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    Yes, Miss Patsy was working her brain overtime, IMO, trying to figure out how this was going to play out after NOBODY found JB in the cellar room early on.

    So was John. "OH! I have AN IMPORTANT MEETING I CAN'T MISS! In another state! I'll be sure and fly right back as soon as my IMPORTANT MEETING is concluded! In the next lifetime...."

    One thing that was truly telling to me, and I think Kolar mentions it, as well: when Arndt in her interivew speaks of JR coming upstairs with the body, even with all the yelling and shock among the others there, Patsy stayed seated in the sunroom. She's been anguishing over what has happened to her little girl all morning, she hears hollering and yelling and no doubt the rest of the group are visibly shaken...but instead of running to see what was happening Patsy just sits there.

    Arndt described Patsy's "guttural" wail--from the sunroom.

    As was said already, and I agree, the Ramseys acted like they already knew this was going to be the outcome.
  2. Elle

    Elle Member

    Because she knew John had brought JonBenét up!
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