Natalie Woods

Discussion in 'Crimes, Trials & Missing Persons' started by JC, Nov 19, 2011.

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    Same here JC. I wasn't 100% sure it was an accident then and perhaps now I still think it could use some new eyes after all these years.

    I've visited her grave in Westwood at the cemetery where Marilyn Monroe is buried also. Her grave had lots of flowers and mementos on it and that was in the mid 90's. It is a very small cemetery and her grave is about in the middle of the space. It was well groomed except for all the little objects all over the head stone. Stuff like little boats, cars,beaded earrings, neckleces. Stuff like that.
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    I've never understood why people put trinkets on graves, Zoomama.

    Natalie Woods was so pretty. I hope something comes out of the new investigation.

    Here is a new article:
  4. Elle

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    Thank you for posting this article including the wonderful photographs of
    this lovely young couple. What a sad state of affairs JC. I think there was just too much alcohol consumed that fateful night. The price of stardom runs high.
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