More News of the Ramsey-CBS Lawsuit

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    The Daily Camera (story written by Charlie Brennan) as well as the Denver Post have headlines today:

    JonBenet Ramsey’s brother, CBS settle $750M defamation suit

    The parties are not speaking about the settlement, of course. However, a little information was released by a clerk in the Judge's office who said - "the order declares that the claims against those producing the documentary 'are dismissed with prejudice and without costs or attorney fees. This is a final order and the case is closed.'"

    "The term 'with prejudice' means that an action cannot be refiled."

    Although some of us wished to see BR deposed under oath, I'm not sure anyone expected a different outcome. JR's lawsuit also is dismissed.
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    Defamation lawsuits are a little different than personal injury lawsuits. The plaintiff must prove a defamatory statement was false and how it damaged his reputation and income. It’s also important whether someone is a limited public figure, as many people deem BR. He has given an interview to Woodward for her book and appeared on Dr. Phil. In the case of a limited public figure, it is the responsibility of the plaintiff to prove malice on the part of the defense. It’s a high standard to prove.

    TMK, CBS hasn’t ever spoken in public. From early media reports they told LW that they would see him in court. All negotiating meetings since 2017 were either unsuccessful or were postponed, and CBS was in the middle of issuing subpoenas and conducting discovery as though this was going to go to court.

    From the Daily Camera it appears LW gave up on subpoenas for their case in November. Then in December a judge hearing the county attorney appeal the subpoenas issued by the defense, apparently quashed the subpoenas for material from BPD and likely also quashed the subpoena for testimony from Alex Hunter and Mary Lacy, former employees of the County. However, the judge could not stop other subpoenas issued. (E.g., it would have been interesting to hear hired investigator for the Ramseys, Ellis Armistead, provide information via deposition.) But lack of public news doesn’t allow one to know which party signaled the other - defense or plaintiff - that they should have a convo to settle.

    Since there will obviously be questions regarding this lawsuit result, I’m linking Tricia’s opinion written and posted on sister site ws. Tricia’s comments are in the 5th post down on the page:
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