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Discussion in 'Madeleine McCann' started by Jayelles, May 11, 2007.

  1. Little

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    McCanns (child neglect) case turned down

    read entire article here - Source: Nov 2007 10:34:17:170
  2. Elle

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    We all know the McCanns are at fault, or to use the stronger word "guilty" of neglecting their children that fateful night Madeleine went missing. They are very lucky indeed to still have their twins under the circumstances. All three children could have been taken.

    Not only the McCanns were at fault here, Little, the Tapas Group and probably many other parents living in the Ocean Club resort in Praia de Luz may well be guilty of the same crime - neglecting their children. The Ocean Club hopefully has changed their lacadaisical manner in allowing parents to leave their children sleeping alone. I think the Ocean Club are also at fault, for allowing the parents to dine on their premises while at the same time "neglecting their own children."
  3. Moab

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    If they prosecute neglect for the McCanns, they will have to prosecute every other family that does the same thing or they will set a double standard. Elle, just because we would not do that in the US does not mean it isn't an accepted practice or custom in other countries. We don't have the same resort setups either. Customs in other countries are different from what we have as accepted practice in the US. We don't have the same babysitting services here either, should they hold those practices illegal as well? It is not up to the resort to parent children when the families are guests, so how can the resorts possible be held responsible? If other children had been kidnapped from that resort, and it was common knowledge, perhaps the McCanns would have been negligent had they left the kids alone anyhow, having prior knowledge of crimes taking place. I wouldn't have done it and you wouldn't have done it, but it is because our customs, and our "frame-of-reference" in our country is much different from those in Portugal.
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    Thank God that we have Laws here in the States that are enforced if one is insane enough to leave your small children alone......Chit Happens and that's why we have the rules and regulations in place to help prevent a child being harmed. Some moms good intentions do not always place the child first, huh Patsy?
  5. Elle

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    I just find it difficult for children to be left anywhere alone, Moab in today's world, and if I owned the Ocean Club, I wouldn't accept parents who left their children alone. It's too risky, and as for the McCanns being doctors, they should have had more sense. Two children under two, and one three year old. Unbelievable!
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    Kate McCann 'agreed to drug tests'

    Read entire article here - source:,,-7099183,00.html
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    Madeleine McCann likely dead, says attorney-general

    Read entire article here - Source:,23599,22808521-401,00.html?from=mostpop
  8. Little

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    'Madeleine McCann is probably dead'

    Read entire article here - source:
  9. Little

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    Madeleine: Now Murat's girlfriend's alibi falls apart

  10. Little

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    Madeleine: Mum Faces Ten Years In Jail

  11. Elle

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    Then why on earth were the British holidaymakers not warned of this Portugal Law to encourage them to take their children to the Ocean Club Creche?
  12. Little

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    I agree Ella. There's enough blame to go around twice over in this case. There was a false sense of security here for sure.

  13. koldkase

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    Oh, that's just silly. A LAWYER can't bring charges, can he? What BS! This creep is USING this missing child to beef up his OWN media profile, IMO.

    The McCanns did NOT "abandon" their children, for heaven's sake! That's stretching the definition to the absurd. It's nothing more than creating MORE PAIN for this unfortunate family to GET PUBLICITY HE CAN'T BUY, IMO.

    What a bunch of vultures this group of tabloid sensationalists are.
  14. Sabrina

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  15. koldkase

    koldkase FFJ Senior Member

    I don't believe Mills knows what a conscience is.
  16. Little

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    I really wish I knew more about the newspapers etc. in the UK. There are so darned many stories. I just find myself skimming the headlines because they have just gotten so bizarre. Initially I thought it was important to read everything because so little was known about all the people involved. Now it seems like a contest to see who can make the wildest claims.

    I so hope that little Madeleine will be found and returned to her parents. That's the only important headline I care to see any more.

  17. Watching You

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    This Portuguese police department grows more like the Boulder PD and DA's office each day. They have made statements that they now believe Maddie was kidnapped and killed by a pedophile. How do they know that? Have Lou Smit and Bucky moved to Portugal to add their expertise (snicker) to the case?

    I do not believe Maddie's parents had anything to do with her disappearance; however, neither do I believe that the PD there should be making such definitive statements as they have been doing. They did a complete turnaround from their original position that the parents were involved. I think the Portuguese police in this instance are as incompetent as the Boulder establishment was in the JBR case.

    We've all seen how the people who are supposed to be the good guys can twist things to seem what they are not. Don't forget Lou Smit and Bucky Bucktooth and Mary Lacy and how they twisted the facts. It's sad that we had to learn how corrupt LE can really be through the JBR case. I no longer trust anything any of them say.

    As far as the McCanns' leaving their children alone - it's just a personal thing with me - I don't know how any parent can leave a child alone in a home or hotel room. No one can say for sure, but in this case it would seem that, if they hadn't left Maddie alone, chances are none of this would have happened. That alone should say whether it was right or not. Maddie was defenseless. My biggest concern when my girls were little was not someone coming in and stealing them; it was fire or some other catastrophic thing happening that needed an adult's attention. I think it is morally wrong to leave your kids alone. If the McCanns don't know that by now, then they have learned nothing from this.
  18. Moab

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  19. LurkerXIV

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    Poor Little Maddie; She Deserved Better

    I agree with everything WY said.

    LOL about Smitty and Bucky. That intruder really travels the world!
  20. Elle

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    Me too, Lurker. I have written the same words when it comes to leaving defenceless little children alone.
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