Mame, you're so busted, and Nancy:

Discussion in 'Mystery Woman/Lee Hill/Alex Hunter' started by Watching You, Oct 24, 2003.

  1. Sabrina

    Sabrina Member

    I don't think she had a program or was a reporter. She worked in marketing, I could be wrong, but this is my best recollection because she posted a newspaper article about a silly drive she dreamed up where people were to send in used and dirty socks. (or was it sneakers?) Something like that. Her name and job title were in the article. And she posted it herself.

    Then there was a newspaper article announcing her resignation. I don't think she posted that but a poster found it and it was on the forums.
  2. Watching You

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    Whatever happened to all of Mary Suma's supporters, like Morgan, Mary99, Denver/Digerati, Chris. Why haven't they all flocked to her side like they did when mame/suma pulled the Krebs scam? I never thought I would see the day when Morgan and Mary99 would quit sucking mame's hind tit and abandon her. They were malicious and virulent in their quest to destroy FW; yet, none of them has followed Suma to the swamp.

    Perhaps, unlike their maimed leader, there are even some places too scummy for them to enter. Suma appears to fit right in with the alligators and nasty suckfishes at the swamp.

    She must be so proud to have sunk so low that the only ones that will have her are the mental midget barracudas at the swamp. I think it's pretty funny, myself, and it gives me great pleasure to see her right where she belongs.
  3. 1000 Sparks

    1000 Sparks Active Member


    Don't remember his name, but where is the guy that helped broadcast her fairy tales?

    I remember thinking when I heard her interviewing Krebs...about 15 minutes into it.....I might have to leave the forum if people are gonna fall for this BS...Krebs didn't say much, it was all mame.

    Hey, maybe Krebs was drugged at the time...or maybe mame's house was surrounded by LE and FBI and they were made to say those things????
  4. Watching You

    Watching You Superior Bee Admin

    She claimed her phone line was bugged. After my initial reaction of alarm for her, I wised up.

    Topcat is the person you're thinking of, Sparky.
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