Lou Smit strikes again!

Discussion in 'Justice for JonBenet Discussion - Public Forum' started by koldkase, Jul 11, 2012.

  1. koldkase

    koldkase FFJ Senior Member

    As if we weren't tense enough, Lou BS Smit has struck again...this time from beyond the grave. Yet another Team Ramsey book. (Iago lives. Wonder if Mark Beckner knew about this alliance with one of his detectives.)

    Don't tell me the Devil isn't having his fun. :dervish:

    Also, this explains a lot: Smit had a mole in the BPD all along:

    Injustice: Why JonBenet Ramsey Was Murdered By A Sadistic Psychopath - Not Her Parents by Robert A. Whitson


    This is also one of the most brutal photos yet: consider the photos of JonBenet on that rug, by the Christmas tree, only one day later. It's so horrific.
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  2. cynic

    cynic Member

    A disgrace to the uniform. :(

    Here is the description from the back cover of the book:
    JonBenet Ramsey was only six years old on Christmas night, December 25, 1996, when she was taken from her bed inside of her home and murdered. Fifteen years later, JonBenet’s case remains unsolved. The primary purpose of this book is to answer the questions, “What kind of person kidnapped, tortured, sexually assaulted, and murdered JonBenet Ramsey? Did John or Patsy Ramsey torture, sexually assault, and murder JonBenet?” The secondary purpose of this book is to educate criminal justice practitioners, psychologists, criminal justice students and the public about psychopathy and sadism
    Psychopaths comprise about one-percent of the population, which equates to over three million psychopaths in the United States. Psychopaths comprise a disproportionate rate of about 25% of our prison population, may be responsible for as much as 50% of violent crimes, and 90% of serial killers are psychopaths with sexually sadistic traits. Not every psychopath will become a criminal who commits serial rapes or serial murders, but the vast majority of people who commit the most heinous and violent crimes in our society are psychopaths.
    Not only did John and Patsy Ramsey lose their daughter during a horrific murder, but they were falsely accused of murdering JonBenet by members of the Boulder Police Department and the news media. Their lives were never the same. After reading this book, Lou Smit and Robert Whitson believe you will agree a sadistic psychopath murdered JonBenet Ramsey – not her parents.

    The Author

    Robert Whitson was a law enforcement officer for 30 years. He retired from the Boulder Police Department in 2005
    and spent six years to obtain a doctorate degree in criminal justice, conducting his dissertation on psychopathy because of JonBenet Ramsey’s murder. He has taught criminal justice classes at the college level for years.

    The Consultant

    Andrew Lou Smit was stricken with cancer and passed away on August 11, 2010 after this book was 90% written. Lou was a highly respected law enforcement officer and investigator with the Colorado Springs Police Department and the El Paso County Sheriff’s Department who had investigated 200 homicides with a 90% clearance rate.
    In March 1997 the Boulder District Attorney’s Office asked Lou to become a senior investigator on the team investigating JonBenet’s murder. Lou reviewed all the available information and became the leading authority of the intruder theory which contradicted the prevailing theory of the Boulder Police Department and the District Attorney’s Office that Patsy Ramsey murdered JonBenet.
  3. Thor

    Thor Active Member

    If I wanted to read a fairy tale, I'd buy Cinderalla. No thanks.
  4. Elle

    Elle Member

    Cynic and Thor,

    I'm leaving all the reading of new books to all you younger ones. Been there, done that a long time ago!

    Having said this, thank you cynic for the update I do appreciate all you have to say relating to this case. You do a wonderful job!
  5. zoomama

    zoomama Active Member

    Oh my goodness. This is terrible. Another horn tooting book with loosemits as a contributer. I love the phrase that loosemits is the leading authority on the intruder theory. Hell he invented it out of thin air! Ooooh what a disgrace this all is.
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  6. cynic

    cynic Member

    Bob Whitson – leaving fingerprints, seeing old pry marks, dodging bullets and, ultimately, selling out.
    A brief review:

    The only print identified on that note belonged to the document examiner (Chet Ubowski).
    Lab analysts did identify 7 latent fingerprints on the tablet from which the ransom note came. None of them belonged to an intruder. One belonged to Sergeant Whitson, who handled the tablet on the morning of December 26. A second belonged to CBI's Ubowski. The remaining five prints were Patricia Ramsey's.

    JonBenet : Inside the Ramsey Murder Investigation - Steve Thomas, page 223

    An equally important point, made by John Ramsey, was repeated to three different officers. He told French, Arndt, and later Sergeant Whitson that he had personally checked the doors the previous night and all were secure. When three cops get the same information during separate conversations with the same person, I view it as a consistent story. Months later, in an official interview, Ramsey would deny saying it to any of them.
    JonBenet : Inside the Ramsey Murder Investigation - Steve Thomas, page 24

    Sergeant Bob Whitson, who retrieved the ransom note tablet on December 26, was in his home when two shots from a high-powered rifle shattered his bedroom window and narrowly missed him. A third shot drilled through a wall, then a fourth struck the house as Whitson dove to a closet floor, grabbed his weapon and a phone, and dialed 911. Whoever had fired the shots vanished.
    JonBenet : Inside the Ramsey Murder Investigation - Steve Thomas, page 201

    Sergeant Whitson told Your Affiant that when he arrived at the Ramsey residence, he entered through the rear exterior kitchen door. He told Your Affiant that as he entered the residence he saw what appeared to be a pry-mark in the door jam of this door. He told Your Affiant that the mark he observed was on the exterior of the house near the door knob and lock on the door, and that the damaged area appeared to have been less weathered than the surrounding surfaces on the door and door jam. Sergeant Whitson told Your Affiant that he spoke to John Ramsey who identified himself as the owner of the residence and the father of JonBenet Ramsey who he reported was now missing. Sergeant Whitson told Your Affiant that Jon Ramsey stated to him that all the doors to the residence were locked when he and his family went to bed on the previous evening of December 25, 1996. Seargeant Whitson told Your Affiant that John Ramsey told him that the doors were still locked this morning when they discovered the child was missing.
    January 30, 1997 Search Warrant

    We also resolved the issue of pry marks being seen on a back door of the Ramsey home. Team Ramsey had carried on quite a bit about the marks, which they said indicated an intruder. But a witness came forward to report that she had pointed out those very marks to Patsy Ramsey months before the murder. There was no intruder entry there, and the Ramseys knew it all along.
    JonBenet : Inside the Ramsey Murder Investigation - Steve Thomas, page 293
  7. koldkase

    koldkase FFJ Senior Member

    Thanks for the info on Whitson, cynic. What a backstabbing, sneaky wimp. I now wonder if he staged the shooting at his house to try to gain publicity. He was at ground zero in this case, and then he never got much traction when it came to publicity. Not like Smit and Thomas.

    Makes me quite suspicious that Whitson has been an inside mole in the BPD all these years for Team Ramsey. Gotta wonder how much money these weasels made on the downlow. I even wonder if Smit knew Whitson was writing a book, as he's listed as a "consultant." Maybe Whitson is capitalizing post mortem on Smit's infamy to make some money now.

    I tell you, these people never seem to get that aiding prime suspects is blatantly wrong when they are sworn to uphold the law for the People, who pay them to do so, BTW.

    I hate to think of the bad education paid for by the students of yet another joke of a professor. Where did this fake get his Ph.D. and teach, anyway?

    Oh well. It's always back to poor JonBenet. She was murdered in a world where the brutality used on her equates to more currency for the shills and flimflams.

    Oh, I better state


    as I doubt Whitson could find his way to the bottom of my post with a magnifying glass and a map.
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  8. fr brown

    fr brown Member

    A retread of Whitson's doctoral dissertation?

    If memory serves, Patsy told Whitson that JonBenet wore her red turtleneck to bed. Maybe Whitson will come on Tricia's show and explain.
  9. koldkase

    koldkase FFJ Senior Member

    No doubt it's one more attempt to make money on JB's back, since Lou Smit and Team Ramsey is the only show in town.

    I'd love to hear Whitson explain his betrayal of JonBenet Ramsey. Clearly he's a doofus if he thinks this crime was committed by an intruder sexual sadist.

    I'm putting a post here I wrote at topix because things like this disappear there, and I want to respond to critics of Tricia and FFJ who seem to think we're all involved in some kind of game--Team Ramsey's court, of course.

  10. Cherokee

    Cherokee FFJ Senior Member

    Awesome post, KK. I'm glad you copied it here so we could read it and applaud everything you said.

    This is NOT some kind of game with winners and losers as the IDIs and Team Ramsey would have us believe. The Ramseys started that idea when they refused to cooperate with police. It became an US vs. THEM battle, and JonBenet only became an afterthought in their fight to stay out of jail. She's been little more than that to them after all these years. The Ramsey's books have been about what THEY went through, not JonBenet. They never raised a finger to help the investigation, but had to be dragged to questioning after negotiations that favored their already rehearsed stories. Even their SHOES Foundation, allegedly started in honor of JonBenet, died for lack of care because it was not about JonBenet but about promoting themselves and their books.

    For the Ramseys, nothing they've ever done has been about JonBenet but about saving their hides and trying to portray themselves as the face of persecuted innocence while throwing others under the bus.
  11. Cherokee

    Cherokee FFJ Senior Member

    It's just as I suspected!

    Robert A. Whitson didn't get his PhD from a REAL university but from the online for-profit "Capella University" in August 2011!

    There is an investigation by Congress into these online universities because they charge outrageous tuition and interest on their student loans, and their degrees are practically worthless. These colleges are little more than glorified diploma mills. Send us your money and voila! after filling in a few pages of coursework, you get a diploma of your choice!





    "Capella University is currently facing a class action lawsuit in Minnesota for irresponsible business practices and deceptive marketing."

    I seriously wondered what university would confer a PhD on someone who doesn't have the critical thinking skills or logic to see through Lou Smit's intruder nonsense. Well, now we have the answer. Robert Whitson got his PhD from an online university whose reputation is next to worthless. I'm sure Whitson thought putting PhD after his name would burnish his credentials, but it is little more than self-promotion.


    (Note: Whitson's dissertation was "The Value of Psychopathy Training for Criminal Investigations")

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  12. koldkase

    koldkase FFJ Senior Member

    Jezuz, Chero! I actually thought, did this guy get his Ph.D. where old "Lying Lie Detector" Gelb did? But then I thought, really, how many CON ARTISTS can there be left to SUCK OFF THIS CASE anymore? Surely these people know we're going to suss out their BS, right? They're not THAT DUMB, are they?

    Sheesh. Stupid question, obviously.... :rolleyes:
  13. BobC

    BobC Poster of the EON - Fabulous Inimitable Transcript

    Yet another fraud. I especially like the "not the parents" in the title. The subtlety...
  14. Elle

    Elle Member

    Congratulations Cherokee! You are so sharp! Three cheers for our No.1. Sleuth! :)
  15. cynic

    cynic Member

    Perhaps he could also become a handwriting expert via Baggett's "Handwriting University," LOL.
    Maybe it's time to check which "Police Acadamy" he graduated from.
    I'm pretty sure Chief Inspector Jacques Clouseau taught him everything he knows.
    What a loser.
  16. cynic

    cynic Member

    Excellent. :yay: :clap:
  17. cynic

    cynic Member

    Did this "university" allow him to write his "dissertation" in crayon? :D
  18. koldkase

    koldkase FFJ Senior Member


    he he he

    Y'all are killing me here!

    I do have one question which I've asked about a zillion times.

    Is there not ONE decent, halfway intelligent person in Team Ramsey's camp?

    I have yet to see one. They seem to get more pathetic as time goes on.

    In fact, I've never met a more consistently deceptive, inept group of people in my life.
  19. cynic

    cynic Member

    Is this the group?

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  20. cynic

    cynic Member

    Whitson apparently did his undergraduate work here: :D

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