15. Watching You

    Watching You Superior Bee Admin

    Check out the eyes

    there is more than one reason I can't stand to watch Lin Ramsey on TV. I can't stand his deliberate misrepresentations of the facts in this case, but more than that, I can't look at his eyes.

    They say our eyes are windows to our souls. Lin's eyes look dead to me, which means his soul may be dead. I'll go even further and say I feel as if I'm looking at the devil himself when I look at Wood. Hey, it's the way he makes me feel, and I have to look away from what I perceive as pure evil.

    So, sue me.
  16. Sabrina

    Sabrina Member


    Thanks for explaining this so eloquently in legalize that I could never do. I do not claim to be particularly knowledgeable in civil law but calling the domicile a "scam" sure made no sense for what I know first hand about the workings of criminal law.

    As much as I think the Ramseys are "scamseys," I don't see it in
    this situation.

    If there is no wiggle room, perhaps there can be a suggestion to Fox to file a motion to change judges in Atlanta?

    Surely, there are more than 2 judges hearing civil cases in a city of the size of Atlanta....
  17. Deja Nu

    Deja Nu Banned

    Sabrina, yes, there is opportunity for a change of judge in the same jurisdiction. AND it would be a real hoot to see LW get his :(:(:( kicked in his own jurisdiction.....

    Tricia, there is the possibility that if FFJ had legal representation, it could play a part in the Fox suit. But that would be up to Fox's legal team. Now would be a good time for the 911 testing results.....I have long hoped that some noble attorney would step forward to make legal effort to be named as guardian ad litem for the decedent's estate and interests. This would provide a foot in every door........
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