Mame, you're so busted, and Nancy:

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    so why do you continue to skirt the real issues and spout your nonsense about Nancy Krebs?

    All of the posters whom you duped over the past three years are still waiting to hear why you targeted Fleet White, and are still targeting Fleet White, while giving John Ramsey a pass.

    How does Nancy Krebs feel about your posting on a pro-Ramsey forum after what she said John Ramsey did to her in the closet? How can you post at that forum and defend John Ramsey when Nancy clearly said it was he who raped and sodomized her and was the money man for the sex ring? Are you so self-absorbed that you don't see the contradiction in that? Does Nancy know that you are now saying "there isn't enough information for anyone to make a sound judgement in that regard."

    What do you mean, mame, when you say, "It is important to me that she be understood for what she is, not what she isn't. " What "isn't" she, mame? For that matter, what "is" she?

    Nobody thinks Krebs is "a crazy woman drooling in the corner." Neither does anyone believe your version that she is "a bright lovely woman with great amounts of dignity." What is obvious from her interviews is that she makes things up. It's called lying.

    And, what is this? You are now conceding she "could be wrong on some things...because "anyone who has withstood a lifetime of abuse is sure to recall and connect some things wrong along the way." And, of course, the things she "could be wrong on" concern John Ramsey, right, mame?

    You also continue to ignore the fact that Krebs' claims have been investigated and there is absolutely no evidence anyone ever sexually abused her except for the statutory rape charge against Mackey. But, because that investigation didn't reach the conclusion YOU wanted it to reach, you totally disregard that investigation and continue to say the charges should be investigated. Earth to Suma - grow a brain.

    You are so transparent, mame. She lied, and you aided and abetted her lies. I think in legal terms it's called fraud by deception or some such terms. You deceived, or at least you tried to deceive, posters on the JBR forums, by conveniently leaving out the incriminating parts about John Ramsey while you focused on damaging White's reputation.

    You can't justify it, no matter how you try. You can't justify the fact that you are supporting John Ramsey, the man Nancy said violently raped and sodomized her and was part of her ongoing abuse. You can't justify your obsession with Fleet White. You can't justify putting false information out there and defying anyone to question it. But, it doesn't stop you - you just keep peddling your BS.

    Nancy Krebs, we know you read here. How do you feel about mame's supporting John Ramsey, the man you said raped and sodomized you on an ongoing basis? Are you confused about whether Uncle Johnny is really John Ramsey? You were not confused about it in your interview with the BPD. Did your confusion come after someone pointed out to you that it was Fleet White you were supposed to be accusing?

    I suppose we could do as Susan Bennett does on her forum. She has invited Fleet White to post on her forum (as if). Perhaps we should put out an invitation to Nancy Krebs to post her thoughts on FFJ for the purpose of telling her story and clearing up any misconceptions. What say you, Nancy? I know Tricia will promise you full protection from flames. She cannot protect you, however, from the truth. Let us hear your story from you instead of through Mary Suma who has done nothing but make people suspicious of you.
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    From Nancy's Interview

    February 22, 2000

    Detective Tom Trujillo: So, let me take it one step further. So you talked about Uncle Johnny with Mary prior to the Ramsey homicide? And it wasn't until after the Ramsey homicide when you saw pictures of John Ramsey on the news that you equated John Ramseys with Uncle Johnny?

    Nancy Krebs: Right.


    Another Shame on Mame Moment brought to you by the fine folks of the "We're Not gonna Letcha Getaway With It" movement.

  3. Watching You

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    Pay attention, mame

    you have not been busted by WY. You were busted by the Krebs' transcripts that were released last year. Your cavalier attitude is transparent, too.

    LOL, don't try pointing the finger this way, mame. I'm not the one who has lied for three years. Any acts of contrition are solidly in your corner for the fraud you have helped commit against Fleet White. Neither do I hate anyone, but you can be sure I most certainly do hate with a passion what you've done. If what you do is a reflection of your character, you are sorely lacking in that department.

    BTW, mameslug, do you know Fleet White? Personally, I mean?

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    117 posts Oct-24-03, 10:40 AM (EST)

    32. "RE: Suing Krebs in a Civil Suit?"
    In response to message #31

    I've been busted by WY. Help me, Jesus.
    I'm still amazed there are people like this who wake up every morning armed with such hatred...for people they don't know personally.

    Might be time Sister Sewer Mouth recited the Act of Contrition.
  4. Ayeka

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    Hey look, WY

    She admitted she's been busted by you.

    Deflect, deflect, deflect. No explanation and no answers for your questions to be found. Nowhere in your post do I see hatred, WY, but I guess some people equate questioning motives with hatred.

    WY has an eloquence and a directness that some people find scary, I guess.

  5. Watching You

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    mameslug takes offense

    to my calling her a mameslug, I guess. What can I say? The truth is the truth. Well, shucks, I guess I'll just have to go pull up a few of mameslug's posts for a mame demonstration of sewer mouth. While I'm at it, I can always pull up her fellow slug's posts - we all remember the ones done by morganslug and mangled99slug. Should I, huh? Should I, huh?

    Maybe when I get time. I have more important things to do right now.
  6. Watching You

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    Susan Bennett

    Bennett would do well to stay out of things that are no concern of hers, especially when she doesn't know what she's talking about.

    Susan Bennett says:
    What an idiot. For your information, Susan Bennett, I was one of the very first BORG to say I didn't believe John Ramsey did anything to Nancy Krebs. For your further information, Susan, no BORG even knew that Krebs named Ramsey as one of her abusers until the end of last year when the transcripts were released, because your newest, bestest friend, mame, kept that bit of information out of the equation when she was blasting Fleet White, so how could be be out to get the Ramseys when we don't believe one word Nancy Krebs or Mary Suma said? Got an answer, Einstein?

    Furthermore, none of this is about John Ramsey raping and sodomizing Nancy Krebs - it never has been about that. It is about the pack of lies your newest bestest friend mame told everyone about Fleet White while leaving John Ramsey out of it.

    To simplify things for you, SUE, the BORG does not believe John Ramsey even knew Nancy Krebs. Our beef is with mame and the mame-led lies and attacks against Fleet White. We want mame to tell us why she believed Nancy about FW but not JR and why she didn't tell anyone about what Nancy said about JR. Nancy Krebs lied about John Ramsey and she lied about Fleet White. My question is and always has been - why did mame focus on Fleet White and leave JR out?

    You, SUE, are so paranoid, you can't even see what's true and what isn't true. So, once again, there isn't one BORG that I know of who thinks John Ramsey had anything to do with Nancy Krebs, and none of is "out to get the Ramseys" based on mame's and Krebs' lies. Mame knows the reason. I notice she is letting your post stand as the truth. It isn't. She knows it. Just another example of her deceitfulness.

    Frankly, I think SUE and mame deserve each other.
  7. Watching You

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    Tune in tomorrow

    for another edition of How the Slug Blows.

    This is not going to go away, mame. Every time you open your mouth about Fleet White, someone will be there to remind you of your duplicity.
  8. Shadow

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    When all this MW stuff started 4(?) years ago on JW, I had been friendly with Mame and communicated with her via email quite a bit. I trusted her enough to think there might be something to the MW thing. However, the first problem I had was for the longest time, I couldn't find out what exactly MW accused FW of doing. Then, when the allegations finally came out, I never could get Mame or the MW "crew" to give me one single crumb of evidence to support MW's charges. After asking for just a little proof too many times, I was lumped in with everyone else who didn't accept MW's story at face value and was attacked as being a supporter of child abusers - yeah, sure with children and grand children I just LOVED child abusers.

    Finally, when Mame was claiming the FBI was investigating MW's charges and it could take as long as a year to complete the investigation - "be patient" - I emailed her to warn her that she was getting some "bum" info. I told her my FBI "sources" said there was no FBI investigation of MW's charges taking place. My email was never answered and the "it could take a year BS continued on the JW Forum." I then posted on JW what my "sources" had told me and I was attacked by several MW "groupies." It was then that I left the JW Forum for good.

    No proof of anything has been forth-coming for all these years - all anyone gets to this day is "trust me." You know the old saying - when someone says trust me, don't!!!
  9. Watching You

    Watching You Superior Bee Admin


    Yep, I remember your requests for what exactly Nancy Krebs' claims were, and I remember how you were ignored at first, then attacked as a supporter of child abusers. In fact, I'll bet I still have your posts - all several dozen or hundred of them with the same request. That's all any of us wanted to know - exactly who was Krebs accusing and what was she accusing them of. Every time we asked, mame and her slugs would go after us as not having open minds, supporting child abusers or being "baby-raper henchmen." All because we dared to ask questions.

    mame was clever, I'll give her that. She led by innuendo. Only a few times did she lose her cool and actually say what she insinuated at other times, and each time, those posts were deleted very quickly. She didn't want to be held responsible for her words, but her meanings were crystal clear. That is only one indication of how devious mame really is.

    I really hated that chit, and I hate it, still. If someone has something to say, say it and stop beating around the bush. In mame's case, she was trying to do the most damage to FW without damaging herself. It didn't take long before most of us realized what was going on. To me, it's just chicken-chit to let others do your dirty work (Holly, mary99, morgan, etc.) while you feed them the goods behind the scenes in e-mails and phone calls. mame talked a good game about how gutsy she is, but she's a coward through and through, and a mean one at that. The only guts she has are the sneaky kind - behind the scenes propaganda and insinuations instead of being a real woman and saying what's on her mind.

    After being accused of being a child abuser supporter over and over just because we all asked questions, it's no wonder mame is one of the most despised posters on the JBR forums today and is, in fact, only permitted to post on one or two. Wherever she goes, she wreaks havoc. I hope the little coward stays where she is - she fits in well with the rest of the misfits there.
  10. RiverRat

    RiverRat FFJ Sr. Member Extraordinaire (Pictured at Lef

    Don't forget

    With Holly behind the scenes as a secret moderator, mame's posts never lasted long when she lost her composure. I'll never forget how FLOORED I was to hear that Chris had a member of the MW possee answering the alerts/complaints about the MW possee! :rolleyes:

    Shadow was always so composed as he'd say.....okay, I'll believe you but what is it that you want me to believe and WHO is it that you want me to believe these things about?!?!

    JonBenet was murdered...but NOT by Fleet mame totally responsible for attempting to set him up for murder charges? No. She was a puppet for someone. Problem is now, no one wants to pull her strings and she is left dangling over swamp waters. No friends, no supporters, no believers, no possee. Only the pathetic flailing of arms trying to cover her asssssss.

    It almost makes me feel sorry for her.

  11. Ginja

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    Mame's found refuge at the swamp...but what of all the rest? Where are the posters that flocked to Holly's "secret" forum set up solely to trash White and promote Nancy's lies? Do they still believe their cause is great? or are they too humiliated to show their faces in public?

    Mame is a liar. It's that simple. And now she's aligned herself with the other liar from the swamp. Two peas in a pod.

    If there's any sewer mouths about, it's Mame and Jameson. They open their mouths and all that comes out is garbage.

    One has to wonder how such a crooked, deceptive liar can hold down a management position with public radio. Mame works diligently to slander and libel and innocent man. Couldn't this be considered an abuse of power on her part? Her wages paid by taxpayer monies? Something's not right with this picture.
  12. Spade

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    Sucker list

    I was looking at the list of companies that underwrite Mame’s employer and I saw several things that Mame really can use:

    1. Rent A Man….. This is so obvious that it wouldn’t surprise me if Mame was already one of their biggest customers.

    2. Franklin the Framer….. This could be a part time job for Mame. She has lots of “framing†experience.

    3. Sopris Surfers…. Since the only surf in Carbondale is what you do on the internet..this could be another part-time job that Mame has experience in.

    4. The Law offices of Robert Noone… Mame never knows when she will need a lawyer.

    5. Traditional Midwifery..... In case Mame goes back to Chicago.

    Go to: , read the sucker list and maybe you will get some ideas for additions.
  13. RiverRat

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    Remember Holly's Interview w/a Vampire?

    16. "Janphi, starfish and all "
    Posted by mary99 on 06:32:12 4/21/2000
    Here's some of the latest news:
    Toppcat has a new book, Shoebox Holography.
    It's a manual designed to be used in schools to teach students how to make
    Holograms using lasers. Possible applications in forensics.
    He's lecturing at the Smithsonian for the annual meeting of the National
    Association of Educators, beginning the 29th and open to the public May
    6th. It's for sale at
    We are honored to have ya, Toppcat!
    Toppcat is planning a special barbeque for Mame and they make some jokes
    about aprons.
    Here's Holly
    Holly: Hi, what's new?
    Mame: Sadie is missing, hope animal control doesn't arrest her.
    Holly: Let's catch up from yesterday, your newspaper beginnings.
    Mame: My Dad went to Boston Univesity, I grew up around newspapers.
    Mame's nickname at age 3 was 'scoop''cause she was well-informed and remembered everything, read at age 3 1/2, worked in the ad deptartment at 14, went to school in Columbia MI and went to a girl's school.
    Wished she went to U Miss across the street, they had a great journalism school.
    She went to work for the newspaper when there was a strike, against her Dad's wishes and was marketing and promotion director for Gannett Papers.
    The newspaper, Gannett Corporate, liked her though and she tried all different jobs in the course of her employment w/ Gannett but never did newsroom reporting.
    She even had a bodyguard when she and her husband to be were dating! After she went to work in Chicago as a reporter!
    Holly: Why a body guard? Were there threats?
    Yes, says Mame, but no big deal.
    Holly: How did you come to follow this case? Did you watch OJ?
    When Mame arrived in Boulder, with Scott, she never thought of reporting.
    She went on the Internet but didn't post, didn't want to give up her anomyity.
    Mame has always been a real crime and trial buff.
    She saw how lousy the reporting was after the JBR murder. She likes Carol McK, of course BJ PLaskett, but they were the exception to the rule.
    Her interest in Rams started when she saw a small little blurb in the newspaper and she found the Internet in Jan. 97. Her neighbors weren't talking about it except in whispers and that's when she realized how the journalists weren't bring the real story to the people, just sound bites, no ethics, pageant snippets.
    Mame says the problem was: "We've got a dead kid,a DA who won't pull the trigger, etc."
    BJ was never concerned with being liked, he just spoke to the reader.
    Mame thinks of BJ and Chuck Green as the journalists most like her Dad.
    She holds BJ Plasket in high esteem and quotes her Dad, "If you post a paper on a tree and people stop and read it you're a journalist!"
    So Mame believes that too many reporters weren't giving the real story:
    they were sick of the roller coaster, the community was indifferent, the problems in the DA's ofice and the BPD, the foot-dragging, etc.
    So Holly wants to know: Will this case ever go to trial?
    Mame says, sadly, she is losing hope for seeing this case being prosecuted.
    Clients who talk get their attorney upset.
    Holly: What's the point of logging on if it's over? What about the DNA, and the cold case comment from Dr. Lee?
    Mame says it's all over, unless something like a confession happens.
    Holly thinks justice is coming and MW is our best hope.
    Mame quotes Steven Jackson, Westword writer, (who has a best-selling true crime book out now, called Monster and also wrote "The Accidental Jurist"):
    Steve Jackson, thinks a trial will come to pass if either one of the perps confesses or if someone is charged for a related crime and domino effect brings down the JBR perp.
    Camera article was written by the editorial page write, not feature writer.
    Holly asks about the Hunter announcement and how the public picked up on it. Mame and BJ went to see Lee Hill when this story broke open. MW was not there. Mame and BJ saw connecting documents from MW family and case people, 'notables?' Holly asks, and Mame said yes, there were case figures in Boulder in the MW documents.
    Holly: What did you think when you saw it?
    Did you think it might be fake?
    Mame: No, never that kind of questioning. But after Steven Miles, Mame felt that Hill would never take a case which might bring embarassment. She and Plasket saw a lot of pictures, there was even a video that Lee Hill took of the evidence in CA.

    A few days later, Mame and BJ went to Lee's office for another interview, and met MW. She is a brown-haired, blue-eyed attractive woman. She and Hill spent 3-4 hours with Mame and BJ and they saw the videotape of letters and a mug shot of Macky Boykin, who was so awful looking Mame was haunted for a week.
    Mame had no idea MW had no safe place to stay. She found out that she was going from one hotel to another. Mame as a mother, as a human being, wanted to help. It's about whether or not one wants to stop at the car wreck or keep going.
    Mame let Hill and MW talk it over privately and she called her (saintly) husband who said, no problem. MW wasn't violent or clingy, she was funny and her kids loved her.
    MW needed a MRI for a suspected anurism as a result of her abuse prior to leaving California.
    Denver was providing a very good safe place for MW and even a policeman was hired.
    Holly wants to know if she was being threatened.
    No, Mame says, but she was being offered tens of thousands of dollars to keep her mouth shut.
    The tabs were hounding her and she had to leave Denver. MW needed get some clothes and Mame gave her a skirt to wear to the hospital. MW said, I hate getting dressed up, it reminded her of her abuse.
    She was put in ads, and on calendars as a child and was exploited.
    Holly asks if it was acceptable...meaning porn or not.
    Mame says, it was all iffy considering what these people were doing to her.
    She wasn't in pageants as far as Mame remembers. She was dolled up and had blonde hair and blue eyes and the Barbie look.
    Mame and Holly talk turkey about the evidence.
    99% of this evidence was written down before JonBenet was murdered, and a lot before she was even born. All the so-called 'false' police reports were never followed up properly. Lee Hill wanted to work it through the LA court system, but the emergency situation that prompted MW to leave made that impossible.
    Holly asks Mame why not tell us here name? (GO Holly!) After all, her abusers know her name, the cops know her name, the tabs know her name.
    Mame says she really wants to her privacy, she is doing this for the sake of 'children who may be getting hurt now'
    Mame tells a story of how SChiller moved physically away when Jane Stobie brought up the issue of abuse when they were discussing the case. How people think it's too awful to talk about. How this small girl may be in danger.
    Holly: Explain the sex ring, these 'handlers' and if it's for sex or ?
    Mame: Well, it's a group, that's been doing this for generations.
    They talk about PB and his outrageous comments about MW.
    A victim/witness advocate from Boulder blew her cover, and there were cops all over the hospital.
    The Dr was a real **s and acted very badly to MW, they sent her home w/o any pain meds.
    She has stun gun injuries in her neck, but they were scarred over by the time MW showed them to Mame. She and Mame watched BaBa Wawa together.
    Holly wants to know if MW ever met the Ramseys. Mame hedges(gotcha, Mame!) and says better not say.
    The possibility of the domino effect stemming from the FBI charging someone in another state with an interstate crime could bring a resolution.
    Both agree that there is a high probability that the FBI could blow it or the BPD will brush her off.
    Mame says "The power of the pen rides again."
    Right now everyone is waiting foor the investigation to finish.
    MW can be rehabilitated if she has to come out and tell the media if the cops let her down, but Thomas might prove to be thorn in the side of a prosecution.
    Holly tells us how if the cops brush her off, it could become a defense tactic if the Rams are charged. The BPD will look like fools if the cops don't investigate this thoroughly.
    Mame does not know where she is, but does tell us that she had a good job, her own car, paid her bills, had gone to school and was a productive member of society before she left Cal.
    She was very distraught to have left her pets behind, but she had little choice. The importance of what she's doing now for other victims, and protecting herself left her little choice.
    Holly and Mame are going to give us another round in a week or so...Hero or Villian!
    Toppcat and Mame are going to bring us some Grand Jury coverage tapes and we'll look forward to that.

    Thanks for a great interview, Mame and Holly and please accept my very inaccurate rendering...I tried to get the gist but it's not word for word.
  14. AK

    AK Member

    More like "Talking TurkeyS"

    Thanks for that trip down Memory Lane, RR. Very fascinating.

    Mame needs to explain who was hounding them for interviews? Sadie?

    And does her public radio station know that their chief fundraiser is a proud strike-breaker?! Maybe they should make sure she doesn't have access to the pledge monies.

    Also Mame needs to get specific about the so-called tab interest in her tall tale. Yeah, right.

    LOL on the "hotels" comment, BobC. I wouldn't doubt it at all and I'm sure Mame could have pointed out a few in Chicago too. That was where her "sainted" husband went when she banished him for having a fatal disease. The nerve of that guy, taking the spotlight away from Mame-me-me.

    I see the CS kook is at it again, talking about things where she has no info or insight. Funny how she, Jams and Mame all had inside contacts that went away when their scurrilous behavior and shoddy attention to detail proved them unreliable. They got dumped, then angry, and now they're left with having to make stuff up.
  15. Spade

    Spade Member


    Very insightful post. Sue and the Crazy Marys do have lots in common.

    Sumac, as Alex Hunter called her, has seen fit to personally slander me and my family. As recently as last week, she and Sue posted my name on the swamp. I intend to repay their slander with the glaring white light of the truth....they can't handle the truth, believe me.

    You also must wonder if Sumac's employers know about her history of leasing, squating, and stiffing her landlords? I notice the guy she did in Carbondale isn't on her sucker list.
  16. LurkerXIV

    LurkerXIV Moderator


    I missed that "interview" the first time around. It is the most comical thing I've read in months!

    If you post a paper on a tree, and a dog lifts his leg and pees on it, are you a journalist?
  17. RiverRat

    RiverRat FFJ Sr. Member Extraordinaire (Pictured at Lef


    Only if the tree falls and no one hears it.

  18. Watching You

    Watching You Superior Bee Admin

    Too bad Sumac thought this was so damn humorous. If she thought anything of her dog to begin with, she wouldn't let her run around loose to get hit by a car or attacked by a couger. Read the Readers Digest this month about the mountain lion attacks in Boulder, one of which killed a young man and some family pets, including dogs. I don't see anything funny about this. I know mamethang doesn't live in Boulder anymore, but those cat didn't just arrive in Boulder last month, either. Ignorant thlut. :dogpee:

    I heard mameslug was pretty good at marketing. :rolling: One only needs to read her posts to know her grammar and spelling skills suck. They wonder why she didn't do newsroom reporting? :rolling:

    Wonder who she worked under there. Probably her editor.

    Since mameslug has a history of making enemies wherever she goes, I would say a body guard makes sense.

    Yeh, right. We all know how mame doesn't like the spotlight. :rotfl:

    God deliver us from fools. Pigs do not fly.

    Heh. Yeh, I heard about this. :shutup:

    I saw Krabs on one of my calendars. She was dressed up in a short maid outfit. There were other dressed up dogs on the calendar, too.

    And the wind still blows hard in Chicago.
  19. Tricia

    Tricia Administrator Staff Member

    Mary Suma...This Is For You

    Mary Suma wrote;

    I do hope someone does the appropriate and legal editing over there. Maybe Tricia should do a site search...wherever she finds my name delete it....

    Mary Suma...aka...Mame, No I will not delete your name. You are a public figure. After what you and your coven did to the Whites the least we can do at FFJ is expose the truth about you and your lies!!

  20. LurkerXIV

    LurkerXIV Moderator

    RE: Mary Suma

    One would assume that anyone who has had a program on Public Radio (NPR) is a public figure, and therefore, her name is in the public domain.

    Let me call Lin Wood and get his opinion on this. :poke:
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