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Discussion in 'The Search for Rachel Cooke' started by RC, May 16, 2002.

  1. RC

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    Rachel's flyer and information has been submitted to Fox Sports Network and will be shown sometime during the Sunday Night fight between Witherspoon and Abdin.

    Check your local listings for times. On Fox SW it's on from 6:00-8:00 pm
  2. JR

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    Great news! Maybe this will lead to more national coverage.
  3. AK

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    Good, RC

    Every bit counts.

    Be sure to contact Darrell LaMoure, the NASCAR driver whose organization Racing for the Missing has already helped get out the word for 50 missing folks, including Chandra and Robbie Romero. Darrell is a father of two and often puts enlarged pix of missing kids on the hood of his Monte Carlo. He broke his neck in three places in a January race, but should be back to racing soon, if he isn't already.

    I hope by now you've gotten a P.I. who's canvassed Rachel's San Diego contacts. There's a local guy mentioned in some of the Danielle coverage who does pro bono work on missing kids, but even if you have to pay it may be a good investment. Don't forget, ex-FBI profilers like Robert Ressler hire themelves out for cases too.
  4. RC

    RC FFJ Senior Member

    Thanks FedoraX

    We are still concentrating on Texas but San Diego might be a good place to start on.

    I hired Mark Young in January. We was an FBI profiler and was involved in many missing persons cases. I even saw a Discovery channel program on one of them. Unfortunately, Mark is VERY expensive and I'm just a software engineer and couldn't afford him for long.

    I will try and contact Darrell LaMoure, too.
  5. AK

    AK Member

    Great to know, RC

    The NASCAR angle will be good for publicity and getting out the word. If there are any NASCAR racers from your area, get them involved too. They travel far and wide and maybe their wives would be willing to pass out flyers while the fellas do the media about Rachel. When someone's in town, set them up with the local radio talk shows/TV news. Same with rock stars -- they all have teams of people to recruit. Positive press is always helpful to them and they can't resist a microphone, thank goodness.

    As for Mark Young, he's just the kind of experienced person you need. He can get the view of the case from the local FBI and make sure it's not forgotten, especially if there's an intrastate angle. And he can help keep your sheriff on track, maybe securing a sense that he's actually doing something -- stuff he might not be inclined to tell you guys. Even if you don't hear about specifics, it's got to be a comfort to know there are steps being taken.

    I keep going back to Hooters because they have a nationwide business with lots of young gals employed. Let them act as heroes and get good (and much needed) P.R. by saying they are putting resources into the search. Let THEM pay for some of Mark Young's time.

    I meant to say a few days before, and sorry for forgetting, Janet's drawing of Rachel was quite moving. It's nice to know Rachel has such a loving, creative family.
  6. AK

    AK Member

  7. RC

    RC FFJ Senior Member

    Fox Sports


    They are talking about the 30 second commercial on Fox Sports Network Boxing last Sunday night. They showed Bianca and Rachel on the same screen and explained their disappearnces.

    It was pretty good but I bet most people were watching either the Survivor or X-files final shows.
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  8. RC

    RC FFJ Senior Member

  9. RC

    RC FFJ Senior Member

  10. AK

    AK Member


    Have you contacted the ADVO people to see about putting Rachel's photo on a "Have You See Us?" mailer? It's via 1-800-THE-LOST or 1-800-843-5678, and part of NCMEC. While most of those featured are minors, not all are.
  11. RC

    RC FFJ Senior Member

    The National Center for Missing and Exploted Children would not put Rachel's flyer up because she is over 17. I do see some older people on their site but they may have been missing for a few years.

    The Lost mailer is the same. They only put missing persons on their mailer if they dissappear with a minor. (like a mother and daughter)

    I know that they do a lot of good but they are still discriminating based on age.

    We may have found just the right person to contact America's Most Wanted. Keep your fingers crossed.
  12. JR

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  13. AK

    AK Member


    That's what I feared -- that because Rachel's an adult, ADVO/NCMEC might not act. I guess when there are upwards of 800,000 people a year who go missing, 150,000 of them of a suspicious nature, they have to prioritize. Darn.

    Good luck with AMW. I saw an ad for Unsolved Mysteries, stating that a new series is beginning next week on Lifetime. Did you contact CBS' Vanished? I recall giving you that info before -- sorry if I missed the result.

    One noted national news channel was considering cloning a second, 24 hour, true crime network. They just did a top secret pilot of the idea, then the plug was pulled. It might happen in the future. If so, that would certainly be another outlet for you.

    I'm interested in hearing updates on the woman who spotted the guy Rachel was speaking with. Can you elaborate? Does she know it was Rachel? Did she recognize the guy? Did he have a vehicle? Is the woman credible and why didn't she come forward before?
  14. RC

    RC FFJ Senior Member

    The new lead


    I can't tell you everything about the new lead because they always hold something back but I'll tell you what I can.

    The woman was traveling on FM 3405 and had to stop behind
    a blue camero. Part of Rachel's run was on FM 3405. The car had a white stripe over the hood and truck and the two guys in the car were talking to a blonde jogger. While she waited to pass a white late model pickup passed them going to opposite direction.

    The woman was hypnotized and was able to give enough of a description of the driver of the camero to develop the composite.
    She was certain about the date but the time was a little off.

    The witness did not know the driver of the blue car and did not realize that Rachel disappeared in that area. That is why she took so long to come forward.
  15. JR

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    Bill Bickel continues to feature both Rachel and Elizabteh Smart on his site <u>Crime/Punishment</u> at today.

    RC, you mentioned in your journal that there will be an interview with Mr. Bickel. Here's hoping his interest will spark others to follow suit.
  16. AK

    AK Member

    Camara guys

    That's a very promising lead, RC. And if the sheriff had the woman hypnotized, it shows he's actively pursuing clues, which should be comforting. Did the woman notice the clothing of the jogger, and did it match what Rachel was wearing? I would hope they also check out Pontiac Firebirds -- they're similar to Camaros, in case the witness doesn't know her muscle cars.

    I would think this detail would be a door-opener to more TV shows that might have lacked enough before to do a piece. Do you think the woman would speak on TV, or might that compromise the case? If cops think it would, better just let them do their stuff. I take it you haven't spoken to the woman yourself.

    The other thing is proves is that all of your outreach isn't for naught. It brought out this possibly significant witness.
  17. AK

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    Good point, VP. The Anne Marie Fahey case would still be unsolved (and she declared still missing) were it not for her family poring over her diary. That was detailed in Ann Rule's book and miniseries, And Never Let Her Go.

    As for that other possible clue which I won't mention, YOW!

    RC, CBS is now doing a true crime prime-time hour each week: Monday Mystery. You can reach them via CBS News in NYC.
  18. RC

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    I don't know who the witness is but I do know that she was hypnotized by a Texas Ranger hypnotist. She noticed the clothing of the jogger but it was not clear enough.

    The SO always keeps the witnesses confidential. I double if she would want to be in the media anyway.

    Rachel's apartment was searched by San Diego PD two days before I arrived to move her things. They did not find any clues or at least none were relayed to me.

    I haven't heard about the new CBS show. We will look into that. I'm still working with Unsolved Mysteries and need to follow up with ABC's Vanished.
  19. AK

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    RC, I'm glad that the woman is being kept confidential, to be honest. And I'm so very happy the Rangers are involved. I meant to ask you that before and kept forgetting. They really are an anomaly in law enforcement and all the other states only wish they had 'em.

    Are you listed with I believe their HDQs is in Houston.

    I also meant to say the Monday Mystery is part of CBS' 48 Hours, so you can always reach them via Dan Rather's office at CBS/NY.
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  20. RC

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    Dan Rather

    We are listed in the Williamson County Crime Stoppers. They are offering a $1,000 reward for infromation on Rachel. Of course we have a separate $50,000 reward offered.

    That brings up a funny story. Two weeks ago one of my searchers give me a copy of an e-mail and a reply. She had some connection to Dan Rather's neighbor and got a hold of his personal e-mail.

    She wrote Dan and explained around Rachel and asked that he do a story on her. She listed also. Dan's wife Jean replied and said that she forwarded it to Dan at his office.

    I think he actually read that e-mail. You never know who replies to these things but I think this one got though at least.
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