Madeleine McCann - did he or didn't he?

Discussion in 'Madeleine McCann' started by Little, Dec 28, 2007.

  1. Little

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    Read entire story here - Source:
  2. Little

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    IMO Murat seems like someone who should stay high on the list. He and his girlfriend are just a bit too creepy.

  3. Little

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    Pedophile Not Involved in Madeleine McCann Case

    So, they have eliminated 52 known sex offenders.

    The PI sure didn't come through with his earth shattering prediction. What a jerk!

  4. Moab

    Moab Admin Staff Member

    No, he didn't, and how irresponsible of him to say what he did TO THE PUBLIC about having her home for Christmas!
  5. Little

    Little Member

    If, and that one big IF he really did know something then he as much as assured that poor little Madeleine was going to NOT be found. I just could not believe that he would say something like that. Jerk is a very mild term for him. What? Didn't he think these pedos watched TV or read the paper?

    That poor poor little girl.

  6. Elle

    Elle Member

    Very irresponsible of this Private Detective Marco to build everyone's hopes up like that. I'm wondering why we're not reading more about him and this false statement, Little?

    These two sisters claim to have seen Murat at the Ocean Club half an hour after Maddie was found missing. I personally don't feel this is enough time for him to have carried Maddie away from the resort, hidden her, and then reappear back at the Club. If he is responsible, he must have dropped Maddie off somewhere close to the Ocean Club, and hastened back again. His mother may have lied for him (?).

    Something is just not right with this picture.
  7. Little

    Little Member

    Private detective more of a Shylock than a Shirlock

    Interesting - he's on another case now.
    I have no idea how valid these media reports are so take them for what they are worth.

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