Lou Smit's reputation based on -- doing nothing?

Discussion in 'Justice for JonBenet Discussion - Public Forum' started by Why_Nut, Jun 19, 2009.

  1. koldkase

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    Oh. Those lederhosen weren't, by some miraculous happenstance, black leather with red sequined tulips and matching suspenders?
  2. BobC

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    As always, Good Job Why Nut!

    honestly though, Lou Smit has never had any kind of stellar reputation--all of that nonsense was a fabrication of the Ramsey media machine. It was a put-on. He was nothing more--nothing less--than a run-of-the-mill investigator in goofy little town. Years ago when I actually spoke to people in and around the case--they all unanimously saw Lou Smit's ascension into Godhood as some sort of unfunny joke. AND virtually everyone saw his reputation being elevated in the media by Alex Hunter, and later by the Ramseys themselves.

    Lou Smit, like many of the people involved in this case, eventually drank his own Kool-ade and suddenly felt he was a bigger deal than he ever really was. It was my distinct impression that Smit and several other people wanted to make a name for themselves by proving the world and the evidence wrong by pinning this crime on someone other than the Ramseys.

    Now, close to 15 years after the crime, all of the evidence--every bit of it--points directly to at least one the three people in the home that night, mainly Patsy. We've seen one asinine freak show after another, all trying to come up with some glamorous, interesting perp and all have come crashing to the ground. There's a reason for that.
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    Greenleaf -- "His credibility went out the window when he prayed with the Rams, in their Van, upon their first meeting; which led to his conviction that they couldn’t possibility be guilty."

    I agree... Smit's credibility hit zero with me when I heard this.

    I also agree with BobC (as usual). I've read postings (pro-RAM I assume) that "the FBI had great respect" for Smit. That ain't what I heard!!

    Anyway, good post why_nut... back when I was posting at JW, I heard from several "sources" that Smit's great record was BS - I kept that to myself because I knew my "sources" had no love for Lou.
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    Hey Shadow--that's exactly right. The way Hunter kept yammering about how "legendary" Smit was made me ill at the time. He's legendary now though! Legendary in his idiocy. Remember when he showed Patsy that stupid picture of that stupid Santa Bear and she went through all those theatrics, "turning white" and bellowing "I'VE NEVER SEEN THAT BEFORE!!!" I'm surprised she didn't hurl herself to the floor and start speaking in tongues! And they say Patsy was melodramatic!!!

    And remember how Smit brayed on and on for years about that stupid packing peanut? I think if you opened Lou Smit's withered cranium, and load of packing peanuts would fall out
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    Thank You for everything that you do to help JonBenet - you are invaluable...
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