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Discussion in 'Justice for JonBenet Discussion - Public Forum' started by Jayelles, Jun 14, 2004.

  1. Watching You

    Watching You Superior Bee Admin

    Is Magoo still at it? She cracks me up when she tries to be logical, because she just isn't. There are no logical posters at the swamp - they will all go out of their way to find an outlandish explanation for something with a perfectly reasonable explanation. However, that perfectly reasonable explanation implicates the Ramseys, and that is why they practically kill themselves trying to come up with boneheaded explanations that are so far off kilter, it's actually funny.

    There is nothing quite as pathetic as a stupid person thinking she is smart.
  2. Jayelles

    Jayelles Alert Viewer in Scotland

    The Spin

    jameson agrees that Tracey has been dishonest. She says:-

    From the documentary:-

  3. Jayelles

    Jayelles Alert Viewer in Scotland

    More MEGA exaggeration from Margoo

    It never fails to amaze me how far off the truth some people can be and how they expect to be taken seriously when they tell blatant falsehoods like the following.

    Now I'm not sure what documentary Margoo was watching. I am beginning to think she was watching some other programme from me! (That would certainly explain why she thinks there was a lot left out of the transcript LOL!). Anyway, Margoo says:-


    No it doesn't. There were about THREE brief references to other (vague) suspects but the vast majority of the programme - as borne out by the transcript - concentrated on Helgoth and Mr X. Here they are:-

    In total, the above counts for probably less than 20 seconds of out of 55 minutes of documentary footage. Hardly "MOST" of it!!!
  4. Jayelles

    Jayelles Alert Viewer in Scotland


    I thought Candy had some legal knowledge?

    First of all, she has repeatedly demonstrated a lack of understanding on the meaning of "libel". She has suggested time and time again that various posters would be sued for libel over a variety of issues. She has suggested that I alone would be sued by numerous people - in fact that I would be BANKRUPTED by them (Candy is assuming that I am not already declared bankrupt - now wouldn't it be disappointing if I am?)

    According the Candy, I should fear the following:-

    Lin Wood apparently has my number for libelling the Ramseys. I am not sure WHY Lin Wood would thihnk he had a case against me because I have always stated that I believe his clients did not kill jonBenet. I have always had the same theory about who killed Jonbenet and it isn't a Ramsey! So unless I can be sued for saying I don't particularly like John Ramsey ...

    Candy has also accused me of libelling Burke. Seemingly it was libellous to discuss a news article about Burke's change of school - PARTICULARLY if one gets the "type" of school that he has moved to incorrect. In Candy's world, that constitutes libel.

    Candy has also accused me of libelling Michael Helgoth. Now this one is confusing me because Candy herself had previously stated that the dead cannot be libelled. However, she either "forgot" this, or she just forgot herself in her spite. Even if there were laws which protected the dead from libel, I'm not entirely sure what the Helgoth family would want to sue me for because I have always been sceptical of the case built against Helgoth and have stated so. In other words, I have posted only in defence of their son.

    Candy has also accused me of libelling Mr X (aka Steve Gigax). In doing so, she fails to recognise that I have only posted in Mr Gigax's defence. I believe that the case Tracey & the Ramsey PIs have built against him was built on speculation and conjecture. Not only have I pointed out the theory's many flaws - including where exculpatory evidence has been overlooked. I have presented my arguments in a reasoned and rational manner - unlike Candy's hysterical and irrational rants.

    Here's a sample of Candy's accusations. There are many similar posts at Purgatory - just do a search for "libel" and "Candy1710". Incidentally, I can also prove that Candy's attacks on me began within days of my joining FFJ. Before that, she was sweetness itself towards me. As soon as I joined FFJ, she started calling me vile names and falsely accusing me of a variety of bizarre things that she was unable to substantiate.

    And her famous post where she called Rainsong "Margoo". Note that despite Candy's cosying up to Rainsong, Rainsong never once replied to any of Candy's posts at Purg!

    I understand that Candy is also "locked out" of jameson's forum and a simple search will show that Candy is a regular star on jameson's numerous "BORG BS" threads.

    Here is the post which accuses posters of libelling Burke by getting the "type" of his school wrong!

    I also spoke to a lawyer and was told that for a case to be made for libel, the "accusations" have to be false. (So in effect, Candy's posts towards me have been libellous!) I posted this and now I suspect that Candy has been told the same thing. Now she has taken a diversion. Her latest threat is this:-


    Now I wonder if those same laws would cover Candy's posting of Tricia's personal details? Or Candy's posting of Fleet White's financial details? Or Candy's repeated hints about Steve Thomas' new job?

    What other information has Candy exposed which might be in breech of a person's "privacy rights"?

    I would also like to know how Candy was able to obtain the following information:-


    Did Candy phone the hospitals to obtain this information? I find this particularly outrageous. Is Patsy to have no peace even whilst she's having her cancer treatments?

    I would doubt that any hospital would confirm the presence of any patient - let alone one who may be in danger from obsessed stalkers.
  5. Jayelles

    Jayelles Alert Viewer in Scotland


    Toth posted this:-


    Where is he getting this information from? It certainly isn't the Tracey documentary. According to Tracey, Helgoth was the one who liked firing the pistols. There was NOTHING about Mr X firing pistols -nothing at all.

    Only a few days ago, Toth was over at CN2000 claiming that the hairs found on JonBenet were being specifically described as being from a "wolf-dog hybrid" .


    When asked for his sources, he replied mysteriously that

    He declined to comment further despite requests from other posters to provide sources for his claims.

    This is an appalling spread of misinformation. There has been no official comment about the animal hairs other than the fact they exist. Tracey's doc claimed they matched the colour of Gigax's multi-coloured dogs "exactly" (IMO you would be hard pushed to find a hair colour that didn't exist on those dogs!). When I looked at jameson's forum there was a thread about wolf-dogs. Someone posted a news article about a woman who had looked after 4 stray wolf-hybrid pups and the thread proceeded to discuss the characteristics of such dogs. Did this somehow morph into a case "FACT" in Toth's head?

    jameson claims to forbid misinformation so why doesn't she put a lid on Toth? His repeated posting of unsupported claims is a disgrace.
  6. Jayelles

    Jayelles Alert Viewer in Scotland

    This is for Margoo

    Margoo is getting confused about some details in Helgoth's autopsy report. Margoo has a "copy" of Trcey's documentary which shows a photo of the suicide scene. I suggest she looks at that to clear up some of her confusion.

    According to jameson, the autopsy report says:-

    In reading this, Margoo commented:-


    This image is from the suicide photo. This is Helgoth's RIGHT hand - it is clearly heavily bloodstained. The image isn't as clear as it appears on the TV BTW. They always lose quality when I upload them to Delphi.

  7. Why_Nut

    Why_Nut FFJ Senior Member

    No, in this case, Margoo has it right. The photo which appeared in the National Enquirer was quite clear that Helgoth's right hand was, at least in the palm area, unstained by blood.


    But look at that box by his hand. That is the famous unheard tape. It could not contain a confession, because it is clearly unopened, still in its glossy shrinkwrap. You can even see the white area of the bar code, such as appears on the back of this unopened 8mm tape of mine:

  8. Elle

    Elle Member

    These two photographs are not the same. In the photograph posted by Jayelles, his right hand is lying on top of what looks like a sheet of paper, with electrical cord going under his arm on the left, but you can't see it continuing on the right side because it's the same colour as the paper.

    In the photo posted by whynut, there is no paper present at all and you can see the electrical cord going under his arm and continuing to the end of the photograph. No paper! (?).

    I am assuming it is electrical cord, of course (?).
  9. WiltonJr

    WiltonJr Member

    I believe that IS the same photograph.

    Jayelles photo isn't a great one, but I can see the cord in the same place in both pictures. I can see the cord continuing under the right side of his hand and it's not paper that it's running on. The shading of the carpet is lighter in that picture on the right side of his hand.

    I see the same piece of paper in the picture that Why-Nut posted. It's plain as day right underneath the SETTE.
  10. Jayelles

    Jayelles Alert Viewer in Scotland

    My Photo

    My photo is poor quality Elle. It lost quality when I resized it and it lost more quality when I uploaded it onto Delphi. Also, remember that MY photo is a screen capture from tv and that even then, the tv camera was filming a picture on a computer!. Why_Nut's photo shows very clearly that his hand was clean. and it appears to be taken from a different angle so I guess the dark area in Tracey's photo is shadow. If you look at my screen capture, the tape which shows clearly in WN's photo is just a black blob in mine.

    I therefore hold my hand up and apologise to Margoo. I WAS WRONG! I have no problem in acknowledging when I am wrong and apologising to others. I'm big enough to do that. I can't same the same for others.

    However, I WILL say that on the documentary, the colour of this shadow is actually red. As soon as I saw it, I instantly "registered" that there was blood on that hand and I posted it at WS weeks ago. In the photo his face has blood stains on it too - described by the PIs in the doc as having been transferred there by his hand. I fuzzed out Helgoth's face when I posted the image, but looking at the original, blood transfer by hand is a plausible theory to me. You can't see inside his left hand in my photo.
  11. Jayelles

    Jayelles Alert Viewer in Scotland


    That's a video tape you've posted a picture of. I thought it was an audio tape that went missing?

    EDITED TO SAY - sorry, I now realise that you posted the video tape to show the bar code on shrink wrap and that you weren't suggesting that this was the same kind of tape as in the photo.
  12. Sabrina

    Sabrina Member

    Jameson has put up Helgoth's autopsy-- well part of it anyway.

    Some of her posters in typical swamp fashion profess to know more than the medical examiner.

    I showed what was posted to two professionals. Not housewives who think they are detectives or doctors.

    Since I am neither a pathologist or even in the medical field, I prefer not to make an amateur analysis. Besides, there are professionals who are educated in this field and do this every day.

    Both said that the autopsy is indicitive of a suicide.

    And as far as the trajectory going left to right:

    People who shoot themselves in the chest often hold the pistol with the grip against the palm and the thumb on the trigger. That grip produces the described track.

    Is this something else the "renowned" detectives don't know-- just like they didn't know how to use "Google" or "Search Systems"?

    Another thing, the pillow-- if it happened as described in the crock should have been mentioned in the autopsy. Maybe it was, because it appears the autopsy was edited. However, since the crock was inaccurate in other areas, we really do not know what was true.

    I am appalled that Michael Helgoth's crime scene photos were on public display in this documentary and I wonder who gave permission to release them. Who sold them to the tabs to be featured in stories that imply he was involved in the murder? Only the next of kin, the police and D.A. have access to them...
  13. Elle

    Elle Member



    Things like this happen to all of us. For starters it does look like blood on his hand in that photo you posted, and of course with the line running through it, it seemed like the edge of paper or whatever because it was very light, but don't despair. You do a tremendous job. There are many faulty photos out there relating to this case, and I haven't seen too many posters saying they were "sorry!"
  14. Elle

    Elle Member


    Are you talking about Patsy Toth? Knows all, hears all and says all about the Ramseys? :monkey: Corrects you if Patsy was somewhere else at the time. Knows everything Patsy does? My guess (?). She's Patsy's clone. What's yours Jayelles?
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