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Discussion in 'Justice for JonBenet Discussion - Public Forum' started by Spade, Dec 21, 2003.

  1. Shadow

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    This is an excellent, very informative thread!! Reading stuff here I never heard before...

    I remember getting into frequent arguements with a poster at the JW Forum named Lake about his theory that a friend of Burke's killed JBR. His theory was that the friend was Fleet White's son.

    My FBI "sources" informed me that Fleet White's son was closer to JBR's age than to Burke's and that "he was on no ones suspect list." Although I was told that the Stine's son was more of a Burke Ramsey friend than Fleet's son, I never thought a juvenile commited the crime. I finally gave up agrueing the point with Lake.

    Lou Smit's comments concerning Doug Stine are interesting. I always felt that Lake had some kind of "insider" info, but was off-target with Fleet's son.
  2. Spade

    Spade Member


    Lake was an interesting poster. Like you, I suspected that he had inside information. Two years ago, I had a series of conversations with a person who provided research for John Douglas. Hir told me that Mark Ohlshaker, Douglas co-author, posted as Lake and that Mark wrote the chapter in "Crimes that Haunt Us" that dealt with the Ramsey case. It was a personal epithany.
  3. Adrian Monk

    Adrian Monk Member

    Re: kk

    I read about the "massaging with cream" story, but I still can't believe it. let's say for example that I'm rubbing sun block onto Carmen Electra's hips and thighs. I think I would know at that time whether I'm "sexualizing" her or not, and if I were, I would have the presence of mind to either deliberately stop, or deliberately continue.

    But then, I'm somewhat of a believer in the "birds of a feather" axiom. If Ms. Brady can massage genitals and call it "accidental", and that caliber of a person gets hired by the Scamseys, there is little doubt that there is an affinity there, at least on the level of people who can do inappropriate things and then make excuses for it.
  4. Spade

    Spade Member


    Good point. The Ramsey's level of "due diligence" when it came to hiring Shirley Brady was appalling. In addition to this "massaging" story, several of Shirley's children have made claims they were abused by their father with Shirley's knowledge.

    Here is my original post again:

    Shirley Brady is a very interesting character. She was a Baroness in Hungary prior to WWII and served as the nanny to King Fayoud's (?sp) children prior to being hired by the Ramsey's while Patsy was pregnant with Burke. She cared for Burke from the day he came home from the hospital. One of the key allegations of the SB e-mail is that SB was critical of the Ramsey's decision to have Burke circumcised. Shirley thought that was the reason little American boys "played with themselves so much". As a result of this belief, Shirley told the Admin. that she had "massaged" Burke's penis with cream for an extended period of time.
  5. Jayelles

    Jayelles Alert Viewer in Scotland


    Circumcision is not done routinely in the UK. If a little boy's foreskin is too tight, his parents are advised to "stretch" it during bathing in an effort to avoid surgery when the child is older. It's not that uncommon. My son had to be circumcised at 3 and my cousin was done when he was even older.
  6. Adrian Monk

    Adrian Monk Member

    Re: Monk

    The Scamseys' DD might have noted Shirley's propensity for "keeping secrets" of that nature, as an asset rather than a liability.

    Is this Shirley Brady the same woman who started up the web page mentioned in PMPT, called "Mrs. Brady's Links"?
  7. RiverRat

    RiverRat FFJ Sr. Member Extraordinaire (Pictured at Lef

    LOL at the visual!

    "Is this Shirley Brady the same woman who started up the web page mentioned in PMPT, called "Mrs. Brady's Links"?


  8. Moab

    Moab Admin Staff Member

    A picture is worth 1,000 words!
    (Photo compliments of Spade)

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  9. Spade

    Spade Member


    In my more perverse moments I speculate on whether or not Burke has this picture on his bedside table next to the box of tissues.
  10. Adrian Monk

    Adrian Monk Member


    Is that perhaps the look Michael Jackson was going for, with all of his plastic surgeries? "Hey, it worked for Ms. Brady!"
  11. RiverRat

    RiverRat FFJ Sr. Member Extraordinaire (Pictured at Lef

    Just great.

    Now I have that song "Momma's Got A SqueezeBox, Daddy Never Sleeps at Night" song stuck in my head.

    It Goes In and Out, and In and Out........
  12. purr

    purr Active Member

    so according to shirley..............

    only American boys are circumsized..............

    and only American boys masterbate a lot.

    of all the nonsensical things believed and thought!!!

    THIS IS IT!!!

    this woman must be nuts..........
    and in my opinion IS nuts..........

    boy, is she misinformed!!!!

    and she says she unintentionally sexually abused
    Burke..........guess what!!???

    THERE AIN'T NO SUCH THING...........!!!!!!

    she knew what the hell she was doing!
    she would know if she was "stimulating" him.........

    geez louise..............this makes me so MAD.
    and yes, i have really been getting MAD lately
    on all the crazy things i read on this forum.
    (yes, i am PMSing)

    i was going to make a comment about "this Shirley"
    before, but i was so appalled at her statement.....
    and her beliefs.........it literally turned my stomach
    and made me want to puke.

    just ask former Miss America, Marilyn Van Derbur,
    what sexual abuse is..........????
    she is an expert having been sexually abused
    by her dad from the age of 5 to the age of 18.

    i recently have been reading "stuff" on all the web
    sites about her. and i plan to read her book.

    she was chosen as a resource for the jonbenet
    murder and interviewed
    after this murder take place........

    And she compared her family with the ramsey family.
    Both families were of means and both participated
    in the beauty pageant circuit.

    Her gut feeling, she said, was that the murder
    was NOT premeditated but rather "sexual
    abuse gone to the extreme".

    And she said the most important piece of
    evidence at the murder scene was the
    DUCT TAPE over jonbenet's mouth.
    (yes, i know that john had taken it
    off her mouth.)
    she said the DUCT TAPE shows that
    the murderer did NOT want #1 for
    JonBenet to be heard that night...and #2
    that the murderer NEVER wanted anyone
    to know EVER that the SEXUAL ABUSE
    was going on.......that
    the DUCT TAPE was symbolic of that.........just
    like the personal blanket found on jonbenet
    showed that the murderer cared and loved
    jonbenet and KNEW her!

    AND she was chosen to be a juror on the mock
    trial that Geraldo had on The Geraldo Rivera show
    where i first heard the 911 call.........AND ALL of the call...
    even the ending.....the last part was difficult to hear....
    john and burke talking....but they printed what they
    said at the bottom of the screen.

    i have not emailed Marilyn yet, but it is on my to do list.
    i will have her verify what happened on that show
    so long ago...AND i know you will all believe her.

    anyway, burke was sexually abused and jonbenet
    was sexually abused.

    a major point i have been thinking about lately is:

    why has the subject of jonbenet's sexual abuse
    never come up again????????

    why havent the parents been outraged by this???
    why havent they gone beserk upon learning this?
    why are they in denial about this!!!!
    was this discussed in their book at great
    length???.....i think NOT!

    i mean she was chronically abused...that means
    over and over!!!

    if youR child had been sexually abuse and then
    murdered.........dont you think you would be
    SCREAMING about both.?????...trying to find the
    sexual abuser...because that was possibly
    the true murderer! well, who knows.......

    but i DO know this.
    that shirley abused burke....then maybe burke
    abused jonbenet.......and patsy or john
    caught them..........???

    it is a real possibility..........
    burke said on the 911 call
    .......what did you find.........? what did
    i do? and john said.......we are NOT talking to you!!!

    anyway, i repeat.........
    that Shirley SEXUALLY ABUSED burke....
    and that Shirley should have NEVER been
    a nanny for anyone...........and adults who
    sexually abuse children.......usually abuse
    over 80 children in their lifetime.

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  13. Adrian Monk

    Adrian Monk Member

    Re: so according to shirley..............

    If only one of you had had your VCR running at the time. But then you guys wouldn't have had to expect that the DA entrusted to "prosecute" the case would end up being the one to cover it up. I guess I would have assumed that that tape wouldn't get erased, too, if I'd been watching it on TV.
  14. purr

    purr Active Member

    someone on this forum HAS a copy

    of that particular Geraldo Rivera show that day.........
    at least that is what she says???!!!????


    but she wont release the tape to me.........
    or the forum..........i have NO idea why!

    she said i would have to PAY her..........
    CAN YOU fooocking believe that!!!???

    hmmmmmmm, what do you think
    about that adrian..............????
    other forum members??????

    i never threw a hissy fit about that
    and i wont now...........welllllllllllll.........maybe.........

    she will have to live with it.............
    SHE KNOWS WHO SHE IS...........
    WHO SHE IS.....SHE DID BEFORE.........!!!

    and NO ONE seemed outraged at all.
    and i NEVER understood that back then.....
    and i dont understand the lack of
    outrage NOW.

    i know i was doing my best to find that
    tape........to try and help this case along.....
    and i asked any forum member if they
    had connections to Geraldo or to that show
    or had a copy of the tape.........AND.....

    AND our own forum member wont release that
    tape to me or tricia...or anyone.

    unless we PAY up big time........
    maybe she really doesnt have it.
    but wants to make herself important
    by saying she does.
    what would she lose by releasing
    it to this forum..or even tricia??
    wouldnt you trust tricia to view it
    and tell us the truth???
    would we have to send the tape
    in for inspection to see if
    anything had been erased from the show??

    i know this subject has come up before.....
    and I am NOT the only who has seen
    or heard the COMPLETE 911 call..........EVERY
    word........down to burke and john.


    it makes NO sense to me........NONE.........ZERO.


    i wanted to swear.......but i didnt,

    what would you do adrian? i am curious?

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  15. Adrian Monk

    Adrian Monk Member

    Re: someone on this forum HAS a copy

    How much money is being demanded here? I can think of a few good ideas for a fund-raiser. I say, I'd want to do whatever can be possible to get the goods on Lyin' Wood, FIRST, then start to recriminate against whoever (ELSE) tried to personally profit off of the case later on.
  16. Tricia

    Tricia Administrator Staff Member

    Purr I know you are frustrated but pleased I ask you not to criticize one of our members. On the tape you are referring to this member swears to me the 911 call is not played. I will take this members word as the member has always been honest with me.

    Too many good people say they heard the 911 call. I can't dismiss what you all heard. I never heard it. Maybe someday we can figure out this mystery.

    Remember even if it's proved that Burke and John can be heard on the tape it really won't make a huge difference. The best it will do is show the world how Lin Wood and the Ramseys lied. Nothing legally could be done.
  17. AK

    AK Member


    Are you talking about me? If you are, I suggest you GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT.

    I have every piece of footage on this case on video. It is not for sale at any price. EVER.

    I do not make tape copies for others. EVER.

    And I would never violate copyright notices by selling footage. EVER.

    How dare you even make that suggestion?

    What I DID say is that often when I need to find a tape in my archive, I pay someone to physically go to the location and perform the search.

    I certainly don't need to do that with the Mock Trial tape since I already know the answer, as I explained to you before.

    I also told you any guest on that program would be a poor choice to support your theory as they wouldn't likely remember what was on a particular program.

    And I told you you'd have better luck calling Geraldo's office at FOX and speaking to his long-time producer, or calling Larry Schiller and asking if he had ever heard the enhanced 911 tape.

    If you didn't do those things, perhaps your anger would be better directed at yourself.
  18. Sabrina

    Sabrina Member

    The transcript of the Geraldo show has been posted over and over-- little miss sour face will never let anyone forget it as she claims to be the VERY first to dig up the transcript.

    The Geraldo show portrayed a re enactment. They read the script of the 911 call.

    I know there are credible posters all over that are sure they heard the tape. Many think it may have been on a show such as Hard Copy or Inside Edition. Since those shows do not provide transcripts, there is no proof it ever aired. And unless someone can come up with a tape, which they haven't so far, it cannot be proved or even stated that the 911 call ever aired.

    Jann Scott eluded that a bootleg copy was released and then pulled. If someone wants to contact him and try to make sense out of what he has to say, be my guest. He probably won't be able to prove it by releasing any kind of tape though.
  19. Adrian Monk

    Adrian Monk Member

    Re: purr

    Open question to anyone: does anyone have the date in which the Geraldo show aired, when they allegedly played the enhanced tape and showed the transcript of it given by Aerospace? Or the date and network and show name of some other show in which this tape was allegedly replayed in "enhanced" form?
  20. Adrian Monk

    Adrian Monk Member

    Direct question to FedoraX

    Are you involved in the Ramsey case in an official capacity?
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