Lou Smit's reputation based on -- doing nothing?

Discussion in 'Justice for JonBenet Discussion - Public Forum' started by Why_Nut, Jun 19, 2009.

  1. Why_Nut

    Why_Nut FFJ Senior Member

    (Cross-posted from Topix)

    On the many Mike Tracey documentaries which he filmed in which Lou Smit was a centerpiece, there is always a bit of footage Tracey likes to use which shows plaques that Smit received, detailing the names, dates and case numbers of the homicides he supposedly solved.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    But wait -- what is this? I was going through one of the documentaries to see if I could examine some of the names for myself and research the circumstances of the victims's deaths. Just now, I came across, on Smit's plaque, one Lloyd Samuelson, killed in 1971. So, since his name appears on the plaque, the solution to his case is supposed to be to Smit's credit, yes?

    Not so fast. Look at this article:


    As you will see, Lloyd Samuelson is listed as a COLD case, not a solved one. As I looked further, I found more names. Jean Begin. McKinley Collins. Linda Thompson. Mary Byrd. Brenda Pierce. Frank Conroy. Virgil Gambles. These names are on Smit's plaques of accomplishment, but as of 2005, they were not accomplishments AT ALL.

    What sort of misleading process is going on here? Did Tracey perpetrate a fraud, making Smit appear to be a man of great detective skill, when he turns out to have merely been given acknowledgement that he worked on cases which he then failed to solve?
  2. koldkase

    koldkase FFJ Senior Member


    Only...wrong thread. But YOU MUST BE PSYCHIC! (Maybe Tracey and Smit will hire you for their NEXT CROC!)

    Well, this is off topic for this thread, and I'll get to this as I'm sure it is DELICIOUS...but while you might be reading, I want to point you to a post I just WROTE to you today, needing some possible help with info you alone may have proof to corroborate. See the last post on this page:


    Okay, back to your topic, and my apologies for hijacking your thread temporarily. Once you respond on the other thread, I'll ask our personal slaves...I mean mods...to delete this. :yes:
  3. koldkase

    koldkase FFJ Senior Member

    Oh my gosh! Are you trying to tell us...that Tracey and Smit might...gulp...MISLEAD US?!

    Oh, I am so shocked! ::shocked2

    Wait a minute. No, I'm not. :no:

    I have never for one minute believed the "Legend-in-his-on-mind" Smit hype and propaganda spun endlessly by Team Ramsey. It was nothing but shameless self-promotion and business advertising...the CURRENCY which paid for ALL their "pro bono" Ramsey spin.

    Remember, Tracey had TV croc's to sell, and Smit/Ollie/San Agustin had a private detective agency to market.

    But anyone with a high school education can see how often Smit was not only simply WRONG, but how ridiculous his claims about "intruder evidence" were.

    However, we always love it when you are inspired to blow the whistle on their little scams, Why Nut! They don't get nuttin' past you!
  4. Karen

    Karen Member

    I almost felt sorry for him when he pointed to that blue line on JB's arm and said it was from the stun gun because it gererates a blue line between points. I think it was on a morning talk show. He was really reaching there. But what a perfect example of how he was snowed and tried to manufacture evidence of an intruder when there was none.
  5. koldkase

    koldkase FFJ Senior Member

    I know what you mean, Karen. It was hard not to feel like he was just a deteriorating old fool of a has-been detective who wanted one more shot at fame, taken in by Patsy's Miss American charm....

    But as time passed, I became more and more suspicious of Smit's motives. Once his clever manipulation of the PowerPoint photo copies was revealed, along with his infamous Ramsey shilling for the grand jury, I lost all illusions that he was in any way unaware of what he was at--destroying the case against the actual killer.

    Because that's just what he did.

    The icing on the cake was the Tracey "Psychics" croc, on which Smit appeared on camera. THERE IT WAS! SMIT'S INTRUDER THEORY, coming out of the "psychics'" mouths, WORD FOR WORD. No way that was some kind of coincidence or genuine, blind "psychic" reading. It was pure propaganda, STAGED RAMSEY-STYLE.

    Nope, no reason to feel sorry for the "fox". He knows exactly what he is doing, and it isn't based on anything but what serves his agenda. Like jams, he is happy to ignore actual evidence and twist or manufacture fake evidence to assist the "intruder."
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  6. The Punisher

    The Punisher Member

    I'M BACK!

    Yeah, this is about as shocking as finding out that Rick's cafe allows gambling!
  7. Karen

    Karen Member

    KK!!! YOU are the one who never fails to answer my posts! I think I love you! (And I agree with you about Smit.)
  8. koldkase

    koldkase FFJ Senior Member

    Oh goody. I know you have to hold down the JBR forum at WS, but you really have to drop in the Guttah more. We miss you.
  9. koldkase

    koldkase FFJ Senior Member

    Oh my! How sweet of you, Karen. Especially since you fishslapped me just this week for failing to respond to your post.... :fishslap:


    ZOTTO! Do you hear this?! I have another fan!

    That's two now! Right?

    Send Tricia my REVISED QUOTA!
  10. Karen

    Karen Member

    Fish is healthy and good for your body. Dontcha think i did you a favor? Seriously I would never slap you with anything that stinks so bad. Next time I'll get out the powderpuff.
  11. Watching You

    Watching You Superior Bee Admin

    While I agree with y'all, I have always believed that both Lou Smit and Susan Bennett (and others) should have been brought up on charges of obstructing justice and interfering in an open murder case. Smit released confidential information, including crime photos, to promote his agenda. I don't care what kind of agreement he and Hunter had, that was both unethical and unprofessional - maybe even illegal.

    However, Hunter compromised himself and the case by making certain statements about Steve Thomas, so he was as guilty of obstructing justice as was Smit. The whole bunch of them, including hair curtains Lacy should be serving time for their deliberate corruption in the JBR case.
  12. Voyager

    Voyager Active Member

    Always Glad...

    I am always happy to see Lou Smit exposed for the ego-driven fraud that he is. He and Michael Tracy are only two of an ever growing number of private citizens who have "cashed in" on the murder of an innocent child for their own self-agrandizement and financial gain.

    One can only hope that when the true murder(s) are exposed that these blantant "hangers-on" will be subject to the ridicule of their peers and even be considered for the obstruction of justice charges that they so richly deserve.

    They are only two of many in this case who are guilty of inserting themselves into this case and obstructing what should have and could have been a very simple murder case to solve...

    It is not rocket science when you have four humans in an undisturbed, locked house and one of them turns up dead in the morning....well, sans the ineptitude of the authorities, the maniputlation of the wealthy parents, the interference of the monied friends, the corruption in the DA office, and the money/fame seeking freaks with an adgenda.

    As you see, add in these elements and the confusion that they cause over a long period of time allowing the case to go "cold" and you have what has increasingly occured with JonBenet's murder case....anyone, especially an intruder could have committed her murder....RST spin effectively continues....

    John's coniving, Tracey's (former) status as an educator and then as the creator of a false documentary , Lou's trumped up reputation and meddling and Hunter's corruption and ignorance surely have led the slow disentigration of an initially simple case of abuse/murder within a family.

    OK, I am done (for now)....Just mention the name Lou Smit and get me wound up and started again...What a Looooooser.

  13. Jayelles

    Jayelles Alert Viewer in Scotland

    Kudos Whynut for your good old fashioned painstaking sleuthing.
  14. Greenleaf

    Greenleaf FFJ Senior Member

    Poor Lou...

    I remember hearing a critic of Lou Smit’s on TV a long time ago. Although I don’t recall who made the comment, it seems like it was Windy___? The quote, (paraphrasing): “Smit was a part of some cases that were solved, but he never really solved any case himself; he gives himself more credit than he is due.â€
    Does anyone else remember that?
    My biggest grievance with Smit is his remarkable propensity for tailoring his “investigation†to fit the “innocent format†of the Rams. His reasoning is personal and not professional. His credibility went out the window when he prayed with the Rams, in their Van, upon their first meeting; which led to his conviction that they couldn’t possibility be guilty. I believe that he has convinced himself that the Rams are innocent, but, instead of finding evidence to support his theory, he forces his pseudo-evidence to comport to his theory. Much like J.R., trying to fit his round body into a square hole, old Lou is hammering away, trying mightily to fit his conclusions into areas of reason.
    Thanks for starting this thread, Why Nut; interesting posts by all.
    Hello, KK, Karen, Punisher and Jayelles.
  15. rashomon

    rashomon Member

    Smit is cluelessness is simply monstrous. Stun guns can't produce any blue lines on skin. :D
  16. Zotto

    Zotto FFJ Senior Member

    Oh Pet, this is really too much...TWO...my head hurts....I can't count that high.

    Cooooeeeee....Sveeeennnn....bring me my meds NOW!!!
  17. Elle

    Elle Member

    Exactly, rashomon! I am hoping Lou Smit will be asked to submit every single piece of evidence he walked away with, thanks to Alex Hunter.
  18. koldkase

    koldkase FFJ Senior Member

    SVEN?!! I thought you FIRED Sven?!!! On his 30th birthday!! As per your ironclad policy!! No old geezers!! They have too much trouble hauling you around when you pass out! Remember that unfortunate event with the last one who was 30? It took me three days to find you in the bushes behind the pool house!
  19. koldkase

    koldkase FFJ Senior Member

    Fortunately, Elle, that wasn't actual evidence Smit was handed, lock, stock, and photo. It was only digital copies of the crime scene photos, and I SUSPECT copies of the Ramsey LE interviews up to that time.

    Of course, it's nothing less than CRIMINAL that Smit ran off with that Powerpoint when he created it ON THE CLOCK WHILE WORKING FOR THE PEOPLE OF BOULDER UNDER ALEX HUNTER. But Hunter had too many skeletons in his closet, and Smit had the key.

    In this little episode, Smit was the old fox. Amazing, isn't it? That SHOULD be a compliment because he outfoxed the murderer. All he did was help the murderer get away with it.

    And now that we know that San Agustin and Ollie were both working for Hunter WITH Smit, I'd guess they all got a piece of that Ramsey "PowerPoint" pie. Think of the publicity for their detective agency, where ALL THREE worked after they quit. They once had an Internet website, too. Remember Tracey's croc where he made it look like their detective agency WAS ACTUALLY IN CHARGE of investigating the case? (Heck, with Lacy in charge of it, maybe they were!) They STAGED a meeting for the cameras at that big conference table to discuss THE INTRUDER EVIDENCE. (Short meeting!) Oh, that was just plain WRONG, compliments of the RAT-FACED PROPAGANDA PUSHER, TRACEY! Who has the nerve to complain endlessly about how bad the media was in this case and call himself a journalism professor!

    And we wondered how the Ramseys got away with it. THREE OF HUNTER'S HIRES WERE THERE TO PROVE AN INTRUDER DID IT! Amazing. Disgusting. Thomas told us, didn't he? And he was DEAD ON. The BPD realized they had to HIDE the evidence from Hunter's Office because it was ALL being handed over TO THE RAMSEY ATTORNEYS!

    OH, I just have to stop. My blood pressure...WAY too high when I think about this.
  20. Zotto

    Zotto FFJ Senior Member

    Unkind pet....unkind. What happens behind the pool house stays behind the pool house....

    Anyway, being the soul of compassion that I am, when Sven came back in his lederhosen I just melted...
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